10 Ways To Surprise Your Dilliwali Girlfriend

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They say that love is complicated but actually, love is an easy chapter once you get the hang of its demands in life. All it requires is communication, a dash of attention and whole lot of care to keep it alive and sparkling between two hearts. You just need to tell your partner every now and then, how much you treasure them and guys might not be a fan of this reminder but it surely makes a gal’s day when she is told how much she is loved by her partner. You don’t need to pluck stars from the sky to fill her heart with love but some gesture and little gifts will do the trick. If you are soaked in love with your girl who happens to live in Delhi, then there is a whole lot of things you could do that will leave her smiling for the rest of the day:

A  Personalized Photo Frame

Make your sweetest memories with her live forever in a personalised frame embellished with a heart-touching quote and framing a beautiful picture of you two together. Nothing says love like a personalised gift meant only for her!

Satiate Her Sweet Cravings

Enjoy midnight cake delivery in Delhi and surprise her with a scrumptious cake of her favourite flavour and watch her jump with joy like a kid. If you thought that diamonds are the best friend of a girl, then you were wrong my friend. The right answer is chocolate cake.

Serenade Her

For some, this gesture may sound cheesy but when you are living in the moment it is the most beautiful thing that she could come across. Delhi s brimming with restaurants offering live music. Take her to dinner and plan a song for her which you will sing for her along with the band. This musical number will become forever song for both of you.

Cook For Her

This has nothing to do with the city limits but is a sure shot way to impress her. Even if you are not a chef by heart, your efforts will melt her heart leading to showers of love on you. Make it more romantic by lighting a few candles and decorating the tables with flowers.

Pack A Picnic

Yes, take a day out just for her and spend some quality time to strengthen the bond with the love of your life. Pick a blanket, pack her favourite snacks and drive her to a beautiful destination in Delhi and make it a day to remember. Communication is what keeps a relationship going and on this picnic, you will have a lot of time to know each other closely.

Plan A Weekend Together

The best part about living in Delhi is that a number of beautiful hill stations are neighbouring it which makes for an excellent weekend plan with your queen. Serene nature, harmony in the ambience and mesmerising scenic beauty will take the stress away for a couple of days while you two enjoy every second with each other.

Take Her To Dance

Enjoy the ballroom dance and watch how dancing and general etiquettes impress your girl! Classy music with some flawless dance moves accompanied with fine catering will make her forget all her worries and enjoy the night with an elite aura inducing in the air.

Pick Her Up From Work

Surprise her by driving to her work and pick her for dinner together. Not only she will appreciate the gesture but will also enjoy a day-off from the metro or self-drive in the congested Delhi traffic. Let her relax while you hold the steering this time.

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