6 Practical Strategies To Maximize Space In Your Home Office

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As more people move to remote work, having a clean home office that prioritizes comfort is increasingly vital for optimal productivity. Creating a home office space helps you stay efficient and productive. However, most homes don’t have ample space to dedicate a room or sufficient space to a home office. So, how can you maximize your space for a home office? Here are a few tricks.

  • Don’t eat up space with a huge desk

Working remotely, you most likely conduct most of your work behind a screen, like your computer. This means you don’t need a large desk space to work on. You should consider purchasing desks with cabinets with a surface wide enough to work on comfortably and place or store your working equipment, such as your stationery, but not too wide to take too much space. A corner desk, console desk, folding desk, or writing desk are space-saving desks or modular office solutions you can consider.

  • Opt for vertical storage 

Storage solutions are essential to keep your home office space neat and organized. However, these are usually horizontal and tend to take up valuable floor space, leaving your office space cramped. Instead, you should utilize the entire height of your wall by installing vertical storage solutions such as storage cabinets. Full-extension file drawers under your desk are another excellent vertical storage solution you should consider.

  • Use drawer dividers to improve organization

Due to limited space, organization is exceptionally vital for your home office. Drawer dividers are one technique to keep your drawers orderly. Dividers conserve room in your desk drawers and make it easier to keep office supplies and other items. Drawer dividers also help to keep your drawers neat and functional. Rather than rummaging through your drawers for what you need, dividers make it easier to find what you need fast so you can go back to work.

  • Install wall mounted storage units

Installing a floating desk with wall-mounted storage, such as cabinets, is one option to create more room. You’ll have additional space for filing cabinets or other storage solutions beneath your desk. You could also want to consider wall-mounting your monitor, so it doesn’t take up too much space on your desk.

  • Be paperless

You can reduce the amount of storage you require by minimizing the amount of paper you use. Digitize anything you can and save it to your PC or a shared folder. Make all of your purchases and pay all of your bills online. You can use electronic signatures to sign crucial papers. Instead of utilizing a paper calendar, use online calendars like Google or Outlook.

  • Go wireless as much as you can

Spending time undoing tangles of your various wires adversely affects your productivity when working remotely. In addition, leaving different electrical cords such as your computer and phone chargers tangled and piled up can take up space- not to mention it can also be a tripping hazard. You can reduce this by going wireless. You should get a wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, wireless or Bluetooth-enabled printer, Bluetooth speakers, and so on.

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