The Action of Belotero Injectable Drugs

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Everybody knows that natural means are the most effective and safest for human health. However, herbs and natural creams sometimes are helpless. Especially, when it comes to deep old wrinkles, sagging skin or pronounced signs of ageing. The most effective way of fighting such problems is contour plastics. It’s an innovative solution allowing doctors rapidly and efficiently get rid of dermal imperfections. This procedure of correction consists of several injections to get rid of skin lines, correct contours or increase lips’ fullness. The main advantage of modern injectables is their ability to stimulate natural rejuvenating processes like the creation of hyaluronic acid or skin elastin. There are many companies producing quality cosmetic products and medical devices for aesthetic medical procedures. Merz Aesthetics is one of them. Merz is a Belotero manufacturer — one of the most popular and highly demanded HA-based fillers in the aesthetic industry market. 

What Is Belotero & How Does It Work? 

Belotero is a monophasic filler, which is produced using the coherent semi-densified matrix technology. There are two main Belotero active substances — sodium hyaluronate and phosphate buffer. 

With intradermal administration, sodium hyaluronate causes the development of subcutaneous microfibers and the formation of a subcutaneous vector scaffold, which increases skin elasticity and provides a lifting effect. Moreover, the action of the dermal filler is not restricted only by volumization. Since the substance is natural, the body absorbs it in a while. This process is called biodegradation. During this period, hyaluronic acid molecules penetrate even deeper into the dermis and activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which has a beneficial effect on the processes of natural skin rejuvenation.  

The procedure lasts 20-40 minutes. Doctors use very thin needles and introduce the gel into deep or middle layers of the skin depending on what area should be corrected. As a rule, Belotero doesn’t cause serious adverse reactions, however, small bruises, swelling and redness may occur. If these side effects last longer than a week, a patient should consult his\her doctor.  

Belotero Injectables: How Many of Them Exist? 

Want to check your doctor’s qualification? Ask him\her whether is it possible to inject one kind of dermal filler into different skin areas. Yes, all of them consist of the same ingredients but differ in proportions and consistency. Let’s quickly look through Belotero fillers. 

  • Belotero Soft contains 20 mg/ml of HA. The remedy is used by doctors to smooth out little wrinkles in delicate skin areas, such as crow’s feet or wrinkles above the upper lip. 
  • Belotero Balance has 22.5 mg/ml of hyaluronic acid and improves medium or deep folds and wrinkles in the perioral and periorbital zones. The remedy also perfectly corrects lip contours. 
  • Belotero Intense also includes 25.5 mg/ml of HA and eliminates deep old wrinkles. 
  • Belotero Volume has the greatest HA-concentration (26 mg/ml) and is created to restore the missing facial volume. 
  • Belotero Hydro is used only for biorevitalization. It contains 18 mg/ml of HA and glycerin. The drug deeply moisturizes the skin of the face, neck, hands, etc. 

Compatibility with Other Injectables 

A lot of medical products are forbidden to combine with other remedies. Such actions can lead to unpredictable and dangerous results. The innovative Belotero formula allows cosmetologists and plastic surgeons to use this dermal filler simultaneously with the following injectables: 

  • Juvederm; 
  • Hyaluform; 
  • Teosyal. 

Although these drugs interact well, patients should always inform their doctors of all previously made injections. 

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