Exciting Cruise Routes To Put On Your Bucket List

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If you have yet to experience a luxury cruise or are a seasoned cruiser who is looking for something a little different, the list of up and coming cruises for 2020 that are operating out of Australia is indeed long. Here are a few ideas for once in a lifetime cruises to whet your appetite for the coming year.


  • Sydney Round the World Cruise – This is perhaps the ultimate cruise, with 108 nights at sea, you can experience luxury while visiting some really amazing destinations that include Oman, Jordan, Morocco, Greece, Italy, many UK ports, Greenland, Canada and many ports that run down the USA coast. If that isn’t enough, the cruise continues to Panama, Ecuador and Peru before heading to the tropical paradise of Tahiti and then back to Sydney. After almost 3 months onboard a luxury cruise liner, you can return to normality with some amazing memories that will remain etched in your mind forever. There are some great tips for the round the world cruiser, should you decide to book the ultimate cruise.


  • Explore South East Asia – There are cheap cruises from Singapore to Brisbane, and if you take a flight to Bangkok, you can spend a few weeks touring Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, before heading south to Malaysia and boarding the ship in Singapore. Most Asian countries have a much lower cost of living than here in Australia, so it won’t be as expensive as you might think. If you book your return cruise early, you can save some money, which would mean you can spend a few more days in Thailand or Cambodia. There are so many places of interest in South East Asia, and by doing some online research, you can make an informed decision on where you would like to go.


  • An Extended Caribbean Cruise – This is one part of the world you simply must see, and if you are planning a cruise in the Caribbean, you should fly to Florida, where most of the Caribbean cruises begin. The Fort Lauderdale cruise on the Celebrity Equinox departs on April 21st 2020 and includes stop offs in Mexico, Georgetown, Cayman Islands and Grand Cayman, before heading back to Fort Lauderdale.


  • North Europe Cruise – If you are Australian, the wonders of Northern Europe surely hold some interest, and with a cruise that departs from Southampton in the UK, you can spend a glorious 14 nights taking in the sights of France, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Estonia, with stops at St. Petersburg and then docking at Copenhagen.

The above are just a few of the amazing cruise packages that will be running in 2020, and if you would like to browse the many cruises, search online for a leading cruise operator, who would have the complete list, which would include all of the above and a lot more besides. Booking early can save you some money, and once you know your budget and dates, you can start searching for a cruise that includes all the places you would like to visit, then prepare for a holiday you will always remember.

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