7 Things to Do in Krabi with Kids in 2020

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The province of Krabi is slowly gaining recognition as a tourist hub in Southern Thailand. Krabi has scenic islands and majestic in lands that play a crucial role in attracting both local and international tourists. With all those beautiful accommodations in Krabi and unrivalled beaches make it a dream destination for any family, including kids.

Krabi is occasioned by loads of attractions that will bring sheer fun and enjoyment to your kids, so grab the next plane to Thailand and have a remarkable experience. Here is the insight on the best places to visit in Krabi.

#1. Treetop Adventure Park

It is among the best things to do in Krabi with your kids. You could take them for a stroll in the canopy. Situated in the northern part of Krabi, this adventure park will let you experience the rainforest from a high position. There is so much to accomplish here like swinging on rope bridges, hopping on trees and riding a bicycle some meters above the ground.

The task is challenging but exciting and fun as you get the adrenaline rush all over you. You will be briefed on how to remain safe, and then you are good to go. The park is found in Ao Luk.

#2. Outdoor Aquarium at Ao Nam Mao

This beautiful outdoor aquarium belongs to the Coastal Resource Management Unit for the government of Thailand. It is among the Krabi attractions that you can visit with your children. Here is where you will discover endangered species of turtles, fish, and sharks in large enclosed basins. They are bred, and then when grown they are released to their natural home.

There is no entrance fee to the facility, and anyone is free to pay a visit here and learn a lot. The aquarium is located only a kilometre before you get to Krabi Seashell Cemetery. 

#3. Krabi Fun Park

Krabi attractions include a fun park where you can engage in zip-lining from one tree to the other. The fun park is situated between Krabi town and Ao Nang at a place known as Baan Laem Pho. There is so much that your kids could enjoy at the fun park, including riding broomsticks among other exciting activities. You could also check out Krabi weather to know the times when the weather is extreme.

#4. Thung Teao Forest Park

Visiting the forest park is among the top things to do in Krabi. The park is south of Krabi some 50 km away. It encompasses scenic sites like the crystal lagoon and also the blue pool. The natural sanctuary provides visitors with these freshwater basins where you can have a good time with family.

Among the Krabi attractions in this park is a nature trail that is about 2.7 km in the tropical rainforest where you can experience the wild and natural side of Krabi. The bewildering park has got shops and restaurants at the entrance where you can refresh.

#5. Elephant Sanctuary

The Krabi elephant sanctuary is among the ideal places to visit in Krabi. Here is where you will encounter the gentle pachyderms as they stroll gracefully in their natural environment. Here they will be free from bullhooks, shows or chains.

The facility is also an education centre where you can learn a lot about elephants and taking good care of the environment at large. If you are looking for things to do in Krabi, then this should be in your to-do list.

#6. Island Hopping

It is by far the most stunning activity you could engage in while in Krabi Thailand. You could have a very fantastic day visiting numerous islands like Koh Hong, Koh Poda, Koh Kai, among many others located just near the Krabi coast. Experience panoramic views of the beautiful ocean and horizon as you cruise from one island to the next.

You could choose to have your itinerary or pick the Krabi 4-islands, which is a typical package to many visitors. You could also sunbath at the beach or snorkel to have full enjoyment of your vacation. Exploring new lands, especially islands, is a thrilling experience, and you ought to visit Krabi and experience it for yourself.

#7. Ao Luk Caves

One of the best things to do in Krabi is exploring the magnificent caves found in Ao Luk District. It is a massive seaside area located in the northern part of Krabi. The district features a vast mangrove forest and also houses the limestone cliffs found in southern Thailand.

It is an ideal location to visit, and you could just let a long-tail boat on Tha Prang Canal and cruise via the mangrove forest to pay a visit to the accessible caves of Tham Phi Hua To and Tham Lod. You could take a rest and refresh at Pier, which is a rustic restaurant as you head back from the caves.

Bottom Line

Krabi is slowly emerging to be a dream destination for tourists. That is because of the scenic and beautiful sceneries the province has to offer to visitors. Make your way there with the entire family plus kids as there is everything for everyone. Your children will have the best vacation of their life.

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