The Most Gorgeous Destinations in Europe you Must See for Yourself

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If you’re planning an extended trip to Europe, then you’ll probably want to spend your time admiring some of the most beautiful and breath-taking places on the continent. There are many stunning destinations to visit in Europe, with each having their unique qualities and features, but some are even more awe-inspiring than others, so it makes sense to put these on the top of your list. If you are serious about seeing some of the most gorgeous and unforgettable European destinations, put these on your bucket list. 

Positano, Italy:

Nestled in the cliffside of the awe-inspiring Amalfi Coast in Italy, Positano is a stunning coastal town that’s far away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, but close enough to turn into an unforgettable day trip. Close by, it’s worth paying a visit to the beautiful Isle of Capri and exploring Sorrento. 

The Cotswolds, England:

London might be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of England but the truth is, this small country has so much natural beauty to offer elsewhere. The Cotswolds is a rural area that is named after the small collection of towns and estates characterised by distinctive yellow limestone. 

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany:

When it comes to fairytales, you can’t get much better than visiting the real-life ‘Disney castle’ in Germany. And if you’re a fan of castles in general then Europe is certainly full of them, with Germany being home to many of the most beautiful. 

Budapest, Hungary:

Budapest is by far one of the most popular cities in Europe, and it’s easy to see why. With a fascinating history and culture, amazing architecture that can easily rival the likes of Paris and Rome, gorgeous stately interiors, friendly locals and amazing hot springs that you can enjoy even in the middle of winter, Budapest is perfect for a day trip, weekend or a longer stay. 

The Algarve, Portugal:

If you’re looking for a break from city life and want to enjoy some sun, sand and sea then look no further than the Algarve in Portugal. Despite being a hotspot for tourists, Southern Portugal has somehow managed to retain a lot of its authentic charm in the past couple of decades, with a strong influx of Portuguese tourists. If you’re planning a trip to Portugal – use Triptile to create your itinerary and find the best deals on tours and tickets. 

St Petersburg, Russia:

If you want to visit a big city on a budget, visit impressive buildings, explore fascinating history and culture, and view a lot of interesting art then St Petersburg is for you. This unique, gorgeous city has been compared with Venice thanks to the fact that you’re never too far from water, and there’s something for everybody. The museums are some of the best places to visit – you can spend days in the Russian Museum, which is spread over four gorgeous palaces and is home to the best collection of Russian art in the world. 

Rome, Italy:

Italy has earned a reputation for being one of the most beautiful and romantic countries in the world, so it’s no surprise that many of Europe’s most stunning locations are here. The capital, Rome, is a breath-taking city with many beautiful sights to behold, from the awe-inspiring ancient colosseum to the beautiful historic architecture and art in the Vatican City – which is actually a country in its own right. And from Rome, you can find many great travel connections to visit even more stunning Italian destinations such as Venice – check out to get started. 

Have you visited any gorgeous, unforgettable European destinations? We’d love to hear about them!

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