Family Easter Outfits at Kohl’s

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe, and with Easter looming, it’s a great reason to drag even the most resistant men in your life out for at least a small upgrade, true?  We recently headed to Kohl’s to see what we could find for both of the men in my life to wear for the holiday this year.  The smaller one is usually pretty compliant, it’s the bigger one that can be somewhat of a fighter, lol. They both agreed, however, on getting new pants and nice shirts.  We got them things they could wear not only on Easter, but for future events.

20150314_135829Now that I look at it, it seems they are almost matching, though not intentionally- one blue on top and beige on the bottom, the other reversed, ha. My son decided he wanted to go in shorts (can you tell we’ve had it with winter and he’s looking forward to warm weather?) and my husband decided to get new jeans, which he could use. They both picked out their outfits without the other one seeing- my son was with me, and the husband was in the men’s department all by himself- I was amused when I saw how similar their selections were when we met in the boy’s department 😉

March Trends at The Children’s PLACE

The Children’s PLACE has come to deliver marching orders: Put your best foot forward this spring with the best on-trend outfits and styles. With everything from dressy Easter attire to casual clothes, shoes, and accessories, The Children’s PLACE has everything you need for the stylish kids in your life. Girls can have fun in floral accents and casual dresses they can style up with a pair of sparkly flats or make more casual by pairing with an ankle bootie. Boys are all about preppy and sporty looks with bold pops of color.

easter clothingThe Children’s PLACE is also one of my favorite places to shop for our son, because it’s easy to mix and match clothing and the prices are wallet-friendly. He likes the clothes because they are soft, for him a must.

He can be picky about his clothing- not so much about the style, but about the fit.  He really dislikes jeans for some reason, and anything that feels tight, stiff, or “scratchy” is a no-go.  He likes khakis (in any color or print), track pants, sweat pants, and the like, which they have so many options of at The Children’s PLACE.  He will wear most shirts, as long as they fit the above qualifiers.  He used to love, love, love wearing ties, bow ties, and vests (not sure if you all remember, but there was a time he wouldn’t leave the house without them on!) but now he’s all about the casual.  I’m glad that it’s easy to match clothes at The Children’s PLACE, because you can get more wear and more outfits for your money that way, without having to shop as much or have as much clothing.  With as fast as they grow, who wants to spend that much money for a single season of use?

Work It Out at Kohl’s

Getting into shape is “one of those things” that many of us struggle with daily.  We all want to look and feel great, but many of us weren’t born with perfect genes or a great metabolism.  Couple that with the junk that is pumped into food these days (yes, yay for technology) and busy lives, and it’s just not easy, is it?  It’s no wonder why so many people make losing weight or personal fitness their New Year’s resolution.  Did you start off strong in January, but now that February is here, you are wavering a little?  Kohl’s has your back.

WP_20150222_15_33_40_ProThey have great sales on everything you need to lose weight and get into shape (without breaking the bank).  I love all the bright colors as well- with a winter that seems like it will drag on for all eternity, it is nice to at least wear the colors that the outside world is missing, yes?

WP_20150222_15_34_06_ProI belong to a local gym, which is helpful for me, because I really dislike this cold weather, and I promise you I would not be out in it much for walks or whatnot.  I am outside as little as humanly possible right now, so I am grateful for that membership!  Another option that I utilize is at-home workout DVDs and yoga.  Kohl’s has a fairly wide variety of both DVDs and workout equipment, from weights to yoga mats and more.  They carry all the brands you know, trust, and love, as well as the DVDs with trainers you really want to watch. Even better news- they are all on sale.

Endless Jewelry introduces the ENDLESS LOVE COLLECTION

Every woman is unique and different, so why give her a cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill gift?

valentine's day gifts

Endless Jewelry introduces the limited edition ENDLESS LOVE COLLECTION – unique and contemporary love-infused charms to show some LOVE in a customized and very special way.  I personally am in love with these bracelets- so pretty, unique, and customizable. They are also soft and warm on your skin, and don’t jingle- which is different then nearly every other kind of jewelry out there.

“Every woman has a distinct sense of style when it comes to both love and her jewelry choices,” says Jesper Nielsen, CEO and Founder of Endless Jewelry.  “Our new Endless Love Collection offers a modern, yet totally sentimental, and very ‘gift-able’ option to find something the special women in your life will truly love and claim as her own.”

endless love bracelet

It’s easy!  Just head over to the website, choose the color of the bracelet you think she will like best, and how many times you want her to be able to wrap it (one, two, or three times around her wrist).  Then you choose from the available charms, which are available in gold or silver (some also in rose), to reflect her personality or remind her of a memory you share.

Get Your Glam on With Cookie Lee

It’s fun to accessorize your outfits with a little bit of bling, or to take them from day to night with a few little touches.  No one wants to change their entire outfit if they are running from the office to dinner, or from something casual to a bit more formal if all you really need to do is add a jacket and some fun jewelry.

I don’t get dressed up very often, but when I do, it’s nice to have something fun to add to the outfit, something that makes it extra special, that makes me feel pretty.  Lets face it, as women, we do need to feel pretty now and again, yes?

P1020611Cookie Lee is a great company that has tons of options- something for everyone, no matter how picky.  The best part is that everything on the site is less then $50, so you won’t break the bank when you are shopping.  Perfect for birthdays and upcoming Valentine’s Day as well as all those date nights and parties throughout the year, you will want to spend some time browsing before you choose the pieces that you love best.  (Browsing is ALMOST as fun as the actual shopping and buying part, true?)

Icebug – Winter Sneakers at Their Best

Disclosure- I received the below in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own and honest.

With winter here in full force, and it being a brutal winter so far, getting around can be challenging for many of us.  Icy roads and sidewalks (not to mention steps and trails) and the ever-fun “black ice” make winter walking, running, and in general on-the-going less then ideal.

running sneakers

The new Enlight RB9X by Icebug is a really cool shoe for this time of year- or really any time of year, since it grips asphalt and wet surfaces like a champ as well. Not to mention it has a great look to it, a fun and funky style that sets it apart from other, more boring shoes and sneakers.  (I don’t like plain shoes, it’s a “thing” over here.)  I really dig the colors and the options available.

I really liked these- you can actually hear them gripping, which is a little weird at first, but then it’s oddly reassuring.  Like- huzzah, I am not going to fall (as often) today! Ha.  These are great for runners, walkers, or anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors.

AmRap Bands perfect for working out or everyday

Disclosure: The headbands from AmRap Gear mentioned below were provided for me in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.

With the new year just starting, I am sure that there are many people that have exercising or working out or something of the sort as their New Years Resolution. These awesome headbands from Amrap Gear are amazing for any workout as well as everyday activities.

About Amrap Gear:

Amrap Gear was founded in early 2014 by Clayton and Alicia. They are a husband and wife team that loves experiencing all genres of fitness with their family. They live in Colorado. Their passion is people, especially those in the athletic and active community. They truly love the positive attitude that exercise and healthy lifestyles bring into people lives.

Amrap Gear was initially developed to find innovative ways for crossfitter’s of all levels to manage their workouts. As they began selling their products, they quickly realized that these products did not have to be crossfit specific and people of all fitness likes quickly began to use Amrap Gear.

Amrap Acronym:

  1. As Many Reps/Rounds as Possible
  2. The most grueling mix of cardio/strength/skill in a set amount of time
  3. (more…)

Adorable Girls Ballet Flats from Momo Baby

Disclosure: The Ballet Flats from Momo Baby mentioned below were provided for me in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.


By now you all know that I have two little girls and they are definitely all girl. I am always on the look out for new cute clothing or accessories for them. These Ballet shoes from Momo Baby are definitely adorable and very comfortable for my girls.

About Momo Baby:

Momo Baby offers a wide variety of products.

  • Maternity
    • Anti-Radiation Dresses
    • Fashion Maternity
  • Diaper Bags
  • Feeding
    • Bowls
    • Placemats
  • Shoes
    • Rubber Soled Sandals
    • Rubber Soled Sneakers


About Momo Baby Footwear:

As a parent, you love to find attractive clothing items for your young child, and at Momo Baby, you have the opportunity to track down wonderful products that are carefully crafted of natural products. Momo Baby Shoes include a variety of contemporary designs with exceptional colors and motifs. You will find soft sole leather shoes that are created with comfort and breathability in mind, and easy to manage closures make it simple to get shoes on and off.

Their soft sole leather include cute motifs for both boys and girls, perfect for equipping your increasingly mobile youngster with quality foot protection.

These great shoes are created with all-natural rubber, the boots have simple zipper closures that make it easy to remove them. Contemporary motifs make Momo Baby rain boots perfect for today’s kids. You will find all the shoes from Momo Baby to be exceptional indesign, perfect as baby gifts or for your own kiddo.