A complete guide about dunlop vs. talalay mattress

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There are two different systems or formulas to make the mattress that are Dunlop and Talalay; both have distinct characteristics as you can read in the following article. It is essential to know that these two processes can be done with both synthetic mattress and natural mattress.  So to compare them, we must start from the same type of mattress.

Of the two mattress manufacturing processes, Dunlop is the one that is considered the most natural process because it is simpler and ensures a final product with 0% chemical substances.

The first difference is, how the mattress is mixed with the air and how the mixture is vulcanized:

  •           In the Dunlop process, compressed air is combined with the mattress; this makes it possible to control the amount of air inside, producing the desired firmness levels. It is vulcanized and then cooled naturally. Mattress cells are left with the configuration of snowflakes and give a firmer support result and higher resistance and density.
  •           In the Talalay process, a vacuum effect is created, sucking the air that has been left inside the mold and freezing before vulcanization. When the air is aspirated, the mattress cells are stretched, and this results in softer or softer support with greater adaptability.
  •         In both processes, preservatives, and accelerators are added in the composition phase. However, nothing chemical is added in the vulcanizing phase.
  •           In the Dunlop system, preservatives and accelerators are eliminated in the washing process, leaving at the end a 100% natural mattress.
  •           In the Talalay process, other chemical elements are also added before freezing that cannot be guaranteed to be eliminated in the washing process.

The manufacturers of the Talalay system consider that a more consistent product is achieved than with the Dunlop system. However, the Dunlop system has more extensive experience, and the Dunlop mattresses have a duration record above 30 years. Dunlop mattresses are more resistant and more firm having a higher density when using more mattresses. Memory foam bean bag filler are softer and lighter, have a lower frequency and greater adaptability, so they are often used as a topper.

Benefits of resting on mattress mattresses

All models are a guarantee of total rest because, due to their high elasticity, they adapt perfectly to the body so that the pressure is distributed evenly throughout the contact surface, giving the most pleasant experience. Also, this same characteristic makes them healthier for those who use them since, since the pressure is well distributed throughout the body. The correct weight support is obtained that favours, the alignment of the spine.

On the other hand, the physical characteristics of Talalay mattress give them a higher flow of fresh air through their more giant open cells, which transpires better and the rest time elapses with an ideal temperature, being at the same time more hygienic because it is hypoallergenic with powerful fungicidal and antibacterial properties.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, this extraordinary mattress is obtained from the rubber tree. It is a natural material that has the strength of nature that allows it to preserve its rest-oriented characteristics, unaltered for some time. Considerably higher than that obtained from materials of different origin and quality.

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