Plan A Fairy Tale Wedding In Bali

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It is every girl’s dream to one day walk down the aisle with her dad on her left, and at the front stands her prince charming. The guests are smiling, others staring mesmerized by her custom-made wedding dress, and a merry filled air to top it all up. Nuptial celebrations are, without a doubt, one of the unique parts of our lives. The scene you also choose to commemorate this special occasion also takes up a massive part of the dream. And the Bali Island in Indonesia is the perfect spot to go engaged and leave united to your betrothed.

Well, without further ado, let us take a sneak peek into the whimsical wedding packages available for you and your lover.


  • Yacht wedding Bali


The open sea waters are very enchanting and very relaxing. And unquestionably, one of the best panoramas to make up the background of your wedding photos. For this package, you get a free consultation with an expert wedding planner to go through your preferences for the ceremony. In addition to that, you get a pre-wedding meeting presentation and a complimentary bridal preparation room. During the preparation, you get a photographer, a make-up artist, and a personal butler to cater to your every need. You also get a commemorative certificate, among other amazing features. All these on a yacht! Quite marvelous right?


  • Wedding and Romantic night 


If you are looking for an intimate affair in a luxury villa with personalized 24-hr service, a special dinner, and a one night stay in the villa after the ceremony, then this is the package for you. Under this deal, you enjoy a dedicated photographer to document your service and a make-up artist to dazzle your bride and her team’s faces. The organizers help you plan each and every detail from the flowers to the background songs. And to top it all up is that you get the decorations all on The Seven Agency’s inclusive package. You want it; you get it. 


  • Bali royal wedding


Your wedding is that time that your fairy tale of being a princess comes to life. The glittering jewelry, the dazzling dress, and the stunning make-up make you steal the show hands down. Well, in the Bali royal wedding package, you get to transform and become a Balinese princess in reality. Adorned with the attire and the authentic jewelry pieces, everything about this wedding is the perfect embodiment of the Balinese wedding. The venue, the decorations, the musical tunes playing in the background, the meals as well as the table settings. Everything Balinese. For this package, you also get a personal butler to attend to your needs, a photographer and a make-up artist. You not only get married in Bali, but you also become Balinese.


Last but most certainly not least, the three are just a few of many that you can choose from. Each with its venue, style, and perks. And you can take a look at the Seven Holiday website for more. The three are just the tip of the iceberg.

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