Mountain Mama’s Kitchen Review and Giveaway!

Don’t you love candles? They add such a nice touch to your home. Soft lighting, mellow fragrance….nice ambiance. Make those soy candles? In nifty containers? (They look retro- love it!) Mountain Mama’s Kitchen offered to let me review 2 candles- yipee! I received Spiced Cider In a Can and Juicy in a Can. (Love the names, lol)

I LOVE the Spiced Cider! It smells like…well, like spiced cider, but it is FALL in a can! I saved it to use for a dinner party we were having. It was really nice to use after dinner, while we were having coffee and chatting. Cue sad music… then my aunt came over, and liked it so much she took it! (She kept saying how much she liked it…over and over, lol….so I gave it to her.) Oh well, at least I tried it once! Hehe….and since it burns for 30-35 hours, she will have many uses of it, too!
Did you see Pumpkin Pie in a Can?

I totally want that! LOL
Our In-A-Can Collection is our most popular since there are a variety of scents each with their creative names & pictures. We will send you two of our most popular scents to for your product reniew. And once one lucky winner has been established we will ship our “Aloha” and “Juicy” candles as a giveaway for your blog.

Their other two collections include:

– “Spark” – 16 oz. candle collection with great inspirational quotes on each can.

-“Sprout” – the “GREEN” candle. The candle comes in a recycled glass container with the “fresh cut grass” scent. Once you have burned the candle-you can reuse the container with the seeds and water gems that are provided to grow your own wheat grass! Great for decoration in a home or for a cat!

Dinosaur Train

Who loves Dinosaur Train??? We do, we do! Both my kids love it, and I love it’s educational component. It is edu-tainment, lol….I also like it because it has some age-appropriate social messages. And on a personal note, as you know, my daughter Kamikaze is adopted, just like Buddy- and the first day we met her was on a Halloween- and we celebrate it every year, lol. So how happy am I to tell you that Dinosaur Train has some super fun Halloween adventures and costumes? Very!


Starting October 25, PBS KIDS will offer a spooktacular lineup of Halloween-themed episodes, including DINOSAUR TRAIN –”Night Train” in which Dad, Buddy and Tiny take a special ride on the Dinosaur Train at night, learning about animals that are active after dark, culminating at the Big Pond for a nature walk under the full moon. Educational component: Many animals are most active at night, usually as a means to avoid detection by predators or to aid in hunting (depending on the animal). This lifestyle may have applied to some dinosaurs as well, including Troodon.

There’s also a great music video for the Halloween episode at the following link:


Eco Mom, Review and Giveaway!!!

I love this site! LOVE, love, love. Eco-Friendly baby products- ecomom! Know what? They have other things besides baby products. 🙂 LOVE it!
SO, this super-fabulous site has so many awesome things for your kids, your home- and you! Mommies matter too, we forget that, lol. ecomom didn’t!
Can I tell you something else I just love? They are not only environmentally friendly (and you all know my feelings on staying as “green” as possible), and keep you and your children healthy with all natural products, but their message is fab-u-lous.

BrytonPick Floss Review

Many of you are aware that I am a lunatic when it comes to oral hygiene and care. I keep toothbrushes for myself and Little Man at school and brush after lunch, make Kamikaze keep one at school and brush after lunch, and I keep floss in my purse and diaper bag. I do, I do. I even have those little “emergency toothbrushes” in my purse for “just in case”! We all do the dentist ever 6 months, we have our mouthwash, etc….I’m really quite a freak. 🙂
So, when I had the opportunity to review BrytonPick Floss, I jumped on it. I know it is not a “flashy” review, but we all need hygiene products, yes?

Bryton Pick is the first String FREE, Reusable and Portable dental floss for people on-the-go or those who are unable to floss (or hate flossing). Great for people wearing braces or Invisalign. It comes with a credit card size carry-pouch to keep it from getting germ-y .

United States Trivia Pack Review

As a teacher, this caught my eye. It’s a little “old” for my kids, but some of the “fun facts” are cute to share in class. The Python Printable Games United States Trivia Pack is cute. I think it would be fun for a long car ride. Next week, I’m headed to Salem, MA, and I just may bring them along.
This printable United States Trivia Pack is a fun kit. All 50 states are represented, with 15 questions per state, totaling 750 questions. Quizzes cover state nicknames, trees, flowers, capitals, history, funny facts, bizarre laws and local customs and more.

Active PlayThings- Review and Giveaway!

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY, bloggy buddies!
I have ANOTHER giveaway for you today! I know, what’s going on around here?
Have you ever heard of Active Playthings? No, I’m not talking about your kids, lol.
It’s a website that has items FOR your active playthings to play with 🙂 You know, to be active?
They have several play tents, like this Brobee one

or this one to put on a talent show

(fan of American Idol?)
They have wall decals for your pretty princess

or your Toy Story fan. And really cool Jumbo Blocks!

Fuel your child’s imagination with these Jumbo size plastic blocks. Interlocking design and jumbo size make them perfect for little hands. For safe creative play and hours of fun for everyone. No set up required. Just open the box and play. Your kids will play with them, on them and all around them!

Jumbo Block Dimensions:
Large blocks are 3-1/4″ tall by 3-7/8″ wide and 7-3/4″ long.
The half-size blocks are 3-1/4″ tall by 3-7/8″ wide by 3-7/8″ long
Made in the USA.

Active Playthings sent us this Camoflouge Slumber Set to review. OK, now, don’t think there is any slumber going on in there- it is, after all, ACTIVE Playthings! It is a cute play set that can be a great alternative to outdoor camping when the weather gets ugly- or when you don’t feel so active yourself, lol. Just set it up, give them a snack, and off to the playroom with them! It came with a compass and binoculars, as well.

Scare Me Nots! Review and Giveaway!

What a great idea these are!
As a woman who puts 20+ kids down for a nap every day, plus puts my own kids down for bed, ANYTHING that makes sleep routines and bedtimes easier are A-OK with me, and I am so happy to share the news with you guys.

Let me introduce to you- Scare Me Nots! I can’t say enough good things about them. A truly great idea! If you’re little one won’t stay in their own bed, give it a try! Afraid of the dark? Of monsters? Well, here are some friendly monsters, with eyes everywhere, that stay open to watch over your sweetie while they sleep. They have long tails that you can hang onto things with velcro.
Tuck it in between the mattress and box-spring to watch out for under-the-bed monsters!

And even better- these good little monsters have to graduate school first, so you know they know their stuff! They even learn to see in the dark 🙂

Can you tell he’s excited?
My Little Man just loves his Patty The Protector- she has 10 eyes! The better to keep a watch over sleepy sweeties…He was so thrilled when he saw her.

We were on our way to the library- so of course, Patty had to come.

Patty has been to school, where the kids thought she was awesome! The kids all passed her around, and Little even let some of the kids “try” her at naptime.

Patty is currently “on loan” to one of my students, who has terrible nightmares. His mommy wants to see if Patty can help him sleep better. Night one, he slept through the night. Night two, woke up only once, mom picked up Patty (who had fallen onto the floor) and gave her back to him, he went back to sleep. We shall see how the rest of the week goes!
As for Little? He loves Patty. Both he and Kamikaze want Santa to bring them “baby monsters” (travel size Scare Me Nots) for car trips and vacation. Santa is happy to oblige. Kamikaze wants Courageous Carrie, and Little can’t make his mind up. I think he will end up with Watchdog Wally.

It’s a Pillow! It’s a Pet! It’s a Pillow Pet Review and Giveaway!!!

It’s a Pillow! It’s a Pet! It’s a Pillow Pet Review and Giveaway!!!

Who doesn’t love Pillow Pets? They are so super-cute. As a woman who puts 20+ kids for a nap during the weekdays (jealous???) as well as my own kids’ nap and bedtime routines- ANYTHING that will make sleep seem like fun is A-ok with me! Need something to keep your little ones in their own bed? A travel buddy for the car, plane, and hotel? Try Pillow Pets!

Here is what Pillow Pets has to say;
“Since 2003, My Pillow Pets have been bringing smiles to faces of all ages. The concept for the snuggly companions was the brainchild of a San Diego-based mother of two, who had grown tired of picking up stuffed animals strewn about her children’s rooms. What began with the simple goal of transforming a traditional stuffed animal into a functional item for children has grown into an amazing jungle of popular products.