Pool Safety For Children

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Spending the summer relaxing by the pool with your family in your own backyard can quickly turn from a dream come true to a nightmare if you are unprepared to keep your children safe. But don’t worry, if you have the right pool safety products and rules in place, a season at the pool doesn’t have to be stressful.

Pool Safety Products

Start by setting up your pool area with the products you need to keep kids out of harm.

Since keeping children from entering the pool unsupervised is the #1 priority, surround your pool with protection fencing that is at least 4-5 feet high and climb resistant, with an automatic latch. You can also install a mesh or solid pool safety cover to keep kids and pets from falling into the pool. For above-ground pools, a lockable ladder will prevent children from climbing into the pool unsupervised. Door and window locks that are out of the reach of children and door and window alarms anywhere that has direct access to the pool will add another layer of protection.

Another important, yet inexpensive pool safety product is a main-drain anti-entrapment cover. An anti-entrapment cover will prevent hair or clothing from becoming caught in the main pool drain, eliminating a serious drowning risk. 

To prevent slips and falls that can result in serious injury, place a non-slip safety mat at the entrance to pools and spas.

Be prepared to rescue a drowning person in your pool by keeping a life ring or life vests close by that meets the safety codes enforced by the US Coast Guard. Show the life ring to your children and explain to them what it is used for.

Pool Safety Rules

Now that the pool area is set up with your family’s safety in mind, here are some swimming pool safety guidelines that everyone in the family should follow.

  • Always keep young children within arms reach.
  • Designate a person to watch children when swimming, especially if there are a lot of people in the pool area. The “water watcher” should be sober and undistracted.
  • Do not swim alone. Always swim with a buddy.
  • Keep cell phones handy to call 911 immediately in case of emergency.
  • Do not dive into a pool unless it is in an area that is deep enough for safe diving. 
  • Do not run in the pool area to prevent falls.
  • Stay away from pool drains and other areas that create suction.

More Water Safety Tips for Parents

You have set up a safe pool area and put rules in place for your family, but there are still a few more important things to keep in mind for the safety of your children. 

The best way to prevent your child from drowning is to teach him or her to swim! It’s never too early to start. But remember, even children who are good swimmers need to be supervised at all times while swimming, as accidents can happen in seconds.

It is always important to be prepared in case of an emergency, especially around water. Learn CPR and make sure that you know the steps to take in a water emergency. And if a child at your home is ever missing, check the pool area first.

With these water safety tips and products, your backyard pool can be a safe and fun place for your entire family.


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