Honeywell Top Fill Cool Moisture Humidifier

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Even though winter just started, the weather has already changed. Although we can’t control the air outside, there is an easy way to improve the air inside your home.

Help your sinuses, cold, cough, skin, nasal passages, breathing and more with the use of a humidifier.

Humidifiers increase moisture in the air. You can use them in a single room or in a central air to circulate through the whole home.

After we began using the Honeywell Top Fill Cool Moisture Humidifier in our home, we began to breathe easier, our home felt warmer, and my family didn’t have anymore of those persistent dry coughs.

Honeywell easy to care top fill console cool moisture humidifier for multi-room dry air relief with a unique design which makes filling, cleaning and care, easy. Dual removable top fill water tanks can be filled with a pitcher or carried to the sink or tub. Easy to set comfort controls for humidity level & power setting.

Easy Game Day Cocktails @SmirnoffUS #GameDayReady

Football season is in full swing. Time for tailgating, viewing parties, and filling the living room with family. As you plan your game day menu, replace basic beer with Smirnoff Ice‘s new line of malt beverages: Smirnoff Ice® Original Premium Flavored Malt Beverage, Smirnoff Ice® Moscow Mule, and Smirnoff Ice® Screwdriver Flavored Malt Beverage.


Whether you’re bringing a close to the weekend on Sunday or relaxing after a long day of work on Monday, these easy game day cocktails could be just the pick me up you need. Turn on your favorite football team, grab your snacks, and whip up these easy cocktails in a jiffy.

Smirnoff Ice® provided this Game Day Ready box complete with the Original, Moscow Mule, Screwdriver, Smirnoff Ice® mason jar for mixing, and a gift card to pick up other supplies.

We made two easy cocktails that you can have ready in about 5 minutes, each: Clementine Screwdriver and Passion Fruit Apple Mixer.

Although I am not a big football fan, you don’t have to give me an excuse to relax on the couch with my sweetie and an ice cold glass of something sweet & tangy. After grocery shopping, I scoured my fridge for some interesting combinations I could whip together in no time flat. I had lots of fruit and a new fruit juice on hand, so I thought I’d combine those with the new Smirnoff Ice® beverages.

A Visit to @GoApeUSA #BloggersGoApe

A Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course is an outdoor experience that provides participants 2-3 hours of outdoor fun and exercise. The course allows participants to explore the park from an otherwise unobtainable vantage point while navigating through the treetops using zip lines, obstacles and tarzan swings.

20150809_110616Disclosure: We received complimentary tickets to facilitate this review. All opinions and experiences are my own.

We visited the Go Ape location in Williamsburg, VA (Freedom Park) and its Treetop Junior course. Once we got harnessed up, we walked along wooden boards and metal wires 20 feet above the ground before zipping back down to the ground.


Go Ape Treetop Adventure opened in Williamsburg’s Freedom Park in April 2012. Treetop Junior is the first Go Ape course in the United States designed and built for those young adventurers in your tribe to enjoy.

The course utilizes an easy to use safety system that will keep your youngster safe no matter the obstacles or challenge they come across.  Made up of 20 obstacles and 2 zip lines, Treetop Junior will provide a 1 to 1.5 hr experience that no chimp, baboon, or gorilla will soon forget!

Julius Jr. Rock ‘n Playhouse Box

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About Julius, Jr.:

Julius, Jr. is a creative monkey with four best friends named Worry Bear, Clancy, Sheree, and Ping. They all play together inside “The Box,” It’s a magical playroom where everything comes to life and adventure is just a few steps away. The show is Nick Jr.’s newest series based on the Paul Frank characters.

About Julius Jr. Rock ‘n Playhouse Box:

ARP: $44.99| Ages 2+ years |Available: August 2014

  • Playset brings the adventures of Julius Jr. to life
  • Help him skate up the ramp, dance on the light-up dance floor, ride the elevator that knows which floor you’re on, travel through the hall of doors and more
  • (more…)

5 Hour Energy Prize Pack Contest Winners

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To bring awareness of 5 hour energy as a beverage recipe ingredient, 5-hour Energy ran a contest called: “Yummification” video contest.

The winning videos and recipes are posted at

  • First Place ($50,000 prize): “Pomelimelade” by Tim Merlau, Los Angeles, CA

o   This winning submission mixes a Pomegranate 5-hour ENERGY® shot with limeade, and then takes us on a musical journey through all that can be accomplished over several hours (spoiler alert:  it’s a lot).

o   “Pomelimelade”