Cubetto- Must have Coding Toy For Kids

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My girls absolutely love to play. I  do encourage playing without the use of screen time in our house a great deal. With this awesome coding game, Cubetto, this is easy for my girls to have a great deal of playtime without using a tv or an iPad.

About Primo Toys:

Primo Toys is the leading purveyor of hands on, screen-less, smart toys that introduce computer programming skills in early years learning. They are ready to build a new standard in early learning and coding.

They have received some great awards in 2016.

  • Gold Lion – Product Design – Cannes Festival of Creativity 2016
  • Platinum – 3 to 5 year old toys – Junior Design Awards 2016
  • Best of the Best – Concept- Red Dot Design Awards 2016
  • Winner – Product Innovation – GESS Dubai 2016

About Cubetto Playset:

Cubetto is made up of 3 separate elements. A friendly wooden robot, a tangible interface board, and 16x instruction blocks that make up a programming language you can touch. The playset comes with a charmingly illustrated 1×1 m World Map and story book that will make every play session with Cubetto a unique and memorable adventure.

Inside Every Box:

  • 1 Cubetto Robot
  • 1 Interface Board
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 1 Story Book
  • 1 World Map
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Must Have – Play-Doh Colors and Shapes Set

Disclosure- We received the below in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own and honest.

With 3 little girls in our house, it sure is a busy place to be. I am always looking for great products that engage their little brains and allow them to play and learn. I must say that you will be impressed with the Play-Doh Colors and Shapes Set.

About 2017 Play-Doh Shape and Learn:

Inspire your little one to become a curious thinker and a confident explorer with the all new Play-Doh Shape and Learn line of activity sets for kids 2 and up! With multi-sensory Play-Doh play, kids can engage in the creative thinking process, which encourages the development of key foundational skills. Each set comes with an activity guide and playmats to provide moms and kids with a great first learning experience with the Play-Doh brand.

About Play-Doh Colors and Shapes Set:

You can easily inspire growing minds and discover the benefits of Play-Doh play with the Colors and Shapes playset! Multi-sensory Play-Doh fun can help engage kids in the creative thinking process, which can also help encourage key foundational skills.This is designed for children ages 2 years and up.


How to Sleep Well When You Have Kids

Waking up in the middle of the night to requests for water, complaints about the monsters in the closet, or pleas to slide into bed and warm up cold toes—these are just some of the treats of parenthood. Of course, parents love waking up to their children, even in the middle of the night … but not night after night. If you want to sleep better, you have to make sure the kids sleep well first.

Give the Kids a Set Schedule

Kids thrive on structure—they don’t necessarily love it, but they thrive on it all the same. Setting a schedule for your children is so important—and that goes for more than just bedtime. However, making sure that the tykes go to bed at the same time each night is a sure way to make them sleep better.

Although it might take a while, there will come a time when the kids naturally start to feel sleepy once bedtime rolls around, in much the same way they probably get hungry for meals at the same time each day. Set your child’s bedtime to correspond with their age, as younger kids need up to 12 hours of sleep a night.

The key here is that you have to wake the kids at the same time every morning, as well. Obviously, weekends may have different rules. You might change the schedule during holidays, too, but don’t many any drastic changes. Let the kids stay up and thus sleep in perhaps half an hour longer.

Create a Routine for Bedtime

A nighttime routine is critical for a good night’s sleep—for everyone. A pattern like this helps your kids to wind down and literally get ready for bed. Every child is different, however, so one kid’s routine won’t work for another one. Yes, that means that if you have more than one child, each tot might have different bedtime preferences.


Macaroni from Monkey Monkey Music with Meredith CD Release

New music is always a great way to invigorate kids and get them up and moving. Monkey Monkey Music has a new collection of songs, Macaroni, available for sale now. Parents may already be familiar with Monkey Monkey Music and Meredith LeVande (the creator). Her songs and music videos have been featured on PBS Kids, Kids Thirteen, and over 100 public television stations across the US.

monkey music

Macaroni is the title track and like many of the other songs it touches on a hallmark of childhood and creativity, all of the uses we can find for macaroni! Whether we wear it, or use it to make music, Monkey Monkey Music points out how something as simple as pasta can be transformed by imagination and ingenuity.

SoCozy Boo! Kids Hair Products #SoCozyHair #SplashHappy #SoCozyKid

School can be a scary place for kids.  With many other kids, new faces, and high expectations, there is one thing kids shouldn’t be afraid of at school- and that is bugs.  One such menace that plagues schools is lice.  When an outbreak hits, every parent in school knows it and its a mad dash to keep them from spreading to your child and bringing them home.  Preventative measures help, but what can a parent use to keep these nasties away from your kids? Why not scare them away with the Boo! line of lice scaring hair products from SoCozy?  These products (as with all the rest of SoCozy’s products) are safe and effective, completely non toxic, and are made without parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic color, propylene glycol. Free of alcohol, gluten, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts.

There are three lice scaring products- one is a spray, one a shampoo, and one a conditioner.  Each of them is made to keep lice away from your kids and out of your home.  The shampoo and conditioner are used like any other while washing.  Rinse hair, lather up shampoo, and wash out.  The conditioner should be worked into the hair and scalp then left in for 30 seconds then rinsed out.  The final spray will is to be sprayed on wet or dry hair.  Each product should be used daily to keep up the protection.  Our little guy’s school has had a few lice scares and has been able to scare them away each time thankfully (knock on wood).

Win $25 Gift Card, Pfizer Products, and 20th Century Fox Movies

This post has been sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare and 20th Century Fox. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

Sick days stink, for adults or kids. Well, especially for kids.  Kids don’t understand really that with time, some medicine, and rest, they will feel better.  We all remember growing up the odd sick day here or there, being taken care of by Mom or Dad, and the simple things that made us feel better.  Of course, we could all use a few extra tips and tricks.  There are some tricks I have found with our little guy.

kids cold medicine

  1. Baby him- he’s sick and is acting like it.  Give them some extra attention and care during this sensitive time. Yes, they can be annoying. This too shall pass.
  2. Sleep-  even if you have to get them to lay down on the couch in front of the TV with their favorite movie, rest is key.
  3. Liquids-  get them to drink lots of water to keep their body flushing out the bad stuff and cycling through to the good stuff that will fight off the germs.
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Dreamworks Trolls Dancing Troll Poppy

trolls movie toys

The new Trolls movie has some cute and silly memorable parts to it, but one of the most memorable  is the song, “Get Back Up Again”, where our heroine Princess Poppy happily sings and dances as she goes through some extraordinary adventures while on her trek to save her friends.  This song can further permeate your brain with the new Dancing Troll Poppy speaker.  With a touch of a button, Poppy shakes and spins to the song and sings loud and clear.

Must Have PeaPod Mat for Kids

Disclosure- We received the below in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own and honest.

Anyone with little children understands the hard task of potty training. I always find that night time can be the trickiest time to potty train! With the wonderful PeaPod Mats, nightime can be much easier.

About Peapod Mats:

Peapod Mats is a quality waterproof absorbent mat designed to protect the bed from all sorts of fluids. The big difference? Peapod Mats lie flat on top of bed sheets with a grippy material underneath. This means that the mat stays flat without bunching with no need to tuck or wrap the mat around the mattress or mattress corners!

The Peapod Mat is a unique combination of 3 layers that creates a super-absorbent waterproof mat.

  • Top Layer – Breathable terry cotton; grid stitched to prevent bunching
  • Middle Layer – Polyester liner to absorb and disperse moisture
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