Super Mario 3D Land Party & Game Review

We were recently invited to a wonderful event in Times Square in New York City to celebrate the release of the new 3DS game Super Mario 3D Land. This party included a full real life recreation of a few staples from the game, including Piranha flowers, bouncy blocks, question bricks, and even a slide. The best part was the jumpy blocks played the Mario jumping sound, and one of the Piranha flowers spit at you, while you were behind a clear shield.

Before everyone had their chance to play in 3D Land there were some parkour performers dressed as Mario that flipped, jumped and flew around. It was very neat- and I love to watch this in person there is a certain level of excitement when watching someone hop around in ways that seem to stretch reality a bit.

If you were one of the lucky peeps, you also received a Tanooki tail and ears to complete your Mario experience. No, they did not let you float slower while jumping, but they did look really cool and would make a good travel pillow because they were so soft and the perfect size. There is a new product line for you Nintendo! Tanooki tail travel pillow- feel free to use that one (LOL).
There was also mushroom pizza available for the low price of a tweet with a #Hashtag. Didn’t have magic properties but sustenance.

Ok ready, set- PLAY! Here is everything you have to know if you are a Mario fan. This is a very good Mario game. Get it, you will not be disappointed, I promise you this.

Super Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3DS is the most recent Mario game in a long line of superb games. For every system Nintendo releases they also release at least one Mario game, this is the first one for the 3DS. In Mario Land you take on the role of Mario, our Italian hero in blue and red as he tries to save the princess from the clutches of Bowser, and his cohorts Boom Boom and Pom Pom.

The first level of 3D Land acts as an introduction to the first 3D platforming Mario game ever. I will admit, at first I was apprehensive on a 3D Mario game. Mario is best known for his side scrolling adventures jumping from turtle shell to block, shooting fireballs and swinging his tail along the way. Within that first level I fell for it. Great fun, the 3D is seamless and absolutely great. It is so well done it actually brought a smile to my face because of its ingenuity. One of the first of them was when jumping about in a pipe room. At first glance it appears to be a stepped pyramid going up in one corner but once you actually jump around a bit you realize the blocks aren’t actually one solid shape but many blocks floating around, this gets you used to changing the perspective of the scene a bit, with the touch of a button.

There is a lot of jumping and maneuvering in 3D Land, which is made easier by the 3D aspect of the game and also by the Tanooki costume. The powers have been modified a bit from the classic version, instead of a running jump where you can fly for a bit, the costume now lets Mario glide slowly, making landing those difficult jumps a little bit easier.

Another costume in 3D Land is the boomerang flower. This flower is just like the fire flower except, yep! you guessed it, you throw a boomerang. The boomerang flies straight in the direction Mario is facing until it turns around and comes back. This is an especially fun weapon when there are lots of enemies on a screen at once. Mario can throw a boomerang and start bouncing around on enemies while the boomerang zips around, making for a fulfilling experience when done correctly. Throughout each stage of the level there are three large coins to collect, which are either hidden or take a bit of brains to get to. These coins add a nice challenge to those who would like to collect them, but aren’t necessary to collect.

The level design in 3D Land is spot on and challenging. From the flying boat ships, to the deserts, to the winter mountains- all are gorgeous. As Mario progresses on his quest, the levels get more difficult, but with enough trial and error or (as is often the case with myself) put it down and come back to it later, every level can be tackled.

Now, GO grab this game! Within a few levels you will smile, you will enjoy this game if you are any kind of gamer, from the most hardcore to the easy going. If you enjoy a good challenge or are just along for the ride. Also check out the website, there are sweet wallpapers and videos there as well.

Happy Gaming!

Starfox 3D

Welcome to the future one and all!
And it is ushered in on the tail of a fox in a space ship.
Daddy Here- Reporting on StarFox. The Nintendo 3DS came into existence less than a year ago and many have been waiting for the ‘must buy’ game. The game which truly shows how truly wonderful and special the 3DS is and how it will stand up in Nintendo previous line of must buy consoles and handhelds. Starfox 64 3D is that game.

In this game you take on the role of Fox McCloud and his crew as they fight their way to save the galaxy from the evil Dr. Andross. In this game you will fly through battlefields destroying enemy ships and robots while navigating treacherous terrain.

Your ship can do many maneuvers like the infamous barrel roll as well as u-turns and 180’s in order to our maneuver your enemies. In doing so you must also keep your comrades safe as well. Your friends, Falco Lambadri, a falcon, Peppy Hare, a rabbit and Slippy Toad , a you guessed it frog, will ask for your assistance shaking an enemy or just need an extra few shots to thin out the enemy ranks. If you do not help them, they will not be there to help you in the next mission. Repairs to their ship usually last one level. This not only brings about a level of skill in regard to shooting down ships but also being aware of what is going on around you. Visual clues as well as a pop up plead for assistance can be overlooked if you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings.

The controls on Starfox are also very interesting. Not only do you use all the buttons, joystick and direction pad but you can also use the 3DS itself as a controller. The gyroscope built into the 3DS can track when you swoop left, right, up, or down. Giving your ship that extra boost you might need to dodge the destroyed building and get that bonus power up.

On some games for the 3DS it can be argued the 3D elements feel thrown on as a gimmick, but in Starfox it is so well done you don’t even notice it. All you will notice is your space ship is gliding through a gorgeous background blasting away the way it should be. The 3D is an absolute must. It definitely adds another ‘dimension’, sorry couldn’t help it. As with all 3DS games Starfox has various warnings about resting your eyes and taking a break which, let’s be honest, even without the 3D on, players should take a break every so often. I am a gamer through and through but I would hate for my kids to be glued to a chair for any reason.

Unfortunately I’m not cool enough to have spent an extended amount of time with the multiplayer element of Starfox but from what I have played it is phenomenal. It is local play, meaning you get a few friends together and sit around talking and playing Starfox as different characters. All playing in the same arena, blasting and out maneuvering each other. Sounds awesome!

Starfox 64 3D is definitely a must have, making good use some of the 3DS’s more unique features.


Zombies and pumpkins and maybe a costume too!!!! – ThinkGeek Awesome

Time for some ThinkGeek Awesome on Daddy’s Corner.
Today’s episode is Halloween themed. Spooky! We have English zombies and Valve Zombies and even a sprinkling of 8bit pumpkins and a costume. Can’t have Halloween without a costume!

It’s zombie time! First out- English. If any of you have seen Shawn of the Dead, (great movie by the way) this shirt will make you smile, Ed’s shirt. This shirt is awesome, it even comes pre-splattered with a red substance to resemble blood. If you haven’t see Shawn of the Dead, Ed is a crude gentleman who is quite lazy and a best friend/ room mate to Shawn. As if the splatter and the title didn’t give it away the two of them have a few ‘adventures’ with zombies. In a pinch this shirt can even be paired with an unkempt individual and instant costume. Or lets say you are throwing a party and that ‘guy on the couch’ is going to be the only one without a costume, “Bazinga!”- costume.

Next up Valve time. Valve are the masterful creators of such gaming gems as Half-life, Half-life 2, Team Fortress, Portal and Portal 2. Every game they make is incredible and a work of art. Half-life 2 is their Mast head. Great game play, superb story, unforgettable characters and the voice acting of the main character Gordon Freeman is stunning. 😉

Check this out: Headcrab hat. One of the most irritating enemies in the series are the headcrabs. They are generally roaming about on the ground looking for a victim to latch onto their head and take over their body. Generally turning them into a headcrab zombie. Quick buggers too, but with a clean sweep of the crowbar all is well in the world and Mr. Freeman is on his way to save the day. Now its your turn to play zombie with your own cute headcrab. Reinact a scene from Half-life (NO CROWBARS!), get giggles on Halloween or just keep your head warm and the strangers away while going to the supermarket. Either way loads of fun for all involved.

And now onto something current. Within the last 2 weeks Batman: Arkham City has arrived and men everywhere have disappeared from social lives. Only to be seen sipping caffeine and work while dreamily staring out their windows, wishing to use their grappling hook and zip away to fight crime. Ladies, and lady gamers come join the day dream with this wonderful BatGirl costumer babydoll . Now a quick lesson in costume etiquette- this is NOT the Batman costume because of a few differences, the easiest one to spot is no circle around the Bat insignia, no circle = no Batman. Oh and the babydoll, Batman doesn’t wear a babydoll. He has a chiseled chin, not curvy hips. This shirt fits the Misses well, it is form fitting yet not uncomfortable, plus it makes me and Little Man laugh when she jumps around the house saving the day.

And to round out our Halloween ThinkGeek Awesome, we have an 8bit Jack O Lantern. This one was a surprise to us, a welcome surprise but none the less a surprise. This Pumpkin is a 3 dimensional 8-bit Jack O Lantern. It is meant to be hung on a door or a wall or simply put in a window. But it is definitely not meant to have a candle put in it. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries which power the flickering LED lights inside. The lights glow and flicker as a real candle in a Jack O Lantern would. Only without the fire. This little guy is a great addition to our Halloween decorations this year and I am sure will be for many years to come.

As an added treat check out ThinkGeek’s “It Came From ThinkGeek….” Halloween gift guide. They have all kinds of great shirts, plush, costumes and even a beating heart. So endearing, who wouldn’t want to hide a beating heart under a floor board for Halloween.


Daddy’s Corner- RocketBirds for the Playstation 3 – JUST Released!

Welcome to another addition of Daddy’s Corner- where Daddy gets his turn.  

OK everyone with a PlayStation 3 listen up.
You all know there are some killer games for the PS3.  You also know it is a killer system.  Able to do so much in such a small box its amazing.  Well there is one portion which is quite often overlooked, the PlayStation Network.  They are currently running a promotion, called Only on PSN.  One of these shining gems is Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken.  I had the honor of giving this game a test run and I have to say this game is very well put together.  

You play the part of Hardboiled Chicken who is fighting against the totalitarian penguin leader, Putzki.  I know, great names lol.
The game play is varied between side scrolling gun totting chicken shooting his enemies and melting into shadows to rocket pack fueled dog fights.  One of the first characteristics I noticed playing was the soundtrack.  It was quite dynamic and alive.  Almost as if you are playing a music video which perfectly fits the music but also playing a game where the music perfectly compliments the game, without actually playing a rhythm based mini game, thankfully.  

Take a look at this video by New World and Rocketbirds, which will give you a small taste of the music.
The art direction is cartoony, BUT it is violent so you will want to be aware of that.  Rocketbird also has couch co-op (2 people playing together on one screen)  I love this feature and I love how this mode is coming back to video games.  There is nothing like sitting next to a friend, kicking butt and taking names while actually talking to one another.  Rocketbirds has Stereoscopic 3d as well.   This means, if you want to, there is 3D with the silly glasses, not the expensive TV and shutter glasses.  These are the same glasses that you wear while watching movies in the theatre.  Rocketbirds retails for $11.99 and $9.59 for PlayStation Plus members. 


New Shineys from @ThinkGeek !

Lookie here- ThinkGeek has new stuff!!  Check it- out its a Replica Phaser from the J J Abrams Star Trek movie.  According to the hubby, its got a good weight to it.  According to me and my little, it looks like a nifty laser and is perfect for pointing around the room and making laser noises.  The husband agrees with this comment as well.  But, my dad has laid claim to it- Little gave it up to grampie willingly.  He is a big, big fan of Star Trek.  Now onto more great stuff.

This one is a personal favorite of mine.  Don’t you always have this major, huge-huge problem, where you think “I can’t snuggle this breakfast meat, it’s far too greasy, and not nearly large enough not to lose in tossing and turning whilst in bed!”  In comes ThinkGeek again with My First Bacon.  Cute enough to replace that old teddy bear, yet edgy enough to make even the coldest adult chuckle.  JUST KIDDING- do not attempt to remove child’s teddy bear!  LOL
“Baconie” as he is called in our house (yes, named by Little)  is 19 inches tall and 7 inches wide, a bit bigger then the size of a bread box, just big enough to hug.  However- upon hugging Baconie you get a surprise!  He gives lets you know, “I’m  Bacon”.  In a very pleasant voice.  This is meant to help children be proud of who they are, lol- can you tell it is super educational?  LOL, ok, but it’s HILARIOUS!
“Squeeze him and he says, “I’m Bacon!”. No matter what the situation, he says, “I’m Bacon!” This reminds children that no matter what happens in life, they should be true to themselves and always be proud of who they are. Which of course, means bacon lovers. What child on this planet wouldn’t want to befriend a piece of mostly meat held together with fat and love? And don’t just think about the kids, adults enjoy My First Bacon just as much as the kids do. Sometimes a little too much.”

Bacon that travels well!  LOL

You can also see Bacon in the Lancaster posts, right here on Have Sippy Will Travel!
He is a well-traveled breakfast meat……

Next up is the Geeky Twin Bed sheet set these are really awesome.  They have a cartoon-y fun feel even though the pattern involves aliens, zombies, mad scientists as well as ninjas, robots, and even bacon!  Little Man loves the sheets and has been ‘beggin for them to be put on his bed.  He really likes the fact that Baconie is features on the sheets and there are ninjas on his pillow.  What I like a lot about the sheet set is as first glance it looks like a regular plain pattern, but upon closer inspection once again ThinkGeek gets everyone smiling.

PS As of right now ThinkGeek is having a MASSIVE sale, everything is on sale and the discount is significant.The Geeky Bed Sheets have been marked down by 67% to the price of $9.99, pretty spiffy is you ask me.
You can Follow ThinkGeek on Facebook and Twitter, to stay in touch. 
Enjoy all, and happy shopping!    🙂

DISCLOSURE: I received the above products  for review . I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.


Fun Game for your kids!

Casey and Bella,  my son’s favorite dynamic duo of puppies, have an adorable game for your kiddos- Surfing with Casey!
You can help Casey get through 5 levels.  Little had a fun- he needed a bit of help, but he’s only 3. 
Check it out (maybe while you are entering the contest on the site!  LOL)
You can find the game HERE

Of course, you can also Follow Casey and Bella on Twitter and on Facebook as well- don’t miss out! 

Daddy’s Corner

Hey, it’s me! I’m back again and ready to tell you about a game I recently checked out. (Just to explain to new readers, this is Samantha’s husband, doing some reviews for the guys out there, or for things your husbands or older kids may like.)
Today I will be reviewing Darksiders for the Playstation 3.

The cover of Darksiders has a rather menacing individual riding a huge horse and looking quite frightening, Not a game to play with the kids this time. Sorry.

Upon first playing this game it is quite evident the creators have ‘borrowed’ concepts from other games. It has game play much like “God of War”, puzzles and dungeons of the “Zelda” flavor, even some new concepts- Portal gauntlets, “Bionic Commando”, grappling arm of “Bionic Commando”. It can be argued that all games are based on other games’ concepts so we will forgive this borrowing. Why you ask? Well, because the developers took all these great concepts put them in a blender with some kicking art direction by Joe Madureira. What came out was a wonderful game that was a pleasure to play. It keeps game play fresh and exciting while not confusing the player.

The action is memorable, as is the lead character, especially his voice and attitude. He is a horseman of the apocalypse and that is how it feels to control him. Large, powerful, and punishing. Even while fighting impossibly huge demons!
Combat is interesting and if you aren’t careful, you can be taken out by the weakest of characters. Combo’s play a large role as do blocking and swapping out weapons based on setting and enemy being fought. I personally loved fighting the knights on horseback while on horseback myself. Great fun indeed.

positives —

-lots of familiar concepts

-art direction is cool

-it was nice to play a main character who was actually a good guy, even though he is “War”

-puzzles were difficult enough to make me scratch my head but not enough to make me put the controller down 🙂

negatives —

-I got lost… a lot…. I can only play in half hour one hour max increments per day, often times 3 days a week. When I would come back to the game I would spend about a half hour trying to figure out where I am supposed to go and how to progress past stuff I have already done. A little arrow or a blue dot on the radar would have been nice.

-some battles were tough, very tough. You have to pay attention and be very smart about your fights. Vary attacks/ combos/ special moves or the smallest of enemies will smite you, lol.

-unoriginal game play. lots of re-hashed concepts, done well but still re-hashed.

Overall 4/5 stars losing one star for being unoriginal and the getting lost

I would pick this up for any gamer. Chances are they never played it, and will enjoy it. PLUS its pretty cheap right now too.

(Disclosure- this is not a paid review, sponsored post, and no compensation was received in any kind. I published a version of this post to Blogcritics recently.)

Daddy’s Corner- PlayStation Move!

Hey and welcome to Daddy’s Corner!
Today I am going to review the Playstation move. I recently received a party pack from house party. Thank you very much. In this pack there were 2 move controllers a Playstation eye and 2 games eyepet and start the party. I love most my Playstation 3 and have to say it has impressed me at every turn. So I was hoping for something incredible with move. When I received the package int he mail the kids went nuts, I have been talking about the Eyepet for a while showing them videos and advertisements. They had been talking about it almost non stop to kids and school and anyone else in the general area. Upon opening the controllers I found they fit my hand quite well. In shape it is similar to a newly designed water bottle with an ice cream scoop on the top. In weight it had some density to it but not much more then a tv remote, not heavy at all but fells well built. Set up was easy and pretty self explanatory, set up the camera on top/underneath the tv, we chose underneath. Then pair the controllers with your console (plug a usb cable into the controller then into the front of the console. Easy breezy. The main reason I am so excited for the move is the eyepet so i popped that in first while the kids weren’t around so I could find out how cool this little guy really is. The game is an interactive digital pet who you can play with, feed, bath teach tricks and nurture. In my house he is called a monkey but he looks like a cross between a monkey, a dog and a gnome. You can use the controller to act as various items for use with your eyepet including a treat dispenser, a shower head, and hope for him to jump through and a trampoline. The little guy also responds to your hand gestures. IF you wave your hand above where his head is he will jump up trying to reach you. You can pet him to sleep and lots of other fun things. All of which work well. Even for little hands. The only draw back is the little guy gets confused with alot of hands on the screen at once, but if everyone waits their turn all is well. (good luck with that).