Day-Lee Foods Launches Facebook-only coupon for 1.00 off any Crazy Cuizine product

Day-Lee Foods, a leader in authentic Asian cuisine for the past 30 years, just launched a Facebook-only coupon for $1 off any Crazy Cuizine product.
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Day-Lee Foods’ Crazy Cuizine lineup of authentic and easy-to-prepare gourmet Asian dishes are fully cooked (ready to heat and [Read more…]

Nasoya Tofu review- and you can get some free here as well!

There are those out there who are not adventurous eaters.
Perhaps a meat and potatoes family. Well, its time to start thinking outside the box and try some alternatives. How about some Asian food, and I don’t mean the greasy Chinese food down the street. I mean home cooked Asian food that has ingredients in it that you trust and know are good for you.

A good place to start is Tofu. Take a look at Nasoya Tofu U. Here they teach simple recipes and techniques for using tofu in both everyday dishes as well as dishes with an Asian flair. A good example of an everyday use of Tofu is the stuffed manicotti where instead of ricotta cheese you can use soft tofu. I can honestly say next time we go food shopping we will be trying this. Tofu is a misunderstood ingredient. Tofu is a food made of soy beans, which when cooked absorbs the flavor of whatever else it is cooked with. If making garlic stir fry it will accent and accentuate the garlic instead of adding a flavor to the bunch.

In general, there are two types of tofu- firm and soft. And guess what? Firm is of a thicker texture then soft, and is mostly used as a meat substitute, the soft can be used as a thickener, or as we saw before, a ricotta cheese substitute. 🙂

These very broad terms are pretty much what kind of tofu you can find in your average supermarket, but if you are looking for a tofu to act as more of a meat substitute take a look at Fim Tofu Plus. This is sprouted tofu which has more protein and also fortified with vitamins B2, B6, B12, D and Calcium. This is the one I picked up today- my son is sprouting like a weed and all the vitamins I can put into him, I am going to! LOL

We used some of our Nosoya Tofu Plus tofu and made Tofu Pad Thai. This is a Thai dish with peanuts and noodles, which is a little bit spicy and quite delicious. The tofu is a great substitute for chicken in this dish.
Get creative and have fun!

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Swiss Colony- Review and G!VEAWAY

The Holidays are here, and so are a whole lot of delicious treats in cute shapes. The question becomes- what is worth those hard to remove calories? Well, Swiss Colony makes that choice either easier or harder- depending on how you look at it.

Swiss Colony makes all kinds of wonderful goodies ranging from cheeses and meats to desserts. We had the pleasure of trying the Snowman truffles. These cute little guys aren’t decorations, but are desserts, and they have a shell of white fudge surrounding two delicate milk chocolate truffles. The snowmen are each hand decorated with slight differences when you look for them, but are all artfully well made as you can see. [Read more…]

Bialetti non-stick eco pan- Get Yours Here!

When you think of an non-stick eco friendly pan what comes to mind? Maybe an old pan plated in recycled fabric? Well no, actually it’s much more interesting than that, and a whole heck of a lot of more useful.
Bialetti has produced a new line of pots and pans called the Aeternum Collection. The key characteristic of these pans is this: nano-ceramics. These pans are coated in nano-ceramic coating on the interior, then an aluminum core and a high temperature silicon exterior. The nano-ceramic is very interesting. The coating is applied at a lower temperature then other non-stick coatings, less heat, less fire-less CO2. The material itself is PFQA free, PTFE free, and cadmium free. This collection has a bright red exterior from the high temp silicon and a clean white interior courtesy of the nano-ceramic.

Not only are these pans nice to look at in their package, but once you actually use them it is really neat to see a white cooking surface. I like the way you can get a light browning to food without over doing it. I also like how the surface of the pan is easy to clean. So far everything wipes right off it. As of yet, I have made over easy eggs, breakfast sausage, and a few different sauces. All of which cleaned off very easily. I was quite impressed, even the sauce and bubbles up and burns onto the rim of the pan, it didn’t even need the steel wool.
I definitely suggest these for anyone who cooks.

Here are a few more fun points-

  • Features nano-ceramic technology – it performs like nobody’s business and is PFOA, PTFE and Cadmium free
  • Clean up is a *snap*. It’s non-stick cooking without the non-stick coating
  • This is just like using a Teflon pan with the exception that it’s healthier AND longer lasting (no teflon coating means longer lifetime for the pan. This sucker’ll last you decades)
  • It’s lightweight yet extremely durable. The silicone handle keeps things cool around your digits, while the aluminum core evenly distributes heat
  • At 10.25″ in diameter, this generously sized pan prepares dishes for 2-4 people (more if it’s a side dish). It’s a popular and versatile size and one you’ll reach for every day
  • Comes standard with a 5-year manufacturers warranty against defects. Bialetti is a recognized leader in quality (not to mention it features clean Italian lines and design)
  • See [Read more…]

The Pea in Peanut Butter- Cute Kids Book :)

This eve we are looking at a cute book called The Pea in Peanut Butter. Gotta tell you, the title caught me right away. I am a huge fan of peanut butter. Without it, I think I would stop eating. Recently in there was a peanut butter shortage (yes, in real life!) and I checked all the stores on the way home from work to be sure we were still good, then still bought 3 jars just in case. This is a real fact.

This is the story of a little girl named Kailee who is not such a great eater. Adventurous when it comes to peanut butter, but veggies don’t interest her at all. Mostly its the colors that do her in. Green specifically. Fortunately, we personally have a vacuum and a dust buster when it comes to eaters in our house so this isn’t really a problem for us. But I have seen picky eaters in the wild (also known as the Pre-K). The worst is when a picky kid eater becomes a picky [Read more…]

The Bake Shop- Cookies, Cakes, and Whoopie Pies- W!N Yours Here!

One of the big selling points of Amish country for Little Man is the baked goods. There is one in particular that tickles his fancy at every turn and causes him to actually yell in delight. The infamous Whoopie Pie. When done right it is a melding of cake, cookie, and vanilla/butter cream frosting into Amish good-ness. We are now connoisseurs of the Whoopie pie, and know where the best are made. One of these bakers of pure joy is The Bake Shop.

When compared toe to toe with Pennsylvania Amish and Ohio Amish, these stand up quite well. Yes, there is a difference- but that is not a bad thing. Bake Shop’s Whoopie Pies are chocolate cake with a light fluffy butter cream filling. The cake itself has more bite to it then the PA Amish pies, a bit closer to a fluffy cookie. Overall quite good. The pies themselves are almost bite size, which is nice or not nice for popping one in your mouth and getting the whole she-bang in one shot, LOL.

The Bake Shop also sell an assortment of cookies, brownies, hand made marshmallows and caramels. They are definitely added to the list of places to call before the big holiday party.

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Shopping for Tyson Chicken #TysonGoodness and #CBias

We decided to try our new Tyson products after Little Man’s new dance class- he is always super hungry afterward. Kids are usually hungry after sports, did you notice that? As a former athlete, I can personally attest to that, haha.

Can you find him? Yep! ONLY boy, haha.

Our shop this time was not so smooth- even though we called ahead to make sure that our Wal-Mart carried the new Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches, they did not once we got there. So we decided to make our own with the Tyson Chicken patties and Tyson Chicken strips. Never say never, right? 😛

We were super bummed out- they were also all out of the mini “Joker” figurine and the ZhuZhu “Chunk”- so this was just not our day, haha. Cest La Vie, yes? Moving on!!!

My son loved his chicken patty [Read more…]

Thanksgiving Flash Give-a-Way from Libby’s Fruits & Vegetables with Williams-Sonoma

Libby’s Fruits and Vegetables, is all about gathering and celebrating with family and loved ones around the table. This Thanksgiving season, Libby’s would love to to hear from you- what you love about being around the table this holiday season, what are the family traditions you most look forward to and, of course, what are some of you favorite family recipes!

Libby’s makes some great, convenient fruits and veggies available in cans and jars. My son likes the single servings of pears, he loves them for snacks. Of course, having fruit and vegetables available all the time is always a bonus- you never know what you will need at the last second! On the Libby’s Website, there are some great recipes you can find, like Fiesta Rice or Sunshine Salsa- or, even ore easily- you can check by ingredient.

For Thanksgiving, Libby’s Fruits and Vegetables is offering one of you a fabulous gift basket!
An assortment of Libby’s products and a Williams-Sonoma Heirloom Pumpkin Salad Plates – set of four

Fab, right? And how festive! Just in time for Thanksgiving- so this is going to be a FLASH giveaway!

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