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House Monkey Twitter Party! #HouseMonkeyTribe


House Monkey Twitter Party 3-29-16 at 9p EST RSVP

Join Blog­gin Mamas & House Monkey as we host the #HouseMonkeyTribe Twit­ter Party on Tuesday, 3–29–16 at 9p EST/6pm PST! We’ll be chat­ting about the new House Monkey app and website.

Date: Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Time: 9:00–10:00pm EST / 6:00–7:00pm PST

Hash­tag: #HouseMonkeyTribe

Pre­sented by: @monkey_tribe and @BlogginMamas

Mod­er­a­tors: Eng­lish– @HeLoEnterprises Span­ish– @BBabushka

Co-Hosts: @EnzasBargains, @havesippy, @DarciBean, @MamasMission, @MommyPowers

About House Monkey

House Monkey is a home management solution (app & website) to efficiently organize & motivate the tribe living in your home to get everything done! Bring the concept of spending time together and caring for your home back to life with the digital tool perfect for your tribe.

Get 30 days FREE by using code I4dLNT in the coupon code. The coupon code is case sensitive! After 30 days you have the OPTION to get a year’s subscription and pay just $28.99 for the first year.

$28.99 yearly fee includes:

· All standard features of House Monkey – the preferred home management system

· 1G of data for your home used at your discretion (videos, chat, appliance manuals, receipts, etc.)

· Unlimited members in your family’s account

· Access to your account via both the mobile app and the website

· Accessible on any platform (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, mobile web browser)

· No ads


Dur­ing the Twit­ter Party there will be a chance to win one of the fol­low­ing prizes by answer­ing var­i­ous ques­tions about House Monkey. Win­ners will be selected at ran­dom from all eli­gi­ble entries.


One (1) prize pack, including a One-Year House Monkey subscription + Stephen Joseph Monkey Backpack and lunch box (ARV $71)

One (1) prize pack, including a One-Year House Monkey subscription + SOZO Cuddle Mat (ARV $84)

One (1) prize pack, including a One-Year House Monkey subscription + Kangovou Stainless Steel Dish Set (winner’s color choice) (ARV $99)

First Prize

One (1) prize pack, including a One-Year House Monkey subscription + Stephen Joseph Critter Table and Chairs set – MONKEY (ARV $109)

Grand Prize

One (1) prize pack, including a One-Year House Monkey subscription + 4 tickets to your local ZOO (ARV $149)

RSVP Prize

One (1) prize pack, including a One-Year House Monkey subscription + SOZO Monkey Hooded Towel (ARV $50)

RSVP Below!!

Terms and Con­di­tions


By RSVP’ing to this event and uti­liz­ing the #HouseMonkeyTribe hash­tag, the atten­dees acknowl­edge hav­ing read and agreed to these terms and con­di­tions.

Twit­ter Party Prize Give­away begins March 29th, 2016 at 9:00 pm ET and ends no later than March 29th, 2016 at 10:30pm ET (the “Twit­ter Chat Entry Period”). Entrants enter via fol­low­ing @monkey_tribe, @HeLoEnterprises & @BlogginMamas, and post­ing a tweet with the #HouseMonkeyTribe hash­tag dur­ing the Twit­ter Chat Entry Period. Five (5) Win­ners will be drawn ran­domly by at approx­i­mately 12 minute inter­vals dur­ing the Twit­ter Party Entry Period. One (1) Win­ner will be drawn ran­domly via from the event RSVP’s on the Mr. Linky wid­get.

Snowmobile Fun and Safety

picture via essentialtreesources. com

picture via essentialtreesources. com

There’s no doubt that snowmobiles are a fun and exhilarating winter sport, but along with the fun comes risk. Each year there are snowmobiling accidents and fatalities. In Minnesota alone, there were 212 accidents and 19 fatalities in 2011. A large number, over 70 percent, of these accidents involved alcohol. So how do you stay safe on the trails and enjoy playing in the snow? Keep reading for the essential do’s and don’ts of snowmobile safety.

DO check the condition of your equipment before heading out. A good checklist includes checking the throttle, belt, lights, brakes, skis, fuel and battery. If you have an emergency kit on the sled, make sure that it’s well-stocked with essentials such as a flashlight, flares and a first-aid kit.

DON’T combine snowmobiling with alcohol. As stated above, a large amount of snowmobiling accidents involve alcohol. An inebriated snowmobile driver has the same problems as a drunk driver on the roads, including impaired balance, reactions and concentration. Don’t just avoid alcohol yourself, but also avoid riding with those who have imbibed.

DO dress appropriately. Dressing for snowmobiling is not just about safety, but potentially also about survival. Wear plenty of layers to stay warm and dry. Always wear gloves, a helmet and goggles. Make sure the helmet is an approved DOT helmet. Gloves and goggles keep the elements out and increase safety.

Planning the Perfect Party Food


Food brings people together in a very special way, so having the right foods at your next gathering could be the make or break point at your party. Take this advice and be sure to be prepared the next time you’re playing host and want to make a good impression.

  1. Know your Audience
    It’s important to remember, when you’re planning the menu for your party, the food is for your guests first and foremost -not you. Know what kind of crowd will show up, and be sure to take note of the occasion. For instance, it’s probably not wise to serve escargo at a superbowl party, likewise hot wings probably wouldn’t go over tremendously well at a dinner party.
  2. Have the Right Tools
    Party supplies are a big part of any gathering. You may have prepared the most terrific dish that suits your party guests perfectly, and has everyone’s mouth watering, however if you have no forks, plates, napkins, and other utensils there’s no point really, as no one will be able to enjoy the food eating with their hands.
  3. Try New Things
    Yes, your fudge brownies are amazing; yes, your guests do like eating them; but no, they do not want to eat fudge brownies every single time that they’re over. There’s nothing wrong with having favorites, but it’s important to mix things up and bring something fresh to your party to keep your guests on their toes and coming back for more. 
  4. (more…)

4 Easy Ways To Make Your Anniversary More Fun

If, over the years, your anniversaries have become a little stale, now is the time to change that. Perhaps you always head out for dinner at the same restaurant or maybe you don’t do anything at all to mark the occasion. Your anniversary shouldn’t be just another day; it should be a time when you bond with your partner.

Of course, after being together for a few years, it’s easy for your anniversary to be forgotten or treated as just another day. This year, aim to ensure that you make your anniversary a fun and memorable day when the two of you spend some much-needed quality time together.

Stuck for ideas – don’t worry, with these four easy ways to make your anniversary fun, I’ve got you covered.


  1. Take a road trip

For an anniversary with a difference, why not plan a road trip? This doesn’t have to be anywhere far away; it can simply be to a beach, theme park or city that you’ve wanted to visit for a while.

There’s something incredibly relaxing about getting away from your hometown for a little while. If you want to spend some undisturbed one-on-one time with your partner, going away for the day is perfect. You can have fun exploring a new place or visiting an attraction while having some quality time as a couple.

  1. Recreate your first date


8 Easy Ways to Class Up Your Office

If you want to inject some fun and fashion into your office space, and make those long work hours just a little bit more enjoyable, utilize these excellent design tips and class up your office space in a jiffy. Whether you’re working in a home office or go to an office building across town, there are simple fixes to help you improve your work space and make the long days go by quickly. Like anything, your output will always depend on the tools you have in place. Think ergonomic seating and HP Officejet Pro 8600 Printer Ink.

  1. Give Yourself Some Motivation

Make yourself more motivated with some well-placed inspirational quotes or photos that will give you an extra kick in the pants when your productivity is dipping. Find an image online of a quote you adore, or a place you’re working to visit, and make it your background image. You’ll see it every time you fire the computer up and receive that extra ounce of motivation with no effort at all.

  1. Bring In Some Nature

Plants are an excellent way to class up your office. They breathe a bit of life back into the often sterile office space, they improve air quality, supposedly can decrease stress, and make the humidity level rise to a healthier standard. Whether it’s a small succulent on your desk or a leafy green wonder in the corner of your office, incorporating plants into your design will do more than you think.

  1. Extra Lighting

We all know that office lighting is the worst, so add some new levels and layers of brightness to your desk space for a better vibe all around. Making your eyes strain all day long is terrible for your eyesight, so brighten up your space for both productivity and mood purposes. Whether it’s a homey desk lamp that provides a warm glow, or white Christmas lights that you can string along the walls for an ethereal glow, your peepers will appreciate the extra illumination.

Informucate’s Daily Trivia

As a mom who travels a lot, I sometimes find it hard to set aside some “extra time” (what is ‘extra time,’ anyway?!) to catch up on the current events going on around me. However, I did come across this website that is able to tell me about the current events (in multiple different categories) in under 200 words, which only takes a few minutes to read! Informucate’s tagline, all the news in just 12 views, says it all. Informucate is made for us busy people who don’t have time to sit down and watch the news or stay informed any other way that takes more than a few minutes.

Fast Play from NJ Lottery

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