W!N and lose weight with “The Biggest Loser” Workout DVD and Progresso Soup Prize Pack

Happy 2012! Now get to your resolutions- and for lots of folks, that includes getting healthy or losing weight. Two great ways to get on track are with The Biggest Loser’s Workout DVD and Progresso Soup! A fun workout and delicious soup- what can be better for a winter workout? You can print out a Progresso Coupon HERE as well.

Now that the ball has dropped and the confetti has settled, it’s time to consider how you will stick to your resolution for the New Year and maintain your weight management plan, without sacrificing on variety or the taste of foods you love. Thanks to Progresso

W!N Ocean Spray® Fruit Flavored snacks G!VEAWAY

Soft and chewy- and super sweet, both you and you kids will LOVE these new Ocean Spray fruit snacks. My son loves gummies, and these have been a bit hit. You can click here to download a printable coupon for $1.10 off of the purchase of (2) Ocean Spray

DaVinci Gourmet Syrups- Review and W!N Yours Here!

Flavor syrups are something you may have seen in your grandparents cupboard growing up. Maybe vanilla and hazelnut. Looked interesting enough, but didn’t taste that great when drank straight from the bottle.
Well as I am sure you are aware this is not the way to try something like this.

DaVinci Gourmet Syrups are the same premise but much different execution. these syrups can be used for any purpose you can think of. Add them to seltzer water to make Italian sodas. Drizzle a bit over some ice cream for a different kick. Even add it to your coffee as a change up from the regular french vanilla flavor.
There are quite a few different flavors depending on your taste.

There are the Classic flavors, made with all natural cane sugar. Specially formulated to be mixed with milk and also hold up to high heat. These classic flavors range from raspberry to vanilla, English Toffee and even watermelon.

Next up are the Sugar Free line of syrups. These are a bit less varied then the classic, but instead of cane sugar, they use Splenda as the sweeter of choice, thus leading to a zero calorie alternative to their heavier cousins. The flavors for these are also quite varied from banana, to praline and everything in between.

All Natural Flavors are [Read more…]

Village Ice Cream Parlor- a fun stop in Downtown Lebanon, Ohio

If you are craving something sweet, but don’t want to eat in some chain restaurant, I know the perfect place for you! Not only can you get a full menu of delicious and well made meals at a family friendly price (served to you by a friendly staff, as well!) but you can find a delicious and wide array of treats, ranging from the old fashioned favorites to new and interesting finds the kids will love.
You’ll step back in time when you enter the Village Ice Cream Parlor and Restaurant, a historic parlor located in the heart of downtown Lebanon. Known for old-fashioned ice cream sodas and famous faces who have visited, it’s a must when visiting this historic town. What is their claim to fame? “Enjoy the continuing tradition of historic Lebanon Ohio’s great soda fountains…The Village Ice Cream Parlor offers classic concoctions and homestyle cooking.” And I have to agree- this was a fun place to be. I felt like I stepped into another era- the restaurant was set up like an old-fashioned soda shoppe- because it is!

In operation as it’s current ice cream parlor and restaurant since [Read more…]

Monkey Brains- good food for healthy kids

Monkey Brains, not just a disturbing scene from Indiana Jones, but also a new line of oatmeal and granola bars! Monkey Brains include prebiotic fiber, which help give your digestive system a jump start to good health.

In our house there are quite a few of us with digestive issues, including but not limited to lactose intolerance, to trouble starting, and even stopping once started. (gross and TMI! ew!!!)
Prebiotic fibers feed the healthy probiotics in your digestive system. The probiotics help keep you functioning regularly and the way one would expect.

Enough of the healthy stuff- the taste of the oatmeal is very good. The best part is the smell while cooking. It fills the house with strawberry, blueberry or maple. The kids favorite varies from day to day but all I have to do is put one bowl in the microwave and both want one as soon as that aroma emanating from the microwave. Also it helps there is a big smiling monkey on the [Read more…]

Taggarts Ice Cream Parlor & Restaurant In Canton, Ohio

My Son and Meema had a great time in this old fashioned Ice Cream Parlor and Restaurant. The food was good, the waitress was sweet, and did I mention the ice cream? This may be one of those times when a picture is worth more then anything I can say to you.

Established in 1926, Taggarts is a Canton landmark. Wrought-iron “ice cream parlor” chairs and high-backedbooths, combined with the old wood and tile floors, take you back to the charm of the twenties.

The furnishings and decor take you back to another time- and so will the sundaes. Yes, there is food there- but the real star (I think) is the assortment of ice creams and floats you [Read more…]

Shopping for Popsicles with #Cbias at Stop and Shop

We recently had a fun time shopping for Popsicles at Shop and Stop. My son LOVES those ice pops, so this was a blast for him. AND Stop and Shop had a fun little car-shaped shopping cart, so that was such a bonus!

We eat all sorts of frozen things here- Ice Cream, Popsicles, yogurts, sorbet, you name it, we eat it. Me and my son especially- I get migraines and anything frozen takes the edge off. For him- they are also an instant “owie” stopper, lol. We usually shop at A&P or Shop Rite, but Stop and Shop had a nice selection. They had lots of Popsicles brand- and Little likes them all. I usually only get them on sale, like these cute Ice [Read more…]

EatSmart Kitchen Scale Reivew and C0NTEST!

The holidays are coming along faster and faster. Holidays bring around family and very good food. I can’t wait for dessert myself. There are always so many wonderful treats it is very difficult to stick to diets and such. MY opinion is, one day will not hurt that badly, just do not go too nuts and just right back on the diet train right after the holidays.

To help with this consider measuring out portions and not overdoing it. The EatSmart kitchen scale is prefect for this. With proper portions just about anything is OK. Am I saying use a quarter stick of butter on a bagel is a perfectly healthy meal? No, I am not. Half a teaspoon of butter on a half of a whole grain bagel along with some fruit and low fat milk would make a decent breakfast. But all portions should be measured out to keep from over doing it. Take a look at this scale over at EatSmart. It is small easy to use, exact and runs on AAA batteries. These batteries are included with the scale as well, a nice touch. Another great usage of this scale, is postage calculation. That extra ounce can cost a pretty penny when sending out box after box to relatives around the country. Maybe not what they had in mind- but the hubs keeps stealing it to do this….Men.

EatSmart has also been doing a donation drive this year titled Charity of the Month. For every click through and purchase on Amazon through their site a certain percentage of the purchase is donated to a different charity each month. December’s charity is the Make A Wish Foundation. I think this is a great idea and gets consumers donating without really changing much.

One of you can win this scale! Here is how to enter-

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