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Today we are looking at the latest mattress comparison guide. What are the mattress should we get? Despite what the internet and other salesmen want you to believe, there is no superior material over the other. Each person has their own personal preferences.


By the guide, we have the latest innerspring mattress that is one of the beds that most of you have slept on at least one time in your life. In recent years, there is actually coil configuration in this bed system. Bonnell coils are common in mid-level beds and are like hourglasses. There are higher end beds where the coils use better contouring ability.


All foam mattresses are in a modern development and it can feel slightly different to sleepers that have been resting on springs most of the time. There are different densities as well, and different levels of firmness as well. It depends on what you are looking for.


These beds are made up with polyurethane foams.They are densely formulated and are a type of memory foams. Memory foam beds are an all in one foam construction and they have their own terms because of their own special properties. 


Memory foam beds were the bestsellers in 1970s and 80s when the material was created by NASA to bring astronauts to space.


Latex mattresses are made from the milky sap of the rubber tree from Asia. It has popular bedding materials and mattresses as it is made out of natural source. These latex brands are more expensive compared to their other competitors. 


Next, we are looking at natural latex mattress topper. Latex mattress toppers are not that common, but they have many upsides. If you like support of memory foam but want to sleep cool – then latex topper is the best for your cool sleep. Since latex is derived from the rubber tree, you can also get natural latex instead of synthetic materials. The best mattress toppers are below.


The first recommended latex is Sleep on Latex that sell high quality toppers made out of latex to consumers. Made from full natural latex, these toppers are bouncy and can support the body as well. It has different variants like soft, medium and firm. It is great for side sleepers that have body pain from firm mattresses.


Second, we have the visco pillow top latex. While latex offers more than pillow-topo toppers, some sleepers miss the feeling of more options. This selection offers more superior support of latex tops. Side sleepers should like this feature as it has pressure relief on the shoulder and hips. This latex toppers has a skirt that centers it in the mattress. 


Lastly, we have resident home design. At this brand, we are growing in our passion to provide everyone with better options of getting everyday home products. We have mattresses, rugs, furniture and we have high standards for quality and style. We make sure that searching for home products when you want it. We also give free trials and warranties because we want to offer you as much purchasing power as possible. Join us and look for our brands all the time. If you want to join us on a quest to create the house space that you always wanted.


We have several brands in resident home. The brands are Nectar Sleep, Awara Sleep, Level Sleep, Bundle, Dreamcloud, and Wovenly.

Uplift The Interiors With Summer Flowering Plants

Perhaps, you are the adorer of the most beautiful natural creations to exist on the planet earth– flowers. Their exuberance, sweet smell, and silky touch, never fails to impress any heart. Bursting in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, they effortlessly charm the exteriors and interiors of any place. Every season welcomes the arrival of significant flowers. With summer season beating us with its heat and humidness, let’s plant flowering plants to have a breath of freshness and radiance. 

Here’s your guide to 10 summer flowering plants in India that you can bring home or gift it to your loved ones as a present of happiness, beauty, and nourishment. 

1 Lilies: The bell-shaped lilies bloom in striking colors of red, pink, white, yellow, and orange throughout the summers. The delicate lilies can excellently survive the harsh conditions of hot summers. And, you know why they can survive? They prevent the loss of moisture by letting the leaves dry and keeping the bulb alive. 

2 Marigold: Marigold is a popular flower in Indian homes because it goes perfectly with every Indian climate. The marigold flowers appear in varying shades ranging from light yellow to golden brown. It serves a handful of purposes as well. So, plant it in your home, and it shall grace you, throughout. 

3 Roses: Roses may be available all round the year, but it is a summer woody flower. With good care and maintenance, you can grow in your backyard buds of love, gratitude, and passion– the rose flower. And, if you wish to feel the pleasant smell of roses, you need to start your preparations before the onset of summers. 

4 Hibiscus: Hibiscus is an ideal flowering plant for summers because it demands ample sunlight, something which Indian citizens are naturally blessed in hot weather of summer. Keep in mind that it also requires plenty of space to grow. Ensure you give it all it wants, and it will flourish to its highest potential, for you. 

5 Lotus: If you have a garden with an artificial pond, then you are good to go with watering plants like lotus flowers. Lotus flowers thrive in subtle pinks and white colors that is sure to escalate the beauty of your garden to newer heights. If you are thinking to beautify your garden, consider lotus flower pot. 

6 Sunflower: The name says it all. When it’s summertime, it’s also the time for you to give a vibrant makeover to your balcony with sunflowers. With its bright yellow colour, it makes space look more lively to be in. Sunflowers can withstand extreme summer heat, so you need to be careful with excessive watering. 

7 Petunia: Are you on the lookout for low-maintenance and bright summer flowers? Well, petunia can be your choice. It blossoms in an assortment of colors like pink, blue, red, orange, and yellow, thus making your space look colorful. 

With these colorful flowering plants, have a cheerful and brightful summers. 

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10 Backyard Must-Haves For Summer

Who doesn’t love summer? The days are longer and warmer, family camping and adventures are in full swing, and we finally get to feel the warmth of the sun on our face. But if you have a backyard that’s less than prepared for the long, sunny days ahead, you may find yourself spending more time indoors than taking advantage of the gorgeous weather outside.

Rather than secluding yourself to your living room all summer, consider adding these 10 backyard must-haves to encourage your family and guests to spend a little time in the great outdoors.

1. Laid Back Ambient Lighting

And when the sun goes down, rather than retreating to the indoors, consider adding some solar lights to keep the party going for just a little bit longer. Solar string lights are easy to install and don’t require any extra electricity.

Solar path lights will illuminate the way and make getting in and out of the backyard safer and easier. Not to mention, solar lights, in general, add a soft, comforting ambiance to your backyard space that your guests will love.

2. Cool Down Zone

Some days in the summer it’s so hot that a shady area still isn’t enough. Rather than sweating it out, think about building a kid-friendly cool down zone that the whole family can enjoy!

You can really make this project whatever you want it to be, but some clever ideas include setting up a “kid car wash”, adding a DIY splash pad, and for the adults, Target is now selling what they call the first “designer inflatable pool”. Whether you think that’s silly or not, you’re totally going to love it when the temperature gets up into the high 90s.

3. Outdoor Movie Setup

Nothing says summer quite like outdoor movies. But for many of us, drive-in movie theatres are either a thing of the past or the closest one is still too far away to go to it regularly. Why not replicate that nostalgia in your own backyard?


Once you invest in a movie projector, the rest of your outdoor movie setup will come together pretty affordably. Find a nice white sheet, attach it to the side of the house, add a bunch of comfy chairs, pillows, and blankets, and kick back and relax with the whole family.

4. Welcome Feathered Friends

There’s nothing like the sweet sound of a songbird to welcome summer with open arms. Watching birds is a fun and relaxing experience that encourages your family to spend some quality time outdoors.

There are a variety of affordable bird feeders and seed to get started, but if you want to make a project out of it, there are numerous free bird house plans to make your own.

5. A Shady Space to Relax

If there’s anything that prevents people from going outside in the summer, it’s having to sit in an area that’s directly in the sun with no shade to cool it down. Rather than subjecting your guests to a sunburn, consider adding a cool, refreshing, shady space for everyone to hang out in! Find some comfy chairs, invest in a backyard pergola, and if you really want to take it to the next level, consider adding a few outdoor ceiling fans.

6. Grow Some Pops of Color

Just because spring is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add some bright pops of color to take your yard from blah to beautiful. There are numerous flowers that bloom in the summer as well as some beautiful foliage that will make a statement in your garden beds year round.

7. Outdoor Dining Area

One of the best parts of summer is gathering the whole family together and throwing a backyard BBQ full of laughter, fun, and of course, some tasty food. Rather than barbecuing outside and taking the food indoors, why not establish an outdoor dining area to enjoy the food outdoors?

Consider investing in a patio dining set or building your very own picnic table to offer plenty of space for your guests to sit at. Finish off the look by adding an outdoor rug and some seasonally-appropriate dishes and cutlery.

8. Kid-Friendly Garden Bed

If your kids haven’t had the opportunity to try their hand at gardening, consider building a garden bed that is all theirs! Plant some easy to grow vegetables like beans, carrots, spinach, and radishes, and see their face light up as little sprouts start to make their way out of the soil. 


Giving them their own garden bed rather than having them share a space with your current garden beds let them have a bit of ownership over the whole process and they’ll get to see what happens when they care for their plants, and what happens when they don’t.

9. Stone Path Walkway

Is the pathway to your backyard full of those pokey, uncomfortable gravel rocks that feel absolutely horrible underneath your feet?

Don’t suffer another summer of aching feet! Embrace that barefoot lifestyle by adding stone steppers and soft, plush groundcovers to establish and elegant, and functional walkway.

10. Built-In Fire Pit and Smores Bar

After the sun has gone down and dinner is over, keep the party going with an outdoor fire pit! There are numerous different fire pits in all sorts of shapes and sizes to fit your space as well as both propane and wood-burning options. And what’s a fire without some smores? Set up a smores bar at your outdoor dining table and watch the kids go wild with excitement.

Bio: Leigha Staffenhagen is the managing editor of Insteading.com, a homesteading and sustainability site focused on everything from gardening and raising chickens to tiny homes and off-grid living.

Pro’s of Investing in a Condominium

Condominiums are the epitome of modern living. It has many perks that include modern facilities and amenities, great views, security, and some privacy. But if you are looking to buy a condo as an investment, you must consider the potential gains that you can get. 


Below are some of the reasons why investing in a condo would be a profitable choice: 

Market Value

The main criterion in determining that you are making a good investment is the property’s market value. Thus, if it’s market value is higher than the purchase price, you are in good hands. This remains applicable and true when it comes to condo investments. 


There is a higher appreciation rate for condo units. You should expect that its value grows from the moment you purchase it. It gives you plenty of opportunities to reap the benefits of your investment. You can opt to rent it out so you can have a sustainable source of monthly income from the rental. 


Also, you can choose to resell it later. The longer you hold on to your property, the higher its appreciation value. This will enable your money (investment) to multiply without working too hard. 


Condos are easy to rent out. A lot of people who opt to live in cities would prefer to rent a condo unit because of its facilities and amenities. If you choose a condo that is within a prime location (such as within the business district or city center), the demand for your condo rental will grow even more. Therefore, it is important to consider the location of a condo unit by the time of your purchase. 


The initial investment required for a condominium can be easily afforded by potential investors. This makes it a better investment because the cost of acquisition is lower than the potential resale value. There are many condo developments that are in a pre-selling stage that offers lower prices. Make sure you take advantage of them if you have decided on investing in a condo.


It is easier to maintain a condominium because there is your utility staff whose primary role is to help with the upkeep and maintenance. You can also rent out your condominium for business use. Who says that condominiums are only suitable for residential use? The ability to rent out your condo for commercial use will help expand the potential income of your investment. 


Investing in condominium units offer better liquidity as an investment (compared to apartment buildings). You can easily sell the unit when you want to (whereas it would be more difficult to find a buyer for an apartment building). 


If you would like to pursue the idea of buying a condo as your next investment, you need to see this. It is not just a matter of investing in a condo, but where you choose to invest in that truly matters. 

Con’s of Investing in a Condo

There are a few things you need to know about before investing in a condo unit. These are risk factors that you must be prepared for so that you can mitigate the risks:


Depending on which condo you invest in, there might be certain restrictions. The homeowner’s association within a condominium building might impose a lot of rules and regulations for owners to live by. They might even put restrictions on when, how, and to whom you may rent out your condominium unit. Make sure you check out the rules in your specific condo before you pursue the investment.

Monthly Fees

The monthly fees on the homeowner’s association and any other maintenance fees can potentially lower your return of investment. Make sure you choose a condo that is centrally located so you can keep the rental prices up. This is how you can optimize the return of investment so you can cover other maintenance fees. 

Pro’s of Investing in an Apartment

Aside from a condo, an apartment is another good real estate investment. Learn about the advantages of this type of investment: 

Level of Demand

The level of demand for apartment rentals is steadily high, especially among families looking to rent a single-family home. It is a good investment because you can expect a low vacancy rate (especially if your apartment is in a central location).


The cost of maintenance in an apartment is considerably low. There is also no need to pay any monthly fees because you own the entire apartment building (whereas condos have multiple owners). 

Con’s of Investing in an Apartment

While there are many benefits to investing in an apartment, there are potential downsides. Here are some of them: 

Ownership Expenses

The cost of ownership for an apartment building is substantially higher than other real estate investments (such as condominium). Depending on where you live, not all individual investors can afford to purchase the apartment building. This puts a limit on your buying market for that property. 

Rental Income

It puts all of your income potential solely reliant on the rental income. It is, therefore, important to attract renters and lower the vacancy rate if you want to maintain you’re your profit. In this regard, it makes maintenance of an apartment building entail more work. You need to address the needs of your existing tenants to keep them happy. Otherwise, you could lose tenants if they are unsatisfied with the quality of living in your apartment. 

The Bottom Line

There are certain benefits and drawbacks with each option – condo or apartment as an investment. Use the information above so you can weigh the pros and cons of each option. In the end, your investment goals and strategy are different. 


If you want to make money through the rental income, then both condos and apartments are a suitable choice. But when it comes to the resale value, condos might have an edge as it is easier to liquidate than apartments. Either way, you need to match these investments with your long-term goals so you can make the right choice. 


3 Tips on Burglary Deterrence by Locksmith Bradford

A home burglary is costly and unsettling. You can prevent this loss and trauma, by applying these locksmith Bradford security enhancement tips below in your home

The deadbolt did bring a marked decrease in burglaries since its advent in the 60s. These crimes, however, are still uncomfortably common. As a locksmith in Bradford, I have noticed that a large number of these crimes are not forced entries. Sometimes all a burglar needs to do to access your home is crawl in almost as if you left them the front door key. To protect your house you do not need to build a suburban Fort Knox.

You just need to address the common security issues that most property owners and renters neglect. If you are familiar with the most common ways of home protection, you are halfway there.  When a home is burglarized, the loss of property is hurtful and costly. However, some of the stolen items are replaceable.

The high costs of break-ins

The most pervasive loss, nevertheless, is the loss of sense of security and peace you had in your house before the break-in. It can become mentally draining and stressful to live with the fear of a recurrence. There are also the insurance and police reports to address.

As per police data, most burglaries happen around the holidays between November till January. Most of them also occur during the day when everyone is away. Below are some of the best ways of not only controlling access to your home but maintaining your property as well to deter burglars.

The best burglary prevention tips from locksmith Bradford

  1. Lock up
    As obvious as this tip is, the neglect of it is the cause of easy, walk-in crimes. You have probably left home for work, only to come home later to find the door open. When in a hurry it is easy to forget to close that window or lock the door. Security experts say 23% of all break-ins occur through your first-floor windows.  A more substantial part of the burglaries, 34% to be precise, however, happen through the front door. Besides double-checking on the thumb latch and deadbolt locks, ensure that they are also solid. If they are too old, or lack maintenance, invest in robust and pick resistant locks. 
  2. Get a live-in furry friend
    Locksmith Bradford also recommends an alarm system. An 80 pound Bordeaux Mastiff can make a perfect living alarm and friend. While a sophisticated thief will get around an electronic alarm system, a dog is more unpredictable. The burglar might hesitate to get into the house because they do not if the dog will bite or not. Most burglars, therefore, avoid a home with a dog.  You will also be doing a good deed if you adopt from a pet shelter. You should keep it in mind, however, that a dog has its cost and responsibilities, but it pays back with love and security. Alternatively, a wireless alarm kit is much better than nothing at all.
  3. Hide your valuables
    Being a locksmith Bradford, I have to respond to my clients immediately after they discover a break in. Most are usually looking for enhanced door locks. At times all you need to do to keep these thieves out is to hide your valuables better. If your 60-inch flat screen TV is visible from the sidewalk, someone will want it. Use curtains for privacy. Hide the gifts during the holiday season to lower the temptation of a break in.

While this is not a comprehensive list, it is a start to a safer home. Try these tips, and you will not be sorry.

Detecting Plumbing Issues that Call for an Emergency Plumber near Me

Picture coming home to a flooded house, or flushing the toilet but then everything begins to rise slowly. There is nothing pleasant about such situations, and all you can do is dial an emergency plumber near me. 

What’s worse is that the signs of the impending disaster were probably there, but you were ignorant of the implications that the funny sounds, the rusted pipes, or weird odors would have.

7 Signs of Situations that Needs an Emergency Plumber near Me

Here are a few things you should never ignore.

1) Unpleasant smell

If there is the slightest hint of sewage or sulfur odor in your house, you should not expect it to go away. It only gets worse. The smell could be a sign of sewage backup, broken vents, or leaking pipes. Contact a plumber to investigate the problem.

2) Change in the speed of water as it drains

You do not have to wait until you have stagnant water on your kitchen or bathroom sinks before calling an emergency plumber near me. As soon as you notice slow draining, contact your plumber. 

3) Change in water pressure

A drop in the water pressure could be a sign of black sludge buildup in the faucet. Cleaning the aerator should solve the problem. If it doesn’t, you could be having a case of a broken pipe or water leakage in the water system.  A plumber can fix it.

4) A gurgling noise

A clogged drain can cause your toilet, dishwasher, or laundry to make gurgling noises as you use it. It could create a backup. Turn the water off and get a professional to fix it ASAP.

5) Wet or colored spots 

Leakage in your water line could cause wet or brown spots on your ceiling, wall, or floor. You can confirm if it is leakage and not someone who accidentally spilled water by checking the meter. If it moves when no water is in use, you have a plumbing problem.

6) Smell of gas

The scent in gas is meant to alert you in case there is a leak. No matter how faint, it is dangerous and could cause an explosion or injury. First, call your gas company and have them shut off your meter. Then contact a plumber to investigate and fix the source of the leak.

7) Sound of water running

A running water sound within your walls when no one is using the water is a sign of hidden leaks that could lead to severe damage and a large water bill.  Contact an emergency plumber.

Important tips

When you detect any of these problems, turn off the main water supply

Plan regular maintenance with your plumbing company; it reduces your chances of facing an emergency. 

Unless you are confident of what you are doing, don’t try to fix the problem. It could lead to a worse situation


Watch out for leaking gas and funny odors. Be keen about a change in water pressure, speed of water draining, or sudden wet spots on the floor, walls, and ceilings. 

Keep an ear out for gurgling or water running through the pipes. And always be quick to contact an emergency plumber near me.

The Latest & Greatest Home Security Features Your System Needs

Rapid advancements in technology within just the past few years have revolutionized home security. Today, the latest security tech is engineered to maximize both safety and user convenience. Advanced camera features like 4K ultra HD resolution, 4X optical zoom, built-in microphones and color night vision are able to provide better surveillance and collect more evidence. Meanwhile, wire-free connections and smart home technology give you easier accessibility to all the features that keep you safe.

If you want to leverage cutting-edge technology to increase the security of your home without sacrificing simplicity, here are the latest and greatest features your system should have.

1. 4K Ultra HD Resolution With 8 MP Image Sensors

4k ultra HD security cameras with 8 megapixel image sensors produce footage with a crisp 4K resolution. You can discern details with striking clarity, even when you zoom in. Lorex Nocturnal camera systems utilize 8.51 MP image sensors from Sony, and their equipment is known for being user-friendly and easy to install.

2. Color Night Vision

Color night vision is one of the newest features to hit the security camera market. Cameras with color night vision use powerful image sensors that are excellent at absorbing ambient light. This allows the cameras to record in color in low-light conditions, capturing more details in the dark than ever before. And with digital noise reduction (DNR) technology, noise is filtered out and footage comes out crisp even when there is little light.

3. 4X Optical Zoom

Another must-have feature is 4x optical zoom, which allows you to view an isolated area four times closer to maximize detail. The zoom is controlled remotely, so you can customize your field of view to magnify people or objects at a distance.

4. Listen-In Audio Feature

With built-in microphones, the latest security cameras deliver footage complete with audio. Not only does this provide more evidence about what’s going on in the footage, but it picks up on voices and other noises taking place out of the camera’s view. Some home security camera systems even have a two-way talk feature so you can let people (and pets) know you’re keeping tabs on the house while away. If you have smart locks on your doors, you can even speak with a visitor or service provider at your door and choose whether you’re going to let them in.

5. Thermal Imaging Technology

Thermal imaging cameras enrich your security camera system by detecting heat signatures from people and objects obstructed by walls, plants, rainfall or poor lighting. The camera starts recording when triggered by heat, producing images through contrasts in temperature. They’re more accurate than motion detectors, because only moving heat sets them off, instead of any moving object.

6. Wire-Free Security System

Gone are the days when your home security system depended on the integrity of a wire that could easily be cut by a burglar. Wire-free security camera systems are not only safer, but also easier to install, relocate and access. You won’t have to access cable lines, and can set it up yourself by following straightforward instructions.

Next-Generation Technology for Sophisticated Security

With the latest upgrades in the world of security technology, surveillance and evidence can’t be compromised by weather conditions, lighting or cable lines. The result? Homeowners get more security coverage for their family and police departments can better identify criminals. When you invest in top-of-the-line equipment, you get more monitoring, but with fewer false alarms.

3 Tips to Design the Ultimate Kid’s Room

Give your kids a room they can be proud of by adding design features that bring out their personal style. You can encourage creativity and curiosity in kids with fun features that make their playroom or bedroom just as educational as the classroom. And when you ensure their safety every step of the way, you can sit back and relax while they enjoy playing on their own or with siblings and friends in their stylish sanctuary. Check out these top tips for designing the ultimate kid’s room.

Make it Fun

Planning a room that’s fun to be in is your best bet for ensuring this kid-friendly space gets plenty of use. Ask your child about his or her favorite colors or characters, or find inspiration in a beloved toy when coming up with a design scheme for the room. Bright colors give the space a lively feeling. Rather than just painting the walls one color, consider fun details such as stripes, removable wall stickers, or glow-in-the-dark paint.

To encourage lots of creative play, give kids a cozy rug where they can sit on the floor and enjoy their toys and games. A child-sized art station is another popular feature. Consider setting up a small easel with an oversized pad of art paper and cups filled with crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

Make it Educational

Image via Flickr by Martha W McQuade

Give your child a boost of brain power by making the playroom or bedroom an educational space. Set up a desk where they can work on homework after school. Consider facing the desk into the room so kids don’t feel like they’re boxed in when working on these tasks.

Tap into his or her interests when choosing décor for the room. Kids fascinated by exotic places can learn from large maps hung on the wall or a cool globe set up on their dresser. You can hang photos of adorable creatures for kids who love animals or paint constellations on the ceiling for those who love astronomy. 

Create a cozy reading nook with shelves for favorite books and a comfy chair or beanbag to lounge on. Consider creating a chart where kids can proudly list all the books they’ve read or track how many pages they read per day.

Make it Safe

While playing and learning make any kid’s room more fun, it’s critical to make sure the space is safe for them to enjoy. Cover electrical outlets, and make sure cords for blinds are kept out of reach. Make sure all furniture is secured to the wall in case little ones attempt to climb it. Install mesh or metal guards over the windows.

Besides following these child-proofing suggestions, parents should make sure the space doesn’t trigger allergies or respiratory issues. A child’s room should be free of allergens and have a good flow of AC or heat. To make sure your child’s room is well-ventilated, schedule an HVAC inspection and inquire about installing an air purifier in your home.

Create happy memories for your children by giving them a comfortable, fun, and safe place to play at home. Use these tips to design a kid’s room they’re sure to love.