StoryToys Children’s Book Apps Review

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Reading books is one of our favorite family activities. Both of my children absolutely love reading books and picking them out. I was recently asked to review the StoryToys 3-D Interactive Pop-Up Books, and my children both absolutely love them.

About Story Toys:

StoryToys are interactive books that combine a great story, stunning illustration and beautiful design with the interactivity and engagement of games. They admit that while they do love games,
they also prefer that their kids are playing games that are going to leave them with something of value. Each StoryToys is designed to help children learn something, from reading, to sequencing to task coordination.

Also, StoryToys are made by parents, so all of their product have been tested by children ages 2-11. So you know that they really are going to be what kids like.

iLearn ‘N’ Play Adventure Explorer Review and Giveaway



The big Christmas present in our house this year was an iPad for the family! I must admit that now that we have one, I can already tell that we need another one 🙂 Everyone wants to use it all the time, which is really testing the patience of my almost 3 year old (which is a good thing).

Being as my almost 3 year old really loves to play with the iPad, I work very hard trying to find “apps” and “games” that are educational for her as well as fun. I was very happy to try out the Adventure Explorer from iLearn ‘N’ Play & appStart Learning.

About AppStart Learning:

AppStart Learning joins 3+ toys and apps to make learning fun by making learning play! iLearn ‘N’ Play works with our young children to help them learn and understand some of the early learning concepts.

The company has offices throughout North America, as well as offices in London, Rome, Sydney, and Hong Kong.

Adventure Explorer

About Adventure Explorer:

For the Adventure Explorer, you can connect your iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, or iPod to the console.

The Adventure Explorer has a working on/off ignition switch, a steering wheel, a shifter, accelerator, forward/reverse control that works with the iLearn ‘N’ Play apps.

Wonder Forge Games Review #GiftGuide

As my daughters get older, I find myself beginning to instill in her my love of playing games with the family! When we were kids, (and even now) my favorite part about family get togethers was all the games that we used to play. I am so glad to share with you some wonderful kids games .

Wonder Forge has over 50 games that are not only fun, but they also help boost self-esteem and help build on many of the skills that parents are working on with their children already! For my review, I was sent Dazzling Princess Game, Enchanted Cupcake Party Game, Never Land Challenge Game, and Fun Machine. All of these games are for 3 and up, as well as with two or more players.

disney princess game

Dazzling Princess Game is a great game for your young girls! You have to collect sparkling jewels to help decorate your bracelet, ring, and tiara.

This game helps work on:

  • Counting and matching
  • Imaginative Play
  • Turn-Taking and Playing together


disney cupcake partyThe Enchanted Cupcake Party Game is another great one for your kids! In this game, you work together to make as many cupcakes as you can before the party begins. You have to follow the recipe cards to pick the perfect fancy liner, frosting, and topper.

This game promotes:

Freaky Pets at Hallmark and for Online Gaming

Freaky Pets is a silly and unique place for family fun, crazy characters, stuff to do, and stuff to win. Activities include daily giveaway games, random prize giveaways, weekly themed personal missions, monthly community missions, and so much more. This is a fun gaming activity- full of giveaways and fun for families to play together.

Check it out at

Freaky Pets are plush toys that transform to their alter egos simply by opening up their back and pushing the pet inside out. There is a Velcro strip on their backs that makes it easy to open them up and reverse them, then close them up again.

Peaceable Kingdom Games-Snug As A Bug & Race To The Treasure Review #GiftGuide

Peaceable Kingdom’s mission is to make good, do good, and be good. Which means: to create fresh, fun, award winning products that educate, inspire, and tickle funny bones, to donate to charitable organizations that support the well-being of children, to remain committed to socially-conscious manufacturing practices and sustainable and eco-friendly materials, to maintain integrity in all business relationships and to support the people who support them! The Peaceable Kingdom philosophy – come into the kingdom and join the fun!

I was lucky enough to be able to review 2 of their new Cooperative Games for Little Kids. I reviewed Snug As a Bug in a Rug, and Race to the Treasure.

The great thing about all of the games in this line is that they are Cooperative games. Which means, that you work together with all the partners against some sort of obstacles. These types of games allow kids to work together, take turns, follow directions, and of course to cooperate!

This is a GREAT game for a variety of ages in kids!! There are 3 levels for playing this game! My daughter is only 2.5, but she had no problem playing the game at the first level, and did alright at the second level.

For the game, you have to match certain attributes on the bugs, and if you match them, you get to put them under the bed! If there are no matches, you have to put a stink bug on the bed!! You want to try and clean off the bed before all of the bugs are off of the bed!

Level 1: Roll the die at the beginning of the game, and that decides which attribute you will match for the entire game- color, number, or shape. You have to find the attributes of whatever is rolled, or you have to put a stink bug on the bed.

SpongeBob’s Surf and Skate Roadtrip Video Game- Soon to be Released!

SpongeBob’s Surf and Skate Roadtrip for Kinect is being released 11/8, so if you have a fan of Spongebob at your house- and who doesn’t- this may need to be on your Holiday list! I will get you a review as soon as possible- but this game looks so cool I wanted to tell you all about it! I can’t wait to try it out myself, haha.
Happy Gaming!


3DS stocking stuffers- Fun Video Games

So you all know how much we love the 3DS this year for the holidays.Now we take a look at a few more great 3DS games and even a DS game which is often overlooked.

First we start with a stellar DS game, Professor Layton and the Last Specter. The story of professor Layton is an easy one to jump into, think Sherlock Holmes with more puzzles and a younger assistant. This particular game is a prequel to the trilogy which began with Professor Layton and the Curious Village. In this game we meet his assistant and start up a new trilogy of games. Originally scheduled to be one trilogy, this new/prequel trilogy was began when the developer learned of people love of the characters and game design. Professor Layton is a puzzle based detective story which is heavy on the puzzle solving and thinking.
This particular game also includes a large role playing game starring the Professor called “Professor Layton’s London Life”. This game is a bit plain graphically, but is a very nice addition to an already incredibly fun game.

Next up is a game for the more casual gamers and kids among us, Nintendogs and Cats. This game lets you raise a puppy and for all intents and purposes, lets you “adopt” a new pet. It is quite fun as most digital pets are. This is a fun game for little ones. The kind of game a little kid can fool around with for quite some time, then come back to later. This is more of an interactive toy then an actual game to me. Take your dog for walks, to the store, the park, give them baths, teach them new tricks, everything you do with a real dog. The only problem we had with Nintendogs was when we had to say the dogs name, the 3DS couldn’t hear us when we said the same name twice as it asked.

When designing this portion of the game I really wish there was a way to skip it. It took us a good half hour of Little Man trying, then me trying, then use shutting it off because it was stuck. We had to start the whole process again. Quite a bit aggravating, but these things can be expected with any game which requires user input, its going to go wonky sometimes. Other then this one issue, it was definitely a favorite of Little Man. Just a word of warning, the 3D elements are not meant for children below the age of 7. Little Man still had a blast and the game is just as playable in 2D as it is in 3D. We did turn the 3D off for him, and we suggest you turn it off for your kids as well.

Up next is a launch title. Meaning this was released at the same time as the 3DS, Pilotwings Resort. In this game you take your Mii avatar, which is created and paired with your 3DS, and fly around the island of Wuhu. The air crafts available are a biplane, jet pack, and hang glider. All three control in different manners, and ‘feel’ differently. The jet jack, can only move in one direction at a time, IE you can fire your jets and accelerate in one direction at a time, up, down, straight, back. The hang glider floats on wind currents, decelerating as you climb and accelerating as you dive. The plane has very exact controls where you can bank the plane from side to side, boost forward, or brake as need be. In order to master all three vehicles there are various missions which teach you how to expertly maneuver your new ‘toys’. Also hidden about the island are lots of secrets, as you would expect from Nintendo. This game is lots of fun to play around with when you want to relax and zone out. Pretty much the opposite of Professor Layton, lol.

And now for something for the Poke-fan in your life- Pokemon Rumble Blast. In this Pokemon game, you do not play as the regular Pokemon, but rather the toy Pokemon, so it plays a bit differently then what you might be used to. Instead of a role playing game with the pocket monsters in it, we have more of an action/adventure game. In Rumble Blast you go around quickly fighting other Pokemon, befriending and collecting them to add to your entourage. This game is good for someone looking to pick up and play a Pokemon game without having to get super deep into the mythos of the series. Its also nice to play because it is as deep as you want it to be. Meaning, you can power up your Pokemon by battling and such, OR simply collecting more of them. There is still the strategy element of which power is strong against which other power (fire is strong against grass while water is weak against grass). However, there is also Team Battle and Charge Battle modes available which are a very nice touch.

Last but not least we have Steel Diver. This is another launch title which came out with the 3DS, so it looks very nice and uses a few of the 3DS’s attributes in different ways. You control a submarine throughout a few different missions, by moving various dials and switches, the submarine navigates the various settings including swamps, open ocean and sea ports. All the while you are battling other subs, as well as air attacks and battleships. This game is fun, but not for little ones. It is not violent, but in terms of control it is a bit difficult to master for kids.

The game includes two other modes of play- periscope strike, and steel commander. Periscope strike allows you to move the 3DS around as you would a periscope, and steel commander is more like a board game- it is a good mix of “Battleship” and chess.

Zumba Fitness 2 for Wii- Review and W1N YOURS HERE

Zumba Fitness is the next biggest fitness/gaming craze to hit the digital world. People everywhere are going nuts for the new Numba fitness craze. Zumba is a dance based exercise program based on over 20 dance styles. Majesco are giving people what they want with the Zumba Fitness line of games. They have been wanting a way to workout in this innovative way at home. The most successful and most fun way to play has been on the Wii platform.

Not too long ago, Majesco released their newest Zumba Game, Zumba Fitness 2. This game is hosted by professional Zumba instructors, Beto, Tanya, and Gina. With the help of these wonderful instructors you can dance your way to a slimmer you before you know it and actually enjoy yourself. Included with the game is a Zumba fitness belt which makes it way easier to workout and the game to register your movement properly. Extra belts are available from Zumba fitness’s website as well as retailers so you and a friend can play/ workout together. Just make sure you give yourselves enough room to dance about without kicking each other or your furniture. In regard to registering your movement, this game does a great job of it, where instead off spending half your game/exercise time trying to calibrate your controller, you are actually working out as you would hope to.

As an added bonus, Zumba Fitness 2 also includes a 7 day Zumba live 24 hour fitness pass. So you can really find out if your moves are on par with the experts.

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