Join in healing together #MarchOfDimes

This is not a review or a sponsored in any way, shape, or form post. I am sharing this as it may be of interest and I myself walk and fundraise for the cause. Pay no attention to the auto script, it’s impossible to remove and just there so I don’t forget to add it to something I’m supposed to, LOL.


walk for babies


Please note, this email contains content about infant loss and may be difficult to read for anyone who has experienced or been personally affected by the loss of a child.

Today is an important day for me and for too many mothers, Samantha.

Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. It can be difficult for mothers and families experiencing loss to find a place to share their story and remember their little ones. There are few spaces where they can share their memories and grief in a community of others who understand what they’re going through.

That’s why I’m sharing my memory of my son Scott on the Wall of Remembrance.

In 2012, my husband and I became one of the thousands of families each year that is devastated by the loss of a child. After a healthy, “perfect” pregnancy, I stopped feeling my baby move at 37 weeks and my labor was induced. Scott was silent when he was born and did not respond to any treatment. After two weeks we made the devastating decision to remove him from life support.

In working through my grief and my own loss, I found an amazing community of other families through March of Dimes. Hearing their stories made me realize we don’t need to grieve in silence. We don’t need to face each day alone.

I’m adding my story to the March of Dimes Wall of Remembrance to pay tribute to Scott and to join the voices of those affected.

Read the stories and join in the fight to end infant loss.

March of Dimes is working to address pregnancy and infant loss in the U.S., which has significantly higher rates of loss than other developed nations. With your support, we can help prevent future families from dealing with unspeakable grief and save the lives of babies.

Donations help advance research, provide educational resources and support advocacy for policies to prioritize the health of all moms and babies. 

(Personal note from me here at Have Sippy Will Travel, I’m walking and would love to have you walk as well or help donate to the cause.)

Together we’ll heal and provide a brighter future for us all,

Nicole Miller (March of Dimes)

Keel Your Ride Clean with Diono

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Everyone knows that when you have kids, it is almost impossible to keep your vehicle tidy, especially if you are constantly on the go. These great products from Diono are must haves to make sure that you are nice and organized for all those summer road trips!

About Pop Up Trash Bin

This Trash Bin is so simple, but incedibly effective. The Pop-Up Trash Bin is a versatile, mutliuse smart and clever 3-ni-1. The essential additional storae you never knew you needed, for those days on the go. Thoughtfully constructed to be compact and flat-collapsing, the drawstring top keeps belongings or trash secure from falling out on the journey.

About Travel Pal:

The Diono Travel Pal is the friendly in-car storage solution. For traveling toys, bring-a-long books, snacks or cool drinks, the Travel Pal has plenty of space to make the journey fly by. There are multi-pockets for all your needs, and with super hand insulated drink pockets for keeping drinks cool for longer.

About Stuff ‘n Scuff:

This is a perfect seatback organizer. You can now keep the back of your seats clean and scuff-free with Stuff n’ Scuff. It’s practical waterproof fabric that protects backs of seats from dirty feet scuffs and spills. The large cargo pocket with elasticated top also provides additional storage while on the go.

About Stow ‘N Go:

This is an amazing seatback organizer that will keep your essentials organized and easy to find. The Stow ‘n Go is the ultimate in car organization accessory for take-along toys, bring-along books, drinks or snacks. It protects your seats from day to day scuffs, and keeps your car clean and tidy. This is very easy to fit and can attach around the headrest of any car. There are seven large pockets and two drink holders.

My Thoughts:

I was incredibly impressed with each of these awesome items. I am a farmwife and with harvest just around the corner, not to mention our summer vacation after that, I know that we will be spending a great deal of time in my car. I think that I am all set and ready to keep my kids and vehicle organized while the rest of our life gets a little chaotic. I would recommend these items to anyone. If you are interested in purchasing any of these great items, head on over to Diono and get them for your vehicle!

Fun, free family event in NJ

Families are welcome and encouraged to join Universal Kids for a fun, free family event in NJ offering an interactive art & crafting experience for families tied to various summer premieres. 
The morning will feature activities tied to the new tween home decor show, Get Out of My Room, kids crafting competition series, The Big Fun Crafty Show, a dream room diorama with Oh! Canary and more.

John Glenn Astronomy Park to share hero’s legacy with next generation

Forty miles southeast of Columbus in the secluded and tranquil woods of the Hocking Hills State Park, community members are setting their sights on the sky. Ohio’s Hocking Hills, known for its lack of light pollution and resulting clear night sky views, has always been a mecca for astronomy fanatics. Thus, members of the Friends of Hocking Hills State Park (FHHSP) has broken ground on for John Glenn Astronomy Park, which opens in early 2018. Named for one of America’s greatest heroes and an Ohio native, the park is made possible through generous donations and pledges from community members.

John Glenn Astronomy Park will not only allow visitors to explore the night sky, but will also offer daytime study, welcoming visitors to its Solar Plaza to study the Sun, Earth and the North Celestial Pole, among other celestial features. It is ideal for research, star parties, special events and general daily visitation. Designed by Ohio-based M&A Architects, the Astronomy Park includes:

  • An ideal elevation of 1,000 feet
  • An 80-foot in diameter Solar Plaza, which highlights the Sun’s orientation to the Earth as it changes throughout the year and is encircled by a low wall with notches that offer framed views of the Sun on key days
  • An enclosed 540-square-foot observatory featuring a retractable roof to permit night sky viewing
  • Gathering areas
  • Open green space
  • Plenty of free parking

Perhaps the most famous Ohioan with an eye on the cosmos, John Glenn, agreed to lend his name to the park, giving it his blessing shortly before passing away on Dec. 8, 2016.

“The Friends of Hocking Hills State Park organization is honored to move forward with a project that will bear Glenn’s name and legacy for years to come, with a focus on educating and engaging visitors,” said Julieann Burroughs, president of the FHHSP Board of Directors. “The park will spark an interest in science, exploration and astronomy among guests of all ages and is expected to become a meaningful scientific research facility.”

Preliminary design for John Glenn Astronomy Park is complete and construction of the park, which is located next to Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills State Park is well underway. Land for the astronomy park will be leased to the Friends organization by ODNR for $1. As observatories statewide find their views obscured by increasing light pollution, the facility will solidify Hocking Hills’ reputation as one of the country’s last great pollution-free spots for stargazing. The region draws more than 3 million visitors annually from around the globe, with most coming to experience its unspoiled natural environment.

“In addition to miles and miles of trails through dense forests, stunning rock formations and rushing waterfalls, our star-filled skies get high marks from visitors,” said Hocking Hills Tourism Association Executive Director Karen Raymore. “The Tourism Association is thrilled at the opportunity to offer one more reason for travelers to visit the region and a new way for them to experience another natural attraction, which has been here since the dawn of time.”

Tips to Increase Your Child’s Safety in the Car

Having a child no longer means you have to be tied at home until he or she is able to take care of themselves in various situations. Nowadays you and the new baby can enjoy a trip, you can have a nice family day outside in the park, or you can simply take them grocery shopping.

All these are possible because we now have safer cars, better roads, and ways to make sure the baby will be safe in the car. Here is where the car seat comes in, and even though some adults don’t seem to believe its amazing powers, this device will make your life easier.

This is true because the baby is securely strapped in the seat, which is tightly attached to the car’s regular seat, creating a protective cocoon from which your vivacious kid can’t escape by mistake. Furthermore, the seat will protect your fragile child in the case of an accident, keeping their head, neck and spine in alignment.

These aspects are very important, especially for a baby, and you can learn more about how a special car seat can protect your beloved children by taking a look at this amazingly detailed infographic below:

car seat info

6th Annual Walk for Kids Growth & Festival

Join the community for the 6th Annual Walk for Kids’ Growth on Saturday, April 28, 2018, at Flushing Meadows Park (at the Fountain of the Planets), from 11 am to 3 pm. The event will feature a 3-mile scenic, fun walk, FREE food, carnival games, display booths, live entertainment and much more! This is the nation’s largest fundraising event for childhood growth disorders and rare genetic diseases. The Walk raises significant funds and awareness for the disorders, celebrates patient advocacy and honors those who have reached new heights. All ages and leashed pets are welcome. Sign up (FREE) to participate at



Family Friendly Spring Break Travel Tips


Family Friendly Spring Break Travel Tips

When you think of spring break, you may think of a swarm of college kids heading to Daytona Beach for a week full of partying. However, a lot of families in the United States are opting to have family-oriented spring break trips.


There is a lot of planning that goes into any family trip, especially during a busy time of the year such as spring break. Traveling can become more complicated if you are traveling with pets. Today we would like to share a few tips to ensure that your trip is seamless.


Plan Ahead

The earlier you start planning spring break, the less stressed you will be when the time finally comes to leave for the trip. Planning ahead consists of packing items that you and your family may need to take for the trip. When making a master list of items to take on vacation with you, think of the climate you will be traveling to. This will help you to plan outfits for you and your family.


Also, plan what type of transportation you will be using to get to your desired destination. If you are traveling by air, there will be more restrictions on items that you can take with you. Regardless of the mode of transportation, you choose to take, be sure to plan appropriate activities to keep the children entertained on the trip.


Keep Furry Friends in Your Thoughts

The earlier you book your transportation and accommodation, the more flexibility you will have when choosing where to stay. If you are choosing to bring the family pet along on the trip, you will need to look in advance to see which accommodations are pet-friendly.


When bringing a pet along for your spring break trip, you will also need to include items for them in your master packing list. Make sure that you have enough food and fresh water as well as plenty of toys to keep them busy!


Plan Activities in Advance

When traveling with the whole family, it is often better to plan activities in advance to avoid bickering among family members. If the events are already planned, there is no room for debate about when you should do each activity. Having a structured plan can keep everyone happy and on track for the duration of your trip.


Planning activities in advance can also often save you money on the activities. When taking the entire family on a trip, it is best to save money whenever you can!


As you can probably see, planning is essential when thinking about your family spring break trip. If you put a decent amount of work into planning the trip, you will easily be able to relax when you finally arrive at your destination knowing that you took all of the necessary steps to make your family trip a success. Planning ahead will ensure that everyone on your trip (your furry family members included) have an outstanding time no matter the destination you choose!

How to properly manage child’s development with toys?

Most people have a wrong notion of toys. We tend to believe that these items are nothing more than products created to keep babies occupied and give us more time to do things which we otherwise like to do. However, there is much more to them.

Toys are not only important for entertainment; they have crucial role in developing baby’s senses, motoric functions and introducing it to the world.

Infant’s mind is like a sponge and it is highly susceptible to all this outside stimuli. So, by providing proper stimulation (through toys) your child has a good chance to develop quicker than its peers. Have in mind that toys are not the only factors here: parents also have to have an active role and be there to encourage a baby to take the right steps.

Here are some of the most popular toys for development and how they can benefit your kid.


Activity mat


Mat is probably the first thing that you’ll buy for a child. Have in mind that mat as a mat isn’t that beneficial until baby is able to turn over to its belly. All these colors and designs are great only when baby is able to see them. However, surrounding trinkets are crucial.

As baby tries to grab these trinkets that are hanging, it makes efforts to roll over and it works frantically with its feet and legs. They become even more active when they see something they like and they start squirming. Movements such as this are important as they improve motoric functions and help introduce other physical exercises.


Toys that create music


Besides the body, baby’s senses also have to be stimulated. First and foremost, you need to start by introducing toys that create music. Have mind that this music have to be relaxing. Like mother’s voice, it has to soothe the baby while also affecting its hearing and improving the sense.




Like trinkets hanging from a mat, mobile is very important for its patterns.

In this case, baby doesn’t have to reach out to them or do physical exercise; this product is valuable due to its different patterns and shapes that help develop baby’s sight and brain.


Grabbing toys and rattles


While babies have a strong grip from the get go, it is something they need to work on actively. This is where rattles and grabbing toys come into play.

Both groups of toys are important for physical development and you should always have them in your home.


Multipurpose toys


Toys in vivid colors and also creating sounds can be great for stimulating a baby.

As the baby gets a bit older, it will be hard to stimulate it with basic toys. So, with these items, it can remain stimulated and engaged.


Creativity toys


Baby needs to be an active thinker. Toys that allow baby/child to be creative are very important for brain. The best examples are crayons, cubes and other toys that have “numerous” solutions.

Here, we also have to include toys that allow child to role play, such as reborn dolls, kitchen sets, doctor sets etc. It’s very important for a child to be able to play by itself and stimulate itself at one point. If you simply provide a video game or a cartoon, child will not try to seek entertainment and will become docile which can be very dangerous.


These are some basic toys that your baby can use while growing up. Have in mind they are sorted based on age; some of them will become redundant after a while but that doesn’t mean that a child cannot play with them anymore.