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Today we are looking at the latest mattress comparison guide. What are the mattress should we get? Despite what the internet and other salesmen want you to believe, there is no superior material over the other. Each person has their own personal preferences.


By the guide, we have the latest innerspring mattress that is one of the beds that most of you have slept on at least one time in your life. In recent years, there is actually coil configuration in this bed system. Bonnell coils are common in mid-level beds and are like hourglasses. There are higher end beds where the coils use better contouring ability.


All foam mattresses are in a modern development and it can feel slightly different to sleepers that have been resting on springs most of the time. There are different densities as well, and different levels of firmness as well. It depends on what you are looking for.


These beds are made up with polyurethane foams.They are densely formulated and are a type of memory foams. Memory foam beds are an all in one foam construction and they have their own terms because of their own special properties. 


Memory foam beds were the bestsellers in 1970s and 80s when the material was created by NASA to bring astronauts to space.


Latex mattresses are made from the milky sap of the rubber tree from Asia. It has popular bedding materials and mattresses as it is made out of natural source. These latex brands are more expensive compared to their other competitors. 


Next, we are looking at natural latex mattress topper. Latex mattress toppers are not that common, but they have many upsides. If you like support of memory foam but want to sleep cool – then latex topper is the best for your cool sleep. Since latex is derived from the rubber tree, you can also get natural latex instead of synthetic materials. The best mattress toppers are below.


The first recommended latex is Sleep on Latex that sell high quality toppers made out of latex to consumers. Made from full natural latex, these toppers are bouncy and can support the body as well. It has different variants like soft, medium and firm. It is great for side sleepers that have body pain from firm mattresses.


Second, we have the visco pillow top latex. While latex offers more than pillow-topo toppers, some sleepers miss the feeling of more options. This selection offers more superior support of latex tops. Side sleepers should like this feature as it has pressure relief on the shoulder and hips. This latex toppers has a skirt that centers it in the mattress. 


Lastly, we have resident home design. At this brand, we are growing in our passion to provide everyone with better options of getting everyday home products. We have mattresses, rugs, furniture and we have high standards for quality and style. We make sure that searching for home products when you want it. We also give free trials and warranties because we want to offer you as much purchasing power as possible. Join us and look for our brands all the time. If you want to join us on a quest to create the house space that you always wanted.


We have several brands in resident home. The brands are Nectar Sleep, Awara Sleep, Level Sleep, Bundle, Dreamcloud, and Wovenly.

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