Why is it beneficial to write your thoughts, anonymously?

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When hiding behind any device, people think that no one can find them or catch their identity. Though it is not so true. In the changing time, people do concern about their privacy while making any transactions online. People also concern about what if someone tracks the record of their applications. When you’re using any social media or other platforms to share your data, it is not possible to get 100% privacy even by hiding your profile from public to private. It is because all your history from your browser is connected with an IP address. Often, people assume that the IP address is just their residential address.

For knowing all about IP address, one must know that it is a number that connects to the internet and all the things you do over the web gets stored in it. If you want to ensure 100% anonymity on the web, it is a must that you switch to an anonymous IP address first. You can use a VPN service for this purpose. If you are lacking any single thing about being anonymous, it can lead to a hacker learning your real identity.

Ever thought of releasing an anonymous blog post? Do you think whether writing an anonymous blog can constitute to some benefits? Or whether it is not any useful thing to use anonymity for posting online content? Often, people confuse anonymity with the sole benefit of hiding your identity from the web. Though, it holds a long list of benefits for people to post contents online without the fear of anyone posting negative comments on your post or other fear. When you get the power to write freely on any controversial subject, you talk about reality. And how can you get this power? Often, anonymous blogging allows writers to come up with clear thoughts on any topic. 

Benefits of anonymity to share your thoughts

Are you searching for the benefits which are associated with anonymous blogging? Online anonymity does come with a bunch of benefits for internet users. It can be safety or privacy concerns that enable writers to post content or share their thoughts over a certain topic anonymously. When looking for how the anonymous identity can help you talk about your thoughts, you can learn all the things from the points discussed below:


  • Stay confident in speaking truth


Whether you have any content experience or not, you need to post content, ensuring that it doesn’t breach any social issue or anything controversial can result in severe consequences. As a writer, one would avoid talking everything about facts and truths when using their real name for publishing content. This is a reason why writers rely on anonymity for posting content with reality. Anonymity opens the door to be free about truth and what prevails in reality! You can explore some hidden truths about society, religious pressures, and much more only on the anonymous contents. Without even a single thought, you can speak up straight about the facts using an anonymous name. Or when you go anonymous, you get the power to talk about the social or political issues without thinking that someone can impose a legal complaint against you.  


  • Help others with your stories.


Thinking how you can help people by sharing your narrative stories? Many times, people face the same situation in life as yours. And when you’re out with your story in front of the world, people get power to stand up against the odds in their life seeing you. When you talk about your stories with the world anonymously, people get to interact with your experiences and how you stood strong against the challenging phase of your life. 


  • Secured data


When using the internet service, everyone knows the value of confidential data and the consequences associated with its unauthorized disclosure. When you’re coming up with your stories or thoughts over the web, millions of internet users can access it and get to find your real identity. In those millions of people, some hidden internet culprits don’t miss a single opportunity to steal the data of internet users for unauthorized usage. When you blog online or post any content using your real identity, there might be hackers tracking your location, password, or other sensitive information. What can you do to betray the hackers? For this purpose, it is a wise decision to share your thoughts using an anonymous profile and anonymous IP address for publishing it. 


One can’t deny the benefits associated with online anonymity. Using a real identity to talk with the world over the web can lead to certain consequences like stolen data, misuse of confidential information, and other things. Currently, people are switching to smarter ways of using internet service to avoid any security threats or malicious attacks. Anonymity gives a wider platform for writers to talk openly about their thoughts and share sensitive facts freely.

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