How to decide which option can be the best protector for your mattress?

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If you have recently bought a mattress and made a huge investment then replacing it again will be very expensive. A mattress topper will be a great idea to revitalize or change the style of your bed. With some research made you can come to a conclusion which one to choose and which protector will be the best fit for you. A protector can make you feel that you are sleeping on a brand new bed and all you have to spend is a quarter of the cost that is paid to get a brand new bed. We are going to list some important factors that should be kept in mind when you are researching for the best mattress protector online.

Selecting the best mattress topper

Have a clear picture of which type of mattress will be the right fit for you. We go through key points that should be checked before you decide on buying a mattress protector. 


  • Decide on what you need – whether you need a topper, mattress pad, protector, encasement or you are after something else. All such items come for protecting the mattress from allergens, dust, etc. Different terminology is used by different people and so it is important to check what your product needs. Your mattress can contain a layer of protection at the top and you may mistake it with a comfortable extra layer. 
  • Pads may be just right for you – They add extra comfort to the mattress since they add a layer over the mattress. They are almost the same as covers or protectors and they are generally designed to protect the mattress from liquid spills, food particles left on the bed, etc. Pads are also available in two types. Heated pads to be used during the winter season and cooling pads for the summer season.
  • Toppers – Topper is designed to give an extra layer on top of your bed that can softness and support to your body when you are sleeping. You can also use a pad and a topper together and this would improve the quality of your bed. Many companies use the two terms interchangeably but the two are different from each other. 
  • Encasement – They are not just a layer added on the top of your mattress. Instead, they are complete enclosures that are wrapped on all six sides of the bed to protect them from the damage of all types. This protects the bed fully and it doesn’t let bugs, mites, allergens, dust, etc. infect the bed. 

Choosing may be a tough decision since many people may not be sure what they need and how to search for the best option available. Therefore, keeping the dilemma of many people in mind we have listed all major types of protectors available. 


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