Picture This: CBD Works Wonders For Unexpected Pain

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Most of us aim to be active in some way, shape, or form. But, what about those times we don’t foresee being completely thrown out of whack with our bodies screaming, “Hey, you’re not 15 anymore, what are you doing?” Thankfully, CBD hemp oil for aches and pains can save the day! Many of us turn to over the counter pain relief when we experience aches and pains, but the truth is that they can develop some unpleasant side effects with continued use over a long span of time. The beauty of CBD is that it is so versatile and there is literally something for everyone in any and every situation. Here are some situations that CBD can come in handy. Some of which you’ve probably never imagined.


Whether you’re the one saying your vows or just there for the festivities, CBD can help! Picture this: you’ve been at the wedding for about 6 hours and your feet are screaming for help, but you very well can’t walk around barefoot, so what do you do? Did you know that some actresses use CBD lotions and creams to alleviate the pain from walking in heels for long periods of time? Yeah, that’s right, it’s a red carpet trick, so who says it can’t work for you? When you see you’re going on hour 3 with no end in sight, find a quiet corner or bathroom and pull out your favorite CBD topical. Simply massage some on your feet and let the goodness seep into your distressed soles. This is a great way to get through the remainder of your evening while still looking fab, and don’t worry fellas, it’ll work for you guys too! We know those dress shoes aren’t your favorite either! Oh, and the best part is you can even use a CBD foot mask when you get home for the ultimate kick back relaxation. With this tip up your sleeve you’ll always be the life of the party.

Hiking Trip 

Maybe you’re a diehard “fitness” person, or maybe you’re like the bulk of us who try our best to get up and get out there every once in a while. If you fall into the category of the latter, you might be a wee bit out of shape and pull muscles easily. Picture this: you’re getting some much needed outside time, taking a nice little hike with some friends as you try to climb up a small incline and what do you know…..your calf has seized up and temporarily paralyzed you. Thankfully, you have a friend with you who has been raving about CBD for the last few years, so they have a nice topical in their bag for you to rub in for quick, targeted relief. You guys sit down to have a snack, and 15 minutes later your leg now knows the definition of zen. CBD oil has been such a strong contender for pain relief because it can help quickly and efficiently. Did you know that CBD has been helping those affected by the opioid crisis by being able to provide a safe, non-habit forming alternative? If you think there’s even the slightest chance of hurting yourself, take some with you.

Kid’s Birthday Party

If you have kids, especially multiple kids, then you know. It doesn’t even have to be a birthday party, you might just have random aches and pains from parenting. Most of the time they are literal, but there are definitely physical pings and pangs as well. Birthday parties are always fun. You plan, shop, and stress about cake, guests, and venue until the big day when you see all the bright faces. Picture this: you’ve ordered a huge water slide bouncy house for the kids and all seems to be going well until you hear your little one call out to you. You dash inside to help but slip (because it’s wet) and fall down the slide in a horrible way. Your kid is fine, just being dramatic, and now you’re injured trying to keep the party going. But no stress…because you’ve got a CBD vape pen upstairs in your bathroom. You limp up the stairs to your pen and inhale instant relief. It might even be a good idea to keep it in your pocket…just in case! It’s a party, who knows what else is going to happen! Whether it’s a birthday party or just an outing with your kiddos, CBD oil can really help the day ease on by! I’m telling you, it’s parent approved.

These are only 3 situations that CBD can help alleviate painful situations that arise, but we all know the possibilities are endless. If you’re needing some quick CBD pain relief, the vape pens, tinctures, or topicals are great options. Who knows, you might start keeping some in your bag for unexpected situations.

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