Curious George LIVE!!!

Guess who is touring LIVE???? Curious George! It’s George’s first live musical stage show ever! How super fun and exciting!
Curious George is going to be coming to NJ’s State Theater in New Brunswick October 23-25. We can’t wait to go! Little Man LOVES monkeys- and George is a favorite! (As you will know, bloggy buddies, from all the photos with Curious George in them, LOL…in his crib, at school, etc)

World Premire Tour
New Brunswick, NJ; State Theatre
Sat, Oct. 23- Mon, Oct. 25, 2010

Starring in his own original live musical stage production for the first time
ever, Curious George is on a mission to help Chef Pisghetti save his
restaurant by winning a world-famous meatball competition. With guidance

Live Brilliantly Review and Giveaway!

Sponsored by Tomoson.comMy husband wears glasses. He also loves to complain about his glasses. He is constantly wiping them on his shirt, a dishtowel, etc….rarely actually using glass cleaner to clean them off. So when I had the chance to review Brilliant Lenses Cleaner and microfiber cleaning cloth, I thought he’d love it.

When it came, I was excited for him to try it. I hate when he doesn’t take care of his stuff- and glasses are expensive! He grumbled a bit- what am I supposed to do with this now, blah blah…men. But then he tried it, and he liked it a lot. He keeps the little package in his computer bag, so it is handy weather he is at work or at home.

Brilliant Lenses Cleaner and optical microfiber cloth is a premium eyeglass cleaner with SR-8 that adds a protective barrier to lenses to resist scratches and soiling from water, sweat, dust and dirt. For ALL types of lenses.You can even use it for sunglasses 🙂

“Finally a lens cleaner that is Alcohol and ammonia free! Brilliant Idea! When you add in our SR8 scratch resistant coating you now can offer the most advanced cleaner/protector for ALL types of glass or plastic lenses. Double Pack: Two bottles (7ml ea) Brilliant Lenses Cleaner and optical microfiber cloth and carrying bag.”

* Cleans Glass & Plastic Lenses
* No Alcohol or Ammonia
* Added scratch resistance with SR-8
* Comes with a Micro Fiber Cleaning Pad
* Also works on Phones, Monitors, and MP3 players!

Brilliant LensesTM with SR-8TM provides gentle superior cleaning while imparting an invisible durable barrier that resists scratches, soiling and water spots.

Treat Your Lenses with the protection of SR-8

Jim’s Organic Coffee- Review

Ahhh, Friday at last!!!
I am so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Oh wait, I have kids…that was a nice thought, thought, right?
So, we know we all need coffee. I am not as young as I used to be (isn’t that the oddest expression ever?) I never used to be a coffee drinker. But then I had my Little Man, and once I started working in the Pre-K so I could take him with me, I became one. I have to be at work by 7 am, and it’s a 45 minute drive, so that’s not fun. I brought a coffee machine to work. But now I had to find decent coffee. I really, really hate coffee. Like, a lot. And there were a few brands I didn’t want to talk about here, because I thought they were “junky”, or run of the mill at best. Really, who needs to hear about “eh” coffee, when I can tell you about FABULOUS coffee like Jim’s Organic Coffee?
I was sent 2 flavors to review. Bloggy Buddies, I love flavored coffee. YAY that Jim’s Organic offers several varieties!

The coffee, first off, smells amazing.
I was sent JoJo’s Java- a medium roast, described by Jim’s as “For my wife, this blend of grace, full of aroma and great taste. You’ll love its smoothness, its never bitter. So relax with a cup, leave the kids with a sitter.
Roast: Medium. In a word: Perfection.”

The Kit Place- Review and Giveaway!!!

Happy Sunday, bloggy buddies 🙂
I am happy to introduce a really fun site to you all- it’s called “The Kit Place”!

It’s really great, it has so many cute craft kits for you to do with your children. They break it down into three categories of kits- group, gift, and individual kits.
GroupKits are really cute for if you are having a birthday party, and want to do something crafty and original.
You can make dolls, dinosaurs, pinwheels- even the classic puppet!

The gift kits are actually very thoughtful. For the adult who is going though a change in life, they have kits to make the transition easier. Like the Wedding Day kit- which has “Last minute emergency items for the big day. On an important day like a wedding, graduation, sweet 16 party or bar mitzvah, things can go wrong. This kit will have all the last minute things you need to make it through with flying colors.
This kit includes: A First Aid Kit, Packing List, Advil, Hem Tape, Sewing Kit, Tide To Go stick, Mints, Toothpaste and a Toothbrush”

Really thoughtful, right? I mean, really.
We were sent an individual kit- The Personal Tote kit. You and your child/ren can have so much fun decorating this multi-functional bag.
In today’s eco-friendly world, reusable bags have become popular. Now you can design your own and have your friends ask you where you got your bag. This arts and crafts kit contains crafts supplies like the environmentally friendly bag, stencils and items to customize the tote and make it yours. Save the environment and look great doing it! Perfect for kids crafts ages 6 and up.

The Canvas Tote is 10 oz Cotton 14″x 16″x 4″. This strong, large bag is strong enough for groceries, kids toys, gifts, school books and more. It is great for a diaper bag and and anything else you would use a tote for. Functional design is self opening when full, and folds flat when empty. 7″ handles. 100% cotton.

Neti Pot- Review and Giveaway!!!

Tis the season!!! NO, not the HOLIDAYS! Cold and flu season! (Well, ok, so it’s not as much fun as giving out presents and making special dinner with mom and grandma.)
Did you get a cold yet? Do you have one now? Do I have some good news for you!
The Neti Pot!

Have you heard about it? It’s so great. I have used other types of nasal rinses in the past, but this is the best one I have ever tried, hands down!
Ok, I understand the idea can seem kind of gross. (Do it alone in the bathroom! LOL) But, it really does work.

The original…since 1972
The Neti Pot naturally cleanses, refreshes, and protects the nasal passages, one of our body’s first lines of defense against illness. Recommended today by doctors and pharmacists worldwide, the Neti Pothas been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine to alleviate sinus and allergy problems. The Himalayan Institute introduced the Neti Pot over 35 years ago, and we currently offer
a full line of high quality products to support a complete sinus cleansing system.

Neti Pot is great not just for cold and flu season- though if you are a first time user, or are skeptical- really, what have you got to lose when you are already miserable?
It is all natural, no drugs, no chemicals.

The Neti Pot can keep your s nasal passages clean, moist, and healthy. Did you know that our nasal passages are one of our first lines of defense against getting sick? We as moms, parents, (and Pre-School teachers!) know that while kids don’t share much, they share their germs! Little must have coughed on me 10 times today alone…and how many of you get snot on the leg or pants at least once a week? (You know you do!) Yep, those cute little buggars are germ- balls! And mommy doesn’t get a sick day.
Neti Pot can keep us healthy, and prevent us from getting sick in the first place.

Five reasons why the Neti Pot makes sense

  1. Soothes dry nasal passages
  2. Gently washes away dust, pollen, and environmental irritants
  3. Offsets the effects of breathing dry indoor air (especially in winter)
  4. Removes excess mucus…naturally
  5. Helps you breathe freer when practicing yoga or meditation

We were sent the Eco Bioplastic Neti Pot Starter Kit to review. It comes it traditional ceramic, as well.
Eco Neti Pot
The new Eco Neti Pot makes nasal irrigation easy and comfortable. The trademarked lotus design and distinctive shape dispenses the perfect rate of flow to optimally cleanse the sinus passages. Made with Ingeo bioplastic.


Daddy’s Corner- PlayStation Move!

Hey and welcome to Daddy’s Corner!
Today I am going to review the Playstation move. I recently received a party pack from house party. Thank you very much. In this pack there were 2 move controllers a Playstation eye and 2 games eyepet and start the party. I love most my Playstation 3 and have to say it has impressed me at every turn. So I was hoping for something incredible with move. When I received the package int he mail the kids went nuts, I have been talking about the Eyepet for a while showing them videos and advertisements. They had been talking about it almost non stop to kids and school and anyone else in the general area. Upon opening the controllers I found they fit my hand quite well. In shape it is similar to a newly designed water bottle with an ice cream scoop on the top. In weight it had some density to it but not much more then a tv remote, not heavy at all but fells well built. Set up was easy and pretty self explanatory, set up the camera on top/underneath the tv, we chose underneath. Then pair the controllers with your console (plug a usb cable into the controller then into the front of the console. Easy breezy. The main reason I am so excited for the move is the eyepet so i popped that in first while the kids weren’t around so I could find out how cool this little guy really is. The game is an interactive digital pet who you can play with, feed, bath teach tricks and nurture. In my house he is called a monkey but he looks like a cross between a monkey, a dog and a gnome. You can use the controller to act as various items for use with your eyepet including a treat dispenser, a shower head, and hope for him to jump through and a trampoline. The little guy also responds to your hand gestures. IF you wave your hand above where his head is he will jump up trying to reach you. You can pet him to sleep and lots of other fun things. All of which work well. Even for little hands. The only draw back is the little guy gets confused with alot of hands on the screen at once, but if everyone waits their turn all is well. (good luck with that).

i play. And Green Sprouts review and GIVEAWAY!!!!

Pure Fun! Pure Baby! i play.

Do you not love i play.? I first found out about i play. when Little Man was born. They make these great swim diapers

and Ultimate Swim Diaper Trunks that were just perfect! Not only were they adorable, but I didn’t have to waste money and create waste with disposable swim diapers. You can just wash them after using them!

Love it Save money, save time, save the environment. What more can you ask? They have a swim diaper built right in.
Fast forward to today- Little Man is 3 years old! No more need for swim diapers. But i play. still has really great stuff for him and kids his age! (After all, he still plays, right?)

i play. sent me an Organic Knit Crib Sheet for Little Man to try out. Little Man refuses to sleep in his big boy bed, as you know. So, we still have his crib up. (The crib mattress will fit the new bed, but Little won’t go into it, so what can a mommy do…)

Happy Feet! I’ve got those Happy Feet!! Review

Don’t you love, warm, snuggley slippers???
I do!
I recently found out about a really great slipper company called “Happy Feet“!
Have you heard of them? Well, lucky you, now you can hear all the happy details! Yay!

Cooler weather is coming, and we need to be prepared for it now that the sandals are about to be put away. Sigh.
But it’s OK! Like I said- love cute, comfy slippers! Happy Feet slippers are so comfy, they are “like walking on a cloud”. Happy Feet has a really fun array of slippers. They have these adorable ones that look like giant sneakers

and they are available in so many styles. They come in giant sneaker style or “scuff slippers”, the backless kind. You can pick your collage, sports team, or my favorite- animals!!!

And not just bunnies- so many kinds! They have more kinds of animals then I have ever seen. You really need to go to their site. (And the best part- they all come in kids to adult sizes. And the animals ones even come in toddler sizes!)

Look! Dragon Slippers! (These where the ones I liked best. How cool?)