Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom


Does your bedroom currently look a little tired and lifeless, lacking personality while not utilizing the space as best as possible? If the answer is yes then do not fret – you’re not alone in your situation, as many people fail to put any effort into creating the perfect bedroom space that can promote rest and relaxation in the most functional and attractive manner. Fortunately, however, it’s easier than ever to totally transform your bedroom to something that you would never have previously imagined you could achieve, following just a few simple steps to upgrade your surroundings like never before. So, if you would like to find out more about how you can take your bedroom to a whole new level, then read on to uncover some of the most innovative ideas that you can pursue today.

Use Functional Storage Space 

One of the worst decisions that you can make inside your bedroom is to fill it with storage from wall to wall, as you simply do not need endless wardrobes, drawers and cabinets when there are so many other space saving options to explore. The best and most functional storage idea that you should always aim to pursue inside your bedroom is a set of built in wardrobes, as they’ll be specially designed to fit flush inside whatever space you have spare inside your bedroom. This means you’ll have far more room to play with elsewhere, leaving you open to explore a number of possibilities as a result of your newfound space! Good quality built in wardrobes take everything into consideration, including maintaining drawers for smaller items as well as specialist shoe storage to keep your shoes organized and tidy. Even your makeup can benefit from a storage upgrade, as leaving your products strewn across your vanity unit is going to look messy and tacky to say the very least. Professional makeup bags and boxes can look extremely smart and even help you to save time during your morning routine, so this is definitely something you should explore to upgrade your bedroom. 

Switch Out Your Fabrics 

A brilliantly affordable way to totally transform your bedroom in record time is by switching out the fabrics. Fabric items including your duvet covers, throws, rugs and curtains or blinds contribute massively toward the overall look and feel of your bedroom, and they’re so easy to remove and replace in just a few minutes’ time. It’s going to be much more difficult (and expensive) to start painting walls and redecorating to such a degree, so it’s far simpler to switch out your fabrics instead. Finding a set can be a brilliant option, as this way you can match your curtains and bedsheets to maintain an aesthetically pleasing theme throughout your room. You’ll be surprised at just how much difference a new rug can make, so there’s no time like the present to seek out alternative fabric options that you can use to transform your bedroom today. 

Upgrading your bedroom has never been so achievable.

Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

Making mistakes in your bathroom remodel can derail your plans. Creating a new bathroom is exciting, but you want to get it right, so you can avoid expensive mistakes. To help your bathroom remodel to run smoothly, use these tips to avoid the most common mistakes that people make in bathroom renovation projects.

Going Over Budget

To avoid going over budget in your bathroom remodeling project, you need to research. Most people don’t do enough research into the different brands and products to assess the best combination of what they like and what they can actually afford. The price points for things like plumbing fixtures, tiles, vanities, and light fixtures can vary a lot by materials and brand. 

Remember that remodeling your bathroom could also include quite a lot of unforeseen costs. As a general rule of thumb, once you have been given a quote for your new bathroom, you should add on 20% to the budget, just in case of unplanned costs. 

Failing To Properly Compare Estimates

When you are getting estimates for a remodel, it might be very tempting to go with the cheapest option, but this should not be the only thing you base your choice on. You should also make sure you compare the details. 

Price shouldn’t be the only factor when you are hiring a contractor. Ask your friends and family who have completed similar projects for recommendations. Check these recommendations to see how long they have been in business, and what kind of reviews they have online. Trust your gut too. If you like your contractor, you will have a much more pleasant experience, even if this means having to pay a little more. 

If the quotes that you get are really different, look carefully at the details. Sometimes something might have been missed off, which could be the reason for the big price difference. It can be easier to compare your estimates in a spreadsheet. 

Cramming Too Much In

It might be tempting to choose every fixture and fitting that fits your idea of the dream bathroom, but you need to keep the size of your bathroom in mind too. 

A lot of people make the mistake when they’re redesigning the bathroom of trying to cram much too much stuff into a small space. This can run the risk of violating building codes, but it can also make your bathroom uncomfortable and annoying to use too. 

Know the dimensions of the different elements that you want to include in the room. It’s a common mistake to choose bathroom fixtures and features that are too large for the room. 

Neglecting Ventilation Requirements

Bathrooms get humid, so you need to create adequate ventilation. A lot of people get it wrong when they do this. It’s very important to choose a fan for the bathroom that is going to be big enough for the space, as humidity can get trapped in the room, which can then lead to mold and mildew building up over time.

Repair Appliances – Tips You Need To Learn Now

dirty dishes

Today we all rely heavily on the appliances in our homes. They add comfort and productivity to our lives, and when one of them doesn’t work properly that can cause a considerable amount of stress. Appliances are normally taken for granted, and only given attention when they start to break down. The repairs after a significant appliance failure can be very expensive and many times they can be prevented entirely by ensuring you are performing regular maintenance on your appliances and serving your appliances consistently.

Maintaining appliances regularly improves their efficiency

Appliances that aren’t regularly maintained tend to work harder than they need to, burning more electricity or gas in the house. Many homeowners invest in dryers to help prepare clothing, bedding and other items for everyday use. However, there are a host of problems that can afflict your dryer over time, from a broken dryer drum to a malfunctioning control panel.  Furthermore, a dryer with a clogged exhaust vent or dirty filter is a dual problem as this is a huge fire hazard. You could possibly end up running the dryer longer in the hope of getting your clothes dry. This can add to your utility bills, as this is burning unnecessary energy.

As appliances start to age, natural wear-and-tear can indeed slow down their efficiency. Appliance repair and servicing can overall catch little things that have a significant impact on efficiency, providing effective repairs and fair costs.

Extending Appliance Lifespan With Regular Care

Like any other appliance, the dishwasher requires occasional maintenance.  You should expect your dishwasher to last at least 10 years without breaking down, but many develop faults earlier. Checking your appliances  at least once a month helps you identify issues early on and saves you money in the long run. Review the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to use and maintain your dishwasher. If your glasses and plates come out with a white residue on them, you may have hard water. Try using a water softener or a detergent that helps to soften your floor. Filters are also designed to clip out easily for regular cleaning. They need rinsing under the tap once a week, so they don’t get into the inner workings of the machine and cause blockages.

Repairing Appliances Regularly Is A Cost-Effective Strategy

Repairing household equipment that breaks down can be cheaper than buying a new one. From the financial point of view, an appliance repair can save some money. On average, the cost of repair is usually 20 to 30 percent the cost of replacement. Check if your appliance is under warranty. You might be able to have it restored at a low rate or maybe even for free. This is important because replacement parts may even cost more than the cost of purchasing a new one.

Provides Safety and Assurance

Maintaining the repair of appliances helps keep your home and you properly safe. A dishwasher that’s not draining well could potentially flood your kitchen. A refrigerator that’s running too warm can also sicken your family. Maintaining your appliances well reduces the risk of appliance-related property damage.

10 Steps To Design The Backyard Of Your Dreams


If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space you’ll want to make the most of it. The key to creating a beautiful backyard is about planning your design, and learning a few new skills. To design the backyard of your dreams these ten steps are just what you need.

1 . Make a plan


If you’re looking to redesign your space the first step is to create a plan. Drawing up a design plan can help you to figure out various elements, including:


  • Which style are you looking to create? For example, minimal and neat, or quirky and wild?
  • Which color schemes would you like to focus on? There are lots of ways to create a color scheme, whether it’s planting flowers or using accessories.
  • Are you looking to make any adjustments to your lawn? For instance, creating a shaped lawn.
  • How will you separate your backyard into different areas? For example you could use garden zoning techniques.


  1. Set yourself a budget


When you’re designing a backyard it’s a good idea to create a budget first. Laying out a budget can help you to figure out what you need to buy, and split your spending into categories. A budget can stop you from overspending and even make savings on the supplies you need. If you’re looking to improve your yard without spending too much money you should check out affordable backyard design ideas.


If you’re keen to get creative you might try making a few garden decor objects yourself? Alternatively you could also try buying a few second-hand items to help you save money.


  1. Hiring a professional gardener


When you’re improving your outdoor space you’ll need to decide if you’d like to hire a professional gardener, or whether you’d like to do the work yourself. The decision will probably depend on how complex your backyard design is, and how strong your gardening skills are.


If you’re keen to design a shaped lawn you’ll probably need to hire a landscape gardener to do this for you. If you’re laying down decking or paving you might be able to do this yourself, (however it’s important to level the ground first).


  1. Purchase gardening tools


If you’re keen to improve your garden space what you’ll need are the right gardening tools. Basic gardening tools for beginners include pruning shears, gardening gloves, a hand trowel, a garden fork, loppers and a spade.


Having the right gardening tools will help you to improve your gardening skills, and boost your confidence as a gardener. Once you start having fun with gardening, you’ll create the perfect space to relax and unwind.


  1. Create a vegetable garden


Making your own vegetable garden has so many different benefits. When you create a vegetable garden you can grow yummy food, live sustainably and improve the look of your backyard. Getting started doesn’t have to be difficult; there are lots of vegetable garden tutorials that you can check out online.


If you’d like a little more guidance try using apps like Gardroid, Vegetable Tree or Garden Answers, all of these have plenty of cool features and tips, to help you become a gardening pro.


  1. Attract wildlife 


Creating a stunning garden space is about embracing the natural world, designing a space that’s thriving with life. If you want to make your backyard beautiful you’ll want to attract lots of wildlife. One of the best ways to do that is to choose the right plants and flowers. To fill your yard with butterflies, try planting flowers like sedum, lavender, buddleja or hebe. To attract bumble bees, plant sage, toadflax or snapdragon.


If you want to bring frogs into your backyard you’ll want to add a pond and ensure that you avoid using pesticides. Frogs tend to avoid sunlight, as it can make them dehydrated, so it’s a good idea to build shady spots. Remember, while you’ll want to attract wildlife you’ll also want to keep pests away from your home. Chrysanthemums are the perfect flower to ward off pests, (so make sure that you plant plenty of these)!


  1. Create an outdoor living room 


Every garden needs a relaxation space, creating a backyard oasis is all about designing a peaceful place. Over the last few years outdoor living rooms have become incredibly popular. Homeowners are purchasing plush garden sofas and rugs, which are very similar to indoor furniture. There are so many accessories you can use to enhance an outdoor living space. Try using cushions, throws, tablecloths, wall hangings or mirrors. Hang fairy lights or paint your fences in bright colors. 


Designing an outdoor living room is all about finding your style. Many people design their outdoor space as a continuation of their indoor space. This means focusing on a similar style, color scheme and aesthetic. Of course there are no set rules, if you want to create a whole new look for your backyard, go right ahead!


  1. Try the permaculture approach 


Wild gardens are back on trend, it’s all about letting your garden get a little ‘unkempt’, and creating a natural look. Permaculture gardening means improving the health of your garden with natural and sustainable practices. Permaculture gardening follows several different principles, a few of which include:


1 . Learn from nature and take an ethical approach to gardening.

  1. Catch energy from the earth and use it, (for example growing your own food with help from the rain and sun).
  2. Ensure that you do not produce any waste.
  3. Any dead plants should be utilized as mulch to enrich the soil.
  4. Focus on plant diversity


  1. Smart garden features


Looking to improve your garden with tech? There are many ways that you can create a smart garden. For example, you might consider investing in a robotic lawnmower, these do a great job of mowing the lawn, and can save you plenty of time! Other options include smart sprinkler systems, smart garden lights, or smart water features. If you’re a tech-nerd who wants to create a cool garden, these upgrades are certainly for you. As technology advances there are so many new ways to improve and enhance your outdoor space.


  1. Find inspiration 


When you’re designing a new garden it’s a fab idea to collect plenty of sources of inspiration. Here are some great podcasts to make a start:


1 . Roots & All: If you’re keen to make the most of your garden Roots & All has got plenty of tips. Here you can learn how to create a green garden, minimizing waste and saving resources. The podcast discusses plenty of different topics including , ‘Creating A Wild Garden’, and ‘New Nordic Gardens’.


  1. Gardening With The RHS: Throughout this podcast you’ll get plenty of seasonal advice, practical tips and inspiration. You’ll hear about scientific research, techniques and horticultural advice. There are lots of topics covered on the show including lawn care, flowers, vegetable growing, and gardening with children. 


  1. The Plotting Shed: This podcast is packed with plenty of awesome advice about gardening. If you want to design a gorgeous garden, but you’re not sure how this is the show you need. The plotting shed aims to make gardening fun and interesting, you’ll learn plenty of new things and boost your confidence in no time.


Using these ten steps you’ll create the garden of your dreams. Designing the perfect garden can be a gradual process, and you may well need to hire professional gardeners. Creating your design is all about finding inspiration, and planning your key elements.

Practical Tips And Tricks To Keep Pests Away From Your Home


Pests are undoubtedly the bane of many homeowners in America and beyond. Getting rid of them can be expensive, with research indicating that you can spend about $450 to hire a pest control service to eliminate these animals in one treatment application. Consequently, it is prudent to take proactive steps to prevent these animals from getting into your home in the first place. Here are some practical tips to keep pests away from your house.



  • Get rid of stagnant water



Stagnant water is an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes, so their presence on your property puts you at risk of battling these insects later on.  Therefore, conduct regular checks for stagnant water around the home, as it is easy to miss these puddles sometimes. You can look in rain spouts and pick up toys left in the yard, so they don’t collect water. Additionally, check for any leaks near your air conditioner and keep any buckets in your bathroom dry when not in use. Also, clean drains outside your home regularly to prevent stagnant dirty water from collecting. For added protection against mosquitoes, you can reach out to mosquito control experts to treat your property, ensuring that these insects can’t breed or live in or around your home.



  • Dispose of your waste regularly



Waste is a prime source of food for mice, birds, flies, rats, cockroaches, and other pests. As such, you can battle a huge pest problem if there is a lot of waste spread out all over your home. Therefore, consider getting rid of your home’s waste every day. Also, remember to dispose of your garbage correctly and keep your trash bins closed at all times. This way, you can prevent food waste from lying around your home, making your property unattractive to many pests.



  • Use the right light bulbs



There is no denying that many flying insects are attracted to bright or bluish light. Therefore, to reduce their presence around your doors, windows, and other entryways, consider replacing your standard mercury vapor light with halogen lights or high-pressure sodium vapor lights. Insects reportedly find yellowish, pinkish, or orange lights the least attractive, so you can select lights in these colors to reduce the number of insects on your property. Furthermore, consider changing the location of your lights if possible. Although fixing lights on exterior walls near doors is common, positioning the light farther away from your home on a pole is a better idea to keep many of the insects by the pole and not on your property.



  • Declutter frequently



Decluttering your house is also essential to effective pest control, so keep this in mind. Old items like shoes, toys, plastic bags, torn luggage, and packaging materials are hot spots for various insects and germs. Therefore, sell, dispose of, or give away these old items to prevent them from accommodating any pests in your home. A reported 78% of Americans have no idea what to do with their clutter, so they just let it build up. Consequently, if you struggle to decide whether to get rid of something, ask yourself if you will use the item in the next three months. If not, this item is undoubtedly worth getting rid of through sales or donations.

6 Practical Strategies To Maximize Space In Your Home Office

work from home

As more people move to remote work, having a clean home office that prioritizes comfort is increasingly vital for optimal productivity. Creating a home office space helps you stay efficient and productive. However, most homes don’t have ample space to dedicate a room or sufficient space to a home office. So, how can you maximize your space for a home office? Here are a few tricks.

  • Don’t eat up space with a huge desk

Working remotely, you most likely conduct most of your work behind a screen, like your computer. This means you don’t need a large desk space to work on. You should consider purchasing desks with cabinets with a surface wide enough to work on comfortably and place or store your working equipment, such as your stationery, but not too wide to take too much space. A corner desk, console desk, folding desk, or writing desk are space-saving desks or modular office solutions you can consider.

  • Opt for vertical storage 

Storage solutions are essential to keep your home office space neat and organized. However, these are usually horizontal and tend to take up valuable floor space, leaving your office space cramped. Instead, you should utilize the entire height of your wall by installing vertical storage solutions such as storage cabinets. Full-extension file drawers under your desk are another excellent vertical storage solution you should consider.

  • Use drawer dividers to improve organization

Due to limited space, organization is exceptionally vital for your home office. Drawer dividers are one technique to keep your drawers orderly. Dividers conserve room in your desk drawers and make it easier to keep office supplies and other items. Drawer dividers also help to keep your drawers neat and functional. Rather than rummaging through your drawers for what you need, dividers make it easier to find what you need fast so you can go back to work.

  • Install wall mounted storage units

Installing a floating desk with wall-mounted storage, such as cabinets, is one option to create more room. You’ll have additional space for filing cabinets or other storage solutions beneath your desk. You could also want to consider wall-mounting your monitor, so it doesn’t take up too much space on your desk.

  • Be paperless

You can reduce the amount of storage you require by minimizing the amount of paper you use. Digitize anything you can and save it to your PC or a shared folder. Make all of your purchases and pay all of your bills online. You can use electronic signatures to sign crucial papers. Instead of utilizing a paper calendar, use online calendars like Google or Outlook.

  • Go wireless as much as you can

Spending time undoing tangles of your various wires adversely affects your productivity when working remotely. In addition, leaving different electrical cords such as your computer and phone chargers tangled and piled up can take up space- not to mention it can also be a tripping hazard. You can reduce this by going wireless. You should get a wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, wireless or Bluetooth-enabled printer, Bluetooth speakers, and so on.

Palm Oil is Destroying the Environment – This Man Is Challenging the Skincare Industry

Palm oil is the most common form of edible vegetable oil. It is made from the fruit of oil palm trees, which originally grew in Western Africa but are now grown in tropical regions all over the world.

Palm oil can be found in more than 70% of cosmetics. The palm oil industry also has a devastating impact on the environment, contributing to global deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and biodiversity loss, the palm oil industry also has a devastating impact on the environment.

Sure, you may not see “palm oil” in the ingredients, but palm is hiding as emulsifiers and surfactants with generically chemical-sounding names—like sorbitan olivate, sorbitan stearate, cetearyl glucoside, glyceryl stearate, and more.

Additionally, palm oil offers NO benefits to soap or other beauty products – it is simply a filler.  We are needlessly destroying the environment for no reason. Sadly, most major soap brands use palm oil.

all natural soap

This is why David Bass founded Peet Bros. Palm-Free Soaps and Lotions. Filled with all natural and moisturizing ingredients such as Shea Butter and Olive Oil, Peet Bros. makes products that are good for your skin and good for the environment.  But great ingredients also mean being completely free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and artificial fragrances.

Harvesting palm oil destroys rainforests, wipes out endangered species, and violates human rights. Sustainable palm oil does nothing to reduce the destruction. We exist to expose the industry and make way better, moisturizing products that are palm oil free.
Peet Bros are activists with a much better solution to make palm oil free soap. 

Peet Bros puts themselves and their brand’s profit second so they can put you and the planet first. Our 100% palm oil free soap bars and lotions are filled with more good stuff like Shea Butter and Olive Oil because they believe you are how you clean—and you don’t need to compromise. P.S. Palm free bar soaps work wonderfully as hand soap.

They smell nice, they feel good, and they don’t harm the planet to make or to use.
Seems like a no brainer to me- this is one product that everyone should try.

Head over to the site and place your order today- you can get %10 off your first order when you visit the page, as well.

The Most Common Home Maintenance Issues (And How To Handle Them)

Whether you live alone or are raising a family, there are always steps you can take to make home management easier. For example, you could create a cleaning schedule that helps you and those you live with keep your home sparkling clean. However, one of the biggest problems we face when managing a home is dealing with maintenance issues.

This is likely due to the fact that many of us choose to ignore maintenance issues as opposed to solving them right away. This means that instead of resolving the problem, you are actually allowing them to get worse – which can cost you even more money, time, and effort in the long run.  

tool kit

With that in mind, here are some of the most common home maintenance issues (and how to handle them). 

Broken HVAC Machines. You likely use your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) machine every single day – after all, it’s what helps keep your house warm in the winter and cool during the summer. However, consistent use also means that they are prone to breaking down from time to time. While this is often out of your control, ensuring that you work alongside a HVAC maintenance company ensures that you’ll never have to go without your HVAC machine. For example, you can simply give them a phone call whenever you need support – and they’ll be around as soon as possible to fix it for you. This is particularly important as you don’t want to be without your machine during the winter months, where being cold can present a significant health risk instead of a minor inconvenience. 

Leaking Pipes. There are various reasons why a pipe may begin to leak – whether it is damaged by extreme weather conditions or the fixings have come a little loose. However, while this may seem nothing more than an annoyance, to begin with (especially if you can hear constant dripping), the longer you avoid the problem – the worse it will get. This is because leaking pipes can lead to the build-up of moisture and mold within your home and could be the cause of disaster should this occur near any electrical outlets. As a result, you must be able to recognize the signs of a leak when they occur so that you can stop the problem from escalating. You should then contact the relevant plumber of the technician – who can do the repairs on your behalf. This is because even relatively ‘simple’ fixes come with an element of risk best handled by experts. 

Damaged roof tiles. Damaged roof tiles are one of the most common roof issues that homeowners have to deal with. While they are often made from highly durable materials, they are not immune to damage. For example, bad weather such as storms can easily cause tiles to break apart. When this happens, you again need to ensure that you reach out to the experts who can repair this for you  – sooner rather than later. This is because damaged roof tiles can open your home to dampness, flooding, and even pests.