How to Keep Your New Driver Safe on the Road

When your child gets their driver’s license, they will probably be ecstatic about their newfound independence. While this is a milestone to be celebrated, it can cause anxiety for parents. The road can be a dangerous place, and it makes sense that you would want to protect your new driver.

There are a few ways you can make this stage of life easier. With the following strategies, parents will feel assured they have taken the right steps to keep their child safe on the road.

Get Insurance

Before your child drives for the first time, make sure they have an auto insurance policy. Accidents can happen, and if an incident does occur, the right insurance coverage will offer financial protection. Look for a solution that covers both the vehicle and bodily damage, regardless of who is at fault. You may also benefit from coverage for fire, theft and weather damage.

Reputable insurance companies will often have a family discount and protection for uninsured passengers.

Choose a Safe Car

The vehicle your child drives is just as important as their driving abilities. A safe, well-maintained car will help them get from A to B without the fear of breaking down. If your child is lucky enough to have access to the family car, you can avoid the arduous task of shopping for the perfect first car.

For those who are helping their child find a preloved set of wheels, look for a car that has low miles on the odometer. Before you commit to the purchase, you may like to find a mechanic who can look over the vehicle to ensure it does not have any underlying issues.

Give Them Training

New drivers can benefit from additional training. Formal safe driving programs can give them the skills and confidence they need while on the road. Participating in driver training could even save you money on your auto insurance policy.

In addition, you can help your child by giving them opportunities to experience different roads and weather conditions. A road trip is a chance to spend time together while they practice driving long distances. When you are in the car, make sure they are following the road rules, wearing a seatbelt and checking their blind spot. 

Have a Discussion

Before your child starts driving independently, take the time to discuss the risks. Remind them to get enough sleep before traveling, and to avoid alcohol if they are planning to drive. You can show them the right way to behave while driving by being a good role model.

Distractions can cause accidents, and you should reinforce this with your child. For example, you can suggest they turn their phone to silent or place it out of reach when they are behind the wheel. Driving can be stressful, but with your support, your child can learn to be calm while on the road.

Keeping Your New Driver Safe

Getting a driver’s license is an accomplishment, but driving requires maturity. If you are worried about your new driver on the road, you can help to keep them safe.

Have an open dialogue about the dangers of distractions, and make sure they have adequate auto insurance. Find a safe vehicle for your child to drive, focusing on reliability rather than looks. To increase their skills, you can sign them up for a driver training program and take a trip together to give them time to practice.

Things no one tells you about hiking to Everest Base Camp

Climbing Mount Everest is on the list of many travelers. Submitting the world’s highest mountain is a great achievement many would like to experience. But only a few are able to fulfill their dream due to personal reasons.

Thus Everest Base Camp Trek is the best option to reach the foot of Mount Everest. This trek gives you the chance to view Mount Everest closely and explore the areas as well.

You must have heard and read many exciting things about this trek. Well, it is the most popular trekking destination in the Everest region. Many trekkers visit this region every year to walk in these trails. They visit these trails in search of a thrill, adventure, and challenges.

But there are some things no one tells you about hiking. Thus we have listed out a few things you must not have heard about heretofore.

Before planning your trek, you must have read many travel notes, researched the routes, its difficulties, etc. But as you travel you might find there were many things you have missed out.

So, this article helps you know a few things no one tells you about hiking to EBC.

About The Route

Base Camp are campsites that lie at the base of Mount Everest which climbers use during their ascend and descend. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world with a height of 8848 m above sea level.

This mountain has two base camps on its opposite sides. South Camp in Nepal and North camp in China. The base camp in Nepal lies in the Solukhumbu district of Sagarmatha Zone in Province No.1.

Base Camp is a popular trekking route in the Himalaya that begins from Lukla airport. This airport is the gateway to EBC. Landing here you begin your trekking journey towards the base of the world’s highest mountain.

Everest region is home for the sherpa community that are influenced by the Tibetan Culture. You get to visit many monasteries, prayer flags, and mani walls on the way.

Also as Everest lies within Sagarmatha National Park, you get to visit one of the famous parks of Nepal. This park is home to many endangered animals. So if you are lucky you might even spot some on your trails.

Kala Patthar is the highest point of the EBC Trek. It lies at an altitude of 5643 m above sea level. On this trek, you will be passing many lush green forests filled with beautiful vegetation.

You also get to see various magnificent peaks along the way. Such as Mount Everest, Nuptse, Dorje Lakpa, and many more.

14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek is filled with exciting adventures and challenges that give a memory of a lifetime.


  • Explore Everest region and learn about the culture and lifestyle of Himalayan people
  • Visit Sagarmatha national park and its exotic flora and fauna
  • Enjoy the mesmerizing sunrise view from Kalapathar viewpoint
  • View of various majestic mountains such as Mt. Everest, Dorje Lakpa, etc
  • Pass through forest paths filled with unique vegetation of flora and fauna

Things No One Tells You About Hike

While reading information about this trek most of the people leave out a few things from their journey. We have listed things no one tells you about hiking to the Base Camp.

Tipping coins or notes less than 50 is disrespectful

Nepal is cheap compared to many other countries. But it is not very cheap as you think. Tipping with coins or notes less than 50 is quite rude. It is the same as tipping someone in the US for a loose change around 70 cents. 

Also, most of them meet their days end with those tips. So, they expect a bit much for their physical work. You consider the condition of the notes. Handing dirty or old notes is not advisable.

It is better to carry around NPR 100 (US$ 1) if you want to tip someone with a small amount.

Delayed Flights from Lukla and Back

Many won’t say this to you but there are high chances of your flight to and back from Lukla getting delayed. Usually, the flights are held for early morning when the sky is crystal clear.

Flights get delayed on a regular basis. If the weather condition is bad then only a few flights are held a day. So, if you are not able to board those flights you might have to wait for the next day. 

If you were the first one to book the first flight. Then you will board the flight no matter when it takes off. The flight goes in order.

It is necessary to add an extra few days in your plan. As you might get stuck there due to flight delay and miss your flight back to home. Thus for an emergency like these, you should separate around 500$ for a helicopter ride back to the capital.

The season of Winter and Monsoon is the time when flight conditions are very poor. So, during these seasons add a few extra days to your trek plan.

Poor Internet Connection and Pay for it

As you make your way into the mountains the internet connection there is quite poor. And you have to pay an extra price to use the wifi.

Only a few coffee houses in Namche Bazaar give away free wifi. Other than that you will have to pay for them in most places. As you climb higher in altitude the quality gets poorer and more expensive.

The connection is not that good in high regions. The internet works but is pretty slow. So it is better to upload pictures after your return. But having a connection in the mountains is a great achievement.

Use Yak Poo For Fire

The Himalayan region is still not developed properly. The people living there rely on Yak poo for heat and fire. If the yak poo is not available there is no fire. The burners still use Yak poo which is quite amusing.

Are you wondering whether it smells or not? Then nope you won’t even notice it was dung being used. On your trails, you can see men carrying sacks and picking Yak poo while walking up and downhill.

Hardcore Altitude

Usually, it is known that air is thin in high places. But the altitude is brutal then you have expected. Getting used to the current environment can be harder. But it is not impossible, you just need some time to adjust to your surroundings.

Walking in high altitude feels like a light jog. You can also hear your heartbeat faster than usual. While climbing in high altitude it is necessary to walk slowly as possible.

Don’t rush, just walk at your medium pace. You don’t have to walk in the front, just take your time and walk normally. Most of the evening will be free so you can walk enjoying the beautiful scenarios.

No Proper Loo in the trails

The condition of Loo is worse than you can imagine. On most of the trails, you won’t even find toilets. As the routes are cut into the mountainsides with steep incline and decline.

You have to go behind bushes to do your business. Also, there is no availability of water so don’t forget to carry toilet rolls for an emergency. As climbing in altitude requires drinking about 4 to 5 liter water a day. So, you will be peeing for most of the way.

Don’t feel shy and go if you have to.

Quite Expensive

By expensive we don’t mean thousands. But you will be needing more than you have budgeted. As you may know the higher you climb the more expensive the goods and services are.

As there is no proper groundwork, people carry goods all the way from the lower region to the high region. Thus this is one of the reasons for the supplies to be expensive.

Also, you will have to pay for hot water, charging your phone, etc which many don’t know. So they don’t add this while budgeting and get low on cash.

So, it is necessary to carry extra cash then you have planned.

Carry Cash

While traveling in high altitudes, ATMs are useless as there are no machines in high regions. So it is necessary to carry enough cash along with you. Before leaving Kathmandu you can take out as much as cash you require.

Also if you are planning to exchange your cash do it during the morning. So that if you have any problem finding places you have the rest of the day to look around.

No proper bathrooms

The bathrooms are nice till Namche Bazaar as they have proper showers. But as you pass Namche the tea houses are limited. And you have to pay an extra price for hot showers.

Lodges in the high region heat their water boiler using solar power. And most of the lodges will boil a bucket of water on the stove when asked for one. Usually, trekkers wait till they return from EBC.

During these times Baby wipes will be your most useful companion.

Side Trips

If you have extra time to spare then you can add Gokyo Lake Trek and Three High Passes Trek on your itinerary. These are some side trips that can be done from the Base Camp.

You can visit Everest Base Camp and head towards Gokyo Lake Passing the three passes. They take a few extra days off your vacation but it;s worth it. Viewing the Gokyo lakes and reaching three high passes on a trip is quite an amazing experience.

Cold Rooms During Night

If you are looking for warmer rooms then it’s quite opposite to that. As you climb higher in the mountains the colder the rooms get. As they don’t have A/C or Heater up there.

Also, the walls are thin in many lodges as if they were made of ply board. And in some places, a sleeping bag can also not be much help. So, carrying extra-warm clothes is helpful during your trek.

Follow Yak Dung

On your trails, you will notice two animals yak and donkeys. You should be aware of donkeys. As they tend to push anyone that tries to be first in line. So maintain distance from them.

As for yak they are slow and lazy. So they tend to take easy and safe routes for a walk. If you follow their dung you will know which trails are easy and safe for walking.

Final Say

We hope our article gave you some important information. Usually, people only list out nice things so most forget about things that can be an obstacle. Thus we tried our best to list out things that can hinder your trek so that you can overcome them.

How to spend 5 days in Kathmandu Nepal

If you think the only attraction in Nepal is its mountain then there’s no way you’ve learnt about the country even a bit. Of course, Himalayas is the glory of Nepal and one solid reason for many trekkers to visit it. 

But even beyond that, there are many extraordinary places that are great exploring. Many of these sites dazzle travelers with both modern and old-fashioned touch. Ancient buildings and museums give an ambiance of rich culture and history in Nepal. 

Even though it’s spanned in a small area, there is so much diversity here. One can spend an entire day watching the shows on culture and still don’t get tired. Locals in every city are so amicable that it takes no time to blend despite the cultural disparity. 

There are many lavish restaurants in the city that you can spend all 5 days visiting each of them. Nepal is a country known for its raw natural grandeur and mountains that’s sky-scraping. 

From Everest to Ghorepani and Langtang, it has all sorts of long and short treks for every skill hiker. Now, if you’re still in a dilemma of how to spend 5 days in Kathmandu Nepal then go through our article. After a lot of research and thinking, we’ve come with some of the best ways to spend time in Nepal. 

  1. Sightseeing Kathmandu followed by Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour 

Kathmandu may not be distinctly comforting for nature lovers but aside from that it has every good reason to be proud of. The city is most happening of all with sky-high buildings, museums and monuments. 

Historical places and religious shrines embellished with architecture is the life of Kathmandu. Nestled at the heart of the city, Pashupatinath is an archaic temple epitomizing Hindu culture and their values. 

The beauty of this city lies in its rich history. And luckily it’s put on display at the National Museum of Nepal. Every portrait painting, modern art and sculptures instilled in a quiet museum hall is a source of inspiration.

It isn’t as crafty as the museum but the city’s fancy dining house is also worth visiting. There are high-end restaurants, multiplexes, and rooftop cafes from where one can glance at the city and also manage to take a sip of coffee. 

Finally, wrap-up your 5 days Kathmandu trip in a classiest way by having Everest Base Camp Helicopter with landing. It takes no more than 5 hours for a roundtrip of the campsite and you’ll get to see Mt. Everest and Nuptse. 

Since the flight takes down at Kala Patthar, exploring the landscapes is possible. You can even stroll around to watch the landscapes and shimmering snow peaks above the clouds. 

  1. Sightseeing Durbar Squares with Short hiking near Kathmandu Valley 

It’s impossible to rubbish the fact that Kathmandu is affluent both historic and religious wise. For centuries it has treasured the palaces and prehistoric buildings made during the regime of Malla’s. 

They are subject to old arts and architecture that takes the visitor back in the period. Not to blow hard but that’s the reason why travelers never skip visiting Durbar Squares. They reflect the old Nepalese history and bring it to the notice of visitors in its truest form. 

Listed in UNESCO’s world heritage site, Patan, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur Durbar Squares exhibits Newari architecture. Most of the temples in the square are designed in pagoda style and have courtyards.

Stone-carved statues and wooden temples are highlights of durbar squares as one can spend the entire day exploring it. They are crafted using the outdated technique and still look better than the contemporaries. 

Coming out from the ancient sculptures and artefacts in durbar squares, travelers can enjoy their day in Kathmandu by hiking. The city provides numerous short treks including Pulchowki and Chisapani hikes. For hikers, it takes only 6 hours to scramble the easy trail of Phulchowki and watch splendid Kathmandu Valley. 

  1. Explore Kathmandu, Dhulikhel and Nagarkot 

If you’re worried about how to spend 5 days in Kathmandu Nepal then consider traveling Dhulikhel and Nagarkot. They are stunningly picturesque villages and in close proximity to Kathmandu. As for Nagarkot, it takes just an hour to ride 

Located in central Nepal, Nagarkot is a heavenly beautiful village on the brink of valley. Those who want to avoid walking the trail of Annapurna but still take a glimpse of it often visit the place. 

Nagarkot has to be the only place which has easy access from the city and the finest sunset and sunrise view. To experience the Nepalese lifestyle, travelers can take a stroll through the villages and interact with easy-going locals. 

Similar to Nagarkot in terms of accessibility, Dhulikhel also has picturesque views to offer travelers. Locals here have mastered to make even the rustic places look sophisticated and lure visitors. 

Dhulikhel has something for every visitor including the panoramic view of Ganesh Himal, lush hillsides and unique landscapes. More recently, zip lining was set up in Dhulikhel, giving another excuse for travelers to visit it.

  1. Visit Pokhara and trek to Poon Hill 

Nothing amazes the travelers in Nepal like Pokhara. It’s the best lakeside city filled with overwhelming places and generous people. Despite being the most traveled destination, the beauty of Pokhara remains unspoiled. 

It has spectacular views of Machhapuchhre and Dhaulagiri to offer its guests. Pokhara is some of the few cities that has plenty of recreational activities to provide. People traveling here can paraglide in the sky, enjoy mountain biking and zip lining on any day. 

Even the quiet Rara Lake has put many adventures on the table including paddle boarding. There are so many things to catch here from astounding Devi’s falls and Begnas Lake. Whether you’re religious or not but the door to Tal Barahi temple is always open for visitors. 


Pokhara also has many short treks in the bucket for hikers including Ghorepani Poon Hill. It’s the most accommodating trek with tranquil trails that remain busy throughout the year. The hill station has an astonishing view of Annapurna massif and Dhampus peak. Most trekkers make early visits to the viewpoint and catch the golden sunrise view.

  1. Exploring Different Places and go for fishing and Rafting in Trishuli River 

With its irresistible charm and natural splendour, Nepal always manages to make the trip of its visitor a memorable one. There are more than one upscale places in the country that are entirely dedicated to travelers. 

Unfortunately they lie in different places so to make the most of the trip, you’ve to split the time. Plan smartly and visit Chitwan National Park ahead of rafting and fishing in Trishuli River. That’s because it only takes 2 and a half hours of riding to reach the sanctuary. 

Visitors to the national park can watch as many as 68 mammals and wildlife including sloth bears and otters. Jeep safari is a good alternative to range over the park and take a glance at Bengal Tiger. 

Avid rafters and fishers often stop by the Trishuli River on their way back to Kathmandu. Sweeping rivers of Trishuli hosts avid rafters of all ages and let them have their moment. More travelers reach out for the Trishuli River than anywhere else for the thrilling experience. 

Not just that even anglers like fishing in Trishuli river as its dwelling to a wide species of fish. They can catch anywhere from Golden Mahseer to Trout and River Eel, just need to have the right gear such as, ultralight spinning reel, rods, bait fish finders etc. 

A strong fishing rod and reel combo is a must to have. Nobody wants their tip or ring guides to snap in the middle of fishing. Ensure that the reel is smooth to spool and gives enough backing. Use a monofilament line as it’s affordable and stretch under pressure  supporting to catch big fish. 

Foods and Diets That Keep NFL Stars in Supreme Shape

NFL players come in all shapes and sizes depending on the position on the field that they specialize in, but one thing rings true for each of them, no matter the role they carry out on a roster: their diet must be on point.

If nutrition is neglected, then that can lead to training being a waste of time. With this in mind, coaches have added nutritionists to their staff, ensuring that each player is being fed and watered in the correct manner.

Here are some of the diets and foods that pro football players swear by, some of which may take you by surprise, and others that you could even incorporate into your own healthy lifestyle.
The Big Men Need Huge Calorie Intakes

For those men who operate in the defensive line, bulk is important when you are trying not to be pushed and shunted out of the way in a high-octane NFL game. To maintain their physical presence, they are required to take onboard plenty of calories, but the right kinds that will not hurt their heart or make them sluggish.

This means a whole range of protein rich foods such as lean chicken breasts, fish and wholegrain pasta. Meanwhile, many players are switching out pasta or rice to make room for quinoa, which gives a clean carb boost as well as being high in protein.

Diet Regimens That Seem to Work

Some fans are so particular about the diets that their favorite stars are consuming that some will even factor it into whether they will perform well at the weekend, adjudging that juicy burger they saw a QB eat on Instagram 24 hours before game time as a sure sign that their opposition’s NFL odds might be worth a perusal.

While this means of predicting how games will pan out may or may not pay dividends, there are some diet fads which seem to have legs in the world of the NFL, with top players apportioning much of their success or longevity to them.

One of these is veganism, with stars like Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick having long ago rejected the prospect of ingesting animal products of any kind.

A halfway house, that a larger proportion of the league’s players appear to abide by, is a dairy free diet, with lactose-rich products such as milk and cheese only acting to slow players down.
Increasing numbers of pro athletes are becoming vegan

Snacking is Okay if It Is Healthy

Snacking between meals is often cited as one of the main reasons for people gaining excess weight, but often it is the choice of snack that people make rather than the actual snack itself that creates problems.

With NFL players needing a little energy boost now and again on the touchlines, they tend to turn to snacks like fruits, nuts and even a spot of hummus with vegetable or salad dips.

Staying Hydrated as Important as Staying Fed

Of course, food is only half the story when you are talking about a player’s nutrition, with their liquid intake every bit as important as the foods they gorge on.

While the advertising slogans of sports drink companies adorn the frontages of arenas and even the cups that players drink from, they increasingly are not the beverages of choice for top athletes.

One drink that is becoming increasingly consumed by elite players is coconut water, revered for being highly thirst-quenching but also rich in legal performance enhancing vitamins and minerals.

Staying Consistent Is Key

Everyone has had that excruciating moment where you realize a food or drink has not agreed with their digestive system.

This can be a major problem for a top athlete, with whole months of preparation for a big showcase event potentially being scuppered if they step out of line with their diet just before game time.

To prevent this happening, players ensure that they keep their diet healthy but consistent, so that there are no upset tummies before the first whistle blows. If you find yourself training for a marathon or other organized sporting event, you would be well advised to do the same.

Chicago, for people who want something different

Why visit Chicago? For a start, it’s called Chica-GO, not Chica-DON’T-GO. Booo… I know. Terrible joke. Nevertheless, ever since the arrival of the first non-indigenous settlers in the 1780s, people have been attracted to the city on the shores of Lake Michigan for multiple reasons, and the population has grown from literally a handful of people who probably knew each other by name, to an estimated 10 million people now living in the wider Chicago metropolitan area. That’s not bad going. 

We’re going to go into the reasons to visit Chicago in just a moment, but first a friendly reminder that travellers to big cities may run into issues over car accidents and personal injury (due to the hustle and bustle of such packed streets). That’s why, before you travel, you should take note of what to do if you run into such difficulties. For example, check out a PI lawyer who has offices in Chicago

And now we’re going to get to some of the reasons to visit Chicago for people who want something different from their trip. 

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is a natural history museum that was founded in 1857, and the attractions and exhibits have only improved and become more exciting since then – although some of the original exhibits are still in operation, including the City Science house, Butterfly Haven, Water Lab, and Wilderness Walk. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most talked about attraction is the butterfly house, with over 200 species of butterfly peacefully flip-flapping around visitors as they stroll. Admittedly, if you have a fear of butterflies, this could be just about the last thing on earth on which you’d wish to spend your time, but for everyone else it’s like something out of a surreal movie. 

Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo is also known as the Chicago Zoological Park. Spanning 216 acres and housing over 450 animals, the zoo is one of the city’s iconic attractions that finds its way onto most tourists’ to-do lists. 

This state of the art zoo was the first in America to house a Giant Panda, and current exhibits are nothing short of ‘must-see’. There’s big cats, rhinos, giraffes, and croc’s, for example. But the two things that make the zoo perhaps that little bit more special than most zoos is the dolphin exhibit and the gorilla enclosure. You certainly don’t get gorillas and dolphins at every zoo!

Chicago is a city of multiple attractions for all ages. From museums and zoos to much much more (including beaches!), this is one city you won’t want to miss out on your tour of the good ole US of A.

5 Good Reasons Why Estate Planning is essential for you

Making a plan for your estate is among the most valuable things you will do for your loved ones. Nonetheless, it is a job that all of us fear and put off coping with later in life. Going to decide who will inherit your estate is a tough decision and a critical component of life planning when it comes down to this. Proper estate planning helps support families of small children and helps the descendants prevent tax overpayments.

What is an estate plan?

An estate plan is a series of official documentation that details how you want your properties to be allocated when you pass away, and how you want people to make health and financial choices if you are unable to do so for yourself in your life. If estate planning was once deemed anything involving only wealthy individuals, it has changed.

A detailed estate plan will make you feel more secure about the future, understanding that it will take care of your loved ones, and that the legacy you leave behind is the one you want.

Protect your Family

If you have kids, you have to be ready for such a tragedy. Mainly, this will entail creating a will, which is just a part of planning the estate. In your will, you must decide how to take good care of any children as young as 18, and what things in your estate they must inherit when they come of age. Without a will, the state does not only determine who gets your assets but also who raises your kids. If you care who should be your children’s guardian if you carry, you must make such an implementation in your will.

It protects your Family Fights

Those scary stories we’ve all heard. Someone who has money ends up dead, and the war between members of the family starts. One brother may think they deserve better than another, or one sister may believe they should be in charge of the assets even though they’re notorious for debt rolling.


For the best estate planning, you would be needing a good lawyer who can help you in solving all your queries and also with your paperwork. Attorneys in estate planning have the skills and expertise to help you achieve harmony by planning and Bulverde estate planning attorneys are a very good option to consider.

Guard your assets from unexpected lenders

Protecting your properties with your solicitor is a significant component of estate planning. In the case that a lawsuit comes up in the future, this will help secure your assets. This is particularly useful if you are working at the company that often experiences lawsuits, such as advertising or residential property or the medical sector. Against shareholders it comes in useful.

It spares you from tax

It is vital for estate planning to transfer wealth with an eye to descendants to create the lowest tax burden feasible for them. And with only a bit of planning for the estate, couples can minimize most or even more of their federal and provincial property taxes and state estate taxes, which can get very costly.

If you want to protect your money and your family members when you can’t do it anymore, you’ll need an estate plan. So don’t delay it and start preparing, NOW

Why do the Jewish People dip the challah bread in salt during Sabbath meal

If you have ever attended a Sabbath ceremony, you must have noticed that before serving the challah bread, Jews first dip it in the salt. You may have thought that as salt is a natural taste enhancer, that’s why they dip the bread in the salt. But your guess is not correct and there is even a deeper significance behind this practice which we will tell you in this post. 

Why it is important to keep a silver salt cellar full of salt on the Sabbath table?

In addition to the dipping ritual, it is also important to keep a silver salt cellar full of salt on the Sabbath table. At first, before having our meal, we wash our hands, sit on the Sabbath table quietly and wait for others to do the same. As per the direction mentioned in Midrash, while we wait between washing and blessing over the bread, a person should not speak. During this time, the satan or the prosecuting angel attempts to draw our attention, and the presence of salt on the Sabbath table keeps us protected. 

This presence of salt is also named as ‘Covenant of salt’. But why it is called by such name? It is because salt is a natural preservative that does not spoil or decay. Due to this uniqueness of salt, it acts as an ideal metaphor for G-d’s everlasting covenant with the believers of the Jewish religion.

A mythological explanation behind this practice:

As per the Kabbalah, bread, which represents life, is the symbol of divine kindness. On the other side, salt, which is bitter, is the symbol of sacred harshness. In the Hebrew language, salt is called as ‘melach’, and the name of bread is ‘lechem’. So, both the names consist of similar letters. In addition, we must overrule the harshness of salt with the divine kindness of bread. That is why, the general Jewish custom states not to sprinkle the salt over the bread, but to dip the bread in the salt, which means kindness in the top of harshness.

In addition, often religious Jews follow a custom where they dunk the bread three times in the salt kept in a silver salt cellar. One possible explanation is that the numerical value of salt is 78. When you divide it by 3, it becomes equals to 26, which is the numerical value of the name of G-d ( Tetragrammaton).

The process of dipping bread into the salt:

The ’breaking of bread’ ritual contains several steps. First, you need to cover the challah bread with a cloth and when everyone is ready, you should uncover it. Then the person who would read the blessings chooses a challah which he would cut first. Then he makes a gentle knife scratch over the challah with the help of a knife. After that, he chants the blessings over the challah raising challot. Then before distributing the challah to everyone, he dips the marked challah into the salt. 

X Qualities That Make Gizmogo Better Than Online Marketplaces And Trade In Programs

Selling old electronics can have a range of benefits. For starters, selling off electronics that you no longer use can help you earn a few extra bucks. 

Moreover, if your old electronics are simply collecting dust in a drawer somewhere in your home, selling them off will help you declutter, which in turn has several benefits related to reduced stress and improved productivity.

Whatever your reason may be, getting rid of old electronics can turn out to be a tricky process. From finding the right buyer to ensuring you get the best value for your electronics, what may start as a cleanup project or a part time side hustle, can easily turn into a full time headache.

Thankfully, selling your electronics is now easier than ever with Gizmogo.

However, with new online peer to peer marketplaces and trade in programs popping up everyday, there are a number of other options you can consider.

So what makes Gizmogo better than these options? Here are five qualities:

Social Distancing Friendly

Social distancing has become the new norm and has made selling anything offline a dangerous task. While you cannot hold a garage sale or call your friends over to check out the items you are trying to sell, you can always sell them online.

With Gizmogo, you can get the quote online and the payment transferred to you digitally. All you are required to do is to pack the item you are selling and drop it off at the nearest UPS or USPS office.

Lucrative Evaluation Of Your Device

Gizmogo offers the highest price guarantee that ensures you get the maximum possible value for your electronic devices. 

While selling to brick and mortar stores is another easy option to sell your electronics offline, Gizmogo pays an average of 10% to 20% more than such local stores.

No Haggling Involved

Online peer to peer marketplaces like Swappa and Facebook Marketplace have recently gained a lot of popularity. There is no doubt that these platforms are working hard and have introduced some cutting edge innovations to make selling on their platforms easier and safer.

Be that as it may, the truth remains that on these platforms, you are mostly dealing with strangers. Moreover, these strangers are not businesses with legal liabilities, these are unknown individuals that can even use fake accounts to reach out to you.

Even if you ignore the safety factor, you will be required to talk to and negotiate with potential buyers that would all be looking to haggle with you. While there is still a good chance that you can get a decent price for your products, the investment of time in the process is going to be considerable.

Instant And Convenient Payments

Another advantage of selling on Gizmogo is instant payments. Once the experts at Gizmogo receive your product, your payment will be released within 24 hours.

If your product’s condition turns out to be better than what you described, you will be given a revised (possibly higher) quote. Similarly, if your product’s condition is not as good as you described earlier, the revised quote will be shared with you.

If you accept, the payment will be sent to you within 24 hours. 

The best part is, you can complete control over how you want to be paid. Unlike online trade in programs, Gizmogo does not pay you in gift cards (although, that is an option).  

Besides Amazon gift cards, you can choose to get your payment in your bank account or through Paypal or through the good old fashioned cheque.

Not to forget, trade in programs have a bad rep of paying rock bottom prices for used electronics.


These are just a few of the many, many things that make Gizmogo the best option to sell your electronics. 

But don’t take our word for it, log on to our website and see for yourself!