Looking for CBD and Hemp Tinctures and Products? #GiftGuide #MadeInTheUSA

cbd cream

Let me introduce Extract Labs out of Boulder, CO. They make an amazing selection of exceptionally pure Hemp Tinctures that are the highest quality, but offered at the lowest price points possible since the company keeps every step of production in-house. Yes, they are made here in the USA. 


Extract Labs was founded by a former combat veteran turned CO2 extraction expert, Craig Henderson. The Hemp Tinctures are made of oil that has been CO2-extracted from industrial hemp plants grown only in Colorado. It’s rich in CBD and uses a base of fractionated coconut oil – the purest form of coconut oil. Consumer testimonials indicate the tinctures are used to support wellness in a number of ways, including relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia, inflammation, epilepsy, chronic pain, PTSD, etc.  It is available in different sizes and dosages. There are even options for your 4 legged friends! 
They also make the most AMAZING Extra Strength Muscle Cream, Face Cream, Softgels and Lip Balm.  
They feel as good as they look.
I also recently checked out a new CBD line called Green Grove CBD – a Kansas City based broad spectrum line (meaning no THC). Made here in the USA, they have a really cool initiative where for every product purchase, a tree is planted. The line offers amazing CBD energy packets that go into water, Bath Bombs, CBD Candles, Soft Gels, Vitamin CBD packets for water (that give you energy) and more. Also fantastic  sleep CBD Tinctures with Melatonin. Again, there are options for your pets as well. 
If you are looking for great healthcare products your friends and family will love, look no further. Happy Holidays 🙂

Stocking Stuffers that Give Back

Looking for a holiday gift that gives back? These are a great alternative to the usual stocking stuffer and also gives back to the planet: a tree planted by Tree-Nation (300 varieties to choose from) to help reforest the Earth and reduce CO2 emissions, all in one present.

The Earth loses about 36 football fields worth of forest each minute and during the holiday season, the U.S. alone sells 2.65 billion cards and spends $12.7 billion on wrapping paper, so this is the perfect time to give back. Gifting a tree with Tree-Nation can cost consumers as little as a dime and supports climate change and reforestation projects across the globe—here in the U.S., Brazil, India and many more. Recipients will receive access to the platform where they can track their tree growth and check in on the CO2 emissions they are offsetting all via their personalized “forest” page.

Cool idea, yeah? Check it out. Happy holidays 🙂

Best Rakhi Gift Ideas for a Brother Who Loves Travel


The following is a guest post. The opinions are those of the author.


We people are surrounded by many relationships. But there is a relation which is more precious than anything in this world. Yes! We are talking about a “brother-sister relationship.” It’s the special bond which is inseparable and just can’t be described in a couple of words. Right? As Raksha Bandhan is approaching, so it’s the right time to appreciate the beauty of this relationship. Brother and sister, both are linked with buzzwords like love, duty and friendship. On this day, a sister ties a sacred thread of beautiful Rakhi on her brother’s wrist whereas a brother promises to protect her from the evils of life. Girls! God has bestowed the fantastic person in your life in the form of a brother who understands your every single feeling, keep your secrets safe and love you unconditionally. There is no one like him. Right? Celebrate your brother’s presence in your life on the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan. But how? In such case, nothing can beat the excellence of gifts. But the gift should be the one which matches his interests. So, if your brother loves to travel and discovering new places, then this article is for you. We have listed the best travel gift that your brother will like to receive. So, what are you waiting for?




For a travel freak bro, a backpack is one of the basic essentials that will help him to keep his travel-related stuff, all at once place in an organized manner. A durable, sturdy and completely waterproof backpack will be the perfect companion on his every trip. Make the right pick to stun your brother! Bring a carry-on-backpack which is comfortable to wear so that he can enjoy his next tour to a new place in a fantastic way.


Bluetooth Headphone


Such a gadget is the most-picked travel gift option that will help you to come out of the silence and boring aura. It is an ideal gift option for the person with an active lifestyle. A Bluetooth headphone having the impeccable sound quality is the right way to make your brother feel special on the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan. This year, send Rakhi online with this fabulous present and we are sure that he will be going to love this.


Travel Shoes


This is what your brother needs! Make his travel experience more exciting with a pair of shoes. Buy travel shoes in a style that’s right for your brother. But, make sure that it should be comfortable as well as completely waterproof, which means water and dirt can easily roll off. A lightweight and flexible shoe will surely give him comfort and make his travel experience more exciting.


Travel Gift Cards


Bring a travel card from a trustworthy site and gift it to your brother on the beautiful occasion of Raksha Bandhan. If you really want to give your brother an unforgettable travel experience, then this gift is perfect for him. All you need to do to do is to buy a gift card offering the best services around the world. Gift cards are the answer to all travel-related surprises for a brother who loves to discover new places. Such a gift from your side will definitely make him feel wow.


A Travel T-Shirt


Let the world know; you are a sister of a travel freak brother. This Raksha Bandhan, don’t limit your celebration just tying a Rakhi. Gift your brother a travel t-shirt which can excite him at once and make him ready for another great travel experience. To add more sweetness to the occasion, you can also avail the cake delivery at his doorstep from an online cake store and bring a surprising twist to the day. When you pair this sweet delight with a cool travel t-shirt, then he will be super happy.


The above-listed travel gifts are amazing and sure to make your brother’s traveling experience, a fun loving. So, what are you waiting for? Garb such amazing presents to bring a cute smile on his face.


6 Delightful 70th Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad

Dads are the one who makes us stronger and see the world realistically. They instill in us pragmatism and let us learn many important aspects of life. Select from delightful 70th birthday gift ideas for dad and let him know how much you love and care for him. At this age, all they would love is your company and to know that you remember their birthday and love spending time with them despite your schedule.

Awesome 70th birthday gift ideas for dad

1. Beard grooming kit

A great gift for a dad who loves to grow a beard and keep it groomed. Gift this wonderful beard grooming kit to him on his 70th birthday. It has shavers, beard shampoo, scissors, beard oil, and other grooming essentials. Your dad will absolutely adore this gift set on his 70th birthday. It lets him spend some time in front of the mirror grooming his beard using all the accessories and grooming items in this gift set. Since these products are not scented, most of the dads will love  this gift kit on their 70th birthday.


2. Beer chiller sticks

A perfect gift for the dad who loves his pitcher of beer. He can drink his favorite beer chilled anywhere and anytime with this gift. It is easy to drink chilled beer with this gift. A cool and an awesome gift for a dad who has turned 70 and enjoys his retired life. You only have to freeze the beer chiller and insert it inside the beer bottle. It does its job of chilling the beer in no time. A unique gift that your dad will love receiving on his birthday.


3. Fill in a journal to show love to your dad

Describe all that you love about your dad in this fill-in journal and gift it to your dad on his 70th birthday. One of the personalized journals that you can give your dad on his birthday is this. It makes for a lovely gift as your dad would love to read all that you write about him. Use wit, heartfelt emotions, creativity, and imagination to fill this journal and amuse your dad with this gift. He will be delighted to give it a read and would love to keep it to himself as the fondest memory from you.


4. A set of 16 BBQ grilling accessories and tools

For the dad who has hosted and enjoyed BBQ parties, this is the perfect gift to give. It has all the BBQ grilling tools and accessories that make it delightful for him to spend time in his backyard barbequing his favorite recipes. They are resistant to rust and last long. Enjoy steaks, skewers, and kebabs with your dad with this gift set. If you have been the greatest fan of his barbequing skills, this is a moment of pride and love to gift him this set and appreciate his barbequing skills.


5. Heartfelt poem for dad in a frame

Send this heartfelt poem as a gift to your dad on his 70th birthday. For a really emotional moment and making his memories fonder, show your love for him giving him this fantastic and heartfelt gift. It is a beautiful verse about how your dad is your hero, kind, and the man who has taught you important things in life that have let you succeed and be the person that you are today. Your dad is bound to feel your love and gratitude towards him when you gift him this wonderful poem that is sealed in a waterproof frame. A plaque that he can display in his living room and remember you every day for showing your love and affection towards him.


6. Popup hot dog toaster

Everyday loves his sandwiches and hot dogs made at home using his favorite condiments. Gift this hot dog toaster to your dad on his 70th birthday. It can toast two hot dog buns in a single go. It has an adjustable time that is easy for a senior citizen to handle. One of the delightful 70th birthday gift ideas for dad is this toaster. It comes with a tray that makes it easier to handle toasting of buns. Your dad can enjoy hot dogs with his favorite fillings and delight himself with a yummy breakfast and snack every day.

These are some of best gift ideas for your dad’s 70th birthday. Get some more awesome ideas on Birthdayinspire.com.

Gift Cards as a Tool to Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Next to earning customers in your retail business is to make them stay. That is where customer loyalty building becomes necessary. Unfortunately, according to a study, acquiring a new customer is six to seven times costlier than keeping an existing one. Hence, as a businessman, you have to try all means to retain your loyalty base.


Naturally in business, you have to give reasons for your customers to stay; once you give them what they really want, they will not think of leaving. One of the many convenient means to retain customers is through incentives in the form of gift cards – something you may often notice near a store’s cash registers. A study from US Prepaid has found out that more than half of the consumer population preferred gift cards over other incentive kinds like bonus bucks or coupons. That said, if business owners only study their customers by heart and provide what they really want, it is like giving them an exceptional experience, making room for a more strengthened customer loyalty base.


Here is how you can boost customer loyalty using gift cards:


  1. Gift cards as gift to loyal customers on special occasions


It is mainly about how you take care and value your loyal customers. The good news is gift cards are a great tool that can help you with that while you work within your budget especially if your business is still building its brand. For instance, although you can sell gift cards too, you can also customize your customer loyalty program by giving gift cards to your loyal customers on special occasions like birthday, Christmas, etc. The number of customers in your loyalty program multiplied by the gift card value does not really hurt when compared to giving them regular gifts or fixed discount percentage that can actually cost more.


Even  if it is an online business you own, you can still incorporate gift cards into your loyalty program. All you have to do is make your gift cards access-ready through your website or mobile app. Your customers will surely be pleased knowing that all it takes are a few taps towards an incentive they deserve.


  1. Gift cards in partnership with other companies


To increase customer loyalty, you can work together with other companies that offer complementary product or service to yours. For instance, if you have a jewelery store, you may want to partner with a restaurant and give or sell gift cards that can benefit both businesses. That way, customer loyalty may be doubled as the customer base expands resulting in a win-win for both of the businesses, i.e. increased sales and more discounts for the customers.


Take Merrell and Subaru for example. One day, Subaru presented to sponsor Merrell’s Down and Dirty National Mud and Obstacle Series, offering $100 gift card to every customer of Merrell who wants to take a test drive. It went out to be a successful partnership, driving traffic to both companies while introducing consumers from and to each other.


  1. Gift cards as seasonal gifts


Studies have shown that because receivers are graced with the freedom to choose the item they really want, more and more people are now thrilled over gift cards than with regular gifts. And over the years, business owners have learned to take advantage of this. Oftentimes, gift cards are placed near cash registries as customers tend to simply pick cards up upon checkout.


Gift cards naturally have a personal touch especially when gifted with a handwritten note. This makes it a perfect present especially when one does last-minute gift shopping. Because of it, it is no surprise how more retailers are adding gift cards into their holiday marketing strategies as these naturally boost customer engagement and loyalty. A lot of businesses are even offering gift cards instead of discount coupons for purchases made during holidays or special occasions. If you look at it from afar, you will realize that opting for gift cards make great savings when compared to offering discount percentages as the latter can be pretty costly when a customer has large purchases.


  1.  Gift cards to serve both as a gift and a discount coupon


Gifts in the form of gift cards are heart-warming in nature. What more if these include discount coupons? An extra 15-20% discount if the gift card is used perhaps? A customer who receives that will most likely find it hard to ignore such an offer. That is what many retailers apply nowadays. They make use of gift cards with discount coupons to lure customers to visit the physical store.


  1. Gift cards to lessen tensions in complaints


Many business owners maintain customer loyalty by offering gift cards to disappointed customers – those who encountered issues on the product or the transaction itself. Gift cards make a great token for apology for the inconvenience the incident may have caused. But of course, make sure you still offer a resolution.


  1. Gift cards to boost brand awareness


Marketing campaigns are generally aiming to increase brand awareness but did you know that it can improve customer loyalty base too? Take the company “Sweetgreen” for example. Sweetgreen made use of gift cards in their marketing stunt entitled “Random Acts of Sweetness”. It sent out gift cards to people who showed an act of kindness and even went the extra mile by doing good deeds, putting shower caps over bike seats and attaching a gift card underneath each seat.  


You can actually do the same by gifting gift cards to those who can send photos of themselves using or wearing your product or services.


Gift cards – a must try!


Although gift cards are targeted to sell best during last-minute gift shopping for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions in between, they are also great as occasional gifts too. With a lot of customers wanting excellent brand experience and customer service, making use of gift cards to value loyal customers aside from boosting brand awareness, is definitely a great move. Gift cards may be small in size but these small incentives do wonder in making customers to come back for more.  


No ReGifting Required for Carven Dans Ma Bulle

Happy Valentine’s Day to myself! I am a Carven girl and I am in love with Dans Ma Bulle perfume.  Sophisticated and edgy, this sensual perfume passed my “waft test” with flying colors.  What is the “waft test?” It’s when you walk by someone and they do a u-turn to share how great you smell!  This happened to me not one, but two times the first day I wore Dans Ma Bulle. My coworker even followed me back to my desk so that I could show her where to find it! I mean you can’t go wrong with this perfume that lures you in with top notes of litchi rose, mandarin orange and peony … and then whack ‘em … captures you with its base notes of vanilla, sandalwood and Patchouli!

Carven Dans Ma Bulle can definitely be a staple in your perfume collection. It’s a great scent for busy mothers, college girls, and professional women.

Carven Dans Ma Bulle ($120.00 – Bloomingdales – Fall 2018)


Kate Spade’s In Full Bloom Perfume is a Winner

I just love Kate Spade’s perfume bottle designs.  Even if you do not care for the scent the bottle may serve as a beautiful work of art.  However, Kate Spade In Full Bloom is more than just a pretty bottle … it is in your face bold to the tenth power! If I spray a little perfume on my wrist and the scent gets not one … not two … but FIVE back to back sniffs and an emmmmm, I consider this perfume is a winner. In Full Bloom is a Winner!

In Full Bloom is the perfect name and description of this confident, fresh and scent.  The perfume reminds me of the time I visited St. Louis’s Missouri Botanical Garden while its impressive rose garden was in full bloom. The perfume draws you in to explore its notes of lemon, green tea, peach and lotus flower. This Kate Spade perfume commands and receives attention.  The perfume does lack all day staying power, so you may need to reapply.

Kate Spade New York In Full Bloom ($98 – Ulta.com – Spring 2018)


5 awesome Gifts a New Dad will love

The following is a guest post, and the opinions are those of the author. 

Most new dads are always excited about their new role of parenting. However, the role can be accompanied by fatigue and lack of sleep. Without a proper support system, new dads can easily breakdown. That is why it is crucial for family and friends to shower new dads with gifts once in a while as a way to show them that they are valued. If you are not sure on the kind of gift to offer a friend or relative who just had a baby, then here is a list.

1. Baby carrier

Previously, it would be hard to find a man carrying a baby in a carrier. However, things have changed and it looks super cool to find a dad carrying a baby in a carrier and walking majestically in the mall. As you make a choice on the best carrier to purchase, ensure that it is classy for a man and that it is sturdy enough to offer proper back support. Of course, you don’t want the new dad to start complaining of backaches. The colors should also be neutral so that the dad feels comfortable using it.

2. A Parenting Guide Book

You may think that a new dad has it all together but he is just acting strong. Most likely he does not have a clue about what to do with the baby or even how to support the mother. A book with loads of information regarding babies would be helpful. It should be comprehensive such that he can refer to it whenever he has doubts about anything. It will encourage and also teach the new dad ways of being a supportive husband and a loving dad.

3. Matching T-shirts

A t-shirt with some cool writings such as ‘papa bear’ and ‘baby bear’ would be appreciated by the new dad. Ever stared at a dad carrying a baby along the streets and they are both wearing matching clothes? It is cool, right? If you feel the mom will feel left out, then you can also include one for her. The whole family can get involved with this cool trend – grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, the possibilities are endless! I recently got matching outfits for my niece aged 6 and myself – kids of all ages love matching with a beloved family member!

4. A camera

There is nothing as memorable as having photos and videos of your small baby because it is impossible to go back in time once they are all grown up. Imagine presenting a gift of their childhood photos to your son or daughter when they turn 18 years old – it would be a gift they will treasure forever. A new dad would appreciate a camera so that he can capture memories of his small baby. Besides, most men love cameras and they might end up adopting photography as a new hobby.

5. Baby Stroller

These days it is not only moms who are expected to take babies for a walk. At times the mother needs a break so that she can relax. A stroller would come in handy because even babies calm down when they are taken outside for some sunbathing. Just as it feels good to go out for a walk when you feel stressed, it is the same effect for a small baby who has been crying for the better part of the day. If you are not sure which new gift to offer the newest dad in town, then a stroller would be a good bet.


New dads can feel awkward the first few months before they fully adopt their new roles. As a supportive friend or relative, you can help make them feel better with a great gift. A gift would be appreciated because it reminds them that someone, somewhere cares. Some of the best new gift ideas include a baby stroller, a baby carrier, matching t-shirts, a parenting guide book, and a camera.