Halloween Masks for the Kids!

Last minute Halloween Craft ideas needed ? Look no further! Here are some Frankenweenie Masks you can print out and have the kids [Read more…]

Bottle Cap Necklaces Craft Tutorial

Bottle Cap Necklaces are the hottest little trend going

Bottle Cap Necklaces are the hottest little trend going. They are great for all ages!
You will be the bestest mom in the world when you pack your party bags with these really cool
necklaces. You can find the supplies in most craft stores.
(Wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, or stickers also make for great images in the caps).
Today I am making wine glass charms. First thing you need to do is get all of your material together.

Your print, your

bottle caps (oops, not shown), hole punch, scissors, Mod Podge,
your resin of choice (I prefer Ice Resin), and most importantly,

Oh… and a flat cookie sheet to lay your
wax paper on for a safe way to move your work in progress!
After you have

punched out your prints; lay them on the wax paper and coat
generously with the Mod Podge – Be sure to flip over when
the top is dry and coat the back as well.
If you
don’t do that….. This is what you will end up with!
Heart breaking, for

sure! This is what I keep on hand to remind me to not omit a step!
Yes, I had 24 of them staring at me the next
Your images are drying
nicely so now is a good time to mix up your resin.
You must be careful

to mix equal amounts of part A and part B mixtures. Otherwise you
will end up with a hot mess!

Carefully pour part B into part A.
(Mixing very gently because you want to make sure you have no bubbles.)
Stir gently for 2 minutes. Did I mention that you [Read more…]

St. Patrick’s Day Tree Craft

After Christmas time my kids asked if we could keep the tree up. They love the bright colors and the lights. At first I refused because I like my home to stay neat, tidy and tree-free (after Christmas has passed). Even with 23+ years of experience working with kids I still have my moments of wanting NO MESSES!

I soon moved past that idea and thought, “Why not, eh? Kids need to have fun – no harm done here.” We decided then and there to decorate a tree for various holidays all year long. So far we’ve have a Valentine’s Day Tree and now… our St. Patrick’s [Read more…]