to Make Your Photos into Wall Hangings, Blankets, and More #CanvasDiscount

If you are anything like me, you take a lot of photos. Like, have to download all the time or you crash your phone a lot of photos. And I don’t just leave them online or on my computer, I’m the weirdo that still prints them and makes photo albums and hangs up photos on the wall- a real traditionalist like that. Sometimes you want a little more then your average photo, and that’s where a company like comes in.

The #1 Best Rated canvas shop in the USA, gives you plenty of options in size and items. Calendars, wall portraits, throw blankets, and more- whatever photo gift you would like, you can get at a great price at Canvas Discount.

We just got these two wall portraits made. We are so excited, they look great. Recently, I noticed I’m not in any photos, not since my kids. I became invisible- I think this happens to a lot of moms. We are always behind the camera, behind the scene- but we matter too. So I decided to make sure I’m in more photos both that are taken AND that are hung and in photo albums. I should be represented in our lives, in my own life especially!

canvas discount

One is a photo of myself and my partner on a recent trip to New Hampshire, on a hike to some lovely waterfalls.  The second is the family at one of the organizations we volunteer for, the Alzheimers Association. We spend a lot of time working with them, plus it’s rare to have a decent shot of the whole family, haha.

canvas discount

We really love how the photos came out. did a great job. If you want, you can also include frames and other items to help you hang your canvas prints on the wall as well, there are all sorts of accessories and ideas on the site.  There are also many sizes to choose from so you can get what works best for you.

Pros and Cons of Over-the-Range (ORT) Microwaves

Appliances with which your kitchen is equipped matters a lot. It is important to have everything that you need in range so that you can find it at the time of need. Over the range, ovens are one of the most important electronics that you are going to use in your kitchen. It does not matter whether you like to bake, slow heat your chicken or like to have medium rare steaks for your dinner every night, over the range ovens have got it all covered for you. If you are re-renovating your house, or your kitchen, it’s time to step up the game. We all cannot deny the fact that the ambiance of your kitchen matters alloy, obviously, not on the taste of your food but your mood. It is better to keep each and every aspect of insight before you start renovating your kitchen.


Here are some pros and cons of using over the range microwaves.



  1. Saves up your space

For what I have observed, saving up space in these “modern houses”, is one of the biggest challenges a person can face. Especially, if you are renting up an apartment, getting more things in less space is what every person wants. Thankfully enough, this over the range microwaves is what the best solution for your kitchen space problem. The new models are designed in such an efficient way that it takes up space as a regular microwave and performs multiple tasks at a time. it helps in giving your kitchen much neater look, as you do not have to stuff things up, just place the microwave at the height on which you are going to use it.


  1. No need for range hood

If you are living in one of those apartments, where there is less ventilation, having a microwave can be a challenge for you. If you use the microwave, you must have a range hood to get the smoke out, otherwise, it is all going to build up in your house, keeping you nauseous all day. Plus, it can be extremely dangerous and health hazardous. If you have, range hood you are on the safe side, if not, it is recommended to use best OTR microwaves of 2019, as per they have incorporated fans which work as a range hood. So, to be precise, it is a win-win situation for you.



  1. It can be uncomfortable

Normally, over the range microwave are designed to suit your height and modern-day kitchen requirement are kept in mind while designing them, but for over the range microwaves to work perfectly fine for you, it is necessary that all your kitchen cabinets area installed at the perfect height too. If you are short heighted we have some bad news for you. In such cases, it is better for you to look in the ‘countertop microwave oven’ isle. Remember, over the range microwave might look good from far away, but you need to always put your comfort first, otherwise, you might face difficulties while working.


  1. Can affect your cooking

If you are making meals for two or more people, it will come handy, but if you have got to make food for whole lot people, you might be using tall pots, and this is not something you can easily do on over the range. Unless your height is amazingly good, you have got all the odds against you. You will have to be extra cautious while handling the pots, there are good chances that the liquid can spill, and you might end up burning yourself.


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7 Most common roof issues

Roof issues can vary in terms of their importance. Some of them are really minor and they don’t require immediate attention while there are certain situations where you have to react as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage.

Understanding which is which is the hardest part. If you’re a new homeowner with limited experience or if you have just taken this duty from your parents, it is very important to understand the issue at hand and how they might impact you.

With that being said, we will analyze some of the most common issues and whether or not you will need a roofing service to remedy the damage.


  • Issues with installation


There are several reasons why you might experience issues with the installation. In most cases, it is due to faulty material being used. This is something that needs to be checked immediately as bad installation can lead to all sorts of hazards.


  • Roof leaks


When we mention roof problems, we usually refer to leaks. They can pose either a big or a small problem; it all depends. You can repair some minor leaks yourself but, if you don’t have experience, perhaps it’s better to call a roofing contractor to help you out.


  • Punctures


Of course, all these leaks are caused by holes in the roof. The best way to address this is by going to the roof periodically and searching for punctures and other signs of damage. Keep in mind that leaks are not necessarily caused by damage to tiles and shingles so you will likely want to address these issues separately.


  • Gutter damage


Gutters are a very important part of the roof allowing water to drain properly. If there is any damage to it, water will not be able to go where it needs to so puddles will start forming on the roof. Or, the water may start dripping down the side of your house. Sometimes, spills are caused by stuffy gutters as leaves and debris tend to clog them. If it’s just a cleaning issue, you can do it yourself. If there is damage to the gutters, make sure to call a roofing company to help you out.


  • Damage from trees


Trees are another potential issue. During strong storms, tree branches may start swinging around and damage your roof. Even without wind, they tend to rub against the side of your home and roofing. Over time this can cause all sorts of issues. Furthermore, trees simply invite birds and other animals which can cause damage not only to your roof but home in general. Luckily, this is something you can easily resolve by yourself.


  • Animals and insects


Insects and animals are among the major causes of a roof and structural damage. Whether its birds or some other animals, they have to be dealt with as soon as possible. Although they won’t cause instant damage, the much bigger issue with them is reproduction; 2 mice can easily turn into a horde!


  • Lack of maintenance


Roofs are very gentle and need constant care. In fact, most experts will recommend that you check on it at least twice a year. Improper maintenance or lack thereof can lead to all these issues and can increase the existing ones. Make sure that you’re proactive as in some cases, damage can easily be reduced if you treat it immediately.

As you can see, it takes a lot of negligence for major damage to occur. Still, it is possible given that signs of deterioration are not that obvious and most homeowners are not proactive. If you invest just a little bit of your time, you can resolve most of the problems without having to call a roofing contractor.

About the author: At DoItRightRoofing, we pledge to provide extraordinary quality workmanship and superior customer service as we strive to gain respect and trust of our customers. We pride ourselves on overseeing every detail of your roofing works. Our goal is to give you satisfaction while maintaining the highest standard of workmanship.

Improving Home Energy Efficiency with Proper Window Treatment

The staggering 30% of your heating bill is eaten trough old and inefficient window installations in your home. It is more or less a known fact to all these days and it seems that nearly all household owners throughout the world are planning that transformation for the modern and energy efficient frames. Today we will cover various facts that you need to know in order to once and for all forget about all the problematic possibilities regarding energy efficiency, and never again have that nervous feeling before opening the heating bill.


It Is Finally Time for an Energy Efficient Transformation


There are few things in this world that your utility company loves more than your old traditional wooden window frames. Therefore many of us have already conducted front door window repair and tried to replace all energy insufficient doors in our house. It is still a very surprising fact at what number the old window frames are still presented all around the world.


These old frames consume so much energy that all the additional energy that wasn’t intended to be consumed can be put at the end of a year in the amount consumed with an average of three mounts of energy consumption for one year! And no one wants to have such an unpleasing feeling while taking a shocking discovery that his heating bill has tripled itself all of a sudden. How does it happen? And why do advanced PVC technology in window making save so much energy?


The so-called U-value specifies how much heat energy is lost to the outside. You need only to remember that the smaller the U-value, the better the thermal insulation. And the greater the savings in energy costs. Windows make up a good third of the facade. They define how much heat stays indoors. PVC doesn’t conduct heat well, therefore, doesn’t transfer temperatures from inside to outside, or outside to inside.


Next time you are near an aluminum framed window, put your hand on the frame and feel its temperature. You would be surprised to see the difference… In winter, a single-glazed, 3mm-deep pane of glass can lose from ten to 15 times more heat than an insulated wall of the same area! In summer, single glaze standard windows of an average home account for over 25% of total heat gain.


Also, a very important thing next to windows are of course the exterior doors. Choosing the right exterior door for a home should be a carefully thought-out decision. When you choose a door, you should first consider the doors’ energy performance ratings. This score lets you know how well each door does in preserving the energy in your home by trapping heat or cool air inside.


From the same principle, you can conclude that replacing the exterior doors can cut your bills nicely. It is also advisable to install double glazing to reduce the need for heating in the rooms. This is especially important for windows.


This home improvement may not come as cheap as initially planned for most of us, but a thing worth mentioning is that such replacement is something that will probably be the once in a lifetime replacement for your household and needless to say will relieve you of worries for heating bill in these surprisingly cold winters that are only getting worse.


How to Keep Insects Away From Your Home During Spring

Come spring, the weather is warmer and it is a time to get comfortable in less-heavy clothing. Spring season is not only favorable for human beings, but also for notorious insects to wreak havoc. As spring kicks in, nature comes back to life after several months of the cold and snow. The insects that come with the warmer weather are not limited to bright flowers and green grass only. They have a tendency to follow their instincts which can lead them into the inside of your home.

The spring-time pests are annoying because they cause great stress and leave people uncomfortable and sleepless. Their presence during winter was fairly mild. This coming season, don’t allow pests to deprive you the peace and tranquility you had during winter. If it gets to that point, look for a professional such as to come and keep them away from your home. Before it reaches that point, here is some information on spring pests that will prove helpful.

Dealing with mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are disease-carrying insects that can give you sleepless nights. They are everywhere, except Antarctica and a few other places that experience prolonged winter periods. Mosquitoes can host various diseases and should be kept away from your home as much as possible.

To keep mosquitos away from your home this spring, observe some basic precautions such as not having stagnant water in your house. If you’re involved in an outdoor activity, try to stay covered as much as possible in activewear clothing for outdoors that covers almost all parts of your body. Alternatively, you can use mosquito repellents such as DEET and an outdoor repeller lantern. In case you start having flu-like symptoms which persist for about two days, visit a doctor.

Clear bushes around your home

Insects can get into your house through trees hanging close to your roof. Once on the roof, they can easily crawl through the vents and get into your structure. Shrubs or bushes are home to insects and once you have maintained a bush around your home, it is just a matter of time before the insects are moving in with you. You don’t want insects hovering around your living room. Actually, it would be good to have a foot of crushed stone around your house that is free from weeds.

Seal crevices, cracks and weep holes 

Experts recommend the use of sealants that can expand and contract depending on the weather conditions. You could have used some type of sealant during the winter season to seal these areas, but it can crack again and allow insects to get in during spring. It is, therefore, important for you to go for the right sealant and use a material such as copper mesh to seal off weep holes. Copper mesh is not prone to rusting and it can block insects from passing through wall void areas.

Mix up the mulch

While using leaves as mulch is a good idea, it is advisable to keep mulch around your house dry by thinning it out and turning it over. Generally, insects like decaying leaves, mulch or any other decaying organic matter. Additionally, you will want to time your sprinkler systems well in case they stay on longer. This could make water collect and form a pool that could attract insects, such as mosquitoes.

Do some screen and door repairs

You should repair any screen or door thresholds. Insects will invite themselves in as the weather gets warmer. Some glimpse of light can indicate weak seals. If you can see rays of light sipping through the door in the morning, it means that the weather stripping is not at its best and insects can find their way in.

Clean the gutters

Leaves can clog the gutters on your home and it is advisable for you to get rid of the debris before insects make it their home. Cockroaches will have a comfortable home in gutters because rotting leaves are an ideal hangout for them. Insects often crawl into your home after detecting radical environmental conditions. Insects will always want to move to a more suitable place after their habitat has been disrupted.

Outdoor lighting

Lighting at the front of your days can attract insects to your house. Insects tend to be attracted to brightness and it is advisable to switch off the lights at night or even use bulbs with lesser wavelengths.

Upgrading Your Kids’ Room – How Often is Too Often?

Living with kids often means having to adapt your lifestyle to certain changes that you may not be prepared to deal with. For example, the way you handle your own rooms might not necessarily work too well when it comes to the rooms your kids will live in, especially if you live with more than one child. You’ll want to plan ahead when it comes to upgrades and possibly even repairs, and you should always evaluate each situation carefully to figure out whether it’s appropriate to disturb the child’s current life.

Kids Don’t Like Frequent Change

One thing you should understand as early as possible is that kids simply don’t enjoy having their environment changing too often, especially in major ways. You might like thinking about upgrades and other changes to your own room, but when it comes to the ones your kids live in, you should not be too quick to spring into action.

Room improvements inevitably mean having to rearrange things temporarily, and even if it’s for a short while, that might seem like quite the long time to your kids themselves. It’s not just about finding an alternative room for them to stay in during the repair – this kind of disturbance is going to affect their mood more than you might like.

Don’t Postpone Repairs

On the other hand, repairs are not something you should put off. Even little things can add up quite quickly when you’re living with young children, and small issues in their day-to-day life can easily reflect back on you and make your own experience miserable. If something goes wrong, you should take the time to repair it as early as is convenient.

As long as you stick to what we mentioned above about avoiding any too frequent changes, you should be fine. If possible, group repairs together so that you can get more done in one go and not disturb your kids’ lives too much. Also, consider the option of setting things up in a way that minimizes potential damage in the first place. Invest a little more into sturdy furniture that will be resilient to damage, and this can make a big difference.

Quality of Life Upgrades

There are some things that your kids are definitely going to appreciate though, even when it means having to wait a little to get back into their room. Some kinds of improvements can matter a lot, especially to younger children. Giving them the ability to sleep better is one of those things, and even something as simple as taking the time to seek out the best mattress on the market can make a huge impact in the long run. There are various guides available on the Internet that can assist you with this, and it’s in your best interest to familiarize yourself with them as early as possible.

Don’t underestimate the amount of thinking and planning you should be putting into this though, as sleep is easily the number one factor that affects the moods of children on a regular basis. Ensuring that they have a comfortable time each night when they put their heads to rest is going to make a huge difference.

Keeping the Room Flexible for the Future

Don’t forget that this isn’t always going to be a kids’ room. Whether you want to accept the fact or not, your children are going to grow up one day. And even if you have new ones at some point, and they take over that room, it’s still going to be temporary. The point is, it’s not a bad idea to start thinking about what you could do with that room once the kids have moved out, even if it seems like it’s going to be a while until you get there.

The truth is, time flies when you’re raising children, and before you know it, that day will already be here. It’s much better to have something planned and know what you can do, rather than having to think about a solution on the spot. You might enjoy the idea of having an in-house office for your work though, so it might not be as bad as it looks. And if you want to make the transitional process as smooth and quick as possible, you should start setting things up from early on.

It’s true that you’ll have to change your way of thinking in some ways if you want to live with kids, but it’s not as difficult as some people make it out to be. All it takes is a little advance planning, knowing what’s available on the market, and of course, the right kind of communication with the little ones. The rest mostly comes down to common sense and having access to the right kinds of resources for each idea that pops up into your head.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Buy Robotic Cleaners and Vacuums for Your Above Ground Pool

Who would not want to own above ground swimming pools? They cost less and occupy a smaller space than inground pools. Having one is all fun until it is cleaning time. The need to keep the water sparkling clean is high and as a pool owner, you would only want a pool cleaner that could give you the best results.

Some owners spend a lot of money and time to keep their pool clean and even hire professional pool cleaners, whilst others invest on built-in filtration systems. There are different types of pool cleaners: the suction-side, pressure-side, and robotic cleaners.

Many above ground pools come with built-in filtration systems.  Lately, though, a lot of people have been shifting to using robotic cleaners.  Here are ten reasons many pool owners are choosing them.

1. Convenient to store

Robotic cleaners remove as much as 2 microns of external pollutants. Aside from the pool bottom and waterline, they also clean your pool’s side walls, preventing algal build-up and avoiding possible bacterial growth. Robotic cleaners also filter floating and large debris, which basic pool filtration systems could not. At the same time, these robotic cleaners save you from the dreadful wires and hoses other types of filtration require. Plus, they provide you the convenience in terms of storage.  They require less space in your garage.

2. Cost and energy efficient

Whilst robotic pool cleaners cost anywhere from $200 to $1,000, they carry longer warranties. These little mechanical wonders consume less power, with a voltage of 70 watts per hour cycle up to 200 watts for the whole cleaning cycle.  This could save you a total of 5 cents per hour cycle on your electricity.

Unlike pressure-side cleaners, robotic pool cleaners do not require additional booster pumps which could cost you more. Robotic cleaners have their own filtration system, which means they do not need a built-in pool filter.  This prevents wear and tear on the part of the filter, given the large volume of debris collected; thus, prolonging its life. Studies also show that robotic pool cleaners are 93% more energy efficient than standard pool filtration systems.

3. User-friendly

Robotic pool cleaners are easy to use and no assembly skills are required. All you need to do is just plug them to the power source, drop them into the pool, and let them do what they are supposed to do. Some models even have scheduling and timed cleaning features.

However, some effort would be required to remove the filter and empty the mesh out, although that would basically be all the labour you’ll have to do. True to their name, robotic cleaners do most of the work and bring additional comfort for you.

4. Environmentally-friendly

Robotic cleaners also do not release harmful chemicals and gases whilst cleaning your pool. Pretty much all they do is just vacuum small to large debris whilst consuming less energy.

5. Low maintenance

Robotic cleaners do not need a lot of maintenance. This means they do not impose heavy burden on you in terms of cost, assembly, or parts replacement. All you need to do is remove and restore the vacuum filters of these cleaners. Most robotic cleaners have filter bags on top for easy access. In addition, these cleaners provide you with a quicker cleaning time compared to others.

6. Durable and long lasting

Robotic pool cleaners are durable when properly used. Know that spending extra dollars on a durable and high-quality cleaner is a smart move. You’ll surely appreciate this feature when you’re not having it fixed every once in a while.

7. Water saver

Compared to the suction-side cleaner which is popular in Australia, robotic pool cleaners reduce water wasting and can save you at least 33% of backwash water. Alongside reducing the need for backwashing, they also work to improve hydraulic function by lessening pressure build-up on the main filter system.

8. Less chemicals

Robotic pool cleaners efficiently remove large and small debris from the pool, allowing the main filter to more freely collect microscopic particulate matter. Most of the dirt and debris are no longer breaking down, as they are collected by the cleaners. This then reduces chlorine burnout, positively affecting the chemical balance of the water.

9. Better water circulation for chemical balance

Some robotic pool cleaner models allow the water to move around as they clean. Water circulation helps maintain the chemical balance, so the water stays within a constant pH or acidity level.

10. Low noise

Compared to other pool cleaners, robotic cleaners operate under low noise levels.

Do not be afraid to spend a few extra dollars to make your life more convenient and hassle-free. You can purchase durable but affordable robotic pool cleaners from OutbaxCamping. Make pool cleaning easier, quicker, and more enjoyable. Visit the site today!

7 Gorgeous Rustic Home-Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Unforgettable

Always loved the look of a beautiful country home and want to recreate it? Rustic decors are always a trend in home designs because they’re simple and they make any space cozy and inviting. Natural elements such as wood and other organic textures are the center of any good rustic home design.

The beauty of rustic home decors is that you can easily make pieces of your own without buying or spending too much. It doesn’t matter if you live in the center of the city or in the heart of a country; you can always recreate the feel of a simple country lifestyle in your home.

Of course, you can always buy rustic decors for your home if you want the convenience and if you want to instantly transform your space into a little charming cottage. They’re functional too, so they’re useful for additional storage on top of being a beautiful aesthetic.

If you already have the tools and the know-how of using different tools for big DIY projects like home decors, you can make them yourself. Check the list below for ideas.

Wooden Bath Caddy

This is a project you’ll enjoy if you’re good at woodworking and if you have a bathtub you’re fond of using at home. You’ll be needing a reclaimed wood board, screws, handy SDS drill, saw, and a waterproofer. You need to take measurements of your bathtub to cut the wood into the correct shape. It needs to be snug in order to prevent sliding.

Once the bath caddy is complete, make sure to paint it with a sealant to prevent water damage. You can fashion the caddy however you like by putting a slot for your wineglass or maybe a little compartment to hold little things.

Enjoy unwinding at the end of the day in the bath without worrying about having things wet, so put some candles, soap, or even your favorite book on it. 

Jute Twine Organizer

This is one of the easier DIY projects as you only need jute twine and a glue gun. To make a container, all you need to do is glue the twine together upward to make it look like a holder. You can make it in various shapes; square, rectangle, and circle are popular choices.

Once the twine wall is high enough, secure it by using more glue. You can make several of these and use them as organizers for decorative items or for personal items like shampoo and toilet paper.

Rustic Mason Jar Holders

Mason jars are wonderful glass jars that have a lot of uses. If your kitchen needs more storage or if you’re looking for ways to display utensils for convenience, then mason jars are great for this project. Paint the jars in earthy colors like soft, earthy brown, cream, and warm gray.

Decorate with twine by tying a piece near the mouth of jar once dry. You can also put the jars in a wood box if you want to secure them. You can also put labels on the jars to designate which utensils go to which bottle as well.

Wooden Coasters

There are many uses for wood slices, and one good project you can make out of them is to use them as wooden coasters. This is a good project if you have big fallen branches on hand, but if not, you can scour your neighborhood for some. Choose a branch that is thick in diameter, something wide enough to hold a mug or a cup.

You will need a hand saw to cut pieces and then sandpaper to smoothen the edges. Once you have your wood slices, coat them with clear varnish. You’re ready to impress your friends and guests with your wooden coasters.

Crate Bookshelf

Make use of old crates, and instead of letting them rot somewhere or putting them in the wood chipper, turn a bunch of them into your very own bookshelf instead. Since crates have certain size dimensions, you can make the bookshelf as high, as low, or as big as you want it to be.

You’ll be needing some sandpaper to smoothen it out and wood stain if you want it to appear darker. Put everything together using a drill and some screws, and reinforce it with a couple of L-brackets.

To complete the rustic-bookshelf look, put a lot of books in it. You can put hardbound books and even customized board books of your family, especially children. The nice thing about personalized board books is that you can create it according to your preferences and have as many as you like. You can one for pictures for your baby’s first year, for drawings, memories, and even one for coloring.

Driftwood Planter

Succulents are great plants for people who want to have something green and alive in their home but have no gardening experience. These plants are great because they don’t require much maintenance and need only to be watered once every couple of days. An alternative way to display these plants apart from their cute little earthenware pots is to put them inside a driftwood.

The number of succulent plants you can use for this DIY will depend on how large the driftwood piece is. You’ll also be needing moss and some floral glue; if you don’t have the latter, a hot glue gun is fine. You’ll be attaching the plants on the wood using glue and moss, and the finished project will look good on the mantel or on a wall-mounted shelf.

Keep It Simple

The beauty of the rustic home design is that it is easy to achieve, and that is why most beginner DIYers prefer this style. If you’re not that confident in your skills, keep your design simple. Once you get the hang of building things for your home, you can always go for intermediate to expert mode involving a lot of tools like saw cutting and even metals.

What is your favorite doable home design? Share your thoughts below.