Christmas Pics!

making cookies for Santa!

How was your Christmas?

So, how was your day?
We went to my mom’s Christmas Eve’s, and my dad’s Christmas Day.  Had to see everyone, LOL.
The kids are nuts, and now it is snowing like crazy!  I’m actually hoping for a “snow day” tomorrow- come on, snow!  It’s going crazy out there!  ALMOST a white Christmas.

Do you have super cute pics?
I’m going to have to upload mine, but in the meantime, if you have any you’d like to share, feel free to post them to HSWT’s Facebook Page, or post a link to your post containing them or to your Holiday Post, and I will post them tomorrow.  If you don’t blog and don’t have a Facebook but still want to share, shoot me an email  🙂
And I’m off to upload, LOL…..
Have a great day!

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

Hope Santa was good to ya’ll!
Have a great day with friends and family, with your church, [Read more…]

Merry Christmas!

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas. If you are not celebrating this holiday, then I hope that you have a peaceful night 🙂

Peace and love to you all, thanks for [Read more…]

Happy Hanukkah!

For our Jewish Readers-
Wishing you and yours a Happy Hanukkah!
Have a wonderful Holiday!

Just a thought….

Just a thought.
Another week begins. The holidays are coming ever closer, and time is crushing down on us. Time to shop, time to cook, time to see the kid’s Holiday Show, concert, religious play, (and oh yes, make or find the costumes!) , bake the cookies, have the party, send the cards, etc. (Let’s not forget the daily grind of everyday life and all of it’s necessities, as well!) Blah blah. No thanks! Yes, I will do all those things, but when I am good and ready. I have been talking to so many people who are FREAKING out right now- and I understand why, but this is supposed to be fun. And if it’s not? Don’t do it. You will live, and so will your kid, if you miss a parade or a party or you are not in 3 plays. Don’t turn into a Mom-Zilla. The holidays can really suck the life out of you if you let them, so don’t let them. People might get mad at me all the time- but I really don’t care. Sorry! I do 90% of the things thrown at me, and do it with a smile. I’m a good mom, I work hard, I get good grades, I volunteer, I help with family, church, etc- But I just don’t have the time for the other 10%, so they and God will just have to forgive me for being a human. I confess, I can only do so much. And I am not going to cry about not being able to do more. I am at peace with my mortal soul, LOL. In the words of a famous sailor- “I am’s what I am’s and that’s all that I am’s”. You said it, Mister!
Hang in there, Ladies (and gentlemen!), and remember- it’s OK to say No. (Really!)
Love to you and yours,

Funny Bunny…

So, I am here, thinking about Christmas…OK, early.  I know.
Have you guys started shopping yet?
I have.
(These are our rabbits and Frosty, LOL..)

Thanks for being so nice yesterday  🙂
I have a feeling it is going to be “one of those weeks”….
Oh well, what can I do.  I just have to go with it, and try to make the best of it.

How is your week going, bloggy buddies?