The career outlooks for nurses with their MSN degree

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In the world of scientific advancement especially in the field of medical sciences, the role of healthcare professionals is evolving and getting tougher day by day. Every other day, we see newer and stranger diseases, infections and viruses are recognized and emerged in our environment. 

Unlike the previous generations, where there was no clear reasoning of any sudden deaths. On the other side, we have seen that cures are also developed, unlike the times where the world had lost millions of people with the disease of flu, cholera, and plague.

 Apart from modern research and developments, the credit goes to the paramedic staff and doctors too. The procedure of diagnosing a patient to provide the required medical treatment and suggest dosage is not simple, as it includes more than just knowledge of medical science and that is dealing with humans. 

Humans are tricky to deal with especially when they are not well. However, as we discussed that getting this job done is not simple and typical, most of the praise or one should say the limelight usually stays on the doctors only. Whereas, the nursing staff has a lot to do with the progress too. This also reflects in the stature, honor, development opportunities, pay scales and working conditions, etc., provided to doctors versus the same awarded to nursing staff. There is no direct proportion or comparison obviously, but the present difference is quite invalid or unjustified. They are not as typically academically qualified than doctors, but they also get to attain a license and academic qualification and they also get to work with typical long day shifts too.

If nurses continue to attain academic qualifications and keep on gaining skill set, there are many possible career prospects emerge for them. One of the possible options is to get a Master’s of Science in Nursing Degree, which is usually offered by many renowned universities. Another possible option is to attain such a degree MSN Online program, where they can take classes online as per their convenience along with their work schedule.     


Obtaining a Master’s Degree in Nursing has numerous advantages for a nurse in many ways. According to many reports, nurses with Master’s Degree earn more than the nursing profession without degrees. And the difference is significant in between them which is around 25-35%.

Similarly, getting a Master’s Degree opens a lot of options for their prospects. They can opt to work and study in the fields of clinical and non-clinical aspects, or their specific areas of interest. The typical route for future options would be Nurse Practitioners or Nurse Anesthetists etc.

It eventually enhances their delivery of service in terms of quality, precision, and professionalism. Nurses with Master’s Degree provide better care to the patients, whereas it also impacts the support they provide to doctors in the medical procedures. And the result is lower mortality rates and failure in the provision of services. 

Career Options:

As discussed above, getting a Master’s Degree in Nursing enhances many career advancement options for nursing professionals. Let’s explore some of them:


  • Nursing Consultant:


Getting advanced training and education through a Master’s Degree can help them to explore consultancy services in Nursing. Just like Management Consultants provide advisory services relating to cost control, risk management, etc., Nursing Consultants can provide their consulting and advisory services to Hospitals, Medical Institutions, etc. on Effective Nursing Practices.


  • Nursing Researcher:


They can also become researchers specifically in the Nursing field. Nursing Researchers can provide services to medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, etc. in terms of conducting research relating to diseases, medicines, and practices. They design their research project and obtain data that can help out authorities to get better cures through medicine formulas or medical studies. And currently, it is considered to be one of the highest jobs in 2020.


  • Nursing Teachers or Educators:


A Master’s Degree Holder in Nursing can also explore to be a Nursing Teacher who can teach in Medical Colleges, Institutes or Community Colleges. They can also work as an internal trainer in hospitals and medical institutions to train and teach new nurses in their orientation and ongoing capacity development.


  • Clinical Nurse Specialist:


However, it requires extensive experience along with the degree too, but becoming a clinical specialist will take their job description near to diagnosis and doing medical procedures. A Usual track to become a Clinical Nurse Specialist is to become a subject matter expert of any particular disease or category of patients. In some territories, such jobs require other special licensing.


  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner:


As we see more and more mental health-related issues are emerging, there is quite a shortage of Psychiatric Nursing Practitioners. After getting a Master’s Degree, Nursing Professionals can also work to provide consultation and related services to mental health patients. For such scope of work, they need to be trained under subject matter specialists i.e. Psychiatric Physicians.

Similar to Clinical Nursing Specialization, Psychiatric Nursing also requires specific Specializations along with a Master’s Degree. Typically, in this particular job, Nursing Staff deal with patients suffering from depression, anxiety, personality disorders, etc. As this type of disease is quite mental rather physical and involves dialogue and conversation, therefore, Nursing staff deal with their specialized consultation and mild prescriptions of medicines too.  


  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist:


One of the highest paid jobs for nurses is the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). They are responsible for a specific domain of providing and managing anesthesia for patients in any medical surgery. Since it involves high stakes and a matter of life, CRNA requires extensive training along with advanced degrees backed by the authorities of anesthesia educational program boards.


Development of Nursing Professionals is crucial for them and the overall mankind too. Therefore, the more they get to develop, there will be a prominent enhancement in the quality of service and hence, more human lives will be saved and quality of life will be enhanced. Additionally, it can also improve the work style, lifestyle and overall social and personal status of the nursing staff too.


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