Common mistakes essay writers make and how to avoid them

Working as an online essay writer has many benefits. It provides you with the freedom to work when and where you want, which frees up time for the things you really want to do. When you can work to your own schedule looking after your family and finding the time to travel becomes a lot easier. But, there is a lot of competition out there, so you need to be very good at what you do.

Below, are some common mistakes that essay writers make. Along with some simple ways for you to ensure that you do the same. 

Not using the correct citation style

Most academic papers include details of studies and other data. When you use facts and figures you really should make it easy for the reader to go to the source. This gives them the ability to verify the veracity of the information and reduces the risk of the author being accused of plagiarism. You can find out how to write citations correctly on

It is also possible to use their MLA Citation Generator to speed up the process of creating citations in the correct format. This tool will save you a lot of time and ensure that your customer is happy with your work.

Not creating a strong enough introductory statement

The introductory statement, or paragraph, is one of the most important components of an academic essay. It needs to include a strong hook. One that pulls the reader in and prepares them for what is to come. 

Missing your own spelling and grammar errors

All professional writers do their very best to correct grammar and spelling errors before sending the finished essay to their client. However, it is still possible for a few errors to slip through. Even after many years of writing, most writers still make the same mistakes. When you are proofing your own work, it is all too easy to miss them. This article explains why that is and how to get around this issue.


When you are writing a long and complex piece, it is all too easy to inadvertently end up repeating points. There is no harm in referring to the same facts and figures several times. But, you need to do so in a way that ensures that you are making a fresh point, each time. If you repeat something too many times, the reader may become disillusioned and end up assuming that the essay they are reading has not been well-researched. 

Getting the structure wrong

Before sitting down to write, it is important to thoroughly read any guidelines that have been provided. Doing this will ensure that what you write is structured in a way that is acceptable to the publication or institution it will be submitted to. Most of the time, the customer will provide you with what you need. If they do not, always ask them to do so, read it and follow the guidelines in full. 

Using the above guide will enable you to become a better essay writer. When you produce flawless work, getting repeat or new clients becomes a lot easier. Students and professionals both tend to share the details of a good writer with others. In time, most of your work will come from word of mouth recommendations.

10 ways to choose the best software company

A business must surround itself with an efficient and trusted software company to ensure the proper functioning of its IT infrastructure. It is not always easy to find a successful company, which offers services tailored to your needs while staying at affordable prices.

To effectively choose your Software company, different criteria will have to be taken into account. To help you in this process, here are a few things to keep in mind when making your choice.

How to choose your software company?

Identifying Needs

A corporate management software is among the essentials for all businesses today. You will first have to identify what your needs are for your IT infrastructure (computers, network, storage, software, security).

Software companies are generally specialized in certain fields of activity, while others are not. This notion is important to have available the skills of a person who knows the specific issues related to your sector of activity. Whether you are in the hotel business, the manager of an e-commerce store or a healthcare player, your issues will not be the same.

List your needs

Before contacting the companies you have identified, it is recommended to list the expected services. A good company can assist you to help you list your specific needs. You can also ask yourself some questions that will allow you to establish an exhaustive list:

  • Do you have all your equipment and software or do you need to be supplied by your service provider?
  • Do you need an internal or external data backup solution?
  • Do you need preventive, curative maintenance or complete outsourcing?
  • Do you need to install or upgrade your local network?
  • Would you like to have a cloud computing service?

These questions are not always exhaustive and may change over time. From this list of needs, you will be able to find a software company with technical skills who can meet your needs. Also, by listing all the things, it becomes easier for you to organize all the things. 

A local or national software development company?

Some providers operate on a limited geographic market. This can be interesting for companies with a unique local presence.

As soon as one intervenes on a larger territory (regional, national), or that one has several agencies, it is necessary to identify a software company capable of intervening on all the equipment.

How to check the skills of a Software company?

As with other recruitments, it is essential to check the skills of the professional you are about to hire. Indeed, you must make sure that the software company is up to your needs. For this, do not hesitate to consult its website in detail and to obtain information from other companies which have called upon the services of such a professional.

The best is to organize an interview with the software company to ask them directly all the questions you want and thus ensure that they will be able to meet your needs.

Do not hesitate to ask him if he has certifications from software publishers or hardware manufacturers who are a guarantee of the quality of service.

As the software sector that is evolving very quickly, make sure that your service provider performs technological monitoring.

Do not ignore recommendations

In addition to the skills check, do not hesitate to gather recommendations. Generally, we consider that a service provider who offers quality work has no trouble giving the contact details of other companies for which he works, or for whom he has worked in the past. The verification of the recommendations is essential to get a precise idea of ​​the quality of the work that is proposed. For this, you can consult the various customer opinions about any Software company that it is possible to find on the net.

Besides, do not overlook the importance of word of mouth. In your entourage, you may be able to find professionals who have already used the services of the service provider you plan to hire.

Software company: how reactive in crisis?

Computer failure can be a very critical event for a company. This pauses the activities of the company for a more or less substantial time, resulting in an equivalent drop in income and which may jeopardize the projects in progress.

The longer the delay to restart your computer system, the more it will hurt the activities of your business.

Data security: what guarantees?

As we have just mentioned, in certain cases, the data of your company can be endangered. It is strongly recommended to anticipate the implementation of data security solutions to avoid putting your company in a critical situation.

Your Software company remains the best person to set up this type of device. This must be anticipated before any breakdown. To secure data, you need a regular backup solution.

This involves setting up backups (regular backup) that must be configured or replicating the data on a server. The backup can be carried out on your premises or the infrastructure of your service provider.

What are the different means of the company?

Depending on your needs, you can also look at the size of your software provider’s business. Concretely, this will be a criterion that can define whether your service provider is reactive in the event of a problem or the event of changes in your needs (launch of a new subsidiary, fleet migration, etc.).

How long has the software provider been there?

In addition to the size of the business, seniority may also be important. Of course, this point will have to agree with the other criteria that we have just cited. Concretely, a company can be very old and offer a poor-quality intervention. It is important to check their portfolio.

However, this will be felt in the many customer reviews that can be found. In general, we can consider that seniority can be a guarantee of quality. This translates in particular from significant experience on IT parks of different natures and with a multitude of systems and probably in crisis management.

What is the price of the software company?

The IT budget is often far from negligible, especially for SMEs. As with any other charge, the cost of your service provider must, therefore, be taken into account.

At first, you must keep in mind that just because services are very expensive does not necessarily mean they are of high quality. It will also be important to avoid IT providers offering excessively reduced prices, which often hide reduced availability or expertise.


A good Software company will provide not only warranty obligations. She will provide the project in the future and comprehensive technical support.

Finding the Perfect Floor Mats for Your Car

In the search for the ideal floor mat for your car, there are a few key things to keep in mind: the fabric of the mat, color, dimensions and warranty information. Being informed about what to expect and what to look for will make your mat buying experience easier and give you the confidence to get what you need.

Shopping for Materials and Colors

Most car floor mats are made of carpet, though all-weather mats are another popular choice. When comparing the two, there are some big differences. All-weather mats are made of rubber and come in custom-fit size. All-weather mats can also be a bit more affordable and provide durability and stain resistance. Carpet mats, on the other hand, usually have a larger variety in colors and a more natural appearance when paired with most car interiors.

Ultimately, the choice of car floor mats comes down to preference and circumstance. For people who commonly deal with mud, rain, or other weather conditions, all-weather mats are a natural choice. In other cases where dirt and grime are not as big of an issue, carpet mats might provide a better overall experience.

Warranty and Stain-Resistance

It’s necessary to look over warranty information when shopping. Make sure that you’re covered for any unseen circumstances for an amount of time that seems comfortable to you. Keep in mind that warranties might not always cover things like general wear and tear or stains. You can look into stain-resistant mats if you’re anticipating damage from spills or dirt. Both all-weather mats and carpet mats have stain-resistant options available, and clear mats are also worth a look in this case. Both a warranty and stain resistance are smart steps to take if you’re worried about the longevity of your car floor mats.

Anchor Point Compatibility

It’s also worthwhile to look into anchors when shopping for car floor mats. Anchors serve as an anti-slip measure, forcing the mat to stay in place so that it doesn’t drag when you’re entering or exiting the vehicle. Your vehicle might come with pre-installed anchor points and you want to make sure that any rubber or carpet mats you purchase are compatible with these anchor points.

Your choice of car floor mat depends both on your needs and aesthetic preferences. Whether you’re shopping for rubber mats or carpet mats, with the right preparation you’re sure to find something that suits your vehicle.

10 Weird and Wonderful Things you Should Know About Horse Racing.

  • The Triple Crown is an award given to the winner of the three thoroughbred horse races in the USA: Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stake. It is only awarded to horses of the age of three, therefore horses get one shot each. Horses generally begin racing at 2 years old, giving them limited experience when attempting to win the title.


  • Frank Hayes was a trainer who occasionally rode in competitions. During one race he participated in, he suffered a heart attack mid-race, which ultimately killed him, yet he managed to remain in his saddle till his horse crossed the finish line, in first place. This was the first win Hayes achieved in his career, but did not live to see the finish line.


  • The Triple Crown is not frequently awarded because the final race competitors have to win, the St. Leger, is so long that many simply don’t attempt to complete it (length of 2,921 meters). This had led to only one horse winning the award since the second world war.


  • British horse races have a strict dress code, including the requirement that spectators attend the races in hats. This was originally a chance for people to evidence and show off their wealth and now the tradition has remained to this day.


  • The Pegasus Cup was the highest paying horse racing competition in the world, with a purse of $16 million back in 2016. This took over from the Dubai World Cup, which has a purse of $12 million. However, in 2020, the purse is set at $3 million, considerably lower than in previous years. The Saudi Cup will now hold the title with a purse of $20 million in 2020.


  • Every horse has a birthday on January 1st. This doesn’t change depending on when they are born and is done to make the process of placing horses into age groups much easier for competitions.


  • From pounds to thousands, over $100 billion is spent on horse betting every year and with The Winners Enclosure you don’t have to miss out.


  • It is strictly forbidden for a jockey to race a horse he owns or has a share in. If this does occur, repercussions are harsh and could include prison time. This helps keep the sport as cheat-free as possible.


  • Horses can live till they are 30 but most retire at the age of 15. Horses have gone on to compete in races over the age of 15 but none above 18 years old have ever won.


  • In 1945, the slowest recorded winning finish time was during a two miles race and the horse finished in a time of 11 minutes and 28 seconds. The jockey left his horse as it refused to jump the second fence, but went on to continue the race, and win, after he heard that all other competitors had fallen or been disqualified from the competition. This allowed the jockey to secure his win at a leisurely pace.


Top Things To Save For In Your 20s

When you are in your 20s, you might not be thinking too much about your future and saving any money. Of course, you really should be saving up any spare cash that you have in your 20s to ensure that you are ready for making larger purchases in the future. While some people in their 20s blow all of their money on food and going out, others make the wise decision and save up for something a little more special.

Here, we are going to tell you about some of the things that you should save up for in your 20s. Keep reading to hear what has made our list.

A Mortgage

The first thing that you might want to save for in your 20s is a mortgage. While a mortgage isn’t typically something that you save for, you cannot usually buy a property without having the money to pay the deposit or down payment. This is why you need to make sure that you are saving up what you can so that one day you can buy your dream home. It is important that you get on the property ladder as soon as possible so start saving for your mortgage today.

Your Dream Car

Next on our list of things that you should save for in your 20s is your dream car. Many people have an idea of the car that they would like to drive but it can be hard to meet that goal when they are so expensive. Why not start saving up your money in your 20s and then in a few years time, you can have enough to splash on your dream car? Take a look at some of the newest models online and find your dream car today.


Have you ever thought about travelling the world and seeing some of the places that you have never been to before? Travelling can be very expensive and you’ll likely need to take some time off work if you want to travel for an extended period of time. This is why you should start saving up for your trips in your 20s. Think about where you want to go and figure out how much you need to save. Then, you can set off on your adventure and experience some new cultures.


Finally, you should make sure that you are saving up for some emergencies when you are in your 20s. You never know what is going to happen and if you don’t have an emergency fund then you could find yourself in trouble further down the line. It is a good idea to stick to a budget and put some money aside each month for emergencies.

If you are currently in your 20s or they are coming up soon, you should make sure that you are saving up for some of these things. This way, you won’t be wasting all of your money.

5 Tips for Campervan Travel with Children

Travelling with your kids is an amazing experience, discovering new places together and watching them grow. Campervan travel is an exciting way to spice up family holidays, and with the great deals on campervan hire you should definitely consider it for your next trip. It can be a bit of a challenge the first day, so here are our top tips for travelling in a campervan with children.


Planning is key to campervan travel with children – they can sense weakness! Also, planning ahead will reduce the amount of work and stress during, as you deserve a break too. Below we discuss planning the right campsite, but aside from that there are several things to consider.


Make a list when packing, to ensure you don’t forget anything vital. You can find plenty of examples online. Bring plenty of toys and games, the more the better! Be sure to also plan for rainy days, as those can be part of the experience, and should be embraced for it. Extra blankets and sweaters, as you will always underestimate how cold evenings can get – even in summer! A first aid kit, so that small scrapes and falls can stay small. And a camera, to capture all the amazing moments.


For the drive, plan ahead by getting things to keep them busy, and perhaps a playlist of their favourite songs. I like to download an audiobook, to keep everyone entertained. Also bring enough snacks for on the way, to avoid hangry children and unhealthy choices. Staying hydrated is vital, so pack extra water and juice.

Choosing the right campsite

Part of planning is choosing the right campsite. Depending on the age of your children, you may wish to select a campsite with the appropriate amenities. Campsites have changed greatly in the past decades, and many come equipped with more things than you could imagine! You could select a campsite with a pool or playground, with a petting zoo or sports fields. Maybe you need the right campsite for your relaxation, so go for one with a spa or restaurant. My personal advice would be to go for a campsite that allows dogs, even if you don’t have one yourself. This results in plenty of dogs around for your kids to play with, and many owners would even let them take the dogs for a walk! 


Be sure to clarify the rules with your kids when you reach the site, how far they’re allowed to go. Campsites could be near a forest or roads, so make it clear where they’re allowed. Try to avoid changing campsite everyday, unless your route demands it, as this could confuse children and reduce their experience. Part of the appeal of a campsite for kids is making new friends, so stay at least two nights in a location. 

Enjoying the outdoors

One of the struggles of taking children on holiday is their endless energy, particularly when cooped up in a hotel room. Campsites are ideal for this, as it gives them enough space to tire themselves out. During daily life, children can spend a lot of time indoors and behind screens, so this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. This is best achieved through fun camping games, such as organising a scavenger hunt! Write them a list of objects they could find nearby, such as “a flower”, “something blue”, and see what they find. 


Also bring sporting equipment, such as a racket or football, to keep them entertained for hours. To continue the fun outdoors, why not BBQ for dinner? Delicious!

Rainy days

Rainy days in a campervan can seem like they’d be a real hassle, but that’s completely up to you. You decide if it is a problem, or a fun opportunity! And your kids will pick up on that too. Consider it a chance to stay cosy in blankets, drink hot chocolate and play games together. A great advantage to a campervan is the space it provides compared to a car or suitcase, so bring plenty of board games and fun things to do.


Need a way to distract the little ones while it pours? You can find plenty of great activity books, with word searches, drawing activities and more.

Home on wheels

Children can struggle away from home, so to make them feel a little more comfortable, bring comfort items from home. Having their own bed sheets, favourite cup or toys, can really help them feel at ease. This reduces the transition and gives them plenty to keep busy with! That’s one of the biggest advantages of a motorhome, as the space allows you to bring more.

What are plugins and how do they help with digital marketing?

For digital marketing purposes – as well as an all-round website design tool – you really can’t beat WordPress. In excess of 74 million websites on the Internet are built using WordPress. This makes it by far the most popular content management system (CMS) that is available to anyone (check this WordPress review for more insights).

One really striking benefit that’s made WordPress the clear choice for most website developers is that Google favours website which are built using WordPress as this platform makes use of exceptionally clean, easy-to-read code. This fact makes it simple for Google to index and crawl WordPress-built websites.

WordPress also includes a number of plugins which assist you with optimising your website yourself. For example, the Yoast SEO Plugin can be seen as the gold standard for search engine optimisation as it allows you to do the following: 

  • Customise your website title, 
  • Insert your own meta description, title tag as well as keywords.

After you’ve inputted all of this information, Yoast then gives you an idea of how well that page will rank on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

So, we can see that plugins are incredibly valuable. However, what are they exactly?

The definition of a plugin

A WordPress plugin is a software package that contains a group of functions that can be included on a WordPress site. These plugins can expand the functionality of, or add new features to, your WordPress websites. 

WordPress plugins are written using the PHP programming language. These integrate effortlessly with WordPress. In the WordPress community, there is a maxim which goes something like this: “There’s a plugin for that”. 

If the theme that you choose for your site doesn’t have a particular function, have a look at the list of plugins which are available and there will probably be one which does what you want it to. This makes it simpler for users to add features to their website without knowing a single line of code. 

What plugins are available for digital marketing 

Some of the main, common concerns of every owners of website owner include the following:

  • Speed, 
  • Security, 
  • SEO as well as other features of digital marketing.

It’s not possible to simply ignore them – period. 


In the era of digital marketing, competitiveness is incredibly strong. The market is continually changing. This means that there are so many things that modern digital marketers must keep in mind so that they can remain on top of what they need to. Luckily, there are many of quite useful tools and plugins that should assist with making the life of any digital marketer much simpler.

WordPress remains one of the most-used and -popular CMS systems you can find. Some studies have shown that more than one-quarter of the Internet is driven by WordPress. The variety of themes, plugins as well as templates – in addition to the regular updates – all assist you with effecting improvements on your website. 

WordPress offers many useful plugins which reduce a great deal of digital marketing workload on your part. Some of the best that we’ve seen in 2019 include the following:

Google XML Sitemaps

With the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, you are ensuring that search engines get an optimal understanding of your site. This plugin creates an XML Sitemap for your website, which is make use of in order to better index your website.

Broken Link Checker

Broken links are extremely bad for both your website’s traffic as well as your reputation. Your digital marketing campaign can significantly suffer if you launch it prior to making sure all that the links on your website are working as they should be. Broken Link Checker assists you with pinpointing all the broken links or missing images on your website. This plugin also helps you to replace them. 

SFDC Lead Generation

If you’re making use of WordPress and Salesforce, this plugin can be really useful. This plugin connects these two platforms by directly registering users from your website as leads in your Salesforce platform. SFCD also assist you with a set of small analytic tools which can give you a comprehensive insight into some of the data and traffic generated by your users. 

WordPress is virtually a household name with respect to CMS. These plugins are merely drop in the seemingly endless sea of plugins. Making use of these plugins – without any concrete plan or digital marketing strategy – won’t help you. However, with some planning as well as organisation, you may find some of these extremely helpful. Try to make a solid marketing campaign, and plan on using the proper tools right from the start.

Easily get the refund you are entitled to if your vacation is cancelled

There is nothing better than having a vacation booked that you can look forward to. Knowing that you will soon be taking a few days off to relax and enjoy time with your family can help you to get through the week.

But, what do you do if your holiday firm goes bust as Thomas Cook did in 2019? Where does that leave you? Does it mean that your money is lost and you will have to forgo your vacation?

Fortunately, the answer is usually no. As you can see from this infographic, which Creditfix kindly provided, in many cases, you can get your money back.

Provided you take the right action you will still be able to enjoy a few days of sunshine. Maybe not in the place you were originally planning to visit. But, using your refund you will be able to afford to take a vacation.

You just need to be careful to book your accommodation, flights and other forms of transport in the right way. Reading through this infographic will help you to do exactly that. 

It will also help to reduce the risk of your being stranded, should something go wrong while you are still abroad. You really don´t want to spend the last few days of your vacation worrying about how to get yourself and your kids back home.