10 Vacation Mistakes To Avoid While Traveling Solo

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Solo travel is fast becoming a popular concept for the younger generation. What’s more, people of all ages are exploring the idea of getting away on their own. It gives you the opportunity to spend time in your own company and get a new perspective. But solo travel is not as simple as it sounds and you need to understand what goes into making your trip enjoyable and safe. At the same time, you should know that there are certain things to avoid. Here is a list of vacation mistakes that you should steer clear of while traveling solo.

Mistake #1: Not having a plan to start with

As a rule of thumb, never step out of your home unless you have a proper plan in place. This becomes all the more important if you are traveling alone because you have to manage things by yourself. Start by deciding the dates and destination of the trip. Have a budget and explore the travel and accommodation options that fit within. Put everything on paper and consider the estimates while making the bookings because you would not want to topple your budget.

Mistake #2: Not prioritizing safety

When it comes to solo trips, safety matters more than everything else. Do not travel to a destination that is notorious in terms of criminal activities. Make sure that you check the accommodation safety as well. Living in a shady place just to save some dollars is the worst thing that you can do. Save the local helpline and emergency numbers on your phone as a precaution. Besides following the practical safety tips, do listen to your instincts. Safety is specifically important for women.

Mistake #3: Overscheduling

You may be super-enthusiastic while traveling alone because you have all the freedom to decide everything. But over scheduling can spoil your plans because doing too much in too little time can exhaust you in the end. Not having a company does not mean that there will be no deviations from the plan. Take small hassles into consideration and be flexible while planning the schedule. Don’t go by the clock; rather give yourself time to relax and unwind because that is what a solo vacation is all about.

Mistake #4: Not opening-up

The very purpose of traveling solo is exploring the new. Not opening up to new ideas and new people is a mistake that you should absolutely avoid. You can be in your own company but still, try and mingle with the locals. Rather than being reserved, go out and interact. Learn their language, taste their delicacies and explore the local hubs as well. Try making friends but be careful about the people you choose to be friendly with.

Mistake #5: Not having a plan B

Solo trips are all about discovery and rediscovery; so be open to the idea of trying something different on the spur of the moment. Look for customizable vacation packages that give you the option to try new accommodation or destination if you don’t like the one you choose in the first place. Also, have a plan B that keeps you covered both from safety and enjoyment perspective. Know all the options you have and be open to trying them all.

Mistake #6: Not staying in touch back home

Obviously, you will want to travel alone to get away from the routine but not staying in touch back home is a mistake you should avoid. Call friends and family regularly and receive their calls as well. Do check your emails and social media accounts as well. Regularly touching base is important as it will keep your loved ones stress-free. Also, contacting each other during emergencies will be easier if you are in constant touch.

Mistake #7: Not carrying enough cash

You may think that not carrying enough cash is a smart idea from the safety perspective but it can be a blunder while traveling alone. You must have at least enough to carry you through the day because asking strangers for help is something that no one wants to do. If you are traveling abroad, convert and carry enough local currency because you may get into trouble with money exchange. Also, keep your credit card and traveler’s checks in addition to cash.

Mistake #8: Getting intoxicated

Another mistake that you should avoid while traveling alone is getting intoxicated. It is fine to take a drink or two when you are in the vacation mode but not keeping a count on the drinks can get you into trouble. After all, you wouldn’t want to pass out at a place where no one knows you. Moreover, there are always safety risks if you are alone and get too drunk, which is the last thing that you would want to happen. 

Mistake #9: Flashing expensive items

If you think that flaunting expensive items and jewelry while traveling alone is a good idea, it is the worst thing to do. You will definitely catch the attention of people who would want to take you for a ride. As a rule, you should travel light with minimal luggage in terms of the weight and value of the stuff you carry. Wear only bare essentials in the name of jewelry if traveling without jewelry. Don’t carry too expensive gadgets as well.

Mistake #10: Looking lost

The last thing that you should do while traveling solo is to look lost. Even if you feel lost, check out local maps and you will probably be able to find your way. You can ask for directions from the locals thought it is better to get help from the authorities to be on the safer side. Even when you are lost, look confident to avoid being an easy target for unscrupulous people.

Traveling solo is an adventure and gives you an exhilarating experience. However, you need to take certain precautions and avoid these mistakes to make the trip a success. Above everything, focus on being safe and having a good time when you travel alone!

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