How to Travel and Still Advance Your Career

Going on an extended trip and exploring the world doesn’t have to mean putting the rest of your life on hold. A lot of avid travelers I know actually have a strong career or a successful business they run while traveling. Thanks to the internet and today’s best mobile devices, there are actually a lot of things you can do while traveling.

In this article, however, we’re going to talk about how you can still advance your career and enjoy an extended trip to amazing places. Here are a few things you can do to achieve this.

Rack Up Experiences

Just because you’re away, doesn’t mean you can’t still work. Some companies now allow employees to work from remote locations. If you happen to be working for a company or a startup that allows remote working, spending a few hours every day to catch up on work-related tasks can always be done no matter where you are.

You can also seek freelance projects or switch to an online job completely. These projects can be added to your CV – and your LinkedIn profile – which means you will be able to find a better position to fill when you get back thanks to the wealth of experiences you bring home.

Lastly, consider offering consultation services in a field you’re really good at. For example, you can consult for online businesses if you know your way around internet marketing and content creation. You can even use the trips you’re on as a selling point and produce awesome content along the way.

Pursue a Higher Degree

Another cool thing you can do while you’re away is pursue a higher degree. Thanks to distance learning programs from top universities, you can now get a master’s in various fields without actually attending physical classes or becoming a full time student. Online courses offer the same accredited degrees as their offline counterparts, which means you can take a program that suits you and be qualified for mid- to top-level management positions when you’re done.

Some degrees have more potential than the others. Be sure to check out the market and find degrees that are in high demand before choosing a course to take. The future for those with an online healthcare administration degree is particularly bright because the healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing today. Those with MBAs and other degrees will also find the market to be particularly promising.

Work Overseas

Of course, you can also enjoy relaxing weekends at exotic destinations when you work for a European or Asian company. Some US-based companies also have branches overseas, allowing you to apply for a lucrative position in great areas and have more opportunities to travel.

Working overseas may not mean being able to travel or relax every day, but it is still a nice compromise between exploring the world and boosting your career. Once you’re happy with the experiences you gather, you can relocate back home without having to start over with your career.

Do you have other tips and stories about boosting your career while traveling the world? Be sure to share them in the comments section below.

Don’t Put A Time Limit On Your Makeup: Help It Stay On For Longer With These Great Tips

Ever had that experience where you leave the house with amazing makeup – only to look in a mirror two hours later to find that it’s all but left your face? Yep, this has probably happened to all of us, and it doesn’t ever get less annoying. It can be incredibly disheartening to see your makeup wear off so quickly, especially if you spent ages on it or if you are at a big event. Our makeup can come off our faces for a number of reasons. It could be to do with the weather – wind and rain aren’t exactly a girl’s best friend when it comes to keeping their face intact. It could be to do with face touching or the wearing of glasses, or even wearing scarves around the face. Plus sometimes, it is simply down to the wearer having oily skin. So what exactly can you do if you suffer with makeup that just won’t stay on? Well, read on and try some of these techniques that can help your makeup stay with you well into the night – so you can party until dawn without a care in the world.

longer lasting makeup

Use primer

You may have heard of people using what is known as a primer under their makeup. These products have been used by professional makeup artists for years, but have only hit the highstreet in the past few years. Primers are essentially products which are applied before foundation or concealer and aim to make your makeup last longer. They are now available from many different brands and come in gel, cream and even powder form. In order to apply it, don’t be scared to use your fingers. Yes, we have all been relentlessly told to apply makeup with professional brushes and sponges ONLY. But in the case of primer, actually absorbs into the skin better when you use your hands, due to the generation of heat. There are also types of primer specifically designed for certain parts of the face, such as this base for NYX eyeshadow.

Use a setting spray

Ever clocked sight of yourself in the mirror before you left the house, and gave your face a quick mist of hairspray before leaving just to make sure that makeup stays on? Most of us have done the hairspray trick, as nasty as it is – and not only does it taste and feel awful, it doesn’t really work either! This is why makeup setting sprays were invented, which are essentially a sealing ‘top coat’ for your makeup. You can buy specific ones for various skin types and some even claim to hydrate your skin too.

Keep backup products in your bag

Unfortunately, there are going to be those times where no matter what we do, the makeup still comes off. For these moments, nothing else will do apart from reapplying the makeup that has already come off. But no one wants to cut their evening short by having to go home to re-apply. This is why carrying some mini makeup saviors on your person can be a lifesaver in times of need. You can often buy handbag-sized makeup these days, but most makeup in general will fit into the inside pocket of your bag. Bring only the essentials so you’re not too weighed down – for example, your 16 color eyeshadow palette probably doesn’t need to come with you. Foundation, powder, mascara and lipstick is all you really need, and you’ll be good to go all night.

A Must Follow Guide To Getting The Best Mortgage

Buying your first or any home for that matter is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do. You’ll feel like it’s one of the biggest steps you’ve made into adulthood and it can be a great feeling to say you own your own home. You need to make sure you’re ready to buy a home before you commit though.

It can also be an extremely stressful time and sometimes it’s all a little too overwhelming. It’s a huge decision and may be the biggest financial commitment you ever have to make, so you need to make sure you’re getting the best deal you can. Follow these top tips to get the mortgage you truly want.

  1. The bigger, the better – where deposits are concerned

The bigger the deposit, the better. Even if you’re not ready to buy a house now, start saving because the more you have to offer as a down payment, the more choice of mortgages you’ll have to choose from. Mortgage providers keep their best rates for people who have large deposits and the other benefit is that you’ll have far less to pay on a monthly basis as you’ll get a better deal.

  1. Get the best mortgage rate

Make sure you do your research before committing to a mortgage as you might find you’re being charged an extortionate amount of interest. Home loan rates differ depending on which mortgage provider you go with, so don’t just grab the first opportunity that arises. Shop around.

  1. Clear your debts

Debts won’t do you any favours when you’re trying to lock in the best mortgage deal. When submitting an application, you’ll be asked to declare how much you owe, so resist the urge to put all sorts on your credit card. The last thing a mortgage provider wants to see on a mortgage application is a huge list of outstanding loans that need to be paid back. They need to feel assured that you will be able to pay them back and make your monthly payments. If they don’t get that impression, you won’t be getting your mortgage.

If you do have a fair bit of debt under your belt, hold off on applying for a mortgage until you’ve managed to reduce them. You want to seem like someone who’s responsible with their money and you’re more likely to get that stamp of approval.

  1. The proof is in the pudding

When approaching a mortgage provider for home loan rates, one of the first things they will want to see is proof of how much you earn. People have a tendency to over embellish where earnings are concerned but this won’t do you or the mortgage lender any favours as they will need to calculate what it affordable for you to pay back which is obviously a good thing for you. Take along a P60 form from your employer which displays how much you pay and how much has been deducted. It’s good to take along your last three months’ bank statements and payslips so the lender can work out how much would be a reasonable amount to lend given how much your outgoings are.

Attention and Learning Issues Need to #BeUnderstood

Attention and Learning Issues Need to #BeUnderstood

Raising a child with learning and attention issues is a journey. And it’s one that’s full of ups and downs, successes and challenges, questions and decisions. It can be very hard on parents and equally as hard on children – especially because they are the ones who are struggling to be understood. But what if your child is struggling and you do not even realize it IS a learning or attention issue?

In the U.S., 1 in 5 children struggles with brain-based learning and attention issues that affect reading, writing, math, focus and organization. These issues are a lot more common than most people think, and while learning and attention issues may not be as visible as other health issues, they’re just as real. Unfortunately, many kids go undiagnosed because parents to think that their children are just being lazy, need to work harder, or that they are in a phase that they will grow out of. has launched the new #BeUnderstood campaign to generate awareness about learning and attention issues and encourage people who are seeing or experiencing signs of learning and attention issues to visit, learn about these issues, and take that crucial first step in getting their kids the help they need to thrive in school, at home and in life.

Attention and Learning Issues Need to #BeUnderstood

If you are sitting there reading this, stressed out and feeling alone, don’t be. You are definitely not alone. Understood is an organization that was created by a coalition of 15 nonprofits, and its content and tools were informed by a survey of more than 2,200 parents of children with learning and attention issues. Understood offers free daily access to experts through chats and webinars, a safe online community that encourages parents to reach out to and learn from each other and a suite of specially designed, first-of-their-kind tools.

Only 68% of students with learning issues graduate with a regular high school diploma. 55% of students with learning and attention issues have had some type of involvement with the criminal justice system within eight years of leaving high school. But contrary to what many people believe, there is no correlation between learning and attention issues and IQ. With the right strategies and support, these children can succeed in the classroom—and outside of it too. has the information, strategies and expert insights you need at every stage of your unique journey.

  • Understand what you’re seeing – It’s hard to see your child struggle and not know why. Without understanding the reasons for his behavior, you may even come to some wrong conclusions.
  • Understand what your child experiences – You may know about your child’s specific learning and attention issues. But what do they experience on a daily basis?
  • Understand what you can do – Whether you’re new to this journey or have been on it for a while, you want to help your child make progress and find success.

Attention and Learning Issues Need to #BeUnderstood

Whether you have worked with your child on dealing with this struggle for years or this is something new for you, Understood has resources for everyone to learn how to help these kiddos with whatever challenges they face. The You & Your Family section helps families with practical solutions and advice for social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

If you think your child might have a challenge with learning, please do not wait. Every second counts.

How to Juggle International Travel and Full Time Study

Traveling internationally whilst studying full-time for your dream job sounds insane – it just doesn’t seem realistic in the slightest. With travel becoming increasingly popular many people have to make the hard decision of either visiting famous destinations of the world or studying for a full-time degree. But I’m here to tell you that you can do both! Thanks to colleges and universities now offering online courses and having access to the technology you need to succeed, it has never been easier to combine your education and see the sites the world has to offer!

Online Degrees

Many colleges and universities offer online study, from courses in marketing to social work. By taking an online course it means that you can learn from anywhere in the world, according to your own personal schedule, giving you the ability to balance your studies around other things happening within your busy life. Most online courses give you the flexibility to complete the course in your own time.

Choosing a Course to Study

Now that you’ve decided you want to take an online degree, you’ve got to decide what course it is you want to study. Make sure you’re passionate about the subject you choose; don’t jump into a degree just for the sake of it. Traveling whilst studying can also aid your education. For instance, if you choose to take a masters in social work, it means you can experience how people in different cultures live and work as you travel. An online social work masters can help you establish your expertise and open new opportunities, such as going into roles within public health, child welfare and correctional social work.

Stay Organized

Attending an online university does give you more flexibility and time when completing your degree, but you still want to keep on top of it all. A great idea is to keep a diary, either an actual, physical, diary or one on your smartphone. This way you know what work needs to be done for your course and you can also pencil in fun sightseeing trips for wherever you are in the world!

Essential Technology

Having the correct technology is essential. Since you are studying an online degree it means that you’ll need a good internet connection to complete those assignments. So you’ll defiantly need a Mi-Fi/USB dongle. These are small, portable devices that mean you can connect to the internet wherever you are, rather than having to rely on finding Wi-Fi connections at hotels or cafes. It is also a good idea to carry a smartphone or tablet, maybe even a small laptop if you find it easier working on one. You don’t want to be carrying anything too bulky when traveling, but you still want to be able to work easily.

Don’t get too bogged down with all your work all at once; space it out. However, don’t just forget about your work to explore fun and new places on your travels. It is all about balance, do a piece of work then do something fun!

Don’t believe when people say that it’s impossible to study and travel, because it is… and you can do it too!

Ensure Your Kids Safety While Traveling, Using a Family Locator App

Whether it is a simple drive to school, a road trip, hang out with friends, after-school soccer practice or playing in the park, parents worry about their kids the moment they step out of the house. It is natural for parents to worry. There are strangers who can get them, they can get into a trouble or their own adventurous spirit can make them wander to dangerous places. Teenagers, especially, are eager to go to such places and are also willing to sneak off to late night parties and hangouts. The recent “killer clown“ incidents have increased the concern two-fold.


They are just interested in the fun and do not realize the risks. Parents, however, want to be aware of their whereabouts and make sure they are safe. They end up doing two things: either they call their kids every hour or get over stressed sitting at home. Arguments can also arise among independence-hungry teens and worried parents.

All such parents must know about family locator apps among which FamilyTime is a notable name. These apps do not require the parents to call or text their kids all the time, instead, they provide location services.

family travel

With GPS tracking and Geofencing, parents can stay posted about their kids 24/7 and say bye-bye to their worries.

Stay in the loop

It gives you a constant report on your kid’s location. You can view their location history anytime and know where they are or where they have been.

Check for unsafe places

The location history can also tell you if they have been to any dangerous places. Then you can have a conversation with them and warn them from going to those places.

Automatic updates

You can set alerts for different places like school, gym or mall etc. with the help of Geofencing. This way whenever they enter or leave that place, you will be notified. You wouldn’t have to call them to ask if they reached safely or not.

No sneaking off

If you have a Geofence set for your home, your kids can’t go out late without you knowing. If they try to sneak off, you will be immediately informed about their checkout.

Go out of city

Going out of the city can be a little tricky and stressful for parents. But with the extended location history and updates, you can go to your important meeting or family occasion and still stay aware about your kids.

Panic button

If your kids get into any kind of trouble on the road they can call for you by pressing the panic button on their app. You will receive a map indicating their location. This way you can be there for your kids whenever they need you.


Workload and untimely meetings can make parents forget sometimes. However, your kids can remind you with a pick-me-up alert and location.

Speed Safety

Over speeding is another concern for parents that can make them really nervous. With FamilyTime you can set speed limits and also get over speed alerts to make sure they are not breaking the rules.

Try FamilyTime on your iOS or Android devices for free.

A family locator app is like a guardian angel that keeps you informed and helps you protect them from road dangers as well. So, instead of worrying your head out, employ a parental control and make your kids safe and sound out on the roads.

Reduce the Cost and Enjoy the Move

Whether you are moving around the block or out of state, it can become stressful. With so many tasks ahead, you may have trouble focusing on one item at a time. With a little bit of planning, you can take that element off the table and look forward to your new home.

Utilities and other services for your new residence

After you have signed contracts and have a firm date of closing, the first thing to do is to get mail forwarding in place. This is easy to do and one of the things many people forget. Once you have that in place you can contact the local township where you are moving and find out what electric company, gas, water, and cable services are available. This will give you time to review each one before making a blind decision that may end up costing more than it should. Some companies like Epcor Calgary offer both gas and electric services. This can sometimes save you even more by bundling the two with the same provider.

This is also true with cable companies that also offer phone and internet. With the luxury of time on your side, you can make educated decisions that will benefit you in the end. If you are able to visit before you move in, then you can schedule them for the same day so that all utilities for your new home are on before you move in.

Preparing to move

Moving is not easy, especially if you’ve been a pack rat for a number of years. The first thing you need to do is decide whether you want to rent a truck or hire movers. If it’s a local move, renting a truck can be cost effective. The mileage won’t play into the cost and you can rent a smaller truck and make a few trips instead of one. The transfer of utilities is also easy. You shouldn’t need any deposits since you are already an existing customer. On the other hand, if this is a long-distance move you’ll only have one chance to move everything. The best thing to do is write down on a sheet of paper the pros and cons and costs involved for a rental vs a moving company. One you have that worked out then you can plan the process of decluttering and packing.

Travel light

With moving, every object carries a price tag. The more space you use the bigger the truck you need and the more expensive the move becomes. In order to save money and reduce the cost of moving, a room by room assessment is a necessary step in discovering what you actually need and want to keep. For instance, if your dining room table has seen better days or is outdated and you may replace it, then taking it along will just fill space that you can use for more important items. Once you comprise a list of the things to will take, it’s time to decide what to do with the rest.

Host a Moving sale

If you find that you have a lot of items that are in good condition, hosting a moving sale is a smart way to go. It not only removes those items without any additional cost to you, but it also puts a few dollars back in your pocket, offsetting the moving expenses. You can hang flyers, list it in the paper or use an online service. Anything that doesn’t sell you can give away to family and friends, or make a deal for a one-time pick-up from your local garbage company. The rates are usually fair.

With the extra merchandise out of your home, you now have the space to begin the process of packing everything up. If you don’t want to part with a few hundred dollars for boxes, local retailers are usually pretty good about letting you take theirs. While they won’t be new, they will serve the purpose for the short term. Newspapers, coffee filters, and sheets also provide a great way to pack up delicate items without the need for additional packing supplies. Label each box with a list of the general items and the room it belongs to, this will make it easy to place boxes in the proper room on the receiving end.

By making a list and addressing all areas of interest ahead of time, you can look forward to starting your next chapter in your new home.

Travel The World After LASIK Surgery


It would be nearly impossible to estimate how many people in the U.S. wear glasses or contacts with so many variables to consider. Some people only wear glasses to read, and others wear them only to drive. Many people only wear eyeglasses part of the time and contact lenses the rest of the time. But, according to the Vision Council of America, approximately 75% of adults use some sort of vision correction.

That means that 75% of adults are missing out on seeing some pretty amazing sights. Or, they are constantly having to worry about packing glasses or contacts for the trips they are taking.

Have you ever considered LASIK surgery? With LASIK surgery most patients have improved vision immediately. Having LASIK surgery will no doubt make traveling and everyday life much easier and more enjoyable.

After your LASIK surgery, with your new found vision, you will want to enjoy Mother Nature and all the little things in life you might not have been able to see before. Generally, you can travel just one week after your surgery; Most doctors will want to see you for a follow up 24-48 hours after your surgery and then you can start packing and be on your way to your dream destination. 

No more stress of packing or losing your contacts, no more accidentally breaking those glasses that just appear in your seat as you hear the crunch of them breaking beneath your weight. My husband broke his on the train this week- and of course, didn’t have a spare pair with him. With your glorious new eyesight, you can tour the sights and see everything so clearly. Even in the glowing light of a camp fire or flashlight, you will be able to enjoy all the beautiful nature around you. It’s also not the easiest thing to camp with glasses- and fishing around for them in near total darkness when you have to get up to use the bathroom is never fun. Even putting up a tent can be a pain- they love to keep sliding around while you figure out what pole goes where or into what- but you can’t take them off, since you have to see what you are doing. From the sunrises to the sunsets and everything in between, you will love your LASIK surgery and the freedom it has brought to your life.

The world is yours for the taking. You can travel to the beach and feel the warm sand between your toes – but not in your contacts. The beach is one place my husband particularly hates his glasses- between the sand, and having to take them off to head into the ocean, to not being able to see very well without them- it’s one of his personal “most annoying” places with glasses. Visit New York, and take in the sights. Or even venture outside of the U.S. and visit some amazing places like England or Puerto Rico.

No matter what your destination – LASIK surgery gives you the gift of clear vision without glasses or contacts.

Disclosure statement Disclosure- This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. For more information, please see “I Disclose”.