New amiibo From Nintendo

Disclosure- we received the below in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are out own and honest.  My son is a Nintendo Kid Reviewer.

12-21-14 cannon product 015

Brand new and just in time for the holiday season are Nintendo’s new amiibo (Wii U compatible). The best part about these video game figurines is that you don’t need to buy a portal or system upgrade to use them- just the figurines.  This cuts the cost and makes them more accessible to everyone. Buy only the ones you want, customize them in the games, and interact the way you want to.  This is new experience for Nintendo fans in the game play and toys coming to life area, joining the likes of Skylanders and Disney Infinity.  These amiibo characters are ONLY Nintendo, and they interact with Wii U games and across multiple games (like the relatively new Super Smash Brothers).  The figures retail for about $15 each, and you can collect many of your favorite characters now.
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Win Betty Crocker Gift Basket

If you are ready to get your holiday baking on, you know you need some Betty Crocker.  We love to bake, and we create some great memories together while cooking in the kitchen as well.

pic4The Betty Crocker crew has created a basket filled with baking goodies. The basket (image attached) includes:

  • Kitchen tablet stand
  • Betty Crocker™ Mixing Spoon
  • Betty Crocker™ Oven Mitt
  • “Get Your Betty On” Apron
  • Gingerbread Cookie Cutter
  • Betty Crocker™ Sugar Cookie Mix
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Win Sonic Boom for 3DS or Wii U


Sonic Boom is speeding its way onto the scene with a brand new CGI show on Cartoon Network, two new distinct games, and a full line of TOMY toys. There aren’t many characters that speak to mom, dad and kids but with almost 25 years of history, Sonic the Hedgehog is one of them!

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric exclusively for the Wii U system, is an original game developed by Southern California based studio Big Red Button Entertainment in collaboration with Sonic Team and its head Takashi Iizuka. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric finds Sonic and his friends Tails, Knuckles, and Amy as they release a powerful snake-like villain named Lyric from an ancient tomb sealed deep within an island. The group must put aside their differences and work together as a team to save the world from Lyric’s evil plan and his army of war mongering robots!
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Skylanders Trap Team

Disclosure- We received the below in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own and honest.

Skylanders are here again?  Still? Either way the new Trap Team game is a blast to play.  Not only for adults but also for kids.  This is one of those games that will bring parents and children together in the same game with the same goals and game play.  The controls are simple, jump, attack, explore, with special powers unlocked the more you play.  Trap Team takes this familiar game play of the previous Skylanders games and adds a new element, the traps.  Traps come in many different types all of which can be used to capture enemies in the game and change them into your own playable characters.  This includes for the first time Kaos himself.  This element doesn’t sound like much to the uninitiated but it is actually great fun with added sound effects and voices which come from the portla itself as your new conquests are sucked into the trap crystal.
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Jan Marini Holiday Skin Exfoliators

This holiday season, get skincare into the spirit – add a little sugar and spice with Jan Marini Skin Research’s (JMSR) limited edition Holiday Exfoliator in Cranberry Orange and Sugar Cookie.  This exfoliant is softer then most are, it doesn’t have the “scratchy-ness” that many of them do.  The scent is not at all overpowering- in fact, there is little smell until you are in the shower, actually using it. It’s sort of s strange consistency- my son called it “peanut butter”, but it worked well and had a great aroma that lingered on the skin for quite a while.

pic4 This uniquely designed scrub eliminates harsh abrasives to gently and safely scrub and resurface the skin.  The popular, clinical-strength resurfacer that immediately refines texture, leaving skin with a radiant, polished glow has two new scents for the season.
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Febreze Air Purifiers – Get one Before Your Next Gathering

Disclosure-  We received a copy of the below in order to facilitate this review. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

It is now closed window season.  The time of year when fresh cold air can stay outside for a little while.  Long gone are the days of cracking the window a bit to let some fresh air in.  So what are you to do when you just need to air out the house a bit?  Why not an air purifier from Febreze.  From the makers of wonderful fresh scents, comes a new spin an air cleaner and scent releaser.

pic4The Febreze air purifier line contains three simple yet needed characteristics: Powerful Air cleaning, Odor Elimination and Freshening with Febreze Scent.

Power Air Cleaning is done by capturing up to 99% of airborne pollutants including dust, pet dander, pollen, and smoke as small as 2 microns.  Giving the air a clean fresh feeling.

Odor Elimination is done through a four step process- dirty stale air is pulled in using a strong fan.  A special dual action filter  traps household odor and larger airborne particles like pet hair and dust.  After passing through the dual action filter, the next step is a HEPA-Type filter which catches up to 99% of the microscopic particles in the air.  Finally, the fresh Febreze scent is added to the air in the form of linen and sky scent, leaving the filter cleaner, fresher and scented. As of now there are various strengths and sizes of Febreze air purifiers, including tower sized air purifiers which retail for $94.99, to the mini tower at $74.99, and tabletop at $64.99.  Each works well at its job- cleaning the air we breathe.
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Build a Bear for the Holidays

Disclosure- We received the below in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are our own and honest.

superman teddy bearSuperman Bear is now available at Build A Bear.  It is approximately 18 inches tall, just perfect for carrying around (which is exactly what my son loves to do). He loves him not only because he is a fan of all things superhero, but also because SuperBear (or Superman Bear) is easy to bring with him.  There are several other “supers” available as well, like Spiderman and Batman Bears.

build a bearAs with all Build A Bear plush, Superman Bear is well put together, and as snuggly and soft as you want him to be. He is one of the Special Edition plush at Build A Bear. Your child can also build the other “super” bears and include their own costumes- as well as include your special personal love and care as you build them. Also available at Build A Bear are all the accessories you’d expect your pink buddy to have, like a surf board and even a grass skirt and lei if you really miss the summertime, ha.  You can also have any bear or animal of your choice shipped to someone you love- choose the character, then choose the outfit and accessories, and send away!  It will come in this cute little box, all wrapped up for them.
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American Girl Isabelle Doll – Must have Gift for Girls

Disclosure: The Isabelle American Girl Doll mentioned below was provided for me in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.

My girls absolutely love babies and dolls. They have always been big fans of babies but are now truly starting to love the big girl dolls. They have been a fan of the American Girl Dolls for awhile, but nothing can tell you about the excitement level in my house when they opened up their Isabelle Doll from American Girl.

About American Girl:

At American Girl, they celebrate girls and all that they can be. That’s why they develop products and experiences that help girls grow up in a wholesome way, while encouraging them to enjoy girlhood through fun and enchanting play.

They have a wide variety of products that they offer which include:

  • American Girl Characters
  • My American Girl dolls
  • Bitty Baby
  • American Girl magazine
  • American Girl Retail Stores
  • Books
  • e-books

They hope that their stories, characters, and more speak to girls everywhere, helping them become all that they can be.


About Isabelle Doll:

Meet Isabelle, the 2014 Girl of the Year. She’s an inspired dancer who discovers her own way to shine. The 18″ Isabelle doll has sparkling hazel eyes that open and close, and long blond hair styled in double twists for dance class. Your girl can even add a pop of color with special pink-tipped highlights that she can attach to Isabelle’s hair.

Isabelle comes with:

  • A sequined coral tee–a glittery ballerina graphic
  • Metallic denim pants with knit cuffs
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