What is HMB and Why Could it be Important for Aging Muscles?

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Almost every single person knows by now that in order to keep the muscles healthy and strong, they need to consume protein. It’s true that protein-rich foods and a little exercise can go a long way when it comes to keeping your muscles intact and tight, but there’s this little compound called HMB that can help you too. 

You probably never heard about HMB, but don’t worry because today we are going to explain it all in detail to you. HMB stands for beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate. The name sounds too scientific? Well, it does, but don’t worry because its use is easier to understand, and the best part is that it has been a part of your diet for years now. 

You see, HMB is produced in your body in small amounts when you consume leucine, and your body breaks it down. Leucine is an essential amino acid that’s found in foods like eggs, meat, and yogurt, etc. 

How Does HMB Work?

The question that might be popping in your mind right now is how exactly this compound works for our body? Well, don’t worry as we are going to tell you about it too. 

HMB basically serves as a getaway in keeping your muscles in balance. It slows the muscle breakdown, and that’s how you get the balance maintained. In healthy adults, HMB also helps by preserving muscle mass. So if you are thinking about building muscles and growing your body, you do need HMB. The levels of HMB that you have inside your body are correlated with the muscle mass you currently have. If you want to maintain your muscle mass and strength, you will have to eat a balanced diet, consume more HMB and exercise. Three of these things together can do wonders for your body. 

How To Get HMB? 

The real question of the hour is, how exactly do you get HMB? Well, for starters, you need to know that people nowadays use the HMB supplement as it’s easily available and effective too. 

But that’s not it! When it comes to foods, you should know that consuming HMB or increasing its levels in your body can be a little difficult. You see, the leucine you consume, only 5% of it gets converted into HMB, which is quite less. It’s a fact that if you are trying to meet your HMB goals just by food, it can be very difficult for you, which is why a supplement is a must no matter what it is. For example, if you want a few grams of HMB, you will have to eat somewhat around 6000 avocados, which is obviously impossible. The only legit option that you are left with is to consume HMB through supplements. 

Buying HMB Supplements 

One thing that’s established by now is the fact that yes, HMB does help in making your muscles strong, and it’s important for aging muscles. Now, if you’ve made up your mind and if you do want to meet your daily HMB levels in your body, then opt for an HMB supplement right away. You can easily find this supplement in the market and in the online stores. Just do your research, play your part, and start consuming it. 


Now that you know how beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate works, you need to eat more foods that include it, and you need to buy a supplement too. Once you set on the journey of meeting your daily HMB needs, we assure you that you will see a visible change in your body. 

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