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How to Avoid the Creepiest Spring Pests with Natural Pest Repellant

Spring is finally here! By now you may have started to see the first signs of winter coming to an end such as warmer weather, flowers blooming and even the return of a few unwanted guests that have been hiding away all winter long. Spring brings out the pests, which makes the beginning of this season the perfect time to prevent an infestation before it begins, and doing so doesn’t have to mean exposing your household to dangerous toxins. Fortunately, Stay Away® by EarthKind® offers natural pest repellants that are both safe and effective.

If you are afraid of spiders, here’s a creepy thought- during the spring is when the spider population multiplies! Spiders mate in the fall and their baby eggs hatch in the spring. To prevent spiders and their babies from infesting your home, Kari Warberg Block, pest prevention expert and founder of EarthKind® , recommends the following:

  • Use a spray made of half a cup of water, half a cup of vinegar, two tablespoons of liquid dish soap and 20 drops of thyme oil. The scented mixture has been used to prevent them from attaching their silk to sprayed surfaces.
  • Invest in a natural spider repellent, like Stay Away® Spiders. Made with Citronella, Lemongrass and Rosemary, Stay Away® Spiders disrupts a spider’s sophisticated senses, keeping them out of treated areas with a scent pleasant to people, but offensive to the insects  that spiders eat. No food, no spiders! Use one pouch anywhere webs or spiders are noticed, such as basements, closets and attics, increasing the number of pouches until desired results are obtained.
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Tea for Two: Bundle Organics Teas

Disclosure- I received the below in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own and honest. For more, see “I Disclose”.
Bundle Organics

Being pregnant it’s always tricky to find products that are both safe for baby and make momma feel great. Bungle Organics does a great job doing both.

About Bundle Organics:

Bundle Organics is dedicated to the well-being of expecting and new moms. Bundle Organics provides nourishment across a platform of beverages for women who are trying to conceive, pregnant, and nursing. Bundle Organics created the first line of pasteurized organics juices, made with USDA organic, non-GMO fruits and veggies, fortified with OBGYN-recommended nutrients that complement daily prenatal vitamins. The juices are available at Babies “R” Us, select Buy Buy Baby stores and grocers, as well as many other online companies. In march 2016, Bundle Organics expanded its offering of nutritional beverages for pregnant and nursing moms with pregnancy and lactation support teas. The teas initially will only be available at

About the Bundle Organics Teas:


Share Some Goodness this Holiday! Gifts that Give Back

Looking to give gifts that not are not only great gifts, but will make the gift-ee feel better as well? Life is Good, ORGANIC INDIA and Manduka make giving feel even better- and they are fantastic, ethical companies that also give back.  These are fantastic brands with really awesome items, you will love them.


Life is Good, lifestyle brand spreading the power of optimism, from t-shirts, self-help book, mugs to comfy pj’s, introduces  the Holiday collection ($10-78) and has something for the kids, mom, the office, and even the grinch who could use some positivity in their life. There is a lot to choose from, and the quality is top notch- nothing that will have to be quickly tossed. The clothing line lasts, and wears well.  They will have their items a long, long time. (I still have a t-shirt I got in high school!) It’s nice to be able to spread a nice message wherever you go. In addition, Life is Good donates 10% of their net proceeds to kids in need-that’s something to smile about. 

ORGANIC INDIA’s, Tulsi Tea Line ($5.99) have become one of my son’s favorites. He especially loves the peppermint variety, (there are several to choose from) and I like that it’s completely organic. These USDA organic teas are infused with a sacred Indian herb that’s packed with goodness + deliciousness in over 20 flavors. A cup of Tulsi tea warms up the soul – lowers stress, bolsters immunity, enhances stamina and promotes a healthy metabolism. He has some health issues, so I am all for anything that will give him any kind of a boost.  These teas are not only good tasting and good for you, as well as environmentally friendly- but they are good for the people who farm them. ORGANIC INDIA works directly with marginalized farmers in India providing healthcare, education, gender equality and empowerment programs. Sipping fireside, never tasted so good! 

Natural Dog Bed from Savvy Rest

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Our dog Cooper is a bit of a bum.  He likes to lounge around all day, all over the place.  He’s not, however, a huge fan of lying of the floor- not his favorite.  He likes to be wherever we are, of course.  I don’t like him on the couch or in the bed, so what’s the next best thing?  A doggie bed of his own, of course.

pic6We recently got him the Natural Dog Bed from Savvy Rest.  It’s really a nice bed- I’m sort of jealous of it, LOL.  Super soft and smushy, it comes it various sizes and two bedding fill options.

About the Natural Dog Bed

The Savvy Doggy™ supports your pooch in pure comfort. Organic cotton twill surrounds a sturdy core of pressure-relieving, snooze-inducing natural latex. Choose formed or shredded fill.

Zabada – Wonderful Cleaning Supplies

isclosure: The products from Zabada mentioned below were provided for me in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.

I am all about finding wonderful cleaning supplies for my house that makes cleaning much easier, and does an exceptional job. With these new great products from Zabada, cleaning my kitchen has become extremely easy.

About Zabada

Zabada is on a mission to come into your home, and rid us from crazy poisonous chemical cleaners. They are taking a stand against the bad chemicals that leave yucky toxic residues and emissions for your skin to absorb and kids to breathe – chemicals known to poison and cause us serious harm.

They are crusaders with integrity and a solution that’s scientifically proven to clean better, faster, and healthier. And joining their mission are millions of households across Europe and Australia who’ve already shed the HAZMAT suit and converted to chemical-free living with the Zabada system.

Zabada Fiber Cleaning System:

It’s an Austrian-made and engineered range of advanced cleaning fibers and microfiber cloths, the likes of which no grease, grime or bacteria have ever seen before in the U.S. Zabada fibers are deeper, thicker, and superior in quality compared to your average microfiber cloth. They’re made and hand-sewn in Austria to exacting European ISO standards. They’re cut 100 times finer than a human hair to reach in and grab every particle from every kind of surface. And all they need to remove dirt and bacteria is a little water.


Arts and Crafts With Kids: Top 5 Soap Making Tips

As a parent, if there’s one thing that you know about your kids, it’s the fact that they are always looking for something new and exciting to do. And while sometimes it can be fun to take them to a toy store, let them play video games or go to the movies, have you ever thought about teaching them some arts & crafts? It’s also something they can enjoy doing, plus it teaches them skills that they can have as they grow into adults.


Take making soap, for example. Not only is it a relatively easy thing for them to learn how to do but homemade soap is cheaper, it has less chemicals than commercial brands and it can also get their bodies cleaner (because it doesn’t leave behind residue). So, if this is something that you think you would like to try with your kids, we have a few soap-making tips for you below:

Look online for some recipes. The first thing that we recommend that you do is go online to look for some recipes that you would like to try. If you go to your favorite search engine and put “homemade soap recipes” in the search field, you will see that you can make everything from lemon and coconut soap to pumpkin and even chocolate soap. The options really are endless.


So you’ve taken the pregnancy test and it’s official – you’re pregnant! Congratulations!

But is the excitement starting to wear a little thin? Are you feeling nauseous and

struggling with morning sickness? Don’t despair; we have some top, natural remedies

for you to try. See what works for you and banish the morning sickness blues so you

can focus on the fun part of being pregnant! Here are our top 5 natural remedies:

dealing with morning sickness

1) Iced ginger tea

Use fresh ginger to create a delicious ginger herbal tea. Simply grate a tablespoon.

Boil it for a few minutes and let it steep for 5 minutes. Add milk or honey to taste.

Store in the fridge and drink either as a refreshing iced tea or reheat it and serve it

hot. Or for something different, add some sparkling water to the ginger tea mix for

some zing.


2) Acupressure

There are many wristbands available that are designed to reduce sickness. These

work by pushing gentle on the pulse point in your wrist called the Pericardium 6.

This pulse point works to relieve nausea and vomiting. Visit your local pharmacist