Six interesting facts about the history of hemp that you may not have known.

While most of us have a very contemporary and modern view about cannabis, its actual origins date back to centuries ago. In the days of yore, marijuana was not only used for recreational purposes but for medicinal, spiritual, and even religious purposes. The history of marijuana/cannabis and the importance that it had in the lives of people, all over the world, is undeniable.   

But due to the lack of such knowledge and the absence of a comprehensive view of cannabis history, there continues to be a lot of stigma about it, despite legalization and normalization. 

So we’ve compiled a list of six interesting historical facts about marijuana, which will leave you surprised and give you a new perspective about this famous plant. 

Hemp: A part of life – 

During the 16th century, the cultivation of hemp was a commonplace activity. Hemp was used for making clothing, rope, and several other kinds of products. It was so important that the government ordered all the farmers in Jamestown, Virginia to grow hemp in their fields. Similar laws were enacted in Massachusetts, Connecticut as well as the Chesapeake colonies. It just goes to show how important marijuana and its corollary products were for the economy of that time. 

An Arabian Nights plot device – 

Believe it or not, it’s true. The Arabian Nights are a collection of fables that were told by the princess Scheherazade, to her spouse, the king of Persia, as a way to distract and prevent him from killing her. In these stories, the presence of marijuana is in the form of “bhang” which was used to intoxicate character in certain scenes. The prevalence of marijuana in her tales wasn’t out of place though, as it was frequently used by Persians, both peasants, and royalty, during that time.

Understanding the etymology – 

Despite being a widely used term to describe the substance, no one knows from where the word “marijuana” comes. Some speculate that it is derivative of the phrase “ma ren hua” which means hemp flowers in the Chinese language. However, the history behind the word “pot” is clear – it is a shortened version of the word “potiguaya”, an intoxicating drink made using the flowering buds of the cannabis plant.  

The invention of the Bong – 

The history of bongs is also foggy and unclear, as its presence can be seen in several cultures. Some speculate that it was devised by Asians, namely by the Chinese, as Chinese paintings and art often portray the use of water pipes. The word “bong” is also said to originate from the Thai term “baung” which described a bamboo pipe used for smoking. But devices similar to bongs can be traced back to Africa as well, where the inhabitants used objects called “earth pipes”.

Movies and marijuana – 

One of, if not the principal reason behind the negative sentiments that people have towards weed could be the movie “Reefer Madness.” Released in 1936, it portrayed marijuana as the cause of accidents, rape, murder, and almost every bad thing in the universe. Several people believe that this movie is perhaps a major contributing factor to the bad reputation that marijuana racked up. The plain ridiculousness of the film has now made it an inside joke amongst marijuana and cannabis advocates. 

Ancient medicine – 

The use of marijuana as medicine has been around for centuries, and not a new concept at all. It was a “fundamental” herb in Chinese medicine and was used for several purposes. Hemp flowers were used to cure menstrual issues, whereas the seeds were used as laxatives, diuretics, and more. Its oils and tincture were used to control shedding in women and mens hair, and cure sulfur poisoning as well 


Ingenious Tips to Take your Sporting Passion to the Next Level

To take your sporting passion to the next level, you will need some ingenious tips to up your game. Whether you need to hone your skills or become a professional sportsperson, it is a great challenge to set your goals. So, let us check some of the tips to enhance your sporting passion:

Train Physically

Without training yourself physically, you can’t be better in your game. For any professional sport, you need to spare some amount of time each week. Taking help from a personal coach or trainer will help you to work on your fitness level. While it looks easy, but there will be plenty of fallouts along the way. So, push yourself physically and mentally and develop the strength to excel in your skills and stamina. If required, you can even have a massage once in a month to reduce your muscle tensions.

Prepare Mentally

With physical empowerment, it is also needful to increase the prowess of your mindset. Implementing meditation techniques or yoga in your lifestyle will help you in applying your focus and letting go of all distractions. Even in your success and failures, it nurtures your mental health and helps you to stay calm in pressure.

Upgrade Your Gear

While it sounds funny, but your sports gear plays a vital role in enhancing your performance. If you are planning to play professionally or want to attend any sports competitions, then it is vital to invest in sports gear. With the right and proper equipment, it will ensure your safety and will also help in improving your performance. Clothes are also equally important, and choosing clothes according to the weather will naturally help you to take your sporting passion to the next level.

Participating in Sports Events and Competitions

It is essential to take an active interest in participating in events and competitions related to your sport. Just by thinking and dreaming, you will never attain that level, so it is best to display your skills in the ground. Take part in these events and try to take your passion to the next level as it will naturally enhance your physical ability towards the game. Focus on your nutrition and rest during these days and maintain an active lifestyle to reach your goal. BlueBet helps to check several sporting events held at various places. One can even watch them in live streams from these platforms to gain a better understanding of these sports.

Join a Sports Club

For an athlete, a training schedule is equally important, and it will be productive if one chooses to join a sports club. With a clear setup of goal, one should join and be part of a community that will help to build self-confidence. It motivates you to practice more regularly and allows you to reach new heights. Training in a club under the watchful eye of a coach empowers you to grow in a more personalized way. With learning the right techniques and tips to enhance your reflexes, a club makes your life easier with faster progress. 

Additionally, a sports club also builds your team experience and working with a team. The club environment stimulates your adjustment quality and flourishes your working in a team strategy, thus giving you a chance to measure your progress and compare them with your teammates.

Indulge in a Competitive Sport

Indulging in a competitive sport can help to keep your energy active and healthy. While sometimes other distractions can lead to a more sedentary lifestyle, involving competitive sports can help you in learning more about teamwork and fair play. It makes us strive for a more significant effort and work harder to reach a better score. Other than this, these competitive sports also show us how to be resilient and persevere, which is quite essential to take our sporting passion to the next level.

Travel romance – keeping it going long distance

The following is a guest post. The experience and opinions are those of the author. 


When I was perhaps 13 or 14 years old, my family began to plan a family vacation. We’d only been away as a family once before, and I hadn’t gotten along with my brother, so I wasn’t all too enthralled at the prospect of sharing a room with him again. However, this time, my parents recognised that my elder brother didn’t want me hanging around, and we were both told we could bring a friend. This was AMAZING news. 

I immediately called my best friend and the arrangements were made. We talked about the prospect of meeting our first girlfriends and our minds ran away with an infatuation for people we hadn’t met yet. As it turned out, the holiday was a bit of a swing and a miss by all accounts. We had a very normal amount of fun, but mostly we just got sunburnt and sat alone at the hotel, too young to experience the nightlife and too old for the cheesy hotel entertainment. 

My brother did meet someone, though, and they kept in touch. The weeks ran into months and the months ran into years and before long, they were both 19 years old and had saved a little money and they decided to meet. My parents supported this and offered to send money if needed (which is complicated overseas if you don’t know how – check out 6 Best Money Transfer Services To Send Money Internationally for more answers).

After one meeting, it fell apart. But they tried. What could they have done differently? Let’s find out…

Don’t overdo it

People in long distance relationships often try to compensate for the distance by engaging in excessive amounts of communication. There simply isn’t that much to say in one day. And your backstory is going to wear thin if you lean on it too much. 

The trick is to tease the conversation into the light at the right points, and not to rely on the mere quantity of words to make things appear interesting. 

Mix up the media

Chat groups are boring. Everyone knows this. 17 people in one group, forced to read the inane chit-chat of two people talking about a band they like. BUT, if that chat had photos, links, reaction videos and creative images, the conversation would come alive and all 17 people would be locked in. Bear this in mind the next time you’re 56 messages into a chat that’s going nowhere. 

Do things together (virtually)

Gaming, watching the latest Netflix documentary, playing instruments, cooking, even walking in the park on a video chat … it all helps to break the boredom of couch texting and keeps feeling a little more real.

And after all that, meet up, get married, and have five kids. Because if that was never the plan, why were you bothering in the first place. Happy dating!

Enhance Your Well-Being by Living Near Water

“Blue space” includes oceans, rivers, lakes, and even man-made water features, and has a positive impact on people’s well-being. Like the color blue, blue spaces have a calming effect on humans. If you’re interested in enhancing your well-being, think about living near water or incorporating a water feature in your life.

Oceans, Rivers and Lakes

For many people, living by the sea is a dream. From marinas to oceanfront condos and cottages, there are diverse types of residences to choose from in today’s real estate market. The ocean breeze or “sea air” is synonymous with good health and improved living. Plus, where beautiful stretches of coastline are open to the public, people enjoy the opportunity to relax and recreate in the sea air.

Like seaside living, people associate living near rivers and lakes with better air quality and less noise pollution than most areas without bodies of water. Again, a peaceful, blue space environment tends to create a calming effect in people, leading to their improved well-being.

Oceans, rivers and lakes are natural habitats for wildlife. When you live near a blue space such as these, you reap the benefits of living alongside wildlife. By viewing nature, from birdwatching to spotting otters, turtles and fish, you can significantly reduce stress.

Man-Made Waterways and Features

Man-made waterways and features such as park ponds and city fountains, all contribute to a human’s well-being. Take New York City’s Central Park, for example. One of its most notable man-made features is The Pond, a 3.8-acre waterway at the park’s southeast corner that includes a nature conservancy.

Around the world, many residential communities incorporate man-made waterways to give their inhabitants access to the same feeling of well-being that oceans, rivers and lakes inspire. Water is such a pull factor for people that realtors often include water features in their advertisements. For example, Bridle Path homes for sale in Ontario, Canada, feature area waterfall displays and in-ground pools as well as green spaces.

While studies show that living near water increases happiness and well-being, these are not the only benefits. Living near water also promotes creativity and restful sleep, something many people crave and covet. So, if you’re unable to live near water, consider visiting a body of water or incorporating an ornamental water fountain or feature in your home. Adding a little water to your everyday life can bring you great physical and emotional benefits.

Why You Need to Raise Your Voice Even when it is Difficult

A lot of us stay clear of the controversial topics that arise in our society. We do not want to be a part of it because we do not want to pick whether we prefer black or white. But where there is a time where silence can be helpful and can keep you out of trouble, there are also times where raising the voice becomes necessary. There is a lot of injustice in the world, and if you have come across something regarding which you have chosen to stay silent, maybe it is time you speak up about it. You do not have to do it openly as well. You can start an online discourse on blogs as well and can raise your voice as anonymous. Let’s have a look at a few of the major reasons you need to raise your voice.

Speaking Up Helps You Avoid Emotional Damage

When it comes to speaking up about injustice, sometimes we are not just afraid to speak about others, but we are afraid to speak about ourselves as well. When someone goes through abuse or unfair treatment, they do not speak about it because either they are not sure or are ashamed of it. In return, they end up bearing this injustice, and it can cause them some real emotional pain. You do not have to stay silent and you can write anonymous blogs to share this experience with others to feel better and to raise awareness.

You can be Helpful to Others

When you speak up, you end up helping a lot of people. If you speak about a general issue that has become taboo in society, you can help a large group of people just by starting a conversation. Also, if you are seeing someone being mistreated, you should speak for that person as well. Your voice matters more than you think.

You Become Part of the Injustice

If you see something wrong happening around you and you are choosing to ignore it, then you are also contributing to that injustice. To not protest against injustice is similar to agreeing with it. It can also frustrate you in the future and can become a burden on your conscience. It is always better to speak up than to become a part of it.

Look beautiful with the Benefit

The following is a guest post. The grammar, stylings, and opinions are entirely hers. 

Today the whole world is driving crazy for beauty products. There is a race of beauty among all the age groups, not only the youngsters but even the old people are equally involved in the race. It is the need of the hour. One can experience the necessity of being a part of this race. Since ancient times, the beauty of the ladies was admired by the kings and different rulers of that period. Nowadays it has taken a very significant role in the life of not only girls but even in the lives of boys too.

There are different beauty and cosmetic products in the market, one can even say that the market is overloaded with the number of beauty brands which makes the customers confused or puzzled about what to go for. Well, benefit beauty products are the answer.  One must be getting confused about what this Benefit means. Benefit cosmetic brand which originated in the United States with headquarters in San Francisco. It is a marvelous beauty brand that is being consumed all over the world. It is used for approximately more than 30 countries. 

Whenever discussed how to do makeup, the first thing that comes to our mind is the primer, the primer of Benefit is smooth and all friendly to all skin types. It helps to hide all the pores of our face and to make our skin look smooth. It gives our face an amazing look.

Eyes speak the human out. They are the most important part of our body which leaves an ever-lasting impression on others. And if these eyes and eyelashes are made Smokey with Benefit mascara, then the eyes will get a dazzling look. It helps to curl up the lashes. Benefit mascara is waterproof which helps in long resistance. It is also smudge-proof.

The Benefit highlighter is available in different colors depending on the skin tones and skin complexion. It is long-lasting and radiant. One can apply the strokes of Benefit highlighter after applying all the makeup. The strokes of highlighter can be put on the cheekbones and the eyes. Then they can be spread with fingers or makeup puff. It gives one a glamorous look. It works as a real makeover.

The benefit foundation is also available in different shades depending on different types of skin shades. It is a smooth non-smudgy. Most importantly it acts as a sun guard and protects our skin from sunstrokes.

Benefit high beam is skin-friendly and lasting. It helps to give a long-lasting effect to the cheeks and a sensational touché to our makeup. Benefit products are easily available online. People who love quality makeover will love to have Benefit products at any cost. It is just because they have already experienced the benefit of Benefit. No doubt Benefit product is expensive, but they are worth their cost. People believe that Benefit make-up products give them an angel-like appearance. How the benefit highlighter gives a glamorous look to the whole makeover. A great sign of gratitude to Jones and Janes for providing such wonderful products.

Sara is a passionate blogger. She has a very diversified skill of amazing artwork like Card Making, Painting and Crafting. She loves keeping herself up-to-date with the news and happenings around. She is always open to learning and shares her experiences on Cryptonizor.

Advice For Prioritizing The Budget For A Wedding

To get the best advice for prioritizing the budget for a wedding, you may want to get a little more precise. For example, if you have a wedding planner, ask them to help you come up with a “Wedding Budget.” A wedding budget is an estimate of the costs involved in the wedding and can include anything from renting the church hall to buying the flower girl dresses. You will also need to be sure to include everything, from hiring a band, or what flowers to use and venue rentals.

Once you have an idea of how much you can spend, it is time to talk to your wedding planner about some of the other aspects of planning a wedding that you may want to consider. You may want to consider the wedding coordinator to give you good advice on where to start when you are planning your wedding. One thing to look for is their experience in weddings, as this will tell you how experienced they are in preparing for them. They should be able to give you some useful tips on what to do first, as well as provide you with advice on the different types of wedding venues you can use.

Before you begin searching for an ideal bridal bouquet or selection outfits for the wedding day, you will wish to nail down a wedding spending budget. Absolutely no, this is not a very enjoyable part of wedding preparation. However, it is essential. It is simple to spend over our limits considering the custom-made gowns, cakes, bouquets, and arrangements offered, so determining wedding funds and being dedicated to it is key. Work out how plenty of loonies and toonies you have need to give up before your heart focused on something.

Guidelines to Help You Put in Priority Your Wedding Budget


  • Determine what the most significant to you two is. Many couples like the food to be amazing. Many people want a legendary dance party. Discuss with your partner and determine what is your best three main concerns are. That is where you will allocate for additional funds than average. After that, decide what is not significant to you. That is where you can reduce expenses.

You may also find it helpful to get advice from a family member. Sometimes, one of the reasons that we overspend on our weddings is because we are being asked to spend too much money on them. They may be able to let you know that you really can have a stunning and economical wedding without spending a lot of money.


  • Make your dreams reality. It’s not possible to have champagne on a light beer budget –  at least, not great champagne. In case photographs are your most important priority, you should not expect to get a top rated, country-wide recognized professional photographer. You must have practical expectations. Seek information, check around, and find related offers. As an example,  two good wedding photographers can be costed hugely different, yet one probably has a long time practical experience, and yet another may have a year. The two can be great– it merely will depend on what exactly is essential to you.


  • Stick to your budget. We enjoy PBR and a bottle of champagne similarly; however, there is a time and a location. You will have everything you spend on with regards to wedding experts, hence anticipate a payment more with your main concerns. If that is wedding caterers, be prepared to funds additional for excellent food. You could make up for this by utilizing in-house leasing items, which include your venue, or make Do-It-Yourself your wedding favors.


  • It’s not necessary to do a single thing you do not prefer to. Many people want a vast white-colored wedding together with the decorations. Some others can say they want to have excellent pictures and moments with family, and so they may pass up the tulle. Do not be deceived into believing you must have everything on your big event. If you wish to give the afterparty as well as end sooner to reduce charges, you can plan that. Do not allow any person to tell you just how you will invest your cash a specific way– it needs to head over to what exactly is most significant to you.

Bottom Line

Weddings are usually mind-boggling; however, the anxiety and stress of the wedding spending budget should not surpass the thrill and excitement around your special day. Finances are terrifying and time-taking; however, they are also a needed section of organizing the very best day of your life.

Common mistakes essay writers make and how to avoid them

Working as an online essay writer has many benefits. It provides you with the freedom to work when and where you want, which frees up time for the things you really want to do. When you can work to your own schedule looking after your family and finding the time to travel becomes a lot easier. But, there is a lot of competition out there, so you need to be very good at what you do.

Below, are some common mistakes that essay writers make. Along with some simple ways for you to ensure that you do the same. 

Not using the correct citation style

Most academic papers include details of studies and other data. When you use facts and figures you really should make it easy for the reader to go to the source. This gives them the ability to verify the veracity of the information and reduces the risk of the author being accused of plagiarism. You can find out how to write citations correctly on

It is also possible to use their MLA Citation Generator to speed up the process of creating citations in the correct format. This tool will save you a lot of time and ensure that your customer is happy with your work.

Not creating a strong enough introductory statement

The introductory statement, or paragraph, is one of the most important components of an academic essay. It needs to include a strong hook. One that pulls the reader in and prepares them for what is to come. 

Missing your own spelling and grammar errors

All professional writers do their very best to correct grammar and spelling errors before sending the finished essay to their client. However, it is still possible for a few errors to slip through. Even after many years of writing, most writers still make the same mistakes. When you are proofing your own work, it is all too easy to miss them. This article explains why that is and how to get around this issue.


When you are writing a long and complex piece, it is all too easy to inadvertently end up repeating points. There is no harm in referring to the same facts and figures several times. But, you need to do so in a way that ensures that you are making a fresh point, each time. If you repeat something too many times, the reader may become disillusioned and end up assuming that the essay they are reading has not been well-researched. 

Getting the structure wrong

Before sitting down to write, it is important to thoroughly read any guidelines that have been provided. Doing this will ensure that what you write is structured in a way that is acceptable to the publication or institution it will be submitted to. Most of the time, the customer will provide you with what you need. If they do not, always ask them to do so, read it and follow the guidelines in full. 

Using the above guide will enable you to become a better essay writer. When you produce flawless work, getting repeat or new clients becomes a lot easier. Students and professionals both tend to share the details of a good writer with others. In time, most of your work will come from word of mouth recommendations.