Toys R Us Coupon!

Here’s a Toys R Us $5 off $25 printable coupon (Excludes diapers, formula, Ameda, Aprica, Baby Jogger, BOBgear, Bugaboo, Cybex, Mamas & Papas, Peg Pérego, video game hardware, Apple iPods, RobotGalaxy, netbooks,
gift cards, [Read more…]

Anytime Costumes Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

It’s almost Halloween! Hooray! That is the hubby’s favorite time of year. Little Man is super, super excited this year- he finally “gets it”, lol….
So, we are starting to pull our decorations out of the attic, and getting our costumes ready….
What’s that? You have no costume? Oh no!
It’s OK, it’s only September! (But you had better move it, they sell out FAST! hehe)
So, just in time to save the day, comes ANYTIME!

They sent Kamikaze a costume, and in true Kamikaze form, what did she choose?
A pretty princess?

A heavenly angel?

Nay nay! She chose NINJA Fighter, in leather. Yes, thank you. She is quite demure, lol.

Hey, I like my girls tough! Let someone tell her a girl can’t- she can karate chop them! Hahaha…
Anytime Costumes had so many great kids costumes, it was really hard to choose.
They have sizes for infant through adults, including plus sizes. They even have a section for group costume ideas- that is really neat. If you want to go as a group, you can just sent the link to all your friends and- easy peasy!
Anytime Costumes was SO easy to order from, and super, super fast! Like, lightning fast.
They actually shipped the same day I ordered. Yeah. For real. It was here in 3 days. 3 DAYS. Yep.
Kamikaze heard the doorbell ring, saw the package- and can you see she was a bit excited?

OOOh, nice face, hubs! LOL….

And here it is! Little was excited, too 🙂
Of course, Miss Kamikaze had to try out her new Ninja wear….Who knows? She may have been called that very eve to protect an empire! [Read more…]

Old Navy Coupon and Lands End Coupon

30% off all regular priced items, backpacks, lunchboxes, etc…PLUS free shipping!

Old Navy 30 Percent Off Coupon and More!

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Funny Bunny…

So, I am here, thinking about Christmas…OK, early.  I know.
Have you guys started shopping yet?
I have.
(These are our rabbits and Frosty, LOL..)

Thanks for being so nice yesterday  🙂
I have a feeling it is going to be “one of those weeks”….
Oh well, what can I do.  I just have to go with it, and try to make the best of it.

How is your week going, bloggy buddies?

Sorry for this, please ignore it

sorry, sorry, please ignore this post….

Ugh, Mondays…..

Grrrr…..I’m feeling cranky today, bloggy buddies…..No sleep, and crying children, make momma a crazy woman. 
So, instead of moaning and groaning (who needs that?  You have your own Monday woes, lol)
I am going to post a cute picture to make us all smile.
And then I am going to take a shower and get this day off me!  LOL…..
See you tomorrow!

This is Little Man at about 3 months old….sigh!  He’s such a big boy now!  I love looking at his baby pics. 
OKOK, one more…

Awww….OK, now I feel better  🙂
Happy Monday is pretty-much-over!  Hehehe….

Fantasy Jewelry Box Giveaway!

Here is one for the grown-ups! A giveaway from….FANTASY JEWELRY BOX!!!

Jewelery can pull together any outfit. Whether you are going out for a night on the town, or heading over to a PTA meeting, the right accessories really make you look “together”. Putting on a great necklace and earrings can take an outfit from day to night. And you can never have enough pretty pieces to wear! But who can afford to be buying jewelry all the time, right?
But wait! Here is where Fantasy Jewelry Box comes to the rescue!

Fantasy Jewelry Box has so, so many beautiful items. Celebrity inspired jewelry for less!
They have anything and everything. Did your favorite celebrity wear something you just HAVE to have? You don’t have that kind of money! (Who does?!) So, you go to Fantasy Jewelry Box, and find it- ok, imitation, but who’s to know? or care? It looks FAB-u-lahs dahling!

I chose Marilynn”s Purple & Pink Rhinestone & Fabric Bib Necklace

I know! How great is that? I feel like a super-star when I wear it! I love, love, love it. And it came in this black velvet bag- it just adds to that special, celebrity for a day shopping experience. (LOVE the ribbon tie!)

So, the new trend for fall will be “lady like” jewelry. Think, Audrey Hepburn, (one of my personal favs!) or the fabulous 50’s. TV’s “Mad Men” is another inspiration source for this fall.
Not quite sure what I am talking about? Maybe you, like me, are tragically un-hip. It’s OK, friends! Fantasy Jewelry Box still loves us and wants to help.
They have a YouTube site that you can go to for the latest news and trends.
And did you know [Read more…]

Fall Foliage

I love fall.

Smarter Travel has a slideshow of the worlds prettiest fall foliage shots….
so lovely! Our leaves are [Read more…]