Never Forget.

So many people lost.
Maybe say a prayer, or send good thoughts, or whatever you in your home, for those who were lost, and those who miss them. 
Lets make today a day about love, and tolerance.  We don’t need to like the things people do or think to “live and let live”.
Where were you?

I think it is something that we will all always remember- where we were, who we were with, when we found out.

I was in a VERY early class, when a scared student ran screaming through the college halls that we were being bombed, and that a war just started.  It was a long, scary day for a bunch of kids, and the college shut down.  We could not leave, and no one could come.  So we all went to the library and just watched, and cried. 
Most of us knew someone who worked or lived there, and were terrified.  We were at a college in Northern NJ.  We didn’t know what was happening, and our phones didn’t work, so we couldn’t call our family and friends to see if they were OK. 
Where were you?
I pray to God that none of our children (or grandchildren) will ever know anything like that.  
Love to you and yours, Bloggy Buddies.

Nachomama T-Shirt Giveaway!

Hola, bloggy buddies!
Happy Friday!
Since it is the end of the week, I thought we could do a super fun contest!

Nachomamatees has offered to give one of Have Sippy Will Travel’s reader’s a super-awesome T-shirt!
Why wear a boring shirt you get at the mall when you can have a funny, original, and super soft shirt from Nachomamatees? These fun and funny T-Shirts can show off your super-cool style! If you know someone with a quirky sense of humor, or have one yourself, this is the place for you!

Love that show! LOVE it!
Nachomamatees have awesome vintage T-shirts. If you, like “Debbie”, are still preoccupied with 1985, then you know where to go for your awesome 80’s fix! These shirts are tubular, totally tubular!!!

And then there are some just plain fan-tab-ulos shirts, like this one

I almost wet myself when I saw it. How many of you played this all middle school long? When you were supposed to be taking typing or some such class? Back in the way early days of “computer classes”?
You did, you know it!
I want that shirt, I really, really do!

I let the hubs pick out a shirt, and he didn’t pick the dying from dysentery one, can you believe it? I know.
He chose the “Zombie Outbreak Response Team” T-shirt.

This is so that when the zombies attack, the neighbors know who to go to for safety and protection. Yes, the accountant. 😉
Any zombie-movie fan will love it- when he wore it out, several people stopped him to ask where [Read more…]

Our 1st Grader!

Kamikaze started 1st grade this week…, how time [Read more…]

Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil Review

Oh. My. Goodness.
Have you ever tasted something, and just stopped? Like, stopped and stared at the food?
This is insane!?! That kind of good.

We received Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil to review, and it was out of this world. I have never used coconut oil before, so this was a first for me!

My husband is a very, very good cook. Better then I am, if I am being honest. (Who needs that? Haha) And he loves to cook. So, when we received the coconut oil to try, he claimed “dibs” on trying it first.
Apparently, coconut oil is a fairly healthy way to cook. It may be the healthiest oil on earth– you decide!

Excellent, kitchen-tested recipes can be found on the Free Coconut Recipes blog here:

However, the hubs didn’t use the recipe link- even though I told him about it, lol….
but I am not sorry he didn’t! He made AMAZING chicken cutlets.
First, he dipped it in flour, then egg, then 1 part breadcrumb 1 part fresh shredded coconut.

He then fried it in the Virgin Coconut Oil until the chicken was golden brown, and viola!

Then, he crushed pineapple, put in a chile pepper, a little bit of sugar, and fried it in the coconut oil….

And dinner was ready! (Yes, yes, we had broccoli, too- but focus, people, focus! LOOK at that! I want to frame it!)
It was like eating a pina [Read more…]

Hoppin’ Balls!

Just got this in my email- and I figured I would share it, in the spirit of the new Yo Gabba Gabba contest!
(You totally entered, right? LOL)


Do you like to HOP? Do [Read more…]

Yo Gabba Gabba Giveaway!!!

There’s A Party In My City! (And a contest on my website!) LOL….
Hooray! What a great contest for you guys! I have a “Yo Gabba Gabba” prize pack for one of my lucky readers!

Yo Gabba Gabba is doing a LIVE tour! What?!? You didn’t know? You have no tickets? Well, it’s ok, there is still time!
Head over to their ticket information page, find the city near you- and voila! You can still make it!

How lucky are we, that we get to attend the September 28th show in Providence, RI?!?
We will be attending the show at the Providence Performing Arts Center, located at;
220 Weybosset Street
Providence, RI 02903
You can still buy tickets, and they even have special Gabba Party Packages! So cool, you need to check it out.

OK, so it’s not the party closest to my city- but hey! Did you see our name? “Have Sippy, Will TRAVEL!”

Want some more information? Oh, OK! 🙂

Kia Motors America (KMA) caused quite a stir with its first-ever Super Bowl ad, which featured a colorful cast of life-size children’s characters in the 2011 Kia Sorento CUV, including Muno from YO GABBA GABBA!, the award-winning children’s television series and live tour. Building on the momentum and increased brand awareness generated by the 60-second spot, KMA plans to extend its relationship with YO GABBA GABBA!, as the presenting sponsor of the upcoming YO GABBA GABBA! THERE’S A PARTY IN MY CITY! tour.


$1 From Every Ticket Sold To Benefit Habitat for Humanity Local Affiliate In Each Tour City
Look, a company with a heart! I love when companies give back to the community. Good for you, Kia and Yo Gabba Gabba!

Want to hear more???
Fresh off a triumphant sold-out tour debut, a headlining performance at The White
House, a critically-acclaimed, chart-topping album, and an appearance at Coachella that garnered rave reviews from
spectators and media alike, DJ Lance Rock and the cast of YO GABBA GABBA! are heading back on the road with YO
GABBA GABBA! LIVE!: THERE’S A PARTY IN MY CITY! to play to enthusiastic fans on a 60-city tour across North America.
Today’s hottest live show for families will make stops at top theaters, arenas and amphitheaters throughout North
America, starting August 27 in Bethel, NY and ending in Dallas, TX on December 12. YO GABBA GABBA! LIVE!: THERE’S
A PARTY IN MY CITY! is produced by S2BN Entertainment in association with Wildbrain Entertainment and The [Read more…]

Costume Super Center Review :)

September is here, and you know what that means! Yep, soon it will be October, and them you will have armies of costume-clad little minions at your door begging for candy…hehehe.
Stores are already selling costumes and decorations- and they already ran “Nightmare Before Christmas” on TV! Yes indeed, Halloween is fast approaching. You had better get on that costume hunt and candy buying, already!
If you are like me, you want to get the good costumes before they run out- which is usually early October. I’d HATE going out, only to find the costume that my kids want are sold out! I’d feel terrible.
And OOOH, lookie what I found! CostumeSuperCenter! They have every kind of costume, and for babies all the way up to adults. Not just run of the mill stuff you can find at some party store, either- really fun costumes!

The prices are amazing, [Read more…]

Happy Labor Day!!!

Enjoy your extra day off!  Or your extra day with family!  (or both!)


Enjoy the last days of summer!  Here we are, visiting great-grandma’s condo for a pool party, having a summer-y good time.  Have a great day, everyone!