Missing School Can Lead To Chronic Absenteeism

Chronic Absenteeism

Have you ever heard of Chronic Absenteeism? It was a new word for me. Are you one of those parents who make your kid go to school, even when they are sick? Or are you more likely to just let them stay home and figure the rest out later?

We all know things happen, kids get sick, last minute vacations, deaths in the family – I could go on. But that isn’t really what we are talking about here. For most of us, we are very blessed in the fact that we have the tools, resources, and wherewithal to make sure our kids do not fall behind if they do have to miss school. Chronic absenteeism is more than that. There are MILLIONS of children all over the United States who are missing school due to struggling in the classroom, having trouble with bullies, or dealing with challenges at home.  These are the students who are falling behind and struggling to graduate later in life.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8SIX2o2N1c]As a parent, you’re in a powerful position to help your child both improve their grades and increase their love of learning. Parents who get involved with their children’s schools—by meeting teachers, attending afterschool and sporting events, participating in PTA meetings, and volunteering in the classroom—are more likely to be able to advocate for their children within the school community.

A student who misses just two days of school each month — 18 days total in the year — is considered to be chronically absent. However, many parents don’t realize that, even when absences are excused or understandable, absences add up and can greatly impact a child’s education. In the United States, more than 6 million children are chronically absent from school each year.

Win Tickets- Curious George at the Liberty Science Center #LSCCuriousity



liberty science center

The Liberty Science Center in nearby Jersey City, NJ has a ton to do for kids and families. They also constantly rotate exhibits and events so no one ever gets tired of doing anything. The latest event is Curious George: Let’s Get Curious, which opened this weekend.

“Letting curiosity and inquiry be their guides, children explore familiar buildings and locales from the “Curious George” books and television series on PBS Kids in Curious George: Let’s Get Curious! The exhibit presents key concepts in science, math, and engineering, which are woven throughout the exhibit. Activities invite children to learn like Curious George does—through direct experience and problem solving!

You can also meet Curious George in person at the Science Center. George will visit October 1, November 11, November 25, December 28, and December 29. Come take photos with him and give a big, friendly hug. Curious George can’t wait to meet your family!”

liberty science center

You can also get plenty of Curious George souvenirs in the gift shop.

All the fun an excitement was a wonderful way to get kids and adults to learn science and mechanics in a hands on way, while having tons of fun- the true Liberty Science Center fashion. The kids also loved meeting Curious George himself.  The exhibit will run until Jan. 8, 2017.

hands on learning


There is also the “Bodies Revealed” exhibit that older kids, parents- and really anyone will enjoy. It does cost more, so as a premium exhibition, it is available with the Premium Pass or a Combination Ticket.

Kids Learn to Love STEM with Zyrobotics’ Zumo Smart Toy

Kids Learn to Love STEM with Zyrobotics’ Zumo Smart Toy

Technology has undoubtedly made learning more fun for kids today. One of our favorite toys-for-learning is The Zumo Smart Turtle Toy. The Zyrobotics’ Zumo Smart Toy is seriously the perfect gift for any children Pre-K through 3rd grade! It makes learning science and math easy and fun with its ability to engage and go at your child’s own pace.

Summer has finally come to a close and the “Summer Brain Drain”  – yes, this is a real thing – has set in. Children, especially young children, often forget things they learned during the school year, so going back can be a challenge. So using cool learning toys like Zyrobotics’ Zumo Learning System and its mobile technology can give your kids a leg up in the STEM subjects while making them fun and interactive.

Kids Learn to Love STEM with Zyrobotics’ Zumo Smart Toy

While Zumo Turtle might look like an everyday stuffed animal, as soon as kids touch his shell, reading, science, and math games come alive on the screen. These reading, math and science games are geared towards three through seven-year-olds but is great for any child needed a refresher course in one of the STEM subjects taught in school.

“We developed Zumo after years of research into understanding how to make learning accessible for young children,” said J. MacCalla, Ph.D., CEO of Zyrobotics, creator of the Zumo Learning System. “Zumo Turtle incorporates game-based learning techniques with physical movement to give children a fun, engaging and immersive way to embrace and enjoy STEM and other subjects. As STEM continues to gain importance, learning math and science early can provide a head start for children in school and help prepare them for future careers in STEM fields.  “With math in particular, tactile-based learning helps children more easily grasp abstract concepts,” MacCalla said.

Support School Supply Initiatives with The Clorox Company #ad

The Clorox Company Partners with DonorsChoose.org to provide $100,000 to schools in need all over the USA. DonorsChoose.org is a charity website that helps teachers get the funds they need for various classroom projects and supplies. This allows them to focus more on their students and less on where to get the much-needed supplies for their classrooms this year.

If you have school-age kids like I do, you have had the notes come home that “require” you to send in extra school supplies for the classroom that weren’t on the school supply list. Or, if you have friends who are teachers, you have more than likely heard them talk about purchasing supplies out of their own pocket to ensure that students have what they need. This doesn’t have to happen.

School supplies are an important necessity for education - Thanks to DonorsChoose organization for helping

You can help Clorox in supporting schools one shopping trip at a time. “We can all relate to the chaos of back-to-school preparations and we understand the desire to make sure our children and their teachers have everything they need for a successful start to the school year,” said Stacy Stokes, Associate Brand Director, The Clorox Company. “That’s why we are excited to partner with DonorsChoose.org – so we can help make the back to school time easier for all of us with products that keep our home and classrooms clean and healthy.

The back to school shopping frenzy is always a busy time – it is never easy. And unless you are a superhuman – you probably want to pull your hair out by the time you are done, especially if you have more than one kiddo in school. But this year you can feel good about helping others while you shop Clorox®, GLAD® and Hidden Valley® products. By simply doing the school shopping you are already doing anyway, you will be helping schools and teachers in need while checking off items from your back to school shopping list at the same time!

Teacher Rewards Kits at Walmart #TeacherRewardsKit

Disclosure- I received the below in order to facility this review. All opinions are my own and honest.


The school year is coming upon us very quickly.  As such, its time to think about how to make this year a a special one.  With the right tools for learning and the right mind set, your child will do wonders in whatever grade they are entering from Pre-K onward.  This year, show your child’s new teacher how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication with a little something for the classroom.


Long gone are the days of giving the teacher an apple.  These days, we all know teachers spend a ton out of pocket, so why not give them something they will use on a regular basis. Check out the Teachers Rewards Kit from American Scholar.  This kit includes 1,565, rewards,  60 award certificates, 300 notecards, 10 sticker pages each of 880 stickers and 240 stickers, and 75 bookmarks.  These would make great prizes for the top of the class students or as just a special surprise for a well behaved class.  What I think will really stand out in the gift are the award certificates which can be customized to each recipient for a particular achievement.  These aren’t big huge prizes, but are good to show you recognize their hard work and the effort the student has put forth in class.

Do You Have Your Diploma? #HatsOffToYou @FinishYourDiploma

high school diploma

There are 29 million Americans in the United States who do not have their high school diploma or equivalent. And there should never be a stigma attached to anyone who did not finish high school. There are so many different reasons as to why an individual was unable to graduate – and the fact is, it doesn’t matter. Those hardworking, smart, individuals may think that their time has come and gone. We need to show them as friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers that you are never too old, it is never too late, and you do not have to do this alone!

 There are many advantages to earning a high school equivalency, from finally completing a major goal to being able to help your children with their homework. It might seem hard to finish your high school diploma, but it can make all the difference in your life and for your family. Here are four of the top reasons why finishing your diploma makes sense.

  1. Open the door to new opportunities. Given the rapid changes in technology, education is more important than ever. By completing a high school degree, you can apply for a wider variety of jobs and open the door to a college education. Year after year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that more employment opportunities are possible when you have a high school degree. But perhaps more importantly, you’ll have a great feeling of confidence after successfully conquering such a big goal.
  2. Opportunity to earn more money. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that high school graduates can earn on average $8,000 more per year than those without such a degree. Over the course of a lifetime, those with a high school degree are expected to earn more than 30% more than their peers who don’t have a diploma. Best of all, practice through your local adult education center can be free to prepare for the test. Enter your ZIP code at the top of the site to get started.
  3. (more…)

Win IMAX film “Flight of the Butterflies” on Blu-ray

Shout! Factory has just released the breathtaking IMAX film Flight of the Butterflies on Blu-ray.


Flight of the Butterflies is all at once a natural history epic, compelling detective story, and scientific adventure at its best. This captivating film allows viewers to experience one of the most incredible natural phenomena on earth – the migration of hundreds of millions of Monarch butterflies.   The truly inspiring film is a favorite at theaters and science centers around the country, and will now be available on Blu-ray for home viewing. Bonus features include trailers, an image gallery, a making of featurette, and a special message from Lic. Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, President of Mexico 2006-2012.

Advice for Parents Returning to Education

When you have a young family, one of your main priorities is to be able to provide for them financially. However, without a good education, it’s often impossible to progress very far in your career as many professions require a college degree or at least some formal training. Because of this, the number of parents who are returning to school is on the rise. But, as a parent you will probably be worried about the impact that returning to education will have on your family life. Along with the need to continue working through your studies in order to both fund your education and support your family, there’s also the worry that you might miss out on valuable family time due to being too busy. Thankfully, there are many alternatives available to parents.

Online Learning

When it comes to furthering your education as a parent, flexibility is one of the essential factors that you are looking for. Since family life can be hugely unpredictable, it’s especially important to make sure that you are studying a course which allows for you to be as flexible as possible with your time. Online learning offers a much greater degree of flexibility for students, making it the perfect choice for parents. With online learning, you can gain any qualification from a high school diploma right up to a doctorate in nursing practice or similar.