National Nutrition Month Has Found Its Perfect Snack

Here’s an easy way to celebrate National Nutrition Month every day (not just in March): choose all-natural Crispy Fruit and FruitziO as the snacks of choice for you and your kids. Crispy Green

Wholly Guacamole Review and Giveaway

Who is a fan of Mexican food?
Maybe a little salsa here and there is how it starts, then comes the tacos and burritos. This all leads to the mystical guacamole and tortilla chip combo. This addictive combination may taste as if it is horrid for you and clogging your veins with cholesterol, but in actuality when done right with the best of ingredients, it is one of the healthiest food you can eat.

Wholly guacamole is proof of this. This guacamole is fresh, full of vitamins and minerals, a trans-fat free food, and even gluten free. The flavors are earthy and creamy with a touch of spice to get you ready for the next bite. Each bite is a joy to consume and leaves you wanting more But every good thing must come to an end, and unfortunately there is a bottom to the container.

Fret not, noble chip eaters- there is more then guacamole with which to dip. Try new wholly salsa which is one of the freshest complex salsas around. This salsa is perfect on taco night (or even breakfast time, shh!). Pour some on a fresh out of the pan cheese omelet and you’ll get a delicious Mexican breakfast. I am a big fan of the medium salsa, it has just a bit of a kick and is perfect for just about anything I have thrown it on including chicken, rice, burritos, and of course nachos.

Oh no, a catastrophe has [Read more…]

@ColdStone Creamery Review and C0NTEST

Cold Stone Creamery is a fun spot to stop in any time of the year- after all, any time is a good time for ICE CREAM! They have some amazing new flavors out this month, including

Yogurt Creations
  • Strawberry Crumble– Dreamy Vanilla Yogurt mixed with juicy Strawberries and Graham Cracker Pie Crust
  • Chocolate Banana Indulgence- Gratifying Chocolate Yogurt mixed with fresh Bananas and rich Fudge
  • Berries Upon Berries– Luscious Raspberry Yogurt mixed with sweet Strawberries and Blueberries
Yogurt Shakes
  • Shake Them Berries– Divine Vanilla Yogurt blended with sweet, juicy Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries
  • Powered By Chocolate– Enticing Chocolate Yogurt blended with rich Fudge
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How to Feed a Big Family on a Small Budget

It’s quite the conundrum. Food prices continue to go up, but your growing family is hungry! And if you’ve
got a big family, keeping everyone happy and fed can be a real struggle. Salaries are not keeping pace with
inflation, and the sluggish economy isn’t helping anyone. So what can you do to feed your big family well,
without breaking the bank?

Get a bigger shopping cart. The big box stores aren’t simply a fad, they’re a lifesaver for big families.
Buying in bulk will save you a ton over buying the same products in a regular supermarket. And most of
the big box stores have membership programs designed to save you money, and branded credit cards that
help you earn points towards purchases. So when it comes to any of the staples in your house, buy in bulk.
Not only will it save you money, it will save you shopping time.

Have an eye for circulars. Every week, there are countless items on sale in every grocery store in the
country. But you’ll have to become an expert coupon clipper if you want to take advantage. Seek out the
circulars for every supermarket in your area. Make sure you have each of their club cards, so you can
take advantage of their daily savings. But beyond newspapers and circulars, there are now tons of online
sites packed with coupons to national and regional supermarket chains. Do some research and bookmark
the best ones. Make it a weekly habit to scour the web for all possible coupons before you shop, and the
money you save in your budget will be more than worth the extra time.

If it grows, it’s free. It may be time for you to try out your green thumb. Growing your [Read more…]

How Can I Get My Family to Live Healthier?

So you’ve tried to let things work themselves out, at least as far as your family’s health and lifestyle choices
are concerned. But you’ve come to realize that it’s not going to change on its own, and those small fears
are starting to become big time worries. Whether its cancer or heart disease, childhood obesity or early
onset diabetes, our modern medical understand has made a ton of progress. But many of the warning
signs of these troubling conditions point to lifestyle, and whether a person consistently makes a healthy
choice. And it’s never too early to start. How can you get your family to adopt a healthy lifestyle?

There’s nothing wrong with trickery. You’ve tried everything, and the kids just will not eat the asparagus
you cook. The idea of salmon or tofu revolts them, and if it’s not in nugget form, it just can’t be on the
plate. If health and wellness are your end goals, there’s no harm in trying to sneak some vegetables or
fruits into their favorite foods. There are ways to subtly sneak these underrepresented food groups in
breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’ll even find amazing dessert recipes that involve veggies. Or ‘disguise’
that fruit by cooking it in a way your kids haven’t seen before.

Use your influence. You know your family. You know what makes them tick, how to press their buttons
and what makes them happy. So play to their strengths. If your children won’t eat the healthiest range
of fruits, vegetables and grains, maybe they love sports. Encourage that, but not just from the sidelines.
Find opportunities to play along. Get involved in adult leagues. Most towns have club leagues for soccer,
softball, and basketball, or find [Read more…]

Bubble Tea in Chinatown, NYC

This week has been a hectic one, as I am sure you have all figured out from my lack of posts 🙂
With all the frantic fun of Toy Fair (which I LOVE but wears me right out, LOL) there was little time for a whole lot else 🙂 But on Thursday, Grace from Blessed Elements and I took the day off and went sightseeing in NYC, since it was her first time there! (Outside the Jacob Javits center, anyway!)

One of my favorite places in New York is Chinatown. Chinatown is really 2 places in one- one place is what tourists see- the other is a rich and tight knit community, and the largest Chinatown in the country. As a tourist, there is tons to see and do- and taste!

There are so many fun and different things to try- one of my favorites is Bubble Tea, which is really only found in primarily Asian areas. Miss Grace had never had one, so of course….

We got her a papaya (fresh fruit) bubble tea.
What is a bubble tea, you may want to know? I’ll clue you in.

Bubble tea is the name for pearl milk tea and other similar tea and juice beverages that originated in tea shops in Taichung, Taiwan during the 1980s. Drink recipes may vary, but most bubble teas contain a tea base mixed with fruit (or fruit syrup) and/or milk. Ice-blended versions of the drinks, similar to slushies, are [Read more…]

Guaranteed Shipping for Valentine’s Day! AND A C0NTEST with Swiss Colony

Swiss Colony has been making mouths water since 1926. Since then, their reputation has only grown and gained favor with all those looking for fun and delicious fare that they can order from the ease of their own homes, whether by phone, catalog, or website.

There is a huge assortment of great edibles to be found on The Swiss Colony’s website, but lets not forget the adorable gift sets- like this Plush Bear and Truffles set for only $21.95! I have to say, this would melt any heart. I want it for myself- but I would love to give it to my son. He loves teddies, and of course, his chocolates! But if my husband wanted to send it to me…well, I surely wouldn’t send it back 🙂

If your love has a super sweet tooth, take a look at this festive assortment of Valentine’s Day Candies. It comes with six sections of premium candy, just in time for your special night out. Jelly Belly Jelly beans, sour cherry balls, juju hearts, and more- all wrapped [Read more…]

Bob Evans Chili Recipe

Bob Evans Slow Cooker Chili was an awesome addition to our Super Bowl Sunday. Chili is one of my all time favorite foods, and you all know about my Little Man’s deep love of Bob Evans, so this was a match made in Heaven!

How did we make this particular chili?

1 lb Bob Evans frozen spicy sausage
1 lb ground beef, leaner is better at least 80%
1 can butter beans
1 can corn
1 can black eyed peas
1 can tomato sauce
spices is up to you
prep time 30 mins
cook time 6 hrs

Step 1-
The pre-game show;
First brown the defrosted meat. It does not have to be cooked all the way, through but keep in mind the browned pieces will keep their size for the most part in the finished chili. Also the amount of browning will show through in the end too. In other words, don’t burn it, and drain the fat too. 🙂

While browning the meat open all your cans except the tomato sauce and drain them. I like my chili a bit on the dry side rather then a soup consistency. If you want a soupy chili, keep the liquid from one can of beans.

Step 2- Game Time

Find the slow cooker, plug it in and start it up on the low setting. Put the tomato sauce in the slow cooker. Then once the cans are all drained add the contents of them to the slow cooker as well. Give it a quick mix then add the meat, give it another mix.
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