Gaiam- it’s yoga-riffic!

Ah, we all know I love yoga. There is nothing that compares! I love to do yoga right before bedtime, so I am relaxed and to get all my tension out. I love my weekly yoga class, because I know I won’t be interrupted!
My very first mat was from Gaiam. You can say it hold a special place in my heart, LOL. Kind of like a first love. I definitely think of Gaiam when I think of yoga.
So! Ready to begin a New Year, New YOU? This is a great way to get not only the body you want, but to also relax your mind and body as well. And yoga is an instant attitude adjustment- your body and your mind will become more flexible, LOL.

The Tree of Life Yoga Kit is a great set for beginners. It has everything you need to begin your yoga practice! (Not to mention it’s just pretty!)
“Get ready to go to class in style with our light-tack, textured non-slip mat that is latex-free. Lightweight and durable. 68″L x 24″W. Taiwan. The richly detailed embroidered tote is 30