Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition

There are a ton of great tablets out there and to help you differentiate the good, the bad and the meh.  We at Have Sippy are taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy Not 10.1 2014 Edition.    This tablet has a huge screen, is responsive, easy to use, and fun.  It’s great even in the sun, has little to no glare, and has a great battery life as well.


The Galaxy starts off with the familiar Galaxy Note 10.1.   The Galaxy Note starts with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.  With an impressive 2560×1600 WQXGA 4 million pixels display pictures and video look incredible and the size of the screen is almost.  Images are sharp, videos clear.  With a 1.9GHz Samsung Exynos 5420 Quad-Core Processor games and applications scream with speed.  Each app opens quickly and easily.  The tablet also has a 8M camera with flash and 2M full HD capabilities.  The camera does a good job and pictures are sharp video it can record at 30 fps in 1080p resolution.

Cruise and products 400

One of the most interesting aspects of the Galaxy Note is the S Pen.  The S Pen is like a super smart stylus.  Not only is it for dragging and clicking and writing but also navigation via the Air Command Menu.  With this menu users can get additional information about a  highlighted object with Air View.  Also available are: Scrap Booker which lets you copy and paste anything for later use.   Action Memo lets you write down a note at any time.  s Finder, helps organize and keep your data in order.  Screen Write is a lot like the print screen on a desktop.  But instead also opens up an graphics program to play with to your heart’s content.  Last but not least there is the Pen Window, that acts like a Picture in Picture for the Note.  You can open an App in an App.  IS open a calculator while working on a  word document, watch a silly cat video between worksheets in Youtube or simply check your calendar before making an appointment.
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New Skylanders SWAP Force

We are now on the third Skylanders game and with each new game it seems they get better and better.  The most recent addition is SWAP Force, which not only let you swap out figures but also characteristics of each figure, or in easier terms the tops and bottoms.

3 21 14 058Each Swap Force figure has the ability to trade its top or bottom with other Swap Force figures.  This makes for some very interesting combinations of figures upon game release.  But as the line expands, as it recently has, things get even more interesting and more possibilities arise.  Very recently Skylanders has dropped some new figures on the general public.  These figures include Freeze Blade, Fryno, Scratch, and Trap Shadow.  Freeze Blade and Trap Shadow are Swapable while Fryno and Scratch are regular Skylanders figures, who ONLY bring their digital counterparts to life when put on the portal while the game is on.  Of these new figures I like Trap Shadow best.  Something about Traps and Shadows just sends shivers down my spine.  Little Man loves Fire Bone Hot Dog.  Its a dog and it has a bone?  Instant classic.
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PaddlePack by Trunki

The first day of spring has tempted me into day dreaming about days at the beach with the family. If I close my eyes I can feel the sun on my face, the scent of surf and sunscreen tickle my nostrils and the delighted sound of my son laughing as he plays in the sand greets my ears like beautiful music.

When we have a day of fun in the sun planned I have a go to bag for my son that is super cute and designed to keep water from leaking in or seeping out. If you spend any amount of time near the water with your children you will want to keep reading. Let me tell more about the PaddlePak line of bags by Trunki.

PaddlePak is a fun backpack with a fun and friendly design sure to make your kids the envy of the beach. They are made with lightweight material making them easy for kids to carry. They are waterproof, which is fantastic because there are no more leaky swimsuits to contend with when it is time to call it a day. They are spacious with a 7.5 liter capacity, so you can pack water toys, towels and extra clothes without worrying about space.
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Are Chlorine Pools Safe For Babies?

How early can a baby be introduced to the water? Parents often ask this question, because they would like to take steps to allow their baby to enjoy being in the water. How safe is a chlorine maintained pool for a baby? Particularly if the parent is taking a baby swim class at a community pool, are there risks involved for the baby?


As described by, the use of chlorine in the water of a swimming pool inactivates most of the disease-causing germs in water. That’s why drinking water contains chlorine, as well as 95% of the swimming pools in the United States. Chlorine prevents the risk of contracting waterborne illnesses. But every time a person gets into the water at a swimming pool, they add contaminants. Sweat, hair, urine, makeup, sunscreen, all of these combine with chlorine to form chloramines, which is what swimmers smell when they enter a pool area. A strong smell indicates too many byproducts of the disinfectants.

An indoor pool creates an additional danger because of the enclosed environment. With a lot of vigorous activity taking place in the pool – swimming, kicking, playing – it transfers the chemicals to the air and be inhaled. One study by a professor of toxicology, a leading researcher on aquatic environments, substantiated earlier studies claiming a link between swimming in indoor chlorinated pools and asthma and bronchitis in children. His study showed airway and lung permeability changes in children who had participated in an infant swimming group.

With these substantiated risk possibilities, it is important for parents to decide wisely in introducing their infant to a chlorinated pool. Ensure that chlorine levels are properly maintained. If the parent can smell chlorine immediately upon entering the pool area – assume it’s too strong for the baby.

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5 Fun and Exciting Family Activities for Your Next Beach Vacation

Are you looking to create some great memories on your next family vacation? If so, why not go to the beach where the water is warm, the salt air is refreshing and you can spend hours on end just walking along the beach?

beachOf course, if you are planning to take some children along with you, they are definitely going to want to do more than swim; they are going to want to find some other ways to be entertained. And so, we have provided you with a list of five fun and exciting family activities that everyone can join in on to make the time just that much more fun.

Go fishing. Whether you’re a fishing pro or you’ve never gone fishing before, most beaches will allow you to go fishing so think about taking a couple of poles along with you or renting a boat if they have some available. Even if you decide to “catch and release” them, it can be a lot of fun to see what kinds of fish you can find.

Hunt for shells. Beaches provide beautiful scenery and one of the things that come with that are all of the pretty shells that you can find in the sand. If you or one of your children either likes to collect items or enjoys making arts and crafts, take out a couple of hours to walk along the shore to go shell hunting. You may find a couple that will be perfect for a bookshelf or dresser or that you can even turn into pieces of jewelry.
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Komodo Dragon Cake

100_2363100_2360100_2361First- let me say that I am not one of those people that can just “whip something up”, nor am I a fantabulous baker. This took me a LONG time to do, haha. Not perfect, but hey! (it tasted good, so shhhhh on the non-perfection, lol)

Second- I don’t like fondant. It’s gross. I made icing and covered it with green sugar and dyed green coconut, and it turned out pretty well I think, for a non-master-baker like myself.

What I Used

Two nine-inch round cakes. Cakes made from scratch will be denser and stronger than a cake mix- just be forewarned that the time you save using a mix will be spent cursing during the frosting crumb coat.
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Top 5 Tips for Potty Training Success

You always want those baby-raising milestones to be as fun and effortless as they seem on your favorite mommy blogs, but there’s nothing particularly fun (and certainly not effortless) about potty training. It’s a complicated process that can take months or even years to come to fruition. There are stops and starts, tantrums and successes, battles and the occasional total breakdown. While all is in service to your little one taking another step forward in his growth and development (and of course ridding your life of diapers as quickly as possible), you must roll with the punches and not expect perfection. Yet there are ways to improve your chances of avoiding a trip to the mental health ward. Here are five of the top tips for potty training success.

pic4First of all, you must be consistent. Once the process begins you cannot give up, no matter how frustrating it has been. Create a timeline for trips to the bathroom and stick with it. Even if you are setting your child down on the training toilet every twenty minutes to ‘try’, consistency is key. You’ll have more failures than successes, but it will help your child develop an understanding of when he needs to go. And recognizing the need is just as important as a successful toilet trip.

You also cannot be afraid to tell some white lies. While your child’s toilet deposits aren’t actually feeding the fish or traveling to some magic fairy land where they transform into golden bricks used to build princess castles, there’s no harm in telling your child these things. Whatever gets them excited about the process is a positive, and you’re not a terrible mom for pulling the wool over their eyes, no more than when you share stories about the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus. Some day they will go to the toilet on their own, but you have to do whatever is necessary to get them moving in the right direction.
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Children Fighting in the Car: 5 Ways to Cope

Raising children is an amazing experience; watching kids learn and grow is one of the most enjoyable experiences in life. It is not, however, without its challenges. As kids grow, they go through phases where they can be difficult to deal with. Parents of grown children will all agree that kids in cars get in arguments. Here are five ways to cope with children fighting in the car.

car trip with kids

1) Give them a comfortable environment – One of the leading causes of kids fighting is boredom. On long trips, kids often resort to starting petty arguments with siblings that can spiral out of control. Giving them plenty of room to sit and entertainment options for long trips. A family car, for example, may offer DVD players that you can use to distract your kids while on the road.

2) Be firm – Make sure the rules are clear before leaving. Fighting will not be allowed, and fighting will lead to punishment. Make sure that you catch them fighting early in the process, and remind them of the consequences. Simply being told that fighting will result in punishment may not be enough, but it will eventually lead to results. Make sure you remind your kids why rules are important; when driving, fighting in the back distracts the driver and can lead to dangerous driving situations.
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