5 New digital trends that are coming in 2018

While 2017 is more than halfway over, it is not too late to get started in planning your marketing strategy for 2018. There are many new trends that have emerged since you planned your 2017 marketing strategy which is why this article is important. In this article, we will share some of the hottest digital trends that are coming to fruition in 2018. Are you ready?


  • Use of mobile phones over laptops. In 2017 consumers were using their smartphones more than in years past to conduct business, purchase items, and communicate with others. This trend is set to rise again in 2018 taking more people away from using standard desktop PCs and laptops to doing more on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. This is important as you need to make sure that your online presence is compatible with mobile platforms or you will become obsolete.
  • Social Media presence. Companies are using social media to communicate with consumers in creative ways. Posting contests, giveaways, and promoting products on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter has now become the norm. It is not unusual to log on to a social media channel to be inundated with information from various companies marketing their products or services. This is rather smart as consumers are spending more time on social media than ever before and are likely to interact with a brand online more so than in the past. Buy building a relationship with consumers and potential customers online, you are likely to increase your sales as well as customer loyalty. If you do not have a social media presence currently, it is a good idea to begin to build one now.
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Top 9 Places to Visit in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia

Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia are some of the most adored tourist destinations in the world. Whether you’re traveling with your family, touring with your coworkers or backpacking solo – the trio of Asian destinations has something to offer for everyone. They are home to ancient ruins, historic landmarks and beautiful flora and fauna. Singapore Malaysia, Thailand packages are highly revered for their tourist attractions like art museums, beaches, street flea markets etc. Before you book a Singapore Malaysia, Thailand package from Ahmedabad make sure the itinerary includes a visit to the places listed in the post. Read on.

Marina Bay

Marina Bay is the gateway to Singapore river and a marvelous cosmopolitan. It holds the Financial District, Clarke Quay and the central Civic District and is home to the most luxurious and urban landscape dotted with scores of restaurants, hotels, discotheques besides ample shopping avenues. You will be spoilt for choice.

Clarke Quay

For a glimpse of Singapore nightlife, Clarke Quay – a refurbished riverside development of old warehouses is highly recommended. There are many alfresco style eateries overlooking the water. There are numerous clubs and bars for people seeking more debauchery. Perhaps words cannot do justice to the futuristic and amazing jelly like the roof that houses several delights for shoppers and merrymakers alike.

Universal Studios

For media enthusiasts and movie buffs Universal Studios Singapore is a must visit, being the first amusement park of its kind to open in Southeast Asia. Amongst its several attractions, one might particularly enjoy themed parks like the Lost World, Ancient Egypt, New York, Hollywood, Madagascar. You will also find crazy roller coasters and more water-based fun.


Ayutthaya National Park

Make sure your Singapore Malaysia Thailand package includes a visit to the historical Ayutthaya National Park. The ancient city of Ayutthaya was destroyed by Burmese forces. Some structures managed to survive the onslaught and got buried deep for years until much of the city was excavated. Today, the site is a national park and houses a number of temples and monasteries such as Wat Phra Ram Temple and Wat Chaiwatthanaram monastery, palaces and statues. One of the major attractions of the national park is the overgrown Buddha head located behind Mahathat Temple. Ayutthaya National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and your Singapore Malaysia Thailand tour is incomplete without visiting this historic site.


Coral “Gummies”, Supplements for the Entire Family

My son takes both vitamins and probiotics every morning. I want to make sure his daily needs are met, and I feel that they help him stay healthy, to stave off illness, and improve his overall well being. we recently had the opportunity to try Coral LLC Gummies—he liked both the flavor and texture right off the bat.

            They are available in two varieties: Organic Hawaiian Red Turmeric Gummies for adults, and Natural Calcium Gummies for kids. We only tried the child version, but he liked them (and I tried them as well, they have a “fruit punch” type flavor, and a heavier or thicker gumminess (yeah, maybe not a “real” word, but accurate) then, for instance, a gummy bear type treat.

No resistance to them. I liked the flavor and texture as well- I can’t see kids giving any issue taking them.  They have different supplements in them then some other vitamins, so check them out to see if they might be what you are looking for in your/your child’s diet(s).


5 Luxury Self Catering Rentals that You Can Enjoy in the UK

Going on a vacation or a trip with your loved ones in the UK sounds really exciting and fun especially if you’ll stay in a place where you have all the freedom. And luxury self catering rentals are what you exactly need.

Overwhelming cottages, homes, and villas in the country are available, and you can always go online and search for the perfect one. That being said, the following property rentals can help you decide what kind of “home” you want to stay in when you’re on your UK vacation.

  • Wishbone

If you’re thinking of going to Worcestershire, then consider staying at Wishbone. Located at the center of Malvern Hills, the self catering cottage is surrounded with nature’s best. It has unique features like an apple orchard, a fishing lake and a Kadai fire pit. However, pets are not allowed here.

  • The Hide

If you want to explore Cornwall, then why not try The Hide? The property has an exceptional design combining wood, glass and concrete. The place is perfect if you want to go to the beach because it is near Perranporth beach. It also has wonderful features like a hot tub, a yoga deck and a fire pit.

  • The Sanctuary

If you are into discovering Hampshire, The Sanctuary suits you best. The property was used to be an “art studio-cum-workshop”. Outside of the cottage is a garden where you and your family or friends can enjoy. It also has excellent features like cruiser bikes, a Jacuzzi hot tub and a Kadai fire pit.


4 Easy Ways to Conduct Business with Google

With its reputation as the top search giant, Google is the go- to place where your business has the most chance of growing. Online business has a Google presence and many are optimized in a way that they rank high in the search engine. While some find it as a tedious task that has very little chance of fruition, having your business with Google is actually packed with lots of advantages that every smart entrepreneur must maximize. Doing business with Google is an easy task that can be done in a short span of time and whose benefits you will sure to enjoy for a very long time.

Here are some of the basic and effective ways to conduct business with Google.

  1. Create a Google My Business Account

The first step in doing business with Google is to introduce your business and let its existence known. This is done through a creation of a Google My Business Account. This account works like a listing platform, but it is actually providing basic information about your business and have it registered Google’s system. This will establish your business presence in the online community, from which all other activities spring from.

  1. Connecting Your Website to Your My Business Account

To further validate your business and have it crawled upon by robot, you need to connect your business website to your My Business Account. This is the start of optimizing your business site and have it listed in search engines. Doing this will also strengthen your Google presence and will drive traffic towards your site.

Top Women’s Fashion Trends For Fall

When you’re a busy mom, you probably don’t have time to scour the pages of Vogue for the latest trends, and even if you do, they might not necessarily be realistic for your life.

With that being said, it is fun to feel like you’re on-trend at least some of the time as a mom, so below is a brief rundown of the top fashion trends for fall 2017. They’re some of the trends that will actually work for real women’s lifestyles, rather than the ones that look like they’re exclusively reserved for the catwalk.

Statement Glasses

A lot of us moms need glasses for one reason another, whether it’s for working on our computers long hours, or just for general vision correction.

Regardless of why you need them, let them be your must-have fall accessory. Shop retailers like Glasses Gallery to find some of the best trends that will completely change even the simplest of outfits. Some of our favorite trends right now include round frames, tortoise shell patterns, and unisex glasses.

Bright-Colored Faux Fur

Most of us probably aren’t heading to school pickup wearing real fur, both out of principle and because of the price, but luckily there are some great faux fur options that are budget-friendly and lots of fun to experiment with as the weather cools.


It’s Still Summer- Take Advantage With With These Fun Toys

As we head into the last few weeks of summer, soak up ever last bit of fun.

Water balloon fights are awesome, but are not fun to clean up after, and a few people always get stuck making a ton of balloons (and those knots….blah).  An easy work around is the new Water Wubble.  The Water Wubble is a new water based Wubble (the latest toy in the Wubble family) which is able to be filled with water from the pool, faucet, ocean, or hose easily and quickly. It easily seals up after filling.  When it is thrown, it hits your target with a splash and can be refilled again and again for loads of fun. No knots required.

We have found the Water Wubble is easy to fill in the pool, at the beach and the hose all just the same.   These are a lot of fun, and who doesn’t love a water fight in the heat of the summer?  The coolest part of the Water Wubble is its re-usability.  Each Wubble can be filled hundreds of times and seal up easily and can be used again and again. The Water Wubble is available online directly from the Wubble website, Walmart, Target and ToysRUs.  The Water Wubble retails for $14.99.

Looking for some indoor/outdoor fun? WeCool’s Bobble Bitz, aimed at girls ages five and up but would be fun for anyone who likes to create (don’t want to pigeonhole!)  is a squishy molding compound that lets kids create all sorts of unique items and designs that harden overnight jewelry they can wear or artwork they can show off on the mantle. There are four different Bobble Bitz sets to choose from. including the Bobble Bitz Creation Station  which is the largest and most complete set. It contains six different colored compounds and an assortment of molds, clips and art tools for designing jewelry, window clings, keychains, and anything else your little artist can dream up. $29.99 at https://www.buybobblebitz.com/

The top 3 Loans That Can Help You Eliminate Debt Fast

Unpaid debts can be really stressful. If you don’t take care of it soon enough, it will catch up with you. Debt has become a part of today’s culture and comes in different forms for different reasons. Paying off debt, is perhaps, one of the most common personal goals among different people. And while some may think it is hard, it only requires some good strategy and enormous discipline to finally get out from it. Sites like MTP Loans provide loan choices for people who want to pay off their debt.

There are various types of loans that one can get to help pay off your debt, here are some of them:

  1. Personal Loan

Personal loans are one of the many loans you can borrow from the bank. It is an unsecured loan that can be paid on agreed terms. This can be used by the borrower for whatever purpose. If your credit ratings are good enough that you can borrow a money, this can be used as a debt consolidation loan. However, there maybe instances that you will be allowed to borrow a small amount, a big amount of higher interests, or not be approved at all due to bad credit score. Secure personal loans from a bank you trust and settle for payment rates that are doable for you. This will take the stress off your loans.