Toys From Burlington and a Giveaway

gift guideIt’s about that time of year- you know.  Shopping time. “The Holiday Season”.  Time to make the lists, check it twice, and make sure you deliver your child’s wish list in time for the big day.  One good place to check out is Burlington.  While you might think it’s just the best place to go to for coats and jackets for the whole family, they actually offer a lot more.

pic1Burlington offers style for everyone at up to 65% off department store prices every day. With three times as many gifts in store than in years past, there are plenty of great toys at the right price this holiday season for the children in your life, ranging from Frozen-themed toys to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures and more.
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Pokemon Art Academy

Pokemon is an ever evolving universe of characters. The most recent addition has the player take on the role of an artist going to the Pokemon Art Academy. As such the player learns how to use various methods and tools to make beautiful poke-art.


As a young artist enrolled in Pokemon Art Academy, players learn from Professor Andy to draw some of their favorite Pokemon. In lessons which get harder and harder progressing from simple shape design and coloring to shading and blending users go from basic drawing to full color shaded Pokemon in all their glory. The Pokemon come from all the known regions so your favorite is probably involved, Little Man loves drawing Pikachu and the little critter is there. There are also various tolls at your disposal as an artist from pencils to paint brushes the possibilities for the artwork is only held back by your child’s imagination. The lessons involved show step by step how to create wonderful works of art which can then be practiced in free mode which lets players draw anything they wish. The drawings themselves can be posted to the Miiverse.
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Belfry’s Christmas Gift – Children’s Book

If you are looking for a sweet book to add to your Christmas collection this year, Let me suggest “Belfry‘s Christmas Gift“, the second book in the ‘Tales of Little Overhill’ series. Written by Mike Joens, this adorable tale revolves around Belfry, a cute woodland animal who is trying to think of the perfect gift to give to Theo for Christmas.  Along the way, he comes across the village curmudgeon, who he tries to befriend.

According to my son (7 years old), he says that in the book, “it shows just because you look mean on the outside, doesn’t mean that you are really a bad guy.  And God loves you how you are, no matter what.”

Belfry’s Christmas Gift is a really great book for kids of all ages, to tell the true meaning of Christmas.  The book is also fun for them to hear, and the animals are always a good touch for children (what child doesn’t love animals?).  The book is beautifully illustrated by Len Simon, with the images and expressions just right for kids.  The animals are cute and cuddly (well, most of them!) and the scenery is pretty- we all know that we are visual creatures, and that the illustrations for kids especially are nearly as important as the story to keep them interested.  They will love both the pictures and the story here, and it’s available now in time for the holidays for just under $15.
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Mario Kart 7

And now, for a timely Mario Kart 7 review. Sure this review is taking place after Mario Kart 8, but something to keep in mind is that this is the 3DS’s Mario Kart, not the Wii U. So instead of huge races with tons of characters red shelling each other, you have tight turns and blood thirsty Princesses on your morning train ride.

20140919_171459Nintendo have made a new Mario Kart for every console and one of their most recent is Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS. This game sports more tracks, easy multiplayer over the internet, and a bunch of characters to zip around tracks with. As an avid Mario Kart fan, but not a very good racer, I thoroughly enjoy Mario Kart with every iteration. The fun, light hearted racing can go from item using fun at break neck speeds to nail biting close finishes in a matter of moments. Never in any series of games have I cursed so many times at so many cute characters.
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LeapTV – Learning With Video Games

Disclosure- I revived the below in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own and honest.

LeapTV is the newest gaming console by LeapFrog. This console differs greatly from its bigger counter parts, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, in quite a few areas but most of all the LeapTv is geared toward little ones and learning. With fun characters and fun new ways to interact with them, learning is much less of a chore and much more a fun game time.

kids gaming systemLeapFrog have been making educational based games for years now and their most recent gaming console the LeapTV brings them a step further into the future. The console features three forms of input body motion, so that the kids can see themselves on TV moving around.  This is best for sports games where the user can block the soccer ball or kick a ball for examples. The second is turn, move, and twist the controller- this is much like other motion controllers, but it also includes twist capabilities which is perfect for puzzle solving or moving a character on the screen. The last way to input with the system is a classic controller, perfect for those who enjoy old school input, great for platforming games which have been classically played with a d0pad and buttons. An interesting fact about the controller is that the motion sensing and classic controller are the same controller, just in a different configuration.  Once your child is accustomed to using on controller they are used to both of them.
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Van Gogh Vodkas – The Perfect Holiday Drink

When you think of the word Van Gogh, the average person thinks of a work of art. Some know a few paintings, some may not, but all know he was an artist and a master at that. When you hear of Van Gogh vodka similar thoughts occur- artistic and special vodkas for those special occasions when only the best will do.

11 04 14 products 007Van Gogh are constantly updating their flavor,s and two of these perfect flavors are Double Espresso Vodka and Rich Dark Chocolate both of which are perfect for dessert drinks. Also these are perfect for when you want something a bit more than a coffee or a glass of milk but want a splash of something extra. The Double Expresso makes form mouthwatering adult milk shakes while the rich dark chocolate complements a rich coffee quite well. Another easy way to prepare a simple drink with these vodkas is on the rocks or with a touch of club soda. Both of which let the drinker appreciate the complexity of the flavor of the vodka without the alcohol punch. Below are a few more ideas for Van Gogh vodka recipes. Enjoy.
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Pillow Pets New Mystical Styles

gift guide

Disclosure- I received the below  in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and honest. Please see “Disclose” tab for more info.

Who doesn’t love Pillow Pets? They have so much more to their line now then the original pillow pets, like new slippers, sweatshirts, blankets, and more. Hey, ANYTHING that will make sleep seem like fun is groovy with me. Need something to keep your little ones in their own bed? Do you need a travel buddy for the car, plane, and hotel? Try Pillow Pets, they make sleep time fun and encourage little ones to get to bed.

new pillow petsHere is what Pillow Pets has to say;

“Since 2003, My Pillow Pets have been bringing smiles to faces of all ages. The concept for the snuggly companions was the brainchild of a San Diego-based mother of two, who had grown tired of picking up stuffed animals strewn about her children’s rooms. What began with the simple goal of transforming a traditional stuffed animal into a functional item for children has grown into an amazing jungle of popular products.
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Need Winter Boots? Quick, Head to Stride Rite!

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Disclosure- I received the below  in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and honest. Please see “Disclose” tab for more info.

stride riteWe all know that with winter upon us, snow will follow (and for some, it has already started).  You don’t want your little ones to be without snow boots when the time comes, so if you haven’t yet, grab a pair.  We just got these Merrell Snowbank Waterproof Boots from Stride Rite, and my son says they are super warm.

While we have not had the chance to test them in the snow yet (thankfully) we did try them in the rain, and his feet stayed dry.  I also like the way they look- very cute.

stride rite bootsA bit more info on the shoes-

“The kid’s Snowbank mixes function and fashion. The elastic cord and lock lacing system offer a secure fit and cool look. This boot is great for winter weather because it features M-Select DRY and M-Select WARM to keep his feet comfy, cozy and away from moisture.”
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