Couples Massage at Elements Massage in Irvine Ca.

You have heard about a couples massage. The topic comes up around the Holidays and Valentines as a great gift idea, which it is! There is no reason though to wait for a special occasion to enjoy this bonding experience. A couples massage can be a regular occurrence that helps you relax, enjoy each others company, and feel closer. Because there is nothing better than sharing the blissed out feeling you have leaving a great massage with your partner.

Elements Massage is an excellent choice to embrace the couples massage. They have a room specifically for side by side massages which is intimate without being claustrophobic. A relaxing, airy space for you to enjoy you choice of massage, which is customizable for each person. You can choose from Swedish Massage, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and Aromatherapy.

I enjoyed the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. This massage incorporates thermal therapy and salt therapies through the stones enhancing the experience. My partner chose the Deep Tissue Massage to deal with shoulder issues, a therapeutic massage to really go deep and help get him back in balance. The whole process was perfect. Lovely setting, the staff was delightful, and the massages exactly what each of us was looking for.

10 Signs of Alzheimer’s You Shouldn’t Ignore

Alzheimer’s disease is known to disrupt life but can gradually develop over time. Each person is different with the signs and symptoms that they experience as they age. If you’re concerned about your health, there are a few signs of Alzheimer’s that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Difficulty Speaking or Writing

You may begin to have problems speaking or writing, which can make it difficult to maintain your responsibilities in the workplace. It can also become more challenging to join in on the conversation with your family members or friends due to a lack of finding the right words to say while communicating.

2. Changes in Mood

Although you may be a happy and joyful person, it’s common for many people to become anxious, fearful, or depressed once they develop Alzheimer’s. You may also find yourself becoming more confused and have difficulty thinking clearly. Mood changes are more common when you’re out of your comfort zone, which is often in public settings that are new or unfamiliar.

3. Losing Items

From your keys to a book you’re reading, it’s common to begin misplacing and losing items that are frequently used. Many people have difficulty remembering their last steps, which can cause the individual to accuse other people of stealing the personal belongings.

4. Poor Judgment

Responsible adults who begin to suffer from Alzheimer’s can start to have poor judgment with their decisions that they make each day. Family members may notice that the individual gives large amounts of money away to a salesman or overspends at the grocery store. It’s also common for the adult to have a lack of grooming, which can include forgetting to bathe or not brushing their hair.

5. A Lack of Social Activities

Adults who once had an active social life and enjoyed a long list of hobbies can become more reserved and spend most of their time in isolation. Alzheimer’s is known for causing adults to have difficulty maintaining hobbies or sports that they once enjoyed. Due to their lack of mental clarity, it can also make it challenging for them to maintain their relationships and spend time with loved ones.

People Most Likely to Get the Holiday Blues

With the holidays upon us it’s easy for us to get caught up in the rush of it all. While we may be cooking, shopping, enjoying holiday events there are others, many of whom are in our very own circles, having a tougher time. Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a NYC based licensed clinical psychologist, teaching faculty member at the prestigious Columbia University Teacher’s College and the founder and Clinical Director of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services, reveals who are most likely to have the holiday blues and how we can help them make it through.

  1. The newly divorced or widowed.

Loss is a sad, life-changing event at any time of the year.  However, it tends to be harder when everyone around you is joyful celebrating the holiday’s and you feel it’s an effort to get out of bed.  If someone in your circles is going through a major loss and life transition be supportive and understanding. “They are grieving and mourning and are especially sensitive around the holidays. It’s important that they feel included but don’t be offended if they choose to opt out of certain events,” advises Dr. Hafeez. She suggests checking in and offering them the option to participate in whatever they want, when they want. Love them through it.

  1. The busy entrepreneur.

The holidays could be stressful for small business owners because so much rides on the end of year. They may be fretting over their profits (or lack thereof), the goals they didn’t reach, and the many things still to do. They feel overwhelmed and when they are expected to shop, entertain and be present for their families, they may be short tempered and anxious. “The best way to help the busy entrepreneur is to make their life easier in any way possible. If they can’t make it to a family dinner, tell them your door is open for dessert. Oftentimes they feel guilty and obligated which only adds to their frustration,” explains Dr. Hafeez. Also consider that these worker-bees are conflicted. When they are working they miss their families and when they are with family they are thinking of work.



  1.   The Pouch of Douglas


The pouch of douglas is an area located between the rectum and the posterior wall of the uterus. It is a long and narrow structure that is found in the lower portion of the peritoneal cavity, and its function is to drain the fluids from the cavity. During the menstrual cycle, some fluid collects in the pouch, but it dissipates spontaneously so it holds no health hazards. Sometimes though, there may be a collection of fluid above the normal volume, and it may indicate these problems:

  •    Ruptured ovarian cyst

Fluid collected may have been as a result of the rupture of an ovarian cyst, a small fluid-filled sac, resulting in the accumulation of fluid within the pouch. It normally requires surgery to remove.

  •    Peritonitis

This is caused by a collection of pus leading to inflammation of the peritoneum. It may result from a bacterial infection (Primary peritonitis), from a perforation in the abdomen (Secondary peritonitis), or from a recurring infection (Tertiary peritonitis).

  •    Pelvic Abscess

It is usually caused by pelvic inflammatory diseases. With this condition, pus accumulation is seen originating from a genital tract infection from earlier on.

  •    Endometriosis

When endometriosis is found in the pouch of Douglas, the patient may experience pain during sexual intercourse. Severe cases of endometriosis are characterized by an obliteration of the pouch of Douglas, as well as the presence of chocolate cysts upon laparoscopy.

The 5 most common eye problems and ways to remedy them fast

Sight is one of the top senses of any living being and eyes have to be treated with care. Eye problems might occur anytime. It is important to know some of the most common eye problems and how to treat them. Here’s a list of the top five.

1. Blepharitis

Blepharitis is an eye condition that involves the inflammation of the eyelids. The eyes of the patients are usually itchy. The sclera (white part of the eye) become red and vision is distorted. The skin around the eyes starts to flake. Causes of blepharitis include bacteria, dust mites, eczema or dry eye syndrome (DES)

Treatment involves prescribed eye drops and maintaining clean eyes and eyelids. One can get in touch with a specialist for further diagnosis.

2. Cataracts

Cataracts result from the formation of a mass that forms in front of the eye, making the eyes cloudy. The mass forms slowly and the eye problem can take years before it’s detected. In some cases, the mass stays small and doesn’t result in any eye problems.

Very few symptoms can be detected and they include not being able to see well since light cannot get through to the retina. Cataracts may appear in one or both eyes, though in most cases, they normally appear in both at different times.

They are common in elderly people and can cause blindness if they are not properly treated. Treatment involves a surgery to remove cataracts.

Mouth Watchers Toothbrush

You hear the loud buzz of your alarm – time to rise and shine. Face washed? Check. Shaved? Check. What about your teeth? While the first thing you do when you get up might be brushing those pearly whites, it might be time to change up your tool. Make your mornings brighter with MouthWatchers®, the leading toothbrush for better health.

As we transition into a new season, shake up your routine with a bathroom essential that will brighten your smile and keep your mouth healthy. Learn why more people are starting their day with Mouth Watchers®:

Precision Sports Performance Hosts 2nd Annual Burn The Bird Day Event Proceeds Donated to Diva for a Day Foundation

 The 2nd annual “Burn the Bird” is back. Precision Sports Performance (PSP), the leaders in strength and conditioning training, invite teens and adults on Black Friday to come sweat out the calories on Friday, November 24 at 50 Williams Parkway, East Hanover, NJ. Many don’t realize that an average Thanksgiving plate has 4,500 calories. To help you get back on your fitness track, PSP will be offering three morning fitness classes; 8:30 a.m.9:45 a.m., and 11:00 a.m. All three classes will be taught by a licensed PSP coach.


The day will feature two of PSP’s most popular PrecisionSquad classes which encompasses a high-intestacy, boot-camp style workout aimed to improve strength, cardio, flexibility, agility and endurance. The PSP Power workout (offered at 8:30 a.m. and at 11:00 a.m.) is a one-stop-body-shock fitness program broken into three sections: weight training, core activation and conditioning. The PSP Peak workout (offered at 9:45 a.m.) is a dance-inspired, full body athletic based program that focuses on moves that sports-inspired exercises set to music. Each 55-minute class is offered to both teens and adults (16 and older).


Attendees will receive a PSP branded t-shirt at the completion of their PrecisionSquad class. Additional Black Friday promotions will include:

  • A 60-minute PSP Therapeutic Massage will be available to purchase for $60 (originally $105). Up to five massages can be purchased, and must be used by May 2018.
  • (more…)

What is lurking in tap water, and how can you make it safe to drink?

Failing to drink enough water can have serious detrimental effects on your body. This is why it’s so important to make sure that you have access to plenty of this vital fluid. But, you also need to make sure that the water you are drinking is clean and fresh.

You may have seen a drinking fountain or water bubbler, in the office block where you work. These devices are there for a reason. They help to ensure that everyone has access to water that tastes good and is safe to drink.

    1. Why is the water from the tap not good enough?

Many people do drink water straight from the tap, but it’s not the best thing to do. When you see what can be present in tap water, you can understand why.

  • Chlorine that is used to treat the water at the water treatment plant.

  • Dirt that collects in the water as it’s pumped to your home.

  • Pesticides and other additives that can get into the water as it travels along water pipes, on its way to your domestic water supply.

Do you really want to drink any of these things? The good news is that there is a way of making sure you get only clean water in the glass that you fill.