Bizarre Animals and Where to See Them

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Every tourist can never get enough of experiencing and taking pictures of wild animals while on vacation. You can buy custom research papers in a hundred copies, but the best experience you’ll have by seeing these amazing things yourself. It can involve one of the often referred to big five animals such as the elephant or lion on the African plains. Alternatively, it can entail a sea animal on the beaches of the Galapagos such as the sea lion. All these, make a tourist’s venture worthwhile because of the memories collected.

But, such an experience cannot get compared to interacting or seeing rare animals in some of the least thought corners of the world. So what rare animals constitute this exclusive club? 

Rare and Bizarre Animals

  • Radiant Sea Turtle. The glowing turtle was discovered by sea divers in the ocean around the Solomon Islands. Other animals have previously shown an element of bioluminescence, but the turtle proved the first of its kind. The reptile has a green and red glow though David Gruber opines that the red color probably emanates from the biofluorescent algae. He further explains that the glow could represent a camouflaging and a communication technique among the sea turtles. 
  • Pangolin. It’s a bizarre-looking mammal predominantly found in parts of Africa and Asia. The animal has a keratin shell to protect it with a specialized tongue that allows it to eat termites and ants. Because it’s the only known mammal with such features, it gets trafficked the most among the mammalian class. 
  • Diane’s bare-hearted glass frog. It’s a spotted and emerald glassy looking frog with visible internal organs. The frog inhabits areas in South and Central America and extremely pleasing to look at because of the green but transparent coloring that enables one to see the internal organs. However, the frogs come tiny, and you have to concentrate, to observe it well.
  • Axolotl. The fish has a strange semblance to a Pokemon, and you can find it in most lakes in Mexico. The salamander comes as an albino or in black, and with the capacity to regenerate its limbs besides having lidless eyes. 
  • Sunfish. It has a renowned reputation for proving the heaviest among bony fish all over the world. An adult Sunfish looks like a sloth and can weigh up to two tons. The fish can lives in tropical and temperate waters the world over. It forms a vital delicacy in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea.
  • Saiga antelope. It predominantly inhabits parts of Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan and easily stands out because of its large flexible nose. The schnoz assist it to filter the air of dust and regulate the blood temperature.
  • Long-horned orb weaver spider. Well, some things can become easier to observe in a picture but not up and close, especially at home. One such thing entails the weaver spider which has eight prominent eyes, besides having long spines that protrude from its belly. The spider exists in fields and forests in Asia.
  • Gharial. It’s a skinny-snouted crocodile mainly found in India’s waterways. The snout contains a hundred and ten teeth, which suits it in entrapping fish.  
  • Red-lipped batfish. It’s a bizarre fish that walks on the ocean floor instead of swimming and spots red lips


A say always goes that, for you to see and experience things, you must widely tour diverse places. If you thought you understood the meaning of bizarre, tour these areas and have a glimpse of these weird creatures.


  1. I do think Rare and Bizarre Animals would be cool to see! We like to visit an ecology center that is nearby our town and it is alway great to see any type of animals in person.

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