Upcycling Your Old Jewelry

As a frequent jewelry wearer, you no doubt have the four staples: earrings, necklaces, bangles and rings. And of all the jewelry you have, there are probably a select few pieces that you wear regularly, leaving every other statement or discolored green piece you have collecting dust in your jewelry box.

Why do we hold onto jewelry we don’t wear? Why do we buy more when we already don’t wear most of the jewelry we have already? It doesn’t make any sense! We’re literally spending time and money on sparkly accessories we don’t plan to wear more than once, so what’s with the obsession?

Upcycling is so in Vogue

What if I told you that you could still get your new jewelry fix without spending an arm or a leg? Though I personally cannot see your face, something tells me you might be a little skeptical. I mean, who could blame you, right? I’m a total stranger to you. What do I know about jewelry?

What I know about jewelry is that you can make your own knock-off J.Crew necklaces and baubles for less than a fraction of the retail price. Upcycling jewelry isn’t a new trend, but it is a hot trend. You can take materials from around the house and take apart the jewelry you don’t wear anymore to make something new, fresh and completely original: nobody else will have that necklace, pair of earrings or ring but you. And believe me, you won’t be left wanting for new jewelry making ideas.


Why everybody is playing games on their mobiles

One thing that I’ve noticed over the past couple of years is how just about everybody seems to be playing games on their smartphones.

I’ve already done some posts about how the little ones can get lost for days on end playing games like Minecraft, but thankfully it seems as though the world’s games developers have been on the case making games for grown-ups too!

Whilst games like Minecraft have caught the attention of my other half, I’ve been keen to hunt down some of the games that are a bit more stimulating for adults. And love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian has released one of the most amusing mobile games I’ve seen: Hollywood.

This fun mobile game gives you the opportunity of climbing your way up the Hollywood star system by going to boutiques, dating celebrities, and appearing in various amusing photo opportunities. Although it’s more than a little superficial, it’s actually pretty funny and I’ve spent many hours customizing my avatar with some typically weird and wonderful shoes and clothing.


Pillow Pets introduces first ever Toy Ambassador

Rachel, an adorable six-year old battling a brain tumor, was appointed the first ever Pillow Pets Toy Ambassador on Saturday, February 18th at Toy Fair.  Rachel was introduced to Pillow Pets by our longtime charity partner, Family Reach.  She will spend the year as a Toy Ambassador for the Pillow Pets brand reviewing new products, participating in surprise unboxings and other fun activities.  At the end of the year, Rachel will present a donation of Pillow Pets to the hospital of her choice. Family Reach is a financial lifeline to families facing cancer by providing assistance, navigation and education to families in need. 

Consumers can assist Family Reach with their mission by purchasing a Pillow Pet at www.pillowpets.com then adding a donation at checkout which Pillow Pets will match. Pillow Pets and Family Reach have had a long-standing partnership through monetary and in-kind donations delivering comfort, love and financial relief to families across the country facing a cancer diagnosis.

“One of the most important things we can do as a toy company is to bring joy to children in both good times as well as difficult times. We know that many people receive an immense amount of comfort from our products,” said Jennifer Telfer, CEO and founder of Pillow Pets. “We are thrilled to have Rachel as our first Pillow Pet Toy Ambassador and hope that her time spent sharing the joy of Pillow Pets gives her a welcome respite from her cancer treatments.”

Why Traveling Makes You Creative

Traveling is a hobby for a number of people around the world. And, it offers amazing number of benefits to people too. Some of the points why traveling is significant are:

  • The ability to travel from one location to other is the main virtue that a person can have. Traveling provides you an additional virtue of experiencing and learning and this is reason what makes traveling enriching and contenting.
  • Traveling doesn’t just take you to distant lands and acknowledges you with different people, but also eradicates the dullness from your life.
  • There are people who feel that traveling is a waste of time, money and energy. A lot of people find traveling boring. But, a majority of people want to travel, rather than sitting at one place. Traveling has made tourism one of the booming, money-making and fiscal sectors of the world.
  • Different people travel for different purposes. Some go for business trips while others plan a vocational tour and there others who travel for mental peace. Though people have their own reason to go on a tour, but it is important to notice that traveling itself offers inherent rewards. For few people, going to a new place means taking a break from daily routine. It refreshes their body, mind and soul.
  • Traveling to places and checking out the places of attractions and doing amazing things can refreshes a person who when comes back home is ready to take on new challenges of work and home. It makes him forget all his worries, problems, fears issues and troubles and provides him an opportunity to think wisely. Traveling doesn’t just heal a broken mind, but a damaged heart too.
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Why Should You Travel When You’re Young?

Traveling is a sheer pleasure and divine experience to see different phases and styles of humanity. It is when you travel you see things which aren’t are you imagined to be. Traveling allows your imagination to run wild and helps you witness things with a new perspective. And whilst, they may be a sufficient reason to travel, a lot of people are still new to the idea of traveling.

People travel to wonder and wander, some go out to explore and enjoy what the world has for them and experience the best moment of their youth. Now the question arises, why should travel when you are young? Well, you have several reasons to travel young, and some of them are mentioned below.

Traveling is more like recreation a form of vocation and commitment, but eventually it is a responsibility. People when they are young, they have health and wealth to travel with enthusiast to see the world.

  1. With traveling you get a sense of adventure- traveling allows you to enjoy as much as you want without worrying about the other people. You don’t have parents and peers to judge you or warn you. You can be wild, free and young. Life is an experience and traveling helps you experience it.
  2. With traveling you learn to be compassionate- apart from the life long memory, souvenirs and pictures which traveling gives you, you also acknowledge the real situation and concern for people, sometimes not even your own kind.
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Plan Your Trip Keeping Your Budget In Mind

Mostly people plan trips on vacation or festivals. There are some unplanned trips which takes a lot of expenditure because of lack of planning. If you plan your budget for any trip and start saving from months, then you can spend sufficient on trip along with stress free mood. Today fares are increasing rapidly, whether it’s a railway ticket or flights. Tickets are going high in the air these days. Everything from ticket to shopping must be planned properly.

By keeping some points in mind you can enjoy a superb trip within disturbing your budget. Everyone have their dreams about vacation trips. So, if you know you will go for holidays in summers, buy your tickets before three months. Do not wait for peak moment because at the peak of holidays usually tickets cost double. At festive times also prices of tickets goes high so do book your tickets online before two months. As per hotel bookings are concerned at holidays and festivals mostly hotels get booked. So if you approach at last moment you have to pay double amount. So it is always a wise idea to book reasonable hotels by checking online, and book one within your budget.

Family trips and friend’s trip are comparatively costly. Business trips are cheaper because company itself bears you’re staying and fooding expenses. On business trips people do not bother to shop anything. On the other hand trips with family and friends needs a lot of money. People shop unnecessarily because their companion is shopping something. Fooding expenses are also high among friends, so such trips must be planned as without planning these trips affect budget badly. Always plan such trips with friends who have similar mind set up. If you plan with someone who is upper class, you may feel embarrassed or outdated.

Home Remedies for Itchy Dandruff While Traveling

Dandruff is not a disease; it is a scalp disorder, which can be treated even at home without having to spend a fortune on shampoos and gels. Imagine wearing that lovely black gown for the dinner party only to be covered with snow flakes on your shoulders. Or, ready for your interview in perfect formals with that jet black blazer on and you find white flakes on your collar and shoulder line. Dandruff can ruin the impression that you can make and hamper your self-confidence.

Mentioned below are some dandruff home remedies, which you can try even when you are very busy and traveling:

  • Coconut oil

If you have problem with dandruff, make sure that you carry a small bottle of coconut oil while you are traveling. Coconut oil has excellent anti-fungal properties and hence it can treat the problem of dandruff successfully. Moreover, it moisturizes the dry scalp and provides required nutrition to the scalp too. When the scalp is moisturized, there are no chances of itching and dandruff.

Take a lemon and cut it into half. Take some coconut oil and add juice of half the lemon into it. Mix them well and apply the same to the scalp thoroughly followed by massaging. Keep the oil on the hair for minimum 20 minutes and then wash it off with water or mild shampoo. Repeat this process 2-3 times a week and see the great results.

  • Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is among the most important and commonly found essential oils in any home. Tea tree oil is rich in anti-fungal and anti-acne attributes and thus it can play an active role in eliminating dandruff from the scalp. Bacterial infections can also be combated with the help of this essential oil.

2017 Toy Trends #NYTF

Every year at about this time, every toy, game, collectible, indoor or outdoor plaything (and more) is brought to make it’s debut at the New York Toy Fair. We go to see what is new, what’s up and coming, to see what is still holding our attention and what are up and coming toy trends. This year, we’ve noticed a few repeats, as well as some interesting new products we think you will be seeing a lot of.

Toys from last year, updated w new shineys. Some of your favorite toys from last year are back again and remade for 2017 with new bells and whistles, or upgraded and updated. As we all know, sometimes the first iteration doesn’t always turn out exactly right. Try, try again- and some of the differences are fantastic.

What’s old is new again- retro is still in, and back in style. The toys of yesteryear looking just as they did when we were kids (or grandma and grandpa were) made for our kids. Only, you know- safer then they were, in some cases.

Custom built. Kids these days. The “Me” generation, the “selfie” generation- they want to express themselves, and so they will. So many toys, apps, even electronics are customizable or can be personalized. Not just with a name or initials, added, either- kids can really make toys their own right now, to varying degrees.

Food decorating toys, or toys that come in the shape of foods. From dolls to teddy bears to real food decorating kits to jewelry- our eyes are bigger then our stomachs this year, and thank goodness. Between the success of toys like Shopkins and TV shows like MasterChef Jr and Man vs Child, kids are allowed and even encouraged to play with their food. You can make your own foodie toys and designs to wear, or snuggle up with your favorite muffin or cake at night. Some scented, some not so much. With or without glitter- and don’t eat the bears.

Everybody wants to be a Pinterest star- the kids are getting in on it with all the DIY kits that help them lean to make bath bombs, loom kits, sewing, jewelry making, and more. These are NOT the kits that we had when we were kids, that our moms would wear in front of us because they loved us or displayed just because their child made them- they look like things Martha Stewert would have in her magazine, but easy enough for kids to do them. Trust me- I tried a few, and if I could handle it, any 9 year old can. No skills here, sorry folks. My kids outpace me in this aspect easily, so this is honesty talking to you right here.

Everything gets a tail- dolls, foods, your tablet- and if it already had a tail (like, say, a cat) it will get a different one. Usually a mermaid or shark tail replacement. What cat WOULD’T love an ocean swim, amiright? Get yourself and the kiddos one as well with tubes, sleeping bags, and/or sewing kits. People get tails too, equal rights after all.

To continue with the adult coloring- and yes, we are going to- add also to that adult plus kid inter-coloring. I don’t care if that’s not a word, it’s a “thing”. Bigger books or larger sheets that parents and kids can do together, or multiple kids at once. Sharing is caring, after all. This is more involved coloring. Get out the glitter markers.