Easily get the refund you are entitled to if your vacation is cancelled

There is nothing better than having a vacation booked that you can look forward to. Knowing that you will soon be taking a few days off to relax and enjoy time with your family can help you to get through the week.

But, what do you do if your holiday firm goes bust as Thomas Cook did in 2019? Where does that leave you? Does it mean that your money is lost and you will have to forgo your vacation?

Fortunately, the answer is usually no. As you can see from this infographic, which Creditfix kindly provided, in many cases, you can get your money back.

Provided you take the right action you will still be able to enjoy a few days of sunshine. Maybe not in the place you were originally planning to visit. But, using your refund you will be able to afford to take a vacation.

You just need to be careful to book your accommodation, flights and other forms of transport in the right way. Reading through this infographic will help you to do exactly that. 

It will also help to reduce the risk of your being stranded, should something go wrong while you are still abroad. You really don´t want to spend the last few days of your vacation worrying about how to get yourself and your kids back home.



What are plugins and how do they help with digital marketing?

For digital marketing purposes – as well as an all-round website design tool – you really can’t beat WordPress. In excess of 74 million websites on the Internet are built using WordPress. This makes it by far the most popular content management system (CMS) that is available to anyone.

One really striking benefit that’s made WordPress the clear choice for most website developers is that Google favours website which are built using WordPress as this platform makes use of exceptionally clean, easy-to-read code. This fact makes it simple for Google to index and crawl WordPress-built websites.

WordPress also includes a number of plugins which assist you with optimising your website yourself. For example, the Yoast SEO Plugin can be seen as the gold standard for search engine optimisation as it allows you to do the following: 

  • Customise your website title, 
  • Insert your own meta description, title tag as well as keywords.

After you’ve inputted all of this information, Yoast then gives you an idea of how well that page will rank on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

So, we can see that plugins are incredibly valuable. However, what are they exactly?

The definition of a plugin

A WordPress plugin is a software package that contains a group of functions that can be included on a WordPress site. These plugins can expand the functionality of, or add new features to, your WordPress websites. 

WordPress plugins are written using the PHP programming language. These integrate effortlessly with WordPress. In the WordPress community, there is a maxim which goes something like this: “There’s a plugin for that”. 

If the theme that you choose for your site doesn’t have a particular function, have a look at the list of plugins which are available and there will probably be one which does what you want it to. This makes it simpler for users to add features to their website without knowing a single line of code. 

What plugins are available for digital marketing 

Some of the main, common concerns of every owners of website owner include the following:

  • Speed, 
  • Security, 
  • SEO as well as other features of digital marketing.

It’s not possible to simply ignore them – period. 


In the era of digital marketing, competitiveness is incredibly strong. The market is continually changing. This means that there are so many things that modern digital marketers must keep in mind so that they can remain on top of what they need to. Luckily, there are many of quite useful tools and plugins that should assist with making the life of any digital marketer much simpler.

WordPress remains one of the most-used and -popular CMS systems you can find. Some studies have shown that more than one-quarter of the Internet is driven by WordPress. The variety of themes, plugins as well as templates – in addition to the regular updates – all assist you with effecting improvements on your website. 

WordPress offers many useful plugins which reduce a great deal of digital marketing workload on your part. Some of the best that we’ve seen in 2019 include the following:

Google XML Sitemaps

With the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, you are ensuring that search engines get an optimal understanding of your site. This plugin creates an XML Sitemap for your website, which is make use of in order to better index your website.

Broken Link Checker

Broken links are extremely bad for both your website’s traffic as well as your reputation. Your digital marketing campaign can significantly suffer if you launch it prior to making sure all that the links on your website are working as they should be. Broken Link Checker assists you with pinpointing all the broken links or missing images on your website. This plugin also helps you to replace them. 

SFDC Lead Generation

If you’re making use of WordPress and Salesforce, this plugin can be really useful. This plugin connects these two platforms by directly registering users from your website as leads in your Salesforce platform. SFCD also assist you with a set of small analytic tools which can give you a comprehensive insight into some of the data and traffic generated by your users. 

WordPress is virtually a household name with respect to CMS. These plugins are merely drop in the seemingly endless sea of plugins. Making use of these plugins – without any concrete plan or digital marketing strategy – won’t help you. However, with some planning as well as organisation, you may find some of these extremely helpful. Try to make a solid marketing campaign, and plan on using the proper tools right from the start.

New Honeymoon Destination Trends

After the wedding, you are no doubt considering where to go for the honeymoon. Here, you can relax as the frantic rush to buy a bridal dress online, and all the other stresses of organizing your perfect wedding are behind you. You’re free to concentrate on each other and enjoy the delights of your honeymoon location.

Trends in honeymoon destinations have changed and evolved. Whereas two weeks in one place was once the norm, the fashion now is to have a honeymoon that suits your lifestyle. Here are some ideas for the perfect honeymoon.

Your Perfect Honeymoon

Consider a Micro-Moon

Micro-moon honeymoons are the reverse of ‘mega-moon’ honeymoons. Instead of taking a few months out of the year to enjoy a honeymoon, many newly wedded couples are opting to go on lots of long weekend vacations in their first year.

This provides you with plenty of variety and makes taking time off work a lot easier. So you might go to Paris one weekend, Milan the next. If you live in America, you may spend a weekend in Vegas and the next in New York.

Couples who have opted for micro-moon honeymoons cite luxury accommodation as a must.

Eco Honeymoons

Eco honeymoons sometimes called eco-moons put sustainability at the heart of the honeymoon. This can be a real option if this is something close to your heart. On an eco-moon, you and your beloved will spend time in a sustainable hotel and spend some of the time doing eco-friendly activities, such as beach cleaning.

If you opted for a boho wedding with the boho bridal gown and a more organic, natural feel, this is an option you and your husband may find highly appealing.

Foodie Honeymoons…Yum

There are plenty of excellent food tours that introduce you to local cuisine and classics from the foodie world. If you want to head off the beaten track, consider going to destinations such as Vietnam or India.

As well as the exotic, you will also find food tours operating in more western destinations such as Paris and Barcelona. Food tours tend to cater to all diets so you can have a great food-based honeymoon if you’re a vegetarian or vegan.

Honeymoon in the Off-Season

Honeymooning in the off-season gives you advantages. Prices tend to be lower, and they’re fewer tourist crowds. It is not just the practical advantages that make off-season honeymooning appealing. You get to see countries in a different light.

For example, traveling to Jamaica in September features more pleasant temperatures than the height of summer. Being in the Caribbean in the rainy season will see only an hour of rain a day. You may find it easier to get time off work traveling in the off-season too.

Mystery Destinations

A relatively new trend in honeymooning is to leave the organizing to relatives and friends. There are even dedicated companies that will do this for you. The idea is that you don’t know where you’re going until a few days before. Often, this is taken the extra mile when the whole itinerary is planned for you and kept secret until you need to know it.

Wherever you go be sure to do it your way.

Plan A Fairy Tale Wedding In Bali

It is every girl’s dream to one day walk down the aisle with her dad on her left, and at the front stands her prince charming. The guests are smiling, others staring mesmerized by her custom-made wedding dress, and a merry filled air to top it all up. Nuptial celebrations are, without a doubt, one of the unique parts of our lives. The scene you also choose to commemorate this special occasion also takes up a massive part of the dream. And the Bali Island in Indonesia is the perfect spot to go engaged and leave united to your betrothed.

Well, without further ado, let us take a sneak peek into the whimsical wedding packages available for you and your lover.


  • Yacht wedding Bali


The open sea waters are very enchanting and very relaxing. And unquestionably, one of the best panoramas to make up the background of your wedding photos. For this package, you get a free consultation with an expert wedding planner to go through your preferences for the ceremony. In addition to that, you get a pre-wedding meeting presentation and a complimentary bridal preparation room. During the preparation, you get a photographer, a make-up artist, and a personal butler to cater to your every need. You also get a commemorative certificate, among other amazing features. All these on a yacht! Quite marvelous right?


  • Wedding and Romantic night 


If you are looking for an intimate affair in a luxury villa with personalized 24-hr service, a special dinner, and a one night stay in the villa after the ceremony, then this is the package for you. Under this deal, you enjoy a dedicated photographer to document your service and a make-up artist to dazzle your bride and her team’s faces. The organizers help you plan each and every detail from the flowers to the background songs. And to top it all up is that you get the decorations all on The Seven Agency’s inclusive package. You want it; you get it. 


  • Bali royal wedding


Your wedding is that time that your fairy tale of being a princess comes to life. The glittering jewelry, the dazzling dress, and the stunning make-up make you steal the show hands down. Well, in the Bali royal wedding package, you get to transform and become a Balinese princess in reality. Adorned with the attire and the authentic jewelry pieces, everything about this wedding is the perfect embodiment of the Balinese wedding. The venue, the decorations, the musical tunes playing in the background, the meals as well as the table settings. Everything Balinese. For this package, you also get a personal butler to attend to your needs, a photographer and a make-up artist. You not only get married in Bali, but you also become Balinese.


Last but most certainly not least, the three are just a few of many that you can choose from. Each with its venue, style, and perks. And you can take a look at the Seven Holiday website for more. The three are just the tip of the iceberg.

The Action of Belotero Injectable Drugs

The following is a guest post. All opinions are those of the author.

Everybody knows that natural means are the most effective and safest for human health. However, herbs and natural creams sometimes are helpless. Especially, when it comes to deep old wrinkles, sagging skin or pronounced signs of ageing. The most effective way of fighting such problems is contour plastics. It’s an innovative solution allowing doctors rapidly and efficiently get rid of dermal imperfections. This procedure of correction consists of several injections to get rid of skin lines, correct contours or increase lips’ fullness. The main advantage of modern injectables is their ability to stimulate natural rejuvenating processes like the creation of hyaluronic acid or skin elastin. There are many companies producing quality cosmetic products and medical devices for aesthetic medical procedures. Merz Aesthetics is one of them. Merz is a Belotero manufacturer — one of the most popular and highly demanded HA-based fillers in the aesthetic industry market. 

What Is Belotero & How Does It Work? 

Belotero is a monophasic filler, which is produced using the coherent semi-densified matrix technology. There are two main Belotero active substances — sodium hyaluronate and phosphate buffer. 

With intradermal administration, sodium hyaluronate causes the development of subcutaneous microfibers and the formation of a subcutaneous vector scaffold, which increases skin elasticity and provides a lifting effect. Moreover, the action of the dermal filler is not restricted only by volumization. Since the substance is natural, the body absorbs it in a while. This process is called biodegradation. During this period, hyaluronic acid molecules penetrate even deeper into the dermis and activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which has a beneficial effect on the processes of natural skin rejuvenation.  

The procedure lasts 20-40 minutes. Doctors use very thin needles and introduce the gel into deep or middle layers of the skin depending on what area should be corrected. As a rule, Belotero doesn’t cause serious adverse reactions, however, small bruises, swelling and redness may occur. If these side effects last longer than a week, a patient should consult his\her doctor.  

Belotero Injectables: How Many of Them Exist? 

Want to check your doctor’s qualification? Ask him\her whether is it possible to inject one kind of dermal filler into different skin areas. Yes, all of them consist of the same ingredients but differ in proportions and consistency. Let’s quickly look through Belotero fillers. 

  • Belotero Soft contains 20 mg/ml of HA. The remedy is used by doctors to smooth out little wrinkles in delicate skin areas, such as crow’s feet or wrinkles above the upper lip. 
  • Belotero Balance has 22.5 mg/ml of hyaluronic acid and improves medium or deep folds and wrinkles in the perioral and periorbital zones. The remedy also perfectly corrects lip contours. 
  • Belotero Intense also includes 25.5 mg/ml of HA and eliminates deep old wrinkles. 
  • Belotero Volume has the greatest HA-concentration (26 mg/ml) and is created to restore the missing facial volume. 
  • Belotero Hydro is used only for biorevitalization. It contains 18 mg/ml of HA and glycerin. The drug deeply moisturizes the skin of the face, neck, hands, etc. 

Compatibility with Other Injectables 

A lot of medical products are forbidden to combine with other remedies. Such actions can lead to unpredictable and dangerous results. The innovative Belotero formula allows cosmetologists and plastic surgeons to use this dermal filler simultaneously with the following injectables: 

  • Juvederm; 
  • Hyaluform; 
  • Teosyal. 

Although these drugs interact well, patients should always inform their doctors of all previously made injections. 

If you need more information or want to buy Belotero fillers, please, follow the link to go to the supplier’s site. You will find a lot of useful information there as well as check the prices of products, and get great discounts and beneficial specials

Best Places to Install CCTV Cameras for Businesses

CCTV cameras are one of the most cost-effective ways to secure your workplace. Surveillance cameras with highly advanced technology allow businesses to lower risk by protecting their assets with continuous monitoring of their areas. If you want to secure your workplace, you can easily find the best CCTV camera company in Birmingham on the internet.  Here are some of the best places to install surveillance cameras for business.

Entry and exit points

Statistics have revealed that 74% of burglars enter homes or offices through the front door. Hence, it is very important to secure the entry and exit points. Installing CCTV cameras at the front/back doors will allow you to keep track of who is entering your premises and if their entry is authorized or they have trespassed. CCTV systems will also protect your employees both directly and indirectly. When installed at the entry/exit points they can record the suspicious activities and allow security officers to take action on it.

Installing monitors near the entrance can also be a great idea. This will make visitors aware that they are under observation right from the moment they step in your organization. In addition, you can place a camera near the monitor to get a better facial image of the visitor when he observes the footage on the screen.


The next important place to be covered with surveillance cameras is your office reception. The reception is a high-traffic spot and it is also the first area where outsiders step into when they enter your premises. This location can also provide you with clear and identifiable images of the employees and outsiders. If the size of your reception counter is large, you can install a wide range CCTV camera.

If you feel that installing a CCTV camera at the reception is a flagrant violation of your worker’s trust, you could consider placing a covert camera which can merge with the office décor. For instance, you can place the cameras in clocks, camera frames, sprinkler heads, smoke detectors and so on. Keep in mind that using covert cameras may give rise to certain legal issues. Hence, you must be mindful of the laws in your state before using these cameras.

Parking area

Your parking area also needs CCTV surveillance. CCTV cameras in the parking area deter burglars from targeting your employees and customers when they’re walking to their cars. Parking CCTV systems can record license plate numbers, which can be helpful if a burglary or some other crime takes place. Surveillance cameras in this area will help in settling auto collision disputes and they can also help you in getting a discount from your insurance provider. Cameras that can pan and zoom by remote control will be a great choice to install in the parking area.


Your warehouse is where you store all your inventory, and hence it can become a major target for burglary. You can protect your warehouse by installing CCTV cameras at various locations within and outside your warehouse. Ensure that the warehouse is well-lit all the time so that you can get clear recording and images.

Choose The Best Travel Mug For Different Beverages

The following is a guest post. The opinions are those of the author. This is his post, written in his vernacular and with his spelling choices.


If you want to choose the travel mug which will serve for the years which keeps your favourite beverages warm. Whenever you buy the mug, it is very important to make sure that it very effectively minimizes the temperature change. The high quality mug really matters when it comes for selecting the best insulated travel mug. Nobody wants such travel mug which gets leak so it is very important to have the sealed lid so that it can be comfortably used.

If you looking for a high quality travel mug, then you can really select among zojirushi  vs contingo. Whenever you have to travel, definitely you will look for some reliable travel mug which has a leak proof cover that will help to maintain the beverage temperature. While choosing the travel mug, it is also very important for you to check for the size, design and weight of the mug so that there will be no issues when you will carry the mug.  The advantage of the high quality travel mug is that it has non- stick interior and a disassemble stopper which ensure you the hassle free mug maintenance. There is also a lid lock which helps in preventing the accidental opening of the lid of travel mug which guarantees that the liquids will not spit out.

The best vacuum coffee mug is designed with keeping in mind the portability, so it is compact and lightweight. This will not also take much space in your bag.  It has a very large capacity and will also provide you with 2-3 cups of coffee and tea which can even last for a day. If you love coffee and tea, then this can be really very good choice for you. It can also be used for the brewed coffee, so this will be best for everyone’s taste.  With the retention time of temperature, the travel mug is average which will keep the drinks warm for about 5 hours and also keeps cold for 9 hours. Definitely you have your favourite drink even several hours later when you have made it a home. Some travel mugs also have the built-in-tea hook which will allow them to use with both loose tea infusers or with stringed tea bags. 

 The travel mugs are the best way to carry your favourite drinks if you are travelling in a taxi, subway and bus.  Those people who travel a lot should have this accessory with them and they can also check the travel mugs review by which they will get to know about the advantages of using the travel mug. Even the customised travel mugs are also available which the perfect items for office desk are. You can also take it anywhere you want. Those who really travel a lot, it is best for them and they can take their favourite beverages in it.  The best thing is it is very easy to clean and you really need not have to do many efforts for cleaning the travel mugs.

10 Ways To Surprise Your Dilliwali Girlfriend

They say that love is complicated but actually, love is an easy chapter once you get the hang of its demands in life. All it requires is communication, a dash of attention and whole lot of care to keep it alive and sparkling between two hearts. You just need to tell your partner every now and then, how much you treasure them and guys might not be a fan of this reminder but it surely makes a gal’s day when she is told how much she is loved by her partner. You don’t need to pluck stars from the sky to fill her heart with love but some gesture and little gifts will do the trick. If you are soaked in love with your girl who happens to live in Delhi, then there is a whole lot of things you could do that will leave her smiling for the rest of the day:

A  Personalized Photo Frame

Make your sweetest memories with her live forever in a personalised frame embellished with a heart-touching quote and framing a beautiful picture of you two together. Nothing says love like a personalised gift meant only for her!

Satiate Her Sweet Cravings

Enjoy midnight cake delivery in Delhi and surprise her with a scrumptious cake of her favourite flavour and watch her jump with joy like a kid. If you thought that diamonds are the best friend of a girl, then you were wrong my friend. The right answer is chocolate cake.

Serenade Her

For some, this gesture may sound cheesy but when you are living in the moment it is the most beautiful thing that she could come across. Delhi s brimming with restaurants offering live music. Take her to dinner and plan a song for her which you will sing for her along with the band. This musical number will become forever song for both of you.

Cook For Her

This has nothing to do with the city limits but is a sure shot way to impress her. Even if you are not a chef by heart, your efforts will melt her heart leading to showers of love on you. Make it more romantic by lighting a few candles and decorating the tables with flowers.

Pack A Picnic

Yes, take a day out just for her and spend some quality time to strengthen the bond with the love of your life. Pick a blanket, pack her favourite snacks and drive her to a beautiful destination in Delhi and make it a day to remember. Communication is what keeps a relationship going and on this picnic, you will have a lot of time to know each other closely.

Plan A Weekend Together

The best part about living in Delhi is that a number of beautiful hill stations are neighbouring it which makes for an excellent weekend plan with your queen. Serene nature, harmony in the ambience and mesmerising scenic beauty will take the stress away for a couple of days while you two enjoy every second with each other.

Take Her To Dance

Enjoy the ballroom dance and watch how dancing and general etiquettes impress your girl! Classy music with some flawless dance moves accompanied with fine catering will make her forget all her worries and enjoy the night with an elite aura inducing in the air.

Pick Her Up From Work

Surprise her by driving to her work and pick her for dinner together. Not only she will appreciate the gesture but will also enjoy a day-off from the metro or self-drive in the congested Delhi traffic. Let her relax while you hold the steering this time.