Five Reasons to go Fairtrade

Fairtrade is a form of ethical and sustainable production, ensuring that the producer is given a fair price for what they produce.  This means that the communities that are in areas where the produce is grown, or the product has been developed have money going back into the communities, helping to sustain them, giving them a fair price in return for their hard work.

Fairtrade is not just a badge, or a unique selling point, used by companies to tick a box to demonstrate “we care”, it is a symbol that as a company, they are standing up for workers rights, preventing exploitation. As consumers, this would mean that you are supporting such causes and also making a demonstrable statement to less ethical companies that there is a need to consider pursuing such ambition.

The problem is that Fairtrade products are often more expensive than other brands, not necessarily a difference in quality, but the influence and the boost for us as consumers is that we are doing out bit, it demonstrates to other brands that if you do support Fairtrade then so should we.

Whilst Fairtrade doesn’t necessarily mean better quality there are some product categories that by default end up producing some excellent products, the money that gets invested into these communities helps to create and generate improvements in products.  Whilst on occasion these can cost a little more than some of their counterparts, this is wear a little more spending can give you rewards. Most major high street retailer stock Fair Trade produce now.

Coral “Gummies”, Supplements for the Entire Family

My son takes both vitamins and probiotics every morning. I want to make sure his daily needs are met, and I feel that they help him stay healthy, to stave off illness, and improve his overall well being. we recently had the opportunity to try Coral LLC Gummies—he liked both the flavor and texture right off the bat.

            They are available in two varieties: Organic Hawaiian Red Turmeric Gummies for adults, and Natural Calcium Gummies for kids. We only tried the child version, but he liked them (and I tried them as well, they have a “fruit punch” type flavor, and a heavier or thicker gumminess (yeah, maybe not a “real” word, but accurate) then, for instance, a gummy bear type treat.

No resistance to them. I liked the flavor and texture as well- I can’t see kids giving any issue taking them.  They have different supplements in them then some other vitamins, so check them out to see if they might be what you are looking for in your/your child’s diet(s).


3 Health trends that are troublesome in Australia

Health and wellness is a popular topic no matter where you live in the world. Whether it be fitness, mental or emotional health, or even occupational health, the population in 2017 is spending some time and money on their wellness. This article will highlight some of the most pertinent health trends that are troublesome to Australians in 2017.

  1. Back pain. Many experience back pain and it can be a debilitating and life altering injury. Some suffer from back pain due to sports injuries while others may have experienced turmoil to their spine by simply being in a car accident. Regardless of the reasons as to why, unfortunately back pain troubles many Australians. While back pain can decrease one’s ability to function or perform daily activities, there are ways to get help. Surgery is an option as well as chiropractic care or pain relieving medicines. It is best to get your back looked at by a professional so that you can make a plan to correct the pain. Your health and well-being is worth the effort.


  • Gut health. The Gut Foundation in Australia states that “half the population will complain about digestion issues in a 12 month period.” That is a substantial number and one of the main reasons that gastrointestinal healthcare is of critical importance to most Australians these days. Some of the illnesses that are most common include but are not limited to bowel cancer, ulcers, heartburn, diarrhea, or Crohn’s and colitis diseases. There are ways to reverse these ailments or at least minimize their effects. Eating a healthy and nutritious diet while drinking plenty of water is a great way to help your gut repair itself and help your body function to its fullest potential.
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Golden Skin Care Tips for Summer Holiday

Keeping your skin healthy, vibrant, and healthy is always the goal of everybody. The fall season usually brings unexpected changes to the skin. The skin may seem irritated, appear blotchy, break out, or lose moisture. This may result from trees and plants allergens, being in closed-in environs, environmental changes, or new stressful schedules. We have a perfect product for your skin, and we are sure that you will love exposed skin care product for your skin.

If you want to counter imbalances, we advise that you start your protection when winter nears. You need to supply your skin with antioxidants, fats or moisturizers, cell regenerative, and anti-inflammatory nutrients. A diet that is rich in these properties needs to be your starting point. Olive oil, salmon, dark berries, and several colorful foods, known as the rainbow diet, will give your skin and body the much-needed nutrition.

Summer is the time when you have to list the places that you will be visiting. Going to the beach is not an exception. Many people enjoy going to the beach during the summer. People love going to the beaches for swimming, sunbathing, surfing, and much more activities. Summers offer different great things. Since many people look forward to this holiday, it is time to show up in your best appearance by leaving behind long sleeves and long coats in the wardrobe. It is time to use tank tops and shorts. For sure, it is nice to put on these clothes to show case fashion, but wait, you need to sit back and think of holiday skin care because you will love our exposed skin care remedy.

Since the sun shines the brightest during summer, there is need to start getting worried about your skin. Therefore, you need to spend some time to read through our skin tips for the summer. It is prudent to wear some UV protection during summer and choosing our products will make sure that you achieve your summer aspirations. You will finish your holiday, go back to the office with your skin looking healthy and shiny.

The thing you should do is simple, besides applying a body lotion, you need to use our skin care protection products that will help you spend the whole day at the beach with healthy skin. The ingredients found in our exposed skin care products cause it to have a strong effect on the skin. Additionally, it is advisable to drink a lot of water during the day. Water is crucial for the skin as it prevents dehydration.

Babytime! Sunny Sunscreen

Now that it’s getting warmer across the country, the urge to get outside with your family and enjoy the sunshine has most likely set in. For parents of young children this can be a tricky situation because of the need for sunscreen, but you don’t want to subject your children to harsh chemicals and sprays or lotions you can smell from miles away. Babytime! makes Sunny Sunscreen, which is a light-weight, non-greasy and unscented lotion that provides up to 80 minutes of water-resistant protection. The sunscreen is doctor developed and is mild enough to use on a baby, but strong enough to use on an adult. Sunny Sunscreen is enriched with green tea and aloe to keep your skin cool, while the safe minerals, found in the product, work to protect you from UVA/UVB rays. Babytime! is the only U.S. formulations currently on the market that contain probiotics to enhance skin immunity with every use.

5 Tips to choosing an alkaline water machine that’s right for your budget

Alkaline water machine or better known as a water ionizer is a home appliance that raises the pH level of drinking water by using electrolysis to separate the incoming water into acidic and alkaline components. It is the best way to filter water and get rid of all impurities. Thanks to this modern water filtration system, we can now clean our drinking waters at a microscopic level and make them healthier. Alkaline water machines have started to become popular in the market. You can use it for business or personal purposes. Whatever your reason is you can be assured that the water you drink is as safe as a mother’s breast milk. Since this new technology is new to us, a lot of prospect buyers get confused on choosing the right alkaline water machine for them. Some are even discouraged to buy because it can drain a lot of cash. This article will give you some advice on how to choose the affordable alkaline water machine that is perfect for your budget.


  1. Hire a professional to test your water source


Testing your water source is a great way to determine how much filtration you need and how many. You might think that this is a waste of money but by testing your waters you will find out how many chloroform, chlorine and other organic chemicals are in your tap water and with this information, the professionals can give you advice on what kind of filter system you need. It will save you money instead of spending more on trying to figure out the right filters you need for your alkaline water machine.

5 Ironclad Tips for Getting in Shape

The hardest part of getting in shape is simple when you boil it all the way down: it’s all about forming new habits. From eating the right portion sizes, to working out 3-4 days per week, once you write down the process and work towards the goal, you’ll find it easier than you imagined it to be.

The scheduling part is crucial, so it’s a good thing you start with this. It’s all about preparation; by shopping for healthy foods and buying yoga pants or custom athletic leggings, you make the idea tangible, and put yourself in a position for success.

You Fitness Schedule

This can consist of several things, all wrapped up into one – the important thing is that you actually make a schedule. By establishing a timeline, you hold yourself accountable. Signing up at the local gym is your best bet; but if you don’t have or want to spend the money, home workouts are just as good for getting you in shape.

Also, by teaming up with a buddy, you turn your fitness plans into an event and make it even more likely that you’ll stick to your workouts. The other person will go a long way into upping the accountability factor, as well. Another benefit to going to the gym is that the money you’re paying serves as an additional incentive.

Keep Your Workouts Simple to Start

3 Ways that stem cells can be used to treat disease

  1.     Repair damaged tissue. One of the most common ways that stem cell treatment is used in disease is in cancer patients. Most cancer patients undergo high dose chemotherapy and radiation. These treatments are very useful to decrease tumor size or burden. However, chemotherapeutic agents are also known to harm the patient’s existing bone marrow, which is responsible for making blood cells in the body. With the use of a stem cell transplant (or bone marrow transplant) doctors can replace the bone marrow or stem cells lost during chemotherapy treatment. Additionally, stem cells hold a great amount of potential to help cure or treat other diseases. Because stem cells could potentially be programmed into a specific, differentiated cell type, stem cells could be used to replace damaged cells in other types of diseases. Ongoing studies are being performed to determine if stem cells could replace damaged cells in heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and many others.
  2.     Reduce inflammation. Another useful property of stem cells is their ability to naturally suppress the immune response. This makes them potentially useful in the treatment of inflammatory diseases and clinical trials are being performed to study their effects in diseases such as arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, inflammatory airway disease, multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases. Inflammatory diseases are currently treated with immune suppressive, anti-inflammatory drugs, which only work temporarily to reduce pain and inflammation. They can also have adverse side effects due to non-specific inhibition of the immune system. The interesting thing about certain types of stem cells (mesenchymal stem cells, MSCs) is that they specially locate to the inflamed region of the body to exert anti-inflammatory effects without affecting the overall immune system. One recent study found that MSCs could produce significant reduction in inflammatory proteins without long-term side effects.
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