Tinkerbell and redbox- what a great combo! GIVEAWAY!

Hello readers! Have a Tinkerbell fan in your house? Do I have news for you!
No fans of the Disney Fairy? Well, that’s OK, I still have news for you! (See, I aim to please!) If you like movies, then redbox is the place for you!

Do you believe in fairies? You just might after watching Disney’s newest title available at redbox, “Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue! ” In this brand new tale, featuring revamped 3D animation, viewers join fan-favorite Tinker Bell as she meets a human for the first time. And the fun doesn’t stop when the credits roll–after watching the movie you and your child can visit redblog.com to vote on your favorite fairy! With over 24,000 redbox locations nationwide and a rent and return anywhere policy, there’s no need to wait to rent this popular family title! For added convenience, you readers can reserve titles online at www.redbox.com or via the iPhone app from redbox.

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue is a great reason to gather your little ones together and escape into the magic kingdom. Make it a family movie night with redbox for only $1 a night! In celebration of 1 billion movies rented, redbox is giving everyone that rents a movie in September a free rental! For more details visit www.redbox.com.

Tom’s Of Main Review

Hey guys!
Ever brush your teeth, only to have with that “not so fresh” feeling just a little while later? Yes? OK, me too! 🙂
That is, until “Wicked Fresh!” from Tom’s Of Maine.

Did you know that Tom’s Of Maine is number 3 on the annual Green Brands list for the second year in a row? Did you know they don’t test on animals? Tom’s Of Maine is concerned with the ingredients that go into their products. And they meet or exceed the standards set by various health, religious and animal-protection groups.
I like a company that cares. And Tom’s Of Maine cares about it’s product, people, and the planet.

A few weeks ago, Tom’s Of Maine sent me some of their new “Wicked Fresh!” toothpaste and mouthwash to try out. Wicked Fresh! Long-lasting Fresh Breath Toothpaste uses powerful natural flavor oils and a patent-pending botanical extract to provide long-lasting fresh breath. The ingredients they use represent their ideals – no animal testing or animal ingredients, with the living planet in mind.

I really like natural products. (I am sure you have noticed a pattern, bloggy buddiees!)
I am also crazy about oral hygiene, and dental care. I’m “that mom” who makes the kids brush at school, and keeps floss in my purse. Yes, I have a toothbrush and toothpaste at work, for both myself and Little Man 🙂
(Kamikaze has her’s in her desk.)
And now that toothpaste is “Wicked Fresh!” I have been a Tom’s Of Maine fan for a long time.
I use it on again/off again, because the hubby was not a fan. But he really likes the Wicked Fresh.
It [Read more…]


Hey Bloggy Buddies!  I’m feeling a bit better today, and wanted to come and say Hello to everyone!
I will be posting more reviews and giveaways later today, as well as some fun news!
Stay tuned to Have Sippy Will Travel- more in a little while! 
Thank you for all your well-wishes!  I really appreciate it.


Hey bloggy buddies, 
Sorry for the lack of posts- bear with me, I am sick as a dog right now.  By the time I get out of work and get the kids to bed, I kind of pass out in a vat of NyQuil…
Promise I will post tomorrow.  HUGS!!!

Formula Recall!!!

If you formula feed- here is a link and page you will want to check out…
WASHINGTON – Drugmaker Abbott Laboratories said Wednesday it is recalling millions of containers of its best-selling Similac infant formula that may be contaminated with insect parts.
The voluntary action affects up to 5 million Similac-brand powder formulas sold in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam and some Caribbean countries. The company said the products may [Read more…]

Seeking Sponsors For Holiday Gift Hop!

I am participating in a super fun Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop. This fantastic holiday event runs December 1st to 5th and currently there are over 200 blogs participating so far! This will be so much fun for everyone involved! Yay!!!

The giveaway theme is cash and gift cards/gift certificates. I am currently looking for companies who wish to sponsor my blog giveaway for this event with a Gift Certificate from their business. It’s up to you the amount and who can enter (US, Canada or worldwide).

How will this help your business? We are expecting this to be a high traffic event and the buzz is already building online about it. Your company will gain exposure and I am offering a few Sponsorship Packages to give you more incentive to sponsor my blog giveaway!

The Sponsorship Packages are:

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-Company or Product Feature [Read more…]

I have Petcakes! Review and GIVEAWAY!!!


Do you want to squeak? (Did you? You did. You know you did! Ok, I did too, lol)
This is Twinkle Sprinkles!
OK, so, I was surfing the web one day, and I saw this really cute magazine page (web-azine page?)
for PetCakes- Gift Shop Mag

Well Made Toys, creators of “Dolly Mine” and “Animal Biggums”, have released these sweetie-treats for kids (and the young at heart!) who want to have the cutest cupcakes around! What is better then cupcakes? Um, puppies! They are adorable little pup-cakes, lol, that you just want to eat up! (Well, except for all that stuffing.) 2 great things we can’t resist in one- who can resist a puppy OR a cupcake? (Not me!)
The cute little puppies have mini frosting hats and sit in cupcake wrappers. LOVE the bright and happy colors.
The first set of PetCakes has four huggable poochies.

Randy Candy™ is a lovable mutt, scampering around playfully and taking long naps in his cupcake wrapper. Randy Candy is topped with tasty frosting and a cherry.
Blueberry Buddy™ is a Shar Pei who acts tough for his size but is a loving push over who’s as sweet as the blueberry frosting on his head. When sleepy, Blueberry Buddy cozies up in his own cupcake wrapper.
Twinkle Sprinkles™ is a playful, loving, and mischievous Beagle, whose colorful pink sprinkled frosting top looks good enough to eat! Twinkle Sprinkles likes to yelp when happy and sleep in her cupcake wrapper where her nose stays nice and toasty.
Coco-Coconut™ is a fluffy poodle and as lovingly sweet as a frosted cupcake. Cuddle Coco-Coconut and keep her warm in her cupcake wrapper.

OOO, can you stand it??? The pictures do not do them any sort of justice.
No offense, picture-taker! They are just way too cute for photography. 🙂
So, when they got here- can you imagine Little Man and Kamikaze’s reaction?
Little grabbed “Randy Candy” out of the box before I had the chance to say “boo!’

Kamikaze, not about to miss out, waited until they were unpacked. She waited quietly (too quietly!) in the background….and snuck off to her room! Readers- have you noticed a pattern to Kamikaze? Sneaky and sly, that one, lol….So here she is, with Twinkle Sprinkles, Coco Coconut, [Read more…]

Lisa Benest, MD

Hello, Bloggy Buddies!
I have a cross-post today from a nice blogger over at Lisa Benest MD
How cool are we? A Dr. cross post, LOL….well, we are the coolest bunch, are we not, bloggy buddies? 🙂
So read on, and enjoy!

by Lisa Benest M.D.

We now know that despite the lure of golden summer skin, there is no such thing as a healthy tan. All tanning causes damage to skin. And despite our best efforts to protect it, our skin does get exposed to the sun, and can be damaged by UVR (UV rays). The sun’s rays can reach us even when we’re not aware of it. UVR can penetrate glass and clothes, travel through clouds and reflect off water and sand. All this means that we need to be more vigilant than we might think. UVR are responsible for sun tans, but also for sunburns and deeper tissue damage.
The best approach for preventing sun damage to skin is to avoid or minimize the damage in the first place. The steps for prevention are simple, but important. They include:

  • Minimizing sun exposure when UV rays are at their peak (between 11 am and 4 pm).
  • Applying sunscreen to your face every day, even if you’re just going about your usual business. A majority of sun exposure actually occurs on an everyday basis, such as while driving and when walking to and from your car. It is important that your sunscreen contains protection against UV-A rays as well as the UV-B rays, since the former is more damaging to our skin.
  • Wearing long sleeves, long pants and a hat when you can’t avoid being over-exposed.

Not all clothes offer equal protection, so know the [Read more…]