6 Things no travelers should leave home without

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When you’re planning your family vacation, the trip of a lifetime or even a romantic break away with your partner, there’s nothing better than organising your itineraries, planning your travel arrangements and of course, ensuring you have everything you need, packed and ready to go. It’s all part of the excitement and anticipation!

But in all the rush and all the excitement, it’s usually common for certain items to get left behind. It’s pretty frustrating, but when you leave behind something vital, it can be enough to hinder your entire trip. So, what are the items we should prioritise and not behind? Read on for 6 things no traveller should leave home without. 

Emergency contacts

Life is unexpected. Things can change in an instant, even when you’re on a well organised holiday. You don’t always have to expect the worst but being prepared for the unexpected means that you can save yourself a lot of time, frustration and upset. Ensure you have access to your emergency contacts including your attorney – this company can help you if you’ve suffered an injury that wasn’t your fault – a local tow truck company, your insurance company and of course your next of kin. It’s also a good idea to have the number of the local emergency services if you’re in a different country.

A universal charger

From taking full advantage of the GPS, downloading apps to keep the kids entertained and taking some once in a lifetime photographs, your smart devices are going to need a lot of battery power to keep them going. So, make sure you don’t leave home without your charger – better yet, invest in a universal charger which you can use just about anywhere. That way you won’t have to remember all the adapters too.

A reusable water bottle

We all need to drink more water and if you’re visiting a hot country then it’s even more important to stay hydrated. Taking a reusable water bottle with you on your travels means you’ll save a fortune on buying bottled water and do your bit to help the environment. If the tap water at your destination is questionable then boil the water first or sterilize the water yourself with a water purifier. 

Travel insurance 

Again, being prepared is always the best option and you should never travel without having a good travel policy in place. Opt for a travel policy that covers you for medical emergencies, treatments and medications as well as travel-related mishaps such as lost luggage, delayed flights and cancelled holidays.

A simple first aid kit

Whether you’re backpacking through Asia, taking the kids camping for a weekend or you’re heading to a spa retreat with your partner, packing some simple first aid items will help you out of a jam. From headache tablets and painkillers to diarrhoea medicines, antihistamines, bandages, plasters and sunblock. Don’t leave home without them! 

Travel documents

Your passport, your boarding pass, tickets, insurance documents, visas, all these things shouldn’t ever be left behind! Keep them together in a folder for ease of access and don’t forget to make copies just in case!

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