CLEARstem Skincare’s VITAMINscrub

New CLEARstem Skincare’s VITAMINscrub – Antioxidant Infused Cleanser. This scrub is great for getting rid of the dead skin cells on your face. VITAMINscrub is good for all skin types including dry, mature, sensitive, blemish-prone, combination and normal- plus, the smell is terrific. It’s designed for daily use. Environmentally-friendly bamboo particles act as a polish to resurface the skin and keep pores clear. The skin’s texture will appear smooth, refined, brightened, and pores will appear smaller after use.  Retailing at $39, it’s great for smoothing and brightening. Not too harsh of an exfoliant, it still gets rid of the “ew” you want off your skin. If you want something that will make your skin really glow, give this one a try, see what you think about it.

Tips for a Perfect Hair Dye


“Well…it’s a new year, why shouldn’t you give yourself a new look. New year, new you.”

When it comes to changing our looks or at least feel like changing, hair is the first feature we look out to transform. It instantly brings change to the overall look and grabs people’s attention as well (it also gives you a fresh feel whenever you see yourself in the mirror). One visit to your favourite hair-dresser, and Oo La La, a new look altogether.  Additionally, we are usually very concerned about our hair already; we tend to get “bad hair-days” much often than any other feature of our body. Therefore, we timely explore to try different hair-cuts, looking for hair dye options to experiment with our hair colour or even, some different hair protein treatments out of many available in the market.

Let’s keep our focus on hair dyes for this interaction. Hair colouring is quite common these days. Hair dyes have a multimillion-dollar market supply to cater to, whereas, through the influx of paparazzi culture, Hollywood followings, influencer beauty blogging, and social media virility, it has educated and awaked a normal person quite about the beauty; makeup, hairdos, and overall cosmetic culture. One quick internet search and you will find loads of tips, tricks, and knowledge about such stuff. Specifically, about hairdos and hair dyes, there are numerous options available, one can find beauty experts to make you look gorgeous (though it will hurt your bank too) or you can simply try colouring your hair (of course, with some help from around). No matter how you do it, here are the tips you should consider donning a perfect hair look.

Suitable Hair Shade:

Identifying and selecting a colour shade for your hair is the most crucial element and has the most effect on the result. If you are looking for a minimal shift from your natural hair colour, then it is fine to try it out at home, however, if you are looking for something drastic from your usual then professional help is considered to be a must. Though, to understand some basics, hair colours are sorted as warm, neutral or cool. Warm shades (like red or yellow) are the ones that look like the sunlight is touching your hair, neutrals looks similar to your natural colour are more sprightly, whereas cool shades(like blues, purple or lavender) give a look quite off from the range, therefore it is advised to seek professional expertise if trying cooler shades.

Also, the hair colour results marketed on product packaging are based on the application on virgin hair (dyed for the first time). Therefore, if you are not dyeing your hair for the first time, you might not remember the natural hair colour you had and hence will not get the expected results. A better solution for this is to apply either 2 tones lighter or 2 tones darker than your natural shade. (One useful tip to determine natural colour is to match form eyebrow colour as it is the closest one from hair colour). And once you get one or two processes done, you will have an ample idea of colour shades suitable as per your desired and required style and needs.

How to Remove Makeup Completely

All of us love to apply to make- up whether we are going to work, hang out with friends or a special date night with our loved one but who likes taking it off? Literally Nobody! But it’s so important to remove your make up completely before going to bed. As you might know, your skin regenerates its cells overnight, so it is essential to leave it clean before you doze off after a busy day. 

We asked different dermatologists about the negative effects of not removing the makeup completely. We were not shocked when they mentioned the issues like acne, large pores, ageing and even cysts and severe eyelash infection. Imagine how damaging a layer of oil, makeup and dirt staying on your skin overnight can be. You definitely do not want to suffer from these problems just because you cannot take 5 minutes out of your busy schedule for your skin. 

We are going to give you quick tips on how to remove makeup completely, so your skin feels bright and fresh every morning.

When it comes to your skin, there is no room for compromise on quality. We always recommend skin-friendly and cost-effective Korean cosmetics that are carefully designed by professionals for each skin type. 

You can find a wide range of Korean cosmetics and skincare products that are not only high quality make up products to help you create your desired look but also improves the overall condition of your skin due to natural ingredients used in them.  

Makeup Removal Tips

To remove your make up completely, begin with applying the cleansing lotion or oil-based cleanser on your skin and leaving it for a while. During this time, you can brush your teeth or just do a little dance workout to stretch your sour muscles after a busy day. As the makeup remover dissolves your make up including the waterproof mascara etc., it will be easier for you to wipe it off before you wash your face. 

Before we move further, please do not rush and rub wipes or cotton pads hard against your skin. The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive and requires extra care. While taking off your eye make- up to be very gentle with your skin and remove the make- up softly. You don’t want your eyelashes to fall off or even worse, get wrinkles! So be kind to your eyes. 

Cleansing Lotions 

After you have removed the initial layer of your make up with cleansing lotion and wipes, it’s time for thorough cleaning with cleansing milk or gel. Choose a mild cleanser and wash your face and neck thoroughly. Take a small amount of cleanser on your palm and rub gently on your face. Be careful to clean the corner of your eyes, eyebrows, around the lips, nose and all over your face. If you were wearing a full coverage foundation, it is better to leave the cleanser on for a few minutes before washing it off. Always cleanse your face gently in the round motion of your finger and avoid rubbing it back and forth. You can clean it with a soft cotton pad but remember one soft stroke from inward to outward direction should suffice. Rubbing cotton pad back and forth will only damage your skin in the long run. Always apply the cleanser in the upward direction with your fingers as downward massage will make it look saggy over the year. A thorough cleaning will remove all the residues, leaving your skin feel fresh. 

Infrared Body Wraps: All About the Procedure

A man has the power to create his\her personality. Everyone can change his\her character, improve appearance, control the weight, etc. The way we treat ourselves determines what persons we are. If one cares about his\her health, regularly visits doctors, makes healing procedures, others characterize that person as a responsible, progressive and mature man or woman. So, what’s the main message of this narration? The thing is, everyone should take health very seriously, and be able to prevent different diseases instead of getting sick.  

Infrared body wrapping is one of the most effective procedures to rejuvenate the whole organism, increase muscle tone, and improve health. Let’s take a peek at advantages, disadvantages, effects and other details about this medical operation. 

Note! More valuable info about body wrap in Toronto is on site. Here you’ll find detailed descriptions about services our clinic offers, professional recommendations from leading doctors, and interesting facts in the “About Company” section. 


Herbal Infrared Wrapping: How, Where and Why? 

To eliminate cellulite, lose extra weight, improve the skin condition and detoxify the body, people use herbal wraps with infrared rays. The procedure is safe, pleasant, and causes instant visible results. Already after the first session,  patients feel considerable relief and energy flow. This treatment method works as natural body processes stimulator. Human organism easily consumes infrared light that deeply penetrates the skin, breaks down fats and eliminates toxins. Body wrapping is one of the easiest methods on how to burn calories and provoke better metabolism processes. One infrared wrapping session includes: 

Easily Irritated Skin? Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Having a sensitive skin can be a problem regularly. With bacteria and contaminants being carried by the wind, our skin can never be safe. Sensitive skin and bacteria are never a good combination; it can lead to problems such as redness, itchiness, and rash, or later on, it can escalate into something more severe. 

There are various ways you can do to keep your skin protected. You can either stay at home and never leave or go for an effective skincare treatment. There are a lot of skincare treatments that are widely used by people nowadays, surely there is also a skincare routine for an individual with a sensitive skin. 

Causes of Sensitive Skin

To fully understand the matter at hand, you just need to know the different causes of having sensitive skin. 


  • Environment


If you are exposed to excessive skin-damaging factors such as the sun, wind, cold, and heat. Weather can also be the cause of sensitive skin, such as spontaneous weather change. 


  • Genetics

Sensitive skin runs in the family. You may inherit them genetically. There have been cases that families who have skin-related diseases passes that onto their offsprings.


  • Dry Skin

Having dry skin can also lead to sensitive skin. Excessive loss of oil and water on skin can lead to dry skin. This can further result in peel, itch, and redness. 



  • Stress


Tremendous stress can also lead to sensitive skin. Stress triggers a chemical response in the body that makes our skin more reactive and sensitive. 



  • Lack of Sleep


Not having enough sleep can also bring a negative impact on your skin. Lack of rest can result in lower moisture levels in your skin, thus making it dry, resulting in a reactive skin.



  • Poor Diet


Having a poor diet can also cause skin to become sensitive. Eating junk food, sugary food, and processed meals can bring a negative impact not just to your overall health but to your skin as well. 


If you have easily irritated skin, then this is your answer. This article will be providing you with an effective and efficient skincare routine, specially made for your sensitive skin. Below are the care tips and tricks that you should do to help you solve your sensitive skin problems.



  • Moisturizing your Skin


One of the best things that you can do is to moisturize your skin to prevent it from becoming dry. Some moisturizers are sold in the market, but you should opt for one that is suitable for your skin.  The best moisturizers for sensitive skin hydrates your skin and at the same time protects it from environmental influences such as pollution, contaminants, and weather. 

7th Heaven’s cruelty-free, vegan and EASY peel-off masks #GiftGuide #Skincare

7th Heaven’s cruelty-free, vegan and EASY peel-off masks. Available in several ‘flavors,’ such as Coconut & Clay, Tea Tree and Dead Sea, these de-stressing masks use luxurious natural ingredients to reveal glowing, fresher, cleaner skin.

skin care

The “Dead Sea” Mask… I wish I had made a video of. It was interesting peeling off, and unlike some masks, actually did peel. It was clear, and very sticky going on. I got some in my eyebrows, which panicked me, but I had no trouble getting it off without taking off any hair. It got super tight as it dried, and looked like I was  taking off swaths of sunburnt skin as I peeled it off.

Benefits of Getting a Facelift & Neck Lift Together

You look in the mirror and you’re not sure who the person is who’s looking back at you. Your face is starting to show signs of aging. Your chin is soft and sagging and you have what’s commonly known as a turkey neck. You’re not happy about your appearance and you want to do something about it.


You have options. Facial plastic surgery can help to minimize sagging skin and smooth deep creases in the skin. The type of surgery that’s right for you depends on where you’re seeing the signs of aging. If most of your concerns are located in the lower portion of the face and in the neck, a facelift or neck lift might be your best option. In some cases, combining the two surgeries might be your best bet.


Learn more about what a facelift and neck lift can do and see if combining the two procedures will help you reach your anti-aging goals.


What Does a Facelift Do?

The word “facelift” can be a bit confusing to people. It’s common for people to assume that a facelift focuses on the entire facial area. In reality, the surgery helps reduce the signs of aging in the lower portion of the face, from the cheeks to the chin, jawline and upper part of the neck.


During a facelift, a surgeon rejuvenates your appearance by tightening the skin around your neck and jawline. A deep plane facelift also targets the area around the cheeks, to reduce drooping and the appearance of deep creases and folds.


What Does a Neck Lift Do?

While a facelift focuses on the area between the cheeks and upper neck, a neck lift focuses on rejuvenating the entire neck area. Some people develop signs of aging such as sagging jowls or fatty deposits in the upper neck area that creates a double chin. Others develop signs of aging that take the form of neckbands, horizontal wrinkles that stretch across the neck. 


The platysma muscle, which is located in the front of the neck, can start to separate as you get older. In some people, a loose, separated the platysma muscle can create what’s called a “turkey neck.” The muscle and skin become droopy so that it looks as if you have something similar to a turkey’s wattle.


A neck lift can tighten the platysma muscle and the surrounding skin, significantly reduce the “turkey neck” look. The surgery can also remove fatty deposits from the area, minimizing the appearance of a double chin.

Halloween Is Coming Up; What Should I Avoid Putting On My Post-Facelift Face?

Halloween is coming, and you’ve just had a facelift—-is this going to derail your plans for a fun and frivolous evening? How are you going to dress the part if you can’t put anything on your face?


Taking care of your skin after a facelift or any cosmetic procedure is essential to avoid infection and further complications. According to Anurag Agarwal, facelift expert of Naples, FL, you must go through your healing period with integrity, taking great care to promote healing as a return to health. In this article, we’ll explore how to care for your post-surgery face, as well as what you can and can’t wear on this dark and stormy night. Follow these tips, and you’ll have a fun and festive Halloween without risk of post-surgical complications.


Post-Surgery Tip #1–Cleanse And Moisturize

You are likely to have some pain and tenderness around the incision sites after surgery, but this doesn’t mean you can neglect your care regime. Bacteria can quickly build up in these places, increasing the risk of infection and swelling. Gently wash your skin with an antibacterial cleanser twice daily and pat dry, using a moisturizer afterward that contains natural ingredients to promote skin healing.


Post-Surgery Tip #2–Minimize Swelling And Bruising

Your face endures trauma during a facelift; swelling and bruising are common after procedures like this, with peak discomfort occurring a few days after surgery. Do what you can to elevate your head during rest periods by using several pillows for support. Use cold compresses to reduce swelling, and adding a mild anti-inflammatory to the mix will help you to feel more comfortable.


Post-Surgery Tip #3–Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important for skin health and elasticity, and it also helps to reduce nausea and vomiting. It can help you feel better and heal faster. Aim for 6 to 8 glasses of fresh, pure water daily for optimal health and healing.


Post Surgery Tip #4–Avoid makeup for a short time